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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #2

The Planet X complex, appearing as a dot, increased in pixel size and
brightness from Sep 21 to Dec 13, then seemed to plateau!  But at the
same time, the tail haze and moon swirls were becoming evident.  What
was being viewed as the Red and White Personas of Planet X was now
SEPARATED from many of the components, as with M31, becoming seemingly
more diffuse.  The increased pixel size and brightness increase between
Sep 21 and Dec 13 were:

  Date  Pixels  %OverBack
  09/21     1       15%
  10/04     1       14%
  10/11     2       15%
  11/11     3       33%
  11/15     4       47%
  12/04     3       60%
  12/13     4       75%
  12/28     3       52%

TREND #2: Complex increasing in brightness and pixel size, indicating it
is inbound.

    When at a distance, the entire Planet X complex of dust and
    tail and moons was taken to be Planet X, appearing as a dot.
    Where the brightness of this complex increased steadily
    during the Fall of 2002, as the complex came closer the tail and
    moons separated from the Planet X body, thus seeming to
    diminish the body relative to the rest of the complex.

    It looks like the size has increased a good amount as I think the
    red light spot takes up that whole darker circled area. It also
    looks like the existing star that is just below and to the left of
    star 1 only shows up on image 4 and doesn't look like it even
    shows up on the Sum. So an example of an existing star that
    shows up on the DSS but only shows up on one frame of these

    The spot I circled shows up on most of the images but
    obviously shows up best on the Sum. Nothing shows up in
    that area on the NEAT images and nothing positive I can
    really make out on the DSS.

    I think I found the White PX just over to right from Dec 4
    spot. I am sending from 1200 series Frame 2, a circled jpg
    with my suggested white PX. Much more defined on the
    image than previous sets. Does not appear in Dec 4 images.
    On one image (Frame 2 of 1200 sec series) I show 175%
    over background on brightest It is surrounded by 3 other
    pixels well above background, so it is starting to really
    brighten up.