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Planet X: the JIM (let-them-drown) SCOTTI Object [2]

In Message  <> ZetaTalk wrote:
> In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
>> Assuming it is the size and albedo of Saturn  (isn't it
>> supposed to be a Brown Dwarf, so it should be larger
>> and give off some of its own light?), it would have to
>> be about 100 times farther away than Saturn - that
>> would be something like 1000 times the distance of
>> Earth from the Sun!

In thread Re: Planet X: Why Sarah Mac FAILS
In Article: <b0jth8$ha5$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> If your fictitious object orbits the sun every 3600
> years as you've stated, it can't get farther than about
> 470 astronomical units from the sun which means it
> should never get fainter than 20th magnitude if it is as
> you describe it.

    To NOT mix our descriptions of this inbound
    monster, about to tear life as you know it apart
    here on Earth in four short months, with YOUR
    limited human understanding of how the Universe
    works, we will ask Nancy to post our long
    standing descriptions of this traveling planet,
    which is life supporting, but in that it generates
    its own heat and light, we have termed this a
    smoldering brown dwarf.  In fact, you HAVE no
    term that would describe it.  Does this make it
    nonexistent?  Perhaps you've been assisting with
    the Pope-Scope there at your Tucson University
    position too long, and have developed Pope-Logic:
    raping the altar boys and ignoring their ruined
    lives is OK, because at least the sex that these
    pedophile priests are having is not breaking
    church law by using CONTRACEPTIVES!  Such
    is your logic here, that if YOU don't have an
    approved term for a planet such as we've
    described, then it does not exist!  Thus, the
    pedophiles get endlessly transferred and the
    Catholic Church is smug in their righteousness!
    Thus, Jim is smug in his stances.  If it is not an
    object whose description JIM has blessed, then
    it ain't happening!

From existing ZetaTalk:

    They have a dimmer day. The glow in their atmosphere
    comes from rifts within their ocean. They are inhabiting
    a brown dwarf that is in a slow smolder. It happens also
    to be a water planet, so that the places where  the results
    of the chemical reaction that produces their light come
    through are in the deepest rifts closest to the molten core,
    and scattered throughout their atmosphere. Therefore
    they have a continuous light, equivalent perhaps to late
    in your day or very early in the morning. They do have
    their quiet times. Their agriculture is much less extensive
    than the agriculture of Earth. They tend to gather rather
    than grow. There are fewer of them per square mile than
    your rich and fertile earth sustains.
        ZetaTalk™, 12th Planet

    Humans are aware of heat and light being produced
    together - fire, the Sun, and elements heated until they
    glow. Humans are also aware of light being produced
    without heat, as with fireflies or minerals that are
    phosphorescent. And of course, there is heat without
    light, close at hand as in 98.6 degrees. [Planet X] has
    both heat and light, generated from within its core. Life
    on [Planet X, which is inhabited by a large hominoid
    indistinguishable from humans other than by its size,
    experiences continuous day. Life that has evolved
    there does not sleep, but rests. The light is diffused in
    the atmosphere, and returns to the land surface, but
    emerges from the core to interact with the atmosphere
    only via the surface of the deep oceans, which cover
    the majority of the planet's surface. You may equate
    this to volcanic activity, where the Earth has
    numerous places both above ground and under the
    oceans that ooze molten lava. Just so [Planet X] has
    places where the molten and churning substance in its
    core escapes to the surface.

    Fires such as go on in the center of suns do not only
    proceed full bore. Why would they? Do you not have
    a fire within you that is maintained at a steady
    temperature? Do you not find that the fire in your
    fireplace can be slowed by adjusting the damper?
    Humans do not understand what is occurring within
    the Sun, a combustion of sorts that ignited because of
    the pressure of elements following the big bang, during
    the congealing period. The Sun was not born, lit. It lit
    as compression continued to the point where a product
    of subatomic particle collision did not dissipate, but
    accumulated, and the degradation of this substance
    is what you are viewing and feeling in your sunlight.
    This is a simplistic explanation for a complicated
    process. [Planet X has a similar process ongoing
    within its core, but being composed of heavier
    substances than your Sun, this process is slowed.
    You can equate this to mixing medicine into food,
    rather than taking it directly. This is tolerated because
    the incident or rate of medicine reacting with a taste
    bud is reduced, or slowed.
        ZetaTalk™: 12th Planet Glow