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In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> I've looked at the images that Mr. Havas claims shows planet X.
> What they are identifying is just noise.

    That's what the huge SPLOTCH on the Dec 28th image is?
    These are FITS files provided for individual assessment by
    astronomers, who ARE assessing them, but mostly taking their
    OWN images, regularly, and communicating with each other on
    this matter.  You think the astronomers of the world do not
    know how to take these images, and analyze them?  Who are
    you speaking to here, Jim, the casual reader who might be
    impressed for a week or so because YOU said something, and
    not LOOK?  You've just lost the astronomers of the world who
    already ARE looking, HAVE been looking, and know otherwise.
    Most are not on a security clearance, and even those who are,
    are starting to wonder about where their loyalties should lie.
    Just why IS it that the common man should not know about
    what the astromomical profession KNOWS is likely an inbound
See: Dec 28 Splotch, (

> Assuming it is the size and albedo of Saturn  (isn't it supposed
> to be a Brown Dwarf, so it should be larger and give off some
> of its own light?), it would have to be about 100 times farther
> away than Saturn - that would be something like 1000 times the
> distance of Earth from the Sun!

    It is as a body 4 times the diameter of Earth and about half
    way in from its dither point between its two foci, some 9
    Sun-Pluto distances OUT.  We will ask Nancy to give you a few
    pages as reference so we can be on the same page here.

See: Distance, (
See: Speed, (
See: Size Guide, (
See: Sling Orbit, (
See: Predicted Appearance, (
See: Table of Distances, (