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Planet X: MOON Swirls Visible!

And again, in karmic justice, another debunker, Greg Hennessy, showing
the dramatic CLOCKWISE swirling of the Moon Swirls right, left, and top
of the Planet X body in its inbound head-on path toward the Sun.

    On the Greg Hennessy site debunking Jan 10 images
    he got his Jan 13 coordinates in the wrong location.
    He should have referred to Pierre-Eric's Finder. I believe
    he only has four of the five frames in his GIF.
        J William Dell

And Pierre-Eric, following just one of the Moons, has calculated its

    I processed (only with the dark) a sum and a median
    image. I'm so glad to see on Jan 10 images the first
    undoubtful moving object! It is "A" on the Cunningham
    image [below] and it looks like an asteroid. I calculated
    the speed of "A" (Cunningham image) object.
     horizontal speed :
        Vx ~= 0.001065 deg (Dec) = 7.94e-05 hour RA
     vertical speed :
        Vy ~= 0.002662 deg (Dec)
    It is too fast to be Planet X itself. Taking only the
    horizontal speed, the object would reach the next
    coordinate Dec for Jan 21 in almost in 1 day! And it
    moves up very quickly. Could be a moon or something
    else. Could be a NEO crossing the field. Now you must
    write to IAU, and then we can know if :
    - it is an existing asteroid ?
    - it is a new object!

But the IAU is not interested!  Not knowing what to say, and waiting for
the Debunking Master to decide WHAT to say.
    “Scotti failed, um, lets see if having the debunkers
    seize leadership of the analysis process works, um,
    oops, showed the darn thing again!  Now what.
    Humm, how are all those comets in Sagitarius coming?

No, he can’t join the winning team.  Applications DECLINED!