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Planet X: Jan 10th Red/White PERSONAS

In a bit of karmic justice, debunker M Cunningham inadvertently
displayed the White Persona, a NEW object directly on the Coordinate
predicted by the Zetas, on his web site:

    M Cunningham has rendered and posted a Summary
    at his site
    I have taken the liberty of using his JPG image to locate
    the White/Red and Swirls. I have inverted the image,
    then brightness -25 and contrast +75 to bring out detail.
    Using my Sum of 5 DBF fits file and Avis to locate. I
    think we have Planet X White, which was buried in
    noise on our summary, but shows on the
    M Cunningham JPG. Quite bright, more than I expected.
    ... Worth looking at the new suggested Planet X White
    as it appears to be on each frame.
        J William Dell

The Red Persona, due to increasing closeness, can be seen shifting
position during the imaging session:

     I have come to the conclusion that the Red Planet X shifts
     position over the time of the shoot. Time of shoot is:
       Frame 1 - 06:54:41
       Frame 2 - 07:05:32
       Frame 3 - 07:17:03
       Frame 4 - 07:27:57
       Frame 5 - 07:38:53
        J William Dell

    Here's a spot that shows up well on frame 3 below the
    Jan 13 coordinates. The spot I marked with a ? shows up
    as a new object better than anything else so far. There's
    also a spot that shows up on frame 1 just above the
    spot I circled on frame 3
        Steve Havas