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In Article <avhh57$n5n$> Jim Scotti wrote
> I am speaking the truth when I say that there is nothing
> to cover up in regards to your Planet X - it simply does
> not exist as you have described it and the way that you
> describe it is totally inconsistent with the way we
> understand physics to work.

    Ah, you QUALIFIED your answer, Jim, to be “as you
    [ZetaTalk] have described it” and further QUALIFIED
    that to be “totally inconsistent with the way we
    understand physics to work”.  In the latter, you are
    speaking the truth, and we will not challenge you
    further on the first portion of your statement, as in
    this you are ALSO speaking the truth from your
    HUMAN point of view.  We will elaborate.

    - Man, who recently drew and quartered or burned at
      the stake during the Dark Ages in Christianity’s history
      anyone who suggested that the Earth was NOT flat,
      is used to loudly denouncing anyone who questions
      the established explanation for how thing are.  Newton’s
      Laws rule but Einstein works better and never mind that
      they can’t fit together, we’ll let you know when we are
      ready to explain this.  In the mean time, WE are in
      control and don’t question your scientific leadership.
      Nothing has changed, re man, through the centuries.

    - Man, based on leads from various sources goes
      looking for Nemesis, the Destroyer of the Kolbrin,
      Nibiru of the Sumerian myths, the Red Star of the
      Oahspe, the Lord in the Bible, and finds it in the
      direction of Orion in 1983 - warm, close, and standing
      like a panting wolf about to lunge.  Earth changes
      begin, the weather becoming erratic, earthquakes
      increasing, poles melting, and the control freaks in
      both the scientific and political establishments in a
      panic about how to STAY IN CONTROL. Dare
      they tell the public what they have discovered?
      Not until they have answers, else they will look

    - Man, seeing changes in Earth they cannot explain
      except by the approach of an inbound object LONG
      watched by those considered in control of the planet,
      debates what to do.  Should they share what they
      know with the general public, dumping the
      information out so that the common man can determine
      FOR THEMSELVES, what to do?  This threatens job
      security. Should they at least WARN the public
      that cataclysmic changes, such as the Earth has
      clearly experienced before, may be at hand?  This
      threatens the value of stock, bank stability,
      potentially increases bankruptcies, so is endlessly
      delayed for EVERY reason except the welfare of
      the public, the last concern of those in the

    - Man, in desperation to defend the status quo,
      musters forth spokespersons to DEFEND their
      science, their reporting, and does this from a
      scientific point of view.  Ancient myths, what is
      recorded in the geology of the Earth, current Earth
      changes, and the deepening suspicion that the
      establishment is LYING to them about these changes,
      are to be ignored.  The reason?  The current
      understanding of man, in science, is that such an
      approach of a body outside of the solar system,
      on an odd orbit, is NOT WITHIN OUR
      UNDERSTANDING.  Thus, it cannot exist.

    Well, we are sure this will be a great relief to the mass
    of the public waiting for their leadership to address all
    this!  Not within the current understanding.  Well, in
    the past, before the discovery of radio waves, a RADIO
    would have been thus, and caused anyone stated that
    such a device might transmit information over the air,
    from a distance, to be considered crazy!  But let us
    assume that the current situation is not similar.  Man
    has progressed, in the past few hundred years, has he
    not?  Has he progressed past thinking that the Earth is
    flat, and putting to death in the most painful manner
    any who dare say otherwise?  To man, and this includes
    Jim Scotti who asserts that IF IT IS NOT WITHIN OUR
    the current understanding is the baseline, and
    anything other than this is WRONG.  Thus, the Earth
    is flat, and the radio cannot operate.  If Jim has not seen
    it, felt it, observed it, is cannot be.  No wonder the Pope
    chose the University at Tucson to establish the Pope
    Scope.  A kindred mind!

    Jim, please explain to the astronomers on this Usenet
    why a sling orbit CANNOT exist, simply because you
    have not observed it.  Please explain why a smoldering
    brown dwarf that is LESS than the size of Jupiter cannot
    exist, simply because you have not observed it.  Please
    explain why a planet cannot approach one of its foci in
    rapid speed, such that it is perhaps a quarter of the
    speed of light, simply because you have not observed it.
    Please explain why a gravity repulsion force cannot exist,
    which prefectly explains why your Moon stays suspended
    where it does, moving as slowly around the Earth as it
    does, contrary to your Law of Gravity which would make
    it plummet to Earth promptly, simply because you have
    not yet pronounced such a force in existence.  We, and
    the readership which hopes to hold you in continuing
    respect, await your reply.

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