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Today I went to look for distilled water in the supermarket. There I found but one optional brand. The bottle says distilled water, I read the warnings though on the side of the bottle and it basically says that the water is not fit for medical purposes and is not fit for consumption. I live in the Netherlands, maybe the distilled water over here has something added to it. How can I and others get safe distilled water that can be consumed? How can I make my own without having to buy something expensive that makes distilled water from tap water?


Michel, I found a site where an artist created Ceramic Jugs that actually distills water using solar energy. It's worth taking a look, it give you some creative ideas on how to make this work for you. Boiling Water is the first step of making distilled water. It's the steam that rises and condenses on the coils that leads it out to drip into a container, wa la! distilled water! All of the minerals, bacteria, metals, etc. are left behind in the bottom of the tank.


The distilling of water is one of the easiest science projects any one person can perform. It requires no chemistry degree and the equipment can be readily purchased at nominal charges. All you need is a Condenser. A tube type device made of either glass or copper. It is often similarly used to make sour mash alcohol. Then it does not matter what kind of liquid you use. You can even distill waste sewage this way.