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The apparatus is quite simple, though, the actual condenser is a complicated manufacturing problem. Pyrex, who used to make laboratory quality glass products made (in my humble opinion) one of the best condensers for quick distilling. Mass production of 100% pure distilled water is the most absolute positive remedy for questionable water supply. It is more reliable than charcoal, or other filter methods. Though, one could use lab grade filters at the end stage of condensing just to be on the safe side (though this actually would not be necessary).

You get a container with any liquid on top of a heat source, preferably the condenser is sealed to the top of the first container. The condenser has running tap water flowing through it to cool the heated steam from the first heated basin. Preferably above 220 degrees. As the steam cools in the condenser, impurities which cannot travel the length of the condenser are basically dropped by the steam. At the other end, a second container receives the droplets of pure water.

This is 100% pure water, drinkable, or whatever you need. This process requires large volume containers though in order to produce volumes of water. The condensers used to be able to be purchased at home hobbie shops for chemistry sets, and I think can also be purchased from some isolated hardware stores, but not in chains or franchise.