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There is information on the Carrots and carrots as a Biennial and a Root Vegetable from the Seed TOPIC in the Food section of Troubled Times.  

Prefers full sun; well-drained but damp, sandy, rich soil; neutral pH; short growing season; tolerates wind.
Q: We've just harvested some carrots the seeds of which were planted last year. To have nice big fat carrots this early in the year in Michigan is truly amazing as this is the weekend for planting a garden not harvesting. Seeds for carrots are extremely small. Does anyone know how you get carrots to go to seed or give you seed?
A: If you let those carrots stay in the ground instead of harvesting them, they will put up seed stalks this year. Flowers that you can allow to mature and then dry. Of course by then the carrots will be too woody to eat. Many vegetable crops are biennial like that, cabbage, onions, parsley, to name a few.