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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 26, 2012

The Zetas wanted the establishment to tell the public about the pole shift since the days of Roswell and they have clearly stated that if they were the government they would inform the public. However the establishment ran a cover-up over the presence of Planet X since Roswell.  The Council of Worlds (COW) are clearly trying to break this cover-up at present. The COW align the planets during eclipses (as referenced in last weeks Q&A) so that the humans will not go insane from realizing Planet X is real via unambiguous evidence from eclipses not occurring as expected (and they only allow subtle evidence for Planet X during these events and so have introduced an Element of Doubt over Planet X as is the case with the alien presence). Breaking the cover up at this moment in time would result in some humans going insane. Do the Council of World only want the cover up broken now and not earlier, opposite to the views of the Zetas? If humans became aware after Roswell would they not have gone insane as well? [and from another] My Q is about PX Disclosure vs PX Cover-up. On the one hand, CoW wants to destroy Cover-up of PX presence at inner Solar System. But on the other hand, CoW established an Element of Doubt (in order that the humans will not go insane, and in order to avoid any panic long before the Last Weeks) which plays into the hands of Cover-up. Also CoW believes and is afraid that if PX Cover-up fails long before the Last Weeks, the Establishment can begin to panic. Therefore it seems that CoW goes carefully, having slowed 7 of 10 pace etc. But here also it seems that CoW is at war with itself, since to break Cover-up by possibilities of CoW is easy and fast business. Thus, CoW are trying to break PX Cover-up, but isn't capable to do this completely till now, and so we should wait natural PX Disclosure (ie full crash of PX Cover-up) just by Last Weeks. Or not, in a look that CoW prepares blows on Cover-up? Can the Zetas update us on all these things?

Is there an inherent contradiction in the Council of World’s edict on the Element of Doubt being maintained, yet at the present time “going to war” with the cover-up? Any apparent disconnect is caused by the fear spread by establishment disinformation. If, at the time of Roswell, the establishment had chosen to allow the truth to prevail, as it was first published in newspapers at the time, what would have occurred? At the time of Roswell the public was aware of UFO sightings and much lore existed through the ages that pointed to intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and to this life visiting the Earth. The Vedas, and even the Bible document alien life.

Yet man did not live in fear of UFOs or encounters, but rather had curiosity. What created fear in the public was the campaign mustered by MJ12, where scare stories were featured in the media, in TV series, and in movies developed for the establishment by a compliant Hollywood. The movie Signs by Mel Gibson, Falling Skies, Independence Day, War of the Worlds – all tell the public that aliens will arrive and try to poison them, enslave them, or eliminate them.  None of this is true, and the establishment knows this, yet keeps up the disinformation. If the aliens aboard the Roswell crash had been displayed before the public, no panic would have ensued, though some religious leaders would have found their proclamations countered.

Likewise with the discovery that Planet X, aka Nibiru, was inbound toward the Sun. If announced to the public at the time when certainty was in hand -  in 1983 when the infrared cameras hoisted aloft sighted Planet X – then there would have been rampant speculation and competing theories resulting, but not mass panic or suicide.  It has been the decision of those in the establishment to conceal the truth from the public that has produced the current situation, where the Pole Shift is eminent while the public is unaware. The Element of Doubt is in place primarily to prevent panic in the establishment, who would harm the public in their desperate attempts to cling to their status.  

G8 world leaders met at Camp David recently, ostensibly to discuss economic issues.  Almost certainly these face-to-face meetings were an opportunity for them to quietly discuss Planet X and the pending pole shift.  Could the Zetas be a fly on the wall yet again and share with us, the common man, anything of particular interest discussed? [and from another] The Eurozone financial crisis or the fallout from Iranian sanctions won’t derail the fragile recovery of the American economy. The G8 leaders issued a joint statement on oil markets threatening to go to the International Energy Agency if disruptions to the world’s oil supply continue, particularly as demand is expected to increase in the coming months. The G20 Summit in Mexico next month will give [Obama] another opportunity to collaborate with them. [and from another] The Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of eight large economies. (It excludes some members of the actual eight largest, such as China, Brazil and India). The forum originated with a 1975 summit hosted by France that brought together representatives of six governments: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With the addition of Canada [and] in 1997, Russia was added to group which then became known as the G8.

The G8 clearly has a western focus, as opposed to the G20 which is more inclusive. In past centuries, the G8 countries were economically dominant. Britain ruled the waves and European countries colonized several different continents. Until very recently the US was the largest economy in the world, and still has a military equivalent to all other militaries combined. Until its collapse after the Cold War ended, Russia with the satellite countries under its control was massive in its land mass. Thus the members of the G8 have an attitude, even if their power and strength no longer supports this attitude.

Now the European Union is finding itself in a financial bind, due to many of their member nations going bankrupt. The US is likewise bankrupt but Obama intends to print and borrow to steady the State of the Union, as he knows in a short time these debts will not matter. This is likewise his advice for Europe, not to pinch pennies for a fiscal future, but to ease back on austerity demands. The pressing subject under discussion, beyond how to live on with a brave face while bankrupt, was how to handle the next phase when the Earth changes will make it impossible to live on anything but printed or borrowed money.

The G8 countries know that they are expected to set the tone and direction for the G20 meeting. They are supposed to be the leaders. Pressing issues for many of the G20 countries will be the declining economy, starvation and crop shortages, the price of oil, and the rapidly rising migration problems whereby masses of people are on the move. Migration is stealthy, hidden, so can swell and present a problem suddenly for a country which had not realized an influx had begun. Do they return them all? Can they jointly block their borders? And what to do with a currency that suddenly becomes worthless? Many countries will find they need to declare bankruptcy, as Argentina did recently. These issues impact other countries in a domino manner. Much argument but little agreement is expected.

Could the Zetas do the resolution on a Solar Eclipse of May 20-21, 2012? How CoW played on it?

The May 20-21, 2012 lunar eclipse was obviously assisted to some degree, or it would not have been fully visible in Asia, which it was. The wobble was drastically reduced for the occasion, but even at this level of reduction, it affected visibility on the N American continent. When the Sun is high over the Pacific, the globe is being pushed northward so the magnetic N Pole of the Earth can evade the magnetic N Pole of Planet X. Thus the full view of the lunar eclipse on the West Coast of N America was south of what was expected. Texas was not expected to get a full eclipse view, but did. And where California expected to get the full eclipse view, it did not. This was noted in comments and recorded in photos. This documentation of the Earth wobble has been wholly unexplained by the media or scientific bodies, nor has it even been addressed.

As recent photos and videos taken with red filters have shown, the vast tail of Planet X is wafting in a counterclockwise manner between the Sun and the Earth, placing the Moon Swirls most often to the left of the Sun, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, but on occasion wrapping around to be on the upper right of the Sun. Thus one of the swirls, pointing toward the Earth and funneling sunlight down its tube, created a reddish lit orb at the 2 o’clock position, quite visible on photos from Asia to America. There was likewise a glow from sunlight reflected off the dust cloud on the lower left hand side. Neither of these light sources can be claimed from the Sun, which was quiescent at the time and did not have flares or sunspots that lined up with the glows.

A third phenomena that occurred was similar to a transit of Venus, such was the visibility of some of the massive moons of Planet X outlined against the Sun. These moons moved about, as the swirling of the tail has them in motion, so they appeared in various places, but there was consistency in the locations to the degree that it could not be claimed they were dust on the lens. With the glare from the Sun greatly reduced by the filters being used during photography, scattered or reflected light cannot be blamed. These were solid objects, large enough to rival a transiting Venus on the Sun, though the moons of Planet X are far closer to the Earth than Venus and thus not as large as Venus. This phenomena too is being ignored by the media or scientific bodies, but was certainly noted by the public. 

This does not ring true to me. Does not have the precision of a real CC.

Where this design utilizes the circles and curves which characterize those laid by the true circle makers, it is a hoax. To effect the curved designs is easy in this case, as one pins a line in the center and gradually increases the distance from the center as one travels outward, counterclockwise. The interim lines are laid by one person located on either side of the flat strip. There is no part of this design that requires footsteps to be laid in open grain, a point of authenticity found in legitimate circle designs.

Flooding in China mysteriously as media reports indicate on rainstorms but satellites shows that flooding not caused by rain. Flooding also occurred not on the coast where there is a sinking. The reason for the flood? [and from another] Poyang Lake, located in Jiangxi Province, was once the largest freshwater lake in China. As of 2012, due to drought and the practice of storing water at the Three Gorges Dam the size of the lake has been reduced. It is fed by the Gan, Xin, and Xiu rivers, which connect to the Yangtse through a channel.

This lake reflects the activity of nearby rivers and the Three Gorges Dam, and as such reflect rainfall in a large region. If the dam releases water, due to abundance, then this lake swells, and if the dam retains water due to drought, the lake shrinks. In May is was restricted due to the dam holding water back, and now has been returned to its normal size.