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A Century of UFOs
UFO Roundup, Vol 4, No 36
December 30, 1999

And now UFO Roundup presents a historical chronology of UFO and alien sightings during the Twentieth Century. These are not the most important sightings of each year, but they are significant. Here's the UFO history of our century year by year:

1900 - Teenager Miranda McKay and three other girls, plus their Scottish chaperone from Appleyard College boarding school, disappear at Hanging Rock, near Melbourne, Australia.

1901 - An unusual substance, "smelling like glue" falls from a clear sky at Sart, Belgium.

1902 - Unusual sky booms heard over Boschof, Oranjevrystaat, South Africa.

1903 - Large alien seven feet tall with long hair, horns and huge bulging eyes appears and is chased away by coal miners in Iola, Kansas, USA.

1904 - Three luminous UFOs are seen by the crew aboard the USS Supply, which is on a cruise off the shore of northern California, USA.

1905 - "Buzzing" UFO descends from heavy overcast and flies over Portland, Oregon, USA.

1906 - "Mystery meteor" performs weird aerial maneuvers over Syracuse, New York, USA.

1907 - "Torpedo-shaped" UFO explodes over downtown Burlington, Vermont, USA. Seen by Bishop John S. Michaud, former governor Alexander Woodbury, A.A. Buell and others.

1908 - Spherical black UFO with a brilliant spotlight hovers and flies over Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA. Seen by John E, Flynn, Philip S. Prophett and others.

1909 - Cigar-shaped UFO appears repeatedly over Dunedin and smaller towns along the South Island's Otago coast in New Zealand.

1910 - Large cigar-shaped UFO hovers over Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, playing its bright spotlight over both cities.

1911 - "Mystery airship" flies under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, USA.

1912 - "Mysterious airships" hover over cities and towns in Kent, UK.

1913 - Large cigar-shaped UFO flies slowly over Milwaukee and Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, flashing its bright spotlight over streets and buildings, and then retreats back out into Lake Michigan.

1914 - Three luminous UFOs fly low over Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA.

1915 - A cigar-shaped craft, thought to be a German Zeppelin, is seen over Andenes, Norway.

1916 - Norwegian fishermen working nets north of Svalbard (Spitzbergen) Island see a "dark Zeppelin" moving quickly over the Arctic pack ice, heading for the North Pole.

1917 - Minister and family use a telescope to watch a silver UFO shaped like a wagon wheel near Salida, Colorado, USA.

1918 - Luminous cruciform UFO seen hovering over Lismore, N.S.W., Australia.

1919 - Two British soldiers see several orange spherical UFOs hovering over Salisbury Plain near Figeldean, Wiltshire, UK.

1920 - Fishermen see a blue egg-shaped UFO touch down near Mount Pleasant, Iowa, USA.

1921 - Bright circular UFOs seen above a cloud overcast at night in Killingly, Connecticut, USA.

1922 - Twin girls aged 8 see a daylight disc UFO near Davenport, Iowa, USA.

1923 - A UFO explodes in mid-air over Quetta, Pakistan. Flaming debris rains down, destroying a few buildings. The fire lasts for hours, leaving only melted slag and "thin wires."

1925 - Mysterious fireball explodes just outside Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA.

1926 - Nicholas Roerich sees a daylight disc UFO in a clear blue sky in northern China.

1927 - While flying near Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA, pilot Barney Oldfield finds his biplane flanked by "flying manhole covers."

1930 - Small humanoid alien shows up at a farm in Mandurah, W.A., Australia, asking for water. Shot to death by terrified farmer.

1931 - On a flight from Australia to New Zealand in his Tiger Moth biplane, Sir Francis Chichester encounters and chases a teardrop- shaped UFO over the Tasman Sea.

1932 - Death of Charles Fort, the father of ufology.

1933 - Small disc hovers behind a house in Nambour, Queensland, Australia. It's grabbed by a boy, who suffers itching and blistering on his hands as a result of grabbing the object.

1934 - During a winter blizzrd, mysterious engine noises are heard above the clouds in New York City, USA.

1938 - "Mysterious lights" hover over Tabor, Quebec, Canada.

1939 - Bright green UFO hovers over Juminda, Estonia for an hour, then disappears.

1940 - "Fiery cartwheel" UFO is seen ascending from a hilltop in Bata, Hungary.

1941 - German aviatrix Hannah Reisch sees a UFO speeding by at an altitude of 20,000 meters (66,000 feet) while flight-testing a forerunner of the Messerschmitt 163 Komet.

1942 - "Battle of Los Angeles." U.S. Army gunners fire at a UFO squadron passing over L.A. and Burbank, California, USA.

1943 - Spanish troops of the Division Azul see a washtub-shaped UFO hovering nearby during a battle in Russia.

1944 - First appearance of the "foo fighters" over France and Belgium, the UFOs of World War II.

1945 - Three Japanese Zeroes engage two daylight discs in a dogfight over Wonsan, North Korea. One Zero is shot down, and the UFOs flee into space.

1946 - A cylinder-shaped UFO crashes in Lake Kolmjarv in Sweden during the "ghost rockets" flap of that year.

1947 - A UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Three aliens are killed, and the survivor is captured by the U.S. Army.

1948 - Capt. Thomas Mantell's F-51 Mustang is shot down by a UFO over Franklin, Kentucky.

1949 - U.S. Navy scientists use a theodolite to observe a daylight disc UFO near Arrey, New Mexico, USA.

1950 - Airliner Northwest 2501 is shot down by a UFO over Lake Michigan.

1951 - U.S. Army platoon fires armor- piercing bullets at a hovering bell-shaped UFO in Chorwon, South Korea.

1952 - "Battle of Washington D.C." A UFO fleet buzzes the USA's capital city and then flees before U.S. Air Force jets arrive.

1953 - Lt. Felix Moncla's F-86 Sabre jet is captured by a UFO over Lake Superior, hauled aboard by a tractor beam. Lt. Moncla is still MIA.

1954 - Two truck drivers get into a fistfight with small humanoid aliens at a roadside cafe between Caracas and Petare, Venezuela.

1955 - After sighting a UFO, a family is besieged by over 20 small big-eared aliens at their farmhouse in Kelly, Kentucky, USA.

1956 - A Royal Candian Air Force F-100 fighter is captured by a UFO over Lake Huron.

1957 - Several cigar-shaped UFOs are seen by residents of Levelland, Texas, USA.

1958 - Uruguayan Air Force pilot engages a daylight disc UFO in a dogfight over Pan de Acucar, near Salto, Uruguay. The UFO uses a microwave beam to disable the plane.

1959 - Rev. W.B. Gill and his parishoners at Boianai mission, Papua New Guinea are astounded when a flat saucer hovers overhead and four aliens wave to them.

1960 - Czech military officers observe a UFO with their binoculars at Brno, Czech Republic.

1961 - Betty and Barney Hill are abducted aboard a UFO while driving just south of Littleton, New Hampshire, USA. First publicized abduction and first appearance of the Zeta Reticulans.

1962 - UFO explodes over a South Atlantic beach in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Molten slag is recovered.

1963 - Four children see a UFO land just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. An alien nine feet (2.7 meters) tall and wearing a white monk's hood beckons to them.

1964 - Patrolman Lonnie Zamora sees a UFO and aliens on the ground in Utah, USA.

1965 - UFO blacks out a U.S. military base at Nha Trang, Vietnam and is seen by hundreds of American soldiers.

1966 - College coeds at the dorm in Ann Arbor, Michigan have repeated sightings of UFOs.

1967 - Patrolman Herbert Schirmer sees a UFO take off from Ashland, Nebraska, USA. Later, under hypnosis, he describes an abduction experience. First of the "silent contactees."

1968 - Children see a landed UFO and an alien at St. Stanislas de Koska, Quebec, Canada.

1969 - Eleven witnesses see a daylight disc UFO hover over a farm in Anolaima, Colombia.

1970 - Two skiers see a UFO descend and emit a beam of light in Imjarvi, Finland.

1971 - UFOs with stubby side wings are seen over a tea plantation in Hewaheta, Sri Lanka.

1972 - Two flying humanoid aliens seen by a crowd in the plaza at Ixtalapa, Mexico.

1973 - Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker are captured by alien robots and taken aboard a saucer in Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA.

1974 - A UFO crashes at Llandderfel, Wales. The British Army recovers two dead aliens.

1975 - Travis Walton is hauled aboard a UFO by a tractor beam near Snowflake, Arizona, USA. He is missing for five days and then returns with an amazing abduction story.

1976 - F4 fighter jets of the Iranian Air Force battle UFOs over Tehran, capital of Iran.

1977 - A small alien wearing a green uniform and a helmet with blinking red and white lights on it is seen by several people in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.

1978 - Pilot Frederick M. Valentich encounters a UFO while flying across the Bass Strait from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania. Valentich describes the UFO in a frantic radio call, which is suddenly cut off. Pilot and plane are still missing.

1979 - Newsman videotapes luminous UFOs over Keikoura, New Zealand.

1980 - Woman motorist abducted from her car and taken aboard a UFO in Pudasjarvi, Finland.

1981 - Peruvian fighter jet gets into a dogfight with a UFO over Chosica, Peru.

1982 - Brilliantly-illuminated UFO hovers over Mount Senohara in Japan.

1983 - Large V-shaped UFOs seen over Newburgh, New York, USA.

1986 - Pilot for Japan Air Lines sees a giant UFO over Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

1987 - Reddish-orange UFOs fly over Meishan, Sichuan province, China.

1988 - Family in their car chased down the highway by a UFO in South Australia.

1989 - UFO lands at a park in Voronezh, Russia. Four aliens 3 meters (10 feet) tall emerge from the craft, causing a panicky crowd of onlookers to flee.

1995 - UFO crashes near Boyle, Ireland. Crew of five aliens are captured by a NATO task force and Irish Gardai (police).

1996 - UFO crashes just north of Varginha, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The seven surviving aliens are captured by the Brazilian Army.

1997 - "Battle of Phoenix." Giant triangular UFO seen over Phoenix and other cities in central Arizona, USA.

1998 - Three Japanese fighter jets shot down by UFOs over the ocean off northern Japan.

1999 - Exploding UFO levels huge patch of jungle west of Sao Felix do Xingu, Para state, Brazil.