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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 26, 2014

I was very surprised to read this article on Forbes. What is the strategy behind this type of 'news'?. Is the corporative media starting to introduce us to the scenary of 'alien invasion', when, at the same time, debunking the source of the news? In any case,this mixture of Iran plus Snowden plus the desinformative site has been quite shocking  to read for me. [and from another] Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America – Forbes  [and from another] They are using Sorcha Faal as a source?  Half truth, half lies, the CIA recipe. [and from another]  Airman First Class Charles Hall claims to have observed and communicated with a species of extraterrestrials/aliens he named the ‘tall whites’ due to their appearance while serving at Nellis Airforce Base as a duty weather observer from 1965-67. The tall whites culture seemed almost military like: great significance and respect is given to social positions and hierarchies.

We have not addressed what is termed the Tall Whites alien group, though have been asked, because to respond to these questions would have required, by the Rules of Engagement, that we engage. What we are telling you is that the Tall Whites are of the Service-to-Self orientation, and as such to engage them with ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, would have required an engagement agreement. Since the Tall Whites have arranged to have themselves in the press, via a Sorcha Faal disinformation campaign, we have engaged to counter their disinformation.

It is true that Service-to-Self aliens arrived on Earth just ahead of Roswell so that they could arrange conscious contact with the US military. Individuals like the Omnipotent Krlll and others who hoped to heavily influence the US military, even then the largest military machine on Earth. The story is well known, how Roswell was arranged by Service-to-Other aliens to initiate a conversation with the DIA, and how MJ12 evolved as a result. The Tall Whites visiting Earth are an exclusively Service-to-Self group. Their signature has been to attempt to mingle with mankind, and thus to have more direct influence over politicians and generals.

Rigid, hierarchical, and cruel the Tall Whites terrified the humans they came in contact with, as they would frequently issue death threats for such minor infractions as offering a hand to one of their women laboring up some stairs, or touching one of their children. Their home planet has less gravity than Earth, and frail and with thin bones, the Tall Whites shuffle and have a tendency to stumble and lose their balance. But reaching out to touch one of them is considered a breach of protocol in their rigid social structure, resulting in instant death on their planet. The Tall Whites practiced their interaction with human on the soldiers assigned to duty nearby, and the tales told by Charles Hall of his encounters are true.

Do they influence human society, or have they infiltrated the US government or military as the Sorcha Faal disinformation asserts? As with the Service-to-Self in general, they lied, and where they offered alien technology the Council of Worlds does not allow this. Space ships or devices provided by the Service-to-Self to the US military could never be flown by humans, nor reverse engineered, despite many claims by the CIA and DIA on this matter. Obama, who is solidly Service-to-Other, has had no dealings with the Tall Whites or other Service-to-Self aliens still lingering on Earth, attempting to have an influence on the Earth’s Transformation.

Would the zetas care to comment on this latest story to hit the mainstream news:  Is this a spaceship, a structure or something else?  Has this purposely been left out for all to see or just poor photoshopping by NASA/Google? [and from another]  A series of controversial images from Google maps show a mysterious object on the moon’s surface. The two-sided object on the lunar surface was discovered by paranormal researcher WowForReel who posted a video of the finding online.  [and from another]  It can be found on the Google Moon viewer at coordinates 22042'38.46N and 142034'44.52E

Objects on the Moon have been discovered in the past, the China orbiter showing the remains of dome cites in 2012, for instance. During past genetic engineering projects the engineers often worked in labs on the Moon, to avoid the large predators on Earth. The Annunaki also established communication outposts on the Moon in the past, to assist in communications between the Earth and Mars, where they were likewise mining for Gold. Evidence of this past alien activity on the Moon is so obvious that NASA filmed Moon landing shots in theaters on Earth, to substitute for live shots from the Moon as the astonished astronauts kept muttering off script.

Hidden in the details, requiring a high definition image not previously provided by Google Moon, lies an intriguing wedge clearly not a natural object. In perfect geometry, 7 raised dots are laid out along the leading two sides of this wedge. The wedge appears to have plowed into the surface of the Moon, pushing the soil up in front of the wedge and leaving a raised ridge behind the wedge as well, as though there had been an accident. This is precisely what occurred, in the past, when the Moon was home to a number of alien visitors.

We have mentioned that the Service-to-Self are clumsy during space flight, due to their reluctance to work closely with each other as a team. Among the Service-to-Self, it is everyone for himself, or a hierarchy where orders come from the top to those below, a firm pecking order. If the one at the top errors, there is no way to correct the error, as questioning a superior is an affront not allowed. If a ship is damaged beyond repair, it is abandoned. This accident occurred before the Council of Worlds established the Element of Doubt rule during mankind’s Awakening. This is now being eased, the Awakening expedited.

Was the recent middle school shooting in Roswell, NM planned to be some kind of false flag event?  Perhaps an attempt to either create so much pain in the community that any unveiling of local alien artifacts would have to be delayed or in the event of disclosure, the shooting would be linked to some kind of malevolent alien influence.  Seems too coincidental that DHS just completed an Active Shooter Threat Training the day before in Artesia, NM which is 40 miles south of Roswell. [and from another]  Student, 12, Used Shotgun to Shoot 2 Students in Roswell. An eighth grade student told the Associated Press a boy bumped into her as he rushed toward the gym and apologized to her. When the boy entered the gym, she saw him pull a gun out of a band instrument case and begin shooting. [and from another]  Salcido, who knew the shooter, said he was being bullied. [and from another]  The boy whom several students identified as the gunman was described as smart and bookish. On Facebook, he was pictured beside a deer he had killed during a hunting trip.

On the face of it, the Roswell shooting was the result of bullying. The shooter was a “bookish” boy, smart and so impeccably polite he even apologized to someone bumped in his rush to the gym to create mayhem. He was finally driven by repressed rage over taunts to shoot his attacker. In that Roswell will be forever associated with crashed alien space ships, and the cover-up over the alien presence, is there greater significance in the setting? The Awakening is being expedited, driven by the large number of contactees who have reached out for the truth and are getting it first hand from contact.

It is not by accident that this shooting and the media exposure given to the Tall Whites of late, in Forbes and the Washington Post, are occurring almost simultaneously. The old hands at the CIA, most of them long retired but still influential, have never wanted mankind to be cozy with aliens, and arranged to have the Sorcha Faal story about the Tall Whites promoted. Their message? Aliens are not to be trusted, and are here to harm people during their planned takeover of Earth. These CIA retirees want the Roswell story associated with terror and death, and had remote viewers pummel the bullied boy until he snapped.

Can the zetas comment on this experiment? [and from another]  Masaru Emoto is a Japanese energy scholar, author and entrepreneur, best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.  [and from another]  It was 1994 when the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope came upon me. With this method, I was convinced that I should be able to see something like snow crystals. After two months of trial and error, this idea bore fruit. The beautifully shining hexagonal crystals were created from the invisible world. My staff at the laboratory and I were absorbed in it and began to do many researches. At first, we strenuously observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water we could not get any beautiful crystals. We could not get any beautiful ones from rivers and lakes near big cities, either. However, from the water from rivers and lakes where water is kept pristine from development, we could observe beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness. The observation was done in various ways: Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing letters to water, Showing pictures to water, Playing music to water. Praying to water. In all of these experiments, distilled water for hospital usage produced by the same company was used. Since it is distilled twice, it can be said that it is pure water.

Where humans consider thought and emotion to be within the body - brainwaves or hormones or tension in the muscles - the world around the human body is very much aware of changes at the subatomic level. What is telepathy but brain waves transmitted, by some medium, to another? Masaru Emoto has brilliantly captured the results of such brain waves and accompanying emotional charge in the water nearby. It is not water reflecting the words or the rhythm in music, but water reflecting the emotional and mental association of the humans in the vicinity.

This little rock mystery may be small but it's beginning to look like part of the big picture. Is it another addition to the public education or evolution of consciousness that we are not alone? [and from another]  Mystery rock spotted on Mars.  In recent weeks, Opportunity took photos of the same spot on Mars, 12 days apart. The rover's panoramic camera showed only barren bedrock on mission day 3528 (in Mars time), but on day 3540, a photo of the same scene revealed the mysterious, doughnut-shaped rock.

What better proof of life on Mars than to find the surface mysteriously disrupted. Clearly the wind did not toss what appears to be a rock about, nor did an earthquake disrupt the terrain, as the gravel in view is undisturbed. Life on Mars, both past and present, has been presented by the rovers and documented in Nancy’s newsletters. The Annunaki’s past there in a stick of wood, an Annunaki’s child’s toys, gold dust on sluice paths, and sheep or goat skulls. The Annunaki brought grain from Earth, and with it mice who live there still, and desert hawks to control the rodent population, who likewise live there still.

Life on Mars, as we have stated, never evolved beyond the level of moss and bugs, though transplants include the mice and hawks and an occasional desert bush or scrub tree. Mice make their nests in whatever material is handy, and on the surface of Mars, their diet is the worms and insects that abound there near the surface, but nesting material is perforce the moss and lichens that likewise can live in the dim sunlight and water in the fog, the morning dew. This mystery rock is a mouse nest, dropped from on high by a hawk, in the manner birds use to break open clams or to kill their prey. Note the hue of the nest is similar to the hue of lichen on rock in the image, but is not similar to the hue of the rocks there. 

I stumbled upon this video on youtube. First the title was talking about a chem-bomb, now changed into a chem-tracking device. His comment "I now think this is a device dropped from a chem plane that helps them track their efforts in some way. All that debris looks like metallic particles that might help the tracking - or maybe we just do not know. It is a bit shocking to see this over houses though". Are those speculations right or is there more to it?

The public is understandably nervous about chemtrails, which they sense are for nefarious purposes and not for the common good. As we have explained, in the past chemtrails were used to sicken those below, testing a means of slowing down unwanted migrants. This was done by the elite, the wealthy, who fear their enclaves being attacked by starving hoards. A clear pattern emerged, whereby clinics and hospitals would fill up with those sickened, and due to the threat of public outrage and discovery, those doing these experiments stopped including germs and noxious chemicals.

However, chemtrail activity retained its secondary agenda, which was to cloud the skies so populated areas cannot readily catch a glimpse of the Planet X complex. We have explained in the past that analysis of wind patterns is done to determine where the chemtrail fog will drift, so where the chemtrails are initially dropped is not necessarily the target location. This particular incident, taking place in San Diego, shows that cross-winds are in play, with the lower atmosphere drifting left, but the balloon released by the plane at a higher elevation drifting right. Caught in the act, checking wind direction.

This is awesome news that the President is going to do this in my opinion.  The internet is being used in a positive way from the top. Would the Zeta's care to comment? [and from another]  President Obama will partner with Google for the "first-ever Presidential Hangout Road Trip," Google announced today. "Next Tuesday, at 9pm EST, President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress. Later that week, you'll have the chance to connect with the President and speak about his administration’s plan in the first-ever Presidential Hangout Road Trip," claims Google in a blog post. If you have a question for the President and would like the opportunity to participate in the Hangout Road Trip, just record a 60-second video with your name, location, a bit about yourself and the question you’d like to ask. Then post it on YouTube or Google+ and share it publicly with the hashtag #AskObama2014.Next Tuesday, tune in to watch the State of the Union address, as well as the Republican response, live on YouTube. Then join us and President Obama on Friday for a one-of-a-kind road trip.

During traditional press conferences a President such as Obama makes himself available to questions from the media, but the avenue for direct conversations with the public has traditionally been restricted to venues like town hall meetings, used extensively during campaigns. Town hall meetings require travel, security issues, and extensive preparations such as screening attendees. Google hangouts have none of those issues. Obama is instituting a new form of interactive conversations with the public, just ahead of the announcement admitting the truth about Nibiru. The basis of questions posed during traditional pressers often has a political slant, an opportunity to do gotcha games. A Google hangout can focus the discussions on real issues directly affecting the common man - on how to adapt to the Earth changes or what to expect if coastal cities become flooded.