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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 16, 2011

Something we were chatting about tonight and I'd wanted to ask the Zetas about it before, concerning water purification after the poleshift which is obviously an important topic. Right now, we have the Zeta's advice on distilling water after the PS to filter out the lead and harvesting the fog is a good way to get safe drinking water, but what about previous poleshifts when people didn't have this advice or areas of the world now who won't hear the Zeta's advice? How did people know what was safe to drink in previous poleshifts and if they knew they had to purify it, how did they do it without the luxury of our current knowledge of purifying water by distillation? Obviously they did, otherwise they would have all died out from lead poisoning. I feel there's a lesson here for people after the PS - distillation is a slow proccess and will only get you so far; fog collection is probably going to be a more major way of collecting drinkable water, but how did people in the past deal with this or even know that it was necessary? This is one of those things that only the Zetas can answer as obviously we don't have records of what happened! :-) [and from another] Cholera is an infection of the small intestine that is bacterium Vibrio cholerae. The main symptoms are profuse watery diarrhoea and vomiting. Transmission is primarily through consuming contaminated drinking water or food. The severity of the diarrhea and vomiting can lead to rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. [and from another] Dysentery is usually caused by a bacterial or protozoan infection or infestation of parasitic worms, but can also be caused by a chemical irritant or viral infection. The most common cause of the disease in developed countries is infection with a bacillus of the Shigella group (causing bacillary dysentery). Infection with the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica can cause amoebic dysentery. This is more common in tropical areas, although has been found throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States, as well as Australia and parts of rural Canada. [and from another] Virus particles are excreted in the feces for several weeks following initial infection. The disease is transmitted primarily via the fecal-oral route, by ingesting contaminated food or water. [and from another] The virus spreads by the fecal-oral route and infections often occur in conditions of poor sanitation and overcrowding. Hepatitis A can be transmitted by the parenteral route but very rarely by blood and blood products. Food-borne outbreaks are not uncommon, and ingestion of shellfish cultivated in polluted water is associated with a high risk of infection. The virus is resistant to detergent, acid, solvents (e.g., ether, chloroform), drying, and temperatures up to 60 C. It can survive for months in fresh and salt water.

This is an immense problem. In populated areas, sewage water will mix in, or the surface water will be contaminated with sewage simply because doing it in the bushes will be the handy toilet. Numerous human diseases are spread in this way, with cholera and dysentery topping the list, though various virus infections such as hepatitis and polio can likewise be spread via human feces, living outside the body for a time. We have stressed that heavy metals will be found in groundwater due to cracks in the ground where magma has forced up, and due to volcanic ash that has washed down with the rain. Distillation resolves all these pollutants and infectious agents and should absolutely be used.

What was done in the past? There are those in the sinking zones in Indonesia who are cooking today with muddy water, as their fresh water sources have become contaminated. This is not an issue that is merely historical, something that was done in the past, as history will repeat itself. Humans survived, during past pole shifts, primarily in regions where volcanic ash was not heavy, or where fresh water emerged from aquifers where heavy metals had settled out over the econs and infectious agents died from lack of nutrition in the aquifer. It was luck, and location, location, location that allowed those humans to survive.

Just wanted to toss this one out there (I'm sure many of the ZT followers have seen it on C2C's website already) is it safe to assume this is a genuine capture of the Monster Sun persona? The photographer mentioned she saw it with her eyes before she decided to take a picture of it. The Zetas have repeatedly mentioned that signs in the sky will be increasing "soon" for all to see.
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If Planet X is at the 4 o'clock position when seen from the northern hemisphere, why is this Monster Sun appearing above the Sun? The same bending light phenomena that causes a pale dim monster orb to present can occur with the light from a Moon Swirl as well. Since the tail of Planet X is pointing more directly at Earth, hosed out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X which is turning toward the Earth, the Moon Swirls as tubes will be funneling light in this manner more frequently.

Although the Zetas have made many statements about the orientations (, people continue to manipulate or twist the Zetas' message regarding what it actually means to be solidly service to other ("STO"). For example, the Zetas have been criticized for being "harsh" in some of their answers. (Just because a being is not always nice and kind when addressing the less-than-stellar behavior of others that somehow indicates a being is not solidly or highly STO?) Such claims have also been made against Nancy Lieder, that she simply could not be STO or she would not have done or said X, Y or Z. Any clarification or further comment on this topic?

We have endlessly iterated that orientation should be judged by action, not words or a superficial veneer. Those in the Service-to-Self clothe their actions in lofty ideals, such as the invasion of Iraq by the Bush family supposedly to bring the Iraqi people to democracy when the goal was greed and control over the oil fields. All those lofty words, pure lies. Those in the Service-to-Other have little use for lies and seldom employ them. Thus one often finds the veneer of these two orientations on opposite ends, with the Service-to-Other individual perhaps emitting biting words while the Service-to-Self individual drips syrup from their mouth.

For example, if rescuing drowning passengers from a ferry that capsized, the Service-to-Other individual might be barking orders and demands while in the water, grabbing at as many hands as possible before the passengers go under for the last time. My, my, such language! But what is their intent? They are looking for others to be teammates in the rescue, and not being polite when those others stand around stunned instead of helping. Meanwhile, the Service-to-Self person is avoiding the water, skirting around the edges tucking blankets around those who have been rescued, all the while trying to look busy! Polite words, head down so they don't get drawn into the dangerous rescue work in the water.

Why are those pointing fingers and insisting that Nancy and others be polite above all else suspect? This is a ploy, used by those leaning to the Service-to-Self, to manipulate service from others. If their motives are called out, they point the finger and throw out the accusation that anyone questioning their motives is not being Service-to-Other, as blunt talk could surely not come from one who is Service-to-Other. Oh? Why so? Those in the Service-to-Other are in fact most likely to utilize blunt talk! They have no use for a polite veneer, where those in the Service-to-Self use this ploy often.

As I am preparing for the poleshift and aftertimes, I was wandering what to do for my son (now 1 year old). How to raise and educate him and children in general. I always thought it's important for children to learn how to read and write. My husband and I speak Singhala and Dutch, those languages will be rare as the Netherlands and Sri Lanka will no longer exist after the PS. Books will be rare anyway, so reading and writing might not be as important as it is now. I think Service-to-Others is important to teach to children and also how to grow food. Do you have any advice on children's education after the poleshift and maybe how to prepare for that now (if necessary).

How much of your childhood lessons do you remember, and what stands out? So much of what children are taught in what is termed formal education is rote memorizing. Massive history on ages gone by. How is this ever used? Perhaps history teaches some lessons, like the endless wars that only serve to elevate a single leader and amount to massive bloodshed of soldiers and populace. A waste. Why didn't the populace simply refuse to participate? It does not take a thousand examples to teach this lesson, which can often be taught by seeing actions in the local community.

One can teach science such as biology without a microscope, and physics and trig is best taught with examples such as when the community erects a new barn or bridge. Books can survive the pole shift, especially if wrapped in plastic to keep them dry. Children are like sponges, and will learn whether you teach them or not. Fortunately, the best learning environment is to learn while doing, as the lesson sticks. This is not a formal memorizing of seemingly irrelevant facts, it is something that matters, something that can be useful. Wend the lessons into the tasks at hand, and put the trivia found in forced formal education aside!

Is the giant light and earthquake light or electrical fire? Are these UFOs around the volcano? Strange video [and from another] April 12 in Japan over the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the sky hovered a gigantic UFO. The question is: the purpose for which the UFO hovered over Fukushima? It was a warning? [and from another] Volcanism in the area can be attributed to the steep subduction of the Philippine Plate beneath the Eurasian plate.
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Service-to-Other visitors are intensely interested in the turmoil in Japan because of the potential of rescuing highly Service-to-Other humans in human form. As we mentioned, the disasters in Haiti and the Japan tsunami afforded cover for such rescues. The timing of a potential eruption in a volcano, with many buried under ash, is important when scheduling rescue. Sakurajima, will, of course, participate in the great quakes to strike Japan during its 7 of 10 scenario, and is getting restless now because of its proximity to the Philippine Plate which is in the process of folding against the Eurasian Plate. The obvious mothership over Fukushima was doing more than monitoring and assisting in preventing a greater catastrophe. It was announcing that the alien presence is real, and concerned about nuclear disasters befalling the Earth.
The European Space Agency reports that scientists are using ESA's satellite technology "to improve our understanding of tectonic events." ESA claims that data collected from its Envisat satellite's 30-day cycles can "detect ground movement down to a few millimetres" and that "studying data acquired on 19 February and 21 March, scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have detected a ground shift of about 2.5 m eastwards and a downward motion of Honshu Island's east coast." In the same report ESA mentions that the 35-day cycle of another of its satellites "was fortuitously changed" to a 3-day cycle "to collect innovative radar information." I find it strange that satellite technology can measure Japan's topography in such detail and be blind to topographical changes elsewhere on the globe. And I'm wondering why we're being told that northern Japan is slipping eastward. Would the Zetas care to comment?

Of course the ESA is aware of the plate movements elsewhere, the lifting of the eastern end of the Indo-Australian Plate, the compression of the plate tongue holding Indonesia, and the shift westward of the Mariana Islands during plate folding. They are only admitting what is allowed under the rules of the cover-up! The ESA is partners with observatories controlled by the US, and as such is under national security directives long standing regarding admissions about the presence of Planet X. Indonesia is not acknowledging the sinking in its lands, nor are Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam or the Philippines. To do so would be to acknowledge the accuracy of ZetaTalk, and then the cat would be let out of the bag. If one prediction were true, then ALL might be true, and the truth about the presence of Planet X and the long standing cover-up would be in the open. The fact of the cover-up can be easily ascertained by such a stance, as why would the ESA only discuss the Japan quake, and not the obvious motion in the North Andes of S America? A lie of omission is thus caught!

Recently the number of sunspots suddenly doubled as shown on this NOAA chart: so is that because Planet X had something to do with it? To clarify the answers, how far is PX from the earth and from the sun right now? And didn't the Zetas say the south pole of PX pointed at the sun was what was quieting the sun by sucking up particle flows like a vacuum? So does that mean that PX has turned so that it no longer does that? And what would that mean for us on earth? [and from another] Earth Approaching Sunspot Records [Sep 21, 2009] As of Sept. 15, the current solar minimum ranks third all-time in the amount of spotless days with 717 since 2004.

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Sunspots have been dearth, as noted by human scientists this solar cycle. It is hardly surprising that their number would increase, as Planet X or no Planet X, this is the solar maximum time frame. Sunspots are inherently magnetic, as human scientists are aware. Sunspots had been suppressed up until recently by the magnetic S Pole of Planet X, which acts as a magneton intake. Planet X had been pointing its S Pole toward the Sun, its N Pole pointing outward in the direction of Earth. Since Earth was always skirting backwards in its orbit, to escape Planet X coming at it in its retrograde orbit, Earth was not directly in the line of blast from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X.

But the grip Planet X has on the Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin has been tightening lately, as Planet X is outbound and is closing the gap. Looking at this drama from outer space with the N Pole of Earth topside, one would have seen Planet X slightly to the right with Earth, Venus and the Dark Twin clustered to the left. For reasons too complicated to explain, due to the approach of the April Trimester which arrives on April 20, Planet X is pointing its N Pole more to the left, toward the cluster of planets. This skews Planet X so its S Pole is not pointing directly at the Sun, no longer acting as a direct intake for magnetons from the Sun. Thus, sunspots are again appearing on the surface of the Sun.

Why is China doing this now? Seems a little like closing the barn door after the horses have already run out. Not only are they banning time travel shows, but also "New guidelines issued on March 31 discourages plot lines that contain elements of "fantasy, time-travel, random compilations of mythical stories, bizarre plots, absurd techniques, even propagating feudal superstitions, fatalism and reincarnation, ambiguous moral lessons, and a lack of positive thinking." [and from another] China bans time travel for television [Apr 14] China has been cracking down on dissent of late. "The government says … TV dramas shouldn't have characters that travel back in time and rewrite history. They say this goes against Chinese heritage," reports CNN's Eunice Yoon. "They also say that myth, superstitions and reincarnation are all questionable."

Communism has long been spiritually sterile, espousing atheism rather than allowing religions in their realm. Religions, or any form of an organized spiritual belief, was considered to be competitive with the dictates of the communist dogma. It should be no surprise, thus, that a periodic blast against anything but the dogma should occur. This is not so much an attack against what might be termed fantasy or myth but rather a defence of the dogma. China has steadily been allowing access to the Internet, and of course western fascination with vampires, time travel, and ghost stories come with that. This is merely a reminder to their citizens to remember where their loyalty lies.

I didn't see any questions this week about this incident in the UK. A sailor onboard a nuclear sub shot and killed a senior officer, without any motive released. This seems highly unusual. I wonder if this would even have made the news, if it weren't for a bunch of dignitaries visiting the vessel at the time. Just curious if the Zetas want to comment on this. Seems like the event when CNN was on air at NASA during a shooting. [and from another] Last Saturday there was a shooting in the Netherlands, where a 24 young old male shot down several people inluding himself (, ). Today i read that he said he spoke to ghosts, and that he considered himself a paranormal investigator . This is the first time that this occurred in the Netherlands in this fashion. My take that this is the same as what happened with Virginia tech ash the dutch man also had a history with psychiatry. My feeling is that we see more of this within the Netherlands before the European tsunami. As a few days before that a man from Iran who wasn't granted asylum set himself on fire in Amsterdam. Could the Zetas answer this, if it was just another shooting like that in Virginia Tech or that there is more too it?

Where there are similarities in these recent attacks to the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, there are also significant differences. That rash of shootings, starting with the Columbine shooting in 1999, had as a motive an application for a good position on the Service-to-Self worlds which the shooters anticipate to be their future homes. They were counseled by Service-to-Self aliens, encouraged to create a massacre. There has likewise been a parallel record of shootings caused by individuals going postal, frustrated by the job or family situation and driven in rage to lash out. A NASA shooting by a contractor in 2007 and an astronaut love triangle, also in 2007, were examples of stress reactions where rage boils over. There is yet another category where murder or mayhem is caused by someone insane or depressed, so burdened by their situation they can see no other recourse, perhaps being delusional. The attack on Gabby Gilford was one such instance, and this type of reaction is nothing new in the history of man. Murder/suicide crimes, or mothers killing themselves and taking their children with them.

We have stated that 43% of all survivors will be insane to some degree, primarily due to a type of post-traumatic stress due to the horrors of the pole shift. But this does not mean that the uptick in this mental distress will wait until the pole shift, as the Earth changes themselves will create distress. Instances of suicide or mayhem caused by despair or rage will only increase, of course, as the hour of the pole shift approaches. Restrictions on gun ownership helps reduce the numbers killed, but guns are not necessary. Mothers drown their children in bathtubs, as was much publicized in a Houston, Texas case, the Yates case recently, the father not surprisingly another NASA employee. Unemployment has increased, the world in the grip of an economic depression, and homelessness greatly on the increase due to the Earth changes which cause flooding and quake damage. Meanwhile, governments and insurance companies cannot keep up, adding to despair in their citizenry.

The solution is to move toward the mode of living in Service-to-Other communities, where help from others is not dependent upon money but rather upon the caring hearts of neighbors. Utilizing the barter system, rather than relying upon stocks and bonds and a paycheck from a job market that is bleak. Simple living in rural areas, where all work long days to raise food but are healthier for it. Mothers raising young children should have help with the endless demands, and unemployed fathers need no longer feel useless. Explosions of rage or despair so often are due to a restricted view of life, where there seems to be no avenues of escape. This need not be the case!

Is this a real thing or a new establishment lie? Horseshoe Orbit is this possible is there anything similar to this? I found some articles. And a couple of links:
"We present a dynamical investigation of a newly found asteroid, 2010 SO16, and the discovery that it is a horseshoe companion of the Earth. The object's absolute magnitude (H = 20.7) makes this the largest object of its type known to-date. By carrying out numerical integrations of dynamical clones, we find that (a) its status as a horseshoe is secure given the current accuracy of its ephemeris, and (b) the time spent in horseshoe libration with the Earth is several times 105 yr, two orders of magnitude longer than determined for other horseshoe asteroids of the Earth. Further, using a model based on Hill's approximation to the three-body problem, we show that, apart from the low eccentricity which prevents close encounters with other planets or the Earth itself, its stability can be attributed to the value of its Jacobi constant far from the regime that allows transitions into other coorbital modes or escape from the resonance altogether. We provide evidence that the eventual escape of the asteroid from horseshoe libration is caused by the action of planetary secular perturbations and the stochastic evolution of the eccentricity. The questions of its origin and the existence of as-yet-undiscovered co-orbital companions of the Earth are discussed."
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There is no such asteroid orbit to and fro to the side of Earth, as might be suspected since asteroid orbits have been studied for decades by the thousands and this is being first announced. Why the announcement at this time? Because the debris in the tail of Planet X is increasing, and they need more excuses. We predicted that asteroid swarms would be one such excuse, and this is a variant.