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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Feb 10, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the renewed push to remove Blair from office? It seems that effort to take him out has warmed up yet again and he will be unlikely to last until May. I assume this will isolate Bush even more, correct?

Bush and Blair timed their maneuvers thinking the pole shift would happen in 2003, which it did not. They trusted 2003 as in all other pronouncements we had been true and on target, and had carefully arranged the timing of the White Lie such that they could not see what Planet X was doing, on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth in the Summer of 2003, and were blind as to when it put on the brakes and slowed down. They committed many illegal acts, for Bush the lies to get Congress to approve the Iraq War, and then theft aplenty from the US coffers. For Blair, a peerage for sale scandal, which he never thought would come to light. They are both mired in scandal and investigations about to make this worse. Those around them are either turning tail and running, turning on their former masters, or joining the investigative team. All else is political suicide among the politicians who formerly looked the other way or supported Bush and Blair. Thus, the seemingly sudden bad fortunes of these men is simply lack of support as in days of yore.

Why is there such a fuss concerning Nancy Pelosi's requested use of an Air Force plane? Is this pushback the result of Bush/Cheney fear of her? I assume they are correct to be nervous as even hard core Republicans that I know are now completely disgusted with Bush.

The GOP, being sore losers, are raising complaints about actions they took when in power. In the main, this is laid out in the media that way, so all can see what sore losers they are. She has a right to a plane that will take her directly home, which is what she asked and what Hastert got. In that Hastert could get there in a smaller plane is ignored by the GOP, who can be expected to continue to try to make her look like something she is not, like something they used to be. The public will not be fooled, nor will this win them any votes or high poll numbers.

The Zetas have commented repeatedly on how the Plunge Protection Team keeps the Stock Market afloat via controlled and restricted stock sales and Defense Company pension funds, but why do companies apart from defense firms put themselves at risk by assuming the obligations/debts of failing companies these days? An example is the repeated merging of Banks, Mortgage companies, investment funds, etc.. that are failing into stronger, better capitalized Financial Institutions. I assume that the big boys have orders to do whatever it takes to prevent the onset of financial panic but they are clearly putting themselves at risk by this action. Have they determined to hold the line by having the stronger carry the weak until all collapse?

The PPT is working with elements in the financial markets that cannot say no. Using the portfolios of military-industrial complex companies to force buying of weak stock is assured because these companies require contracts to survive. Contracts are hardly going to the most deserving, and rigged all the time. Just look at Haliburton's no-bid contracts! Likewise, banks and markets have oversight by the federal government. Want the regulatory agencies to look the other way? Then cooperate! All have sins aplenty to hide, and can be reminded of them. How long can such a game go on? Forever, until there are no more players and the computers and phone lines are dead. Look at how long Hoover ran the FBI, supposedly an organization that hated gays, all the while dancing in a pink toto. None of this was leaked, his strong blackmail on all who threatened him, until long after he was removed, such is the force of this type of game. Thus, the markets will lie, the stocks worth nothing, until the banks are closing and refusing to dish out funds from savings accounts to those demanding payout. Stocks of course will gradually become worthless, a fact that will be reflected by the lack of buyers, but the price will still be sky high!

Federal whistleblowers, Stew Webb and Tom Henegan claim Bill and Hillary Clinton have been partnered with G.H.W. Bush for years in a convoluted way. I remember hearsay from investigative reporters in the late 1980's and early 1990's about Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. attending secret meetings at Mena, Arkansas, back in the '80's when senior was VP and Clinton governor of Arkansas. Many deaths and suicides occurred during the Clinton years, including a number of Arkansas teenage boys, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City. Bill Clinton pardoned fugitive and global smuggler, Marc Rich, who had close ties to the Sharon administration and Israeli intelligence according to Wayne Madsen, and with whom the Bushes were also alleged to have ties. Months ago the Zetas hinted that Clinton's heart problem was induced though I believe they said he was never a member of MJ12. Two weeks ago the Zeta's said those who wanted marshal law loathed the Clintons because they messed up their timing. Last week the Zeta's said Hillary is not a bad egg. Can they go into a little more depth on these connections and Bill Clinton's relationship with the Bushes and MJ12 activities?

Bill Clinton was an opportunist, and expected politics to deliver cash and sexual rewards. Hillary was not naive about any of this, but did not like the deals Bill dragged her into. Neither were members of MJ12, but were aware of its existence, and feared their reach. We mentioned that Hillary is a cooperative, and could be expected to remain that way. Bill certainly was that. The group who put Reagan in the White House is the same group who put Dubya in the White House, and Bush Senior. Clinton won, but was not that far off their leash. They thus proceded to build fear of terrorist attacks, such as OKC and TWA800, and to start the removal of civil rights such as Waco and other FBI strong arm tactics. This proceded under Dubya with more strength, with a Republican Congress, the naked hand coming out without appologies. The Clinton's, at least, appologized.

Do you or the Zetas think that the economic turmoil will at first be made visible to the public by the commencing of military actions to Iran? And will this be the start for alternative energy being pursued more seriously?

We have predicted, in the Iran Boondoggle piece written almost a year ago, that Iran would not be attacked, although this is in the hands of man. It is not that Bush does not want to, or because he has not ordered the military to attack, and done so repeatedly. It is because the millitary is countering or ignoring his orders! We have predicted that these maneuvers will hold, especially since the military is now speaking out publically against such maneuvers and the Congress investigating the war crimes of lying about WMD in Iraq. The White House is delaying their expose on Iran supplying Iraq with weapons, because they are hesitant to lay out a lie that can be exposed. Meanwhile, they are weakened daily. Bush is not serious about pursuing alternative energy, lip service only with no funding behind it. And there is scarce time before the Earth changes take this from everyone's focus.

Does Planet X jettison from the solar system when the entire body of the planet clears the sun's ecliptic or when its rotated south pole clears the ecliptic?

Planet X struggles to pierce the Ecliptic when it is facing outward from the Sun and coming from below the Ecliptic, as though a car were heading into oncoming traffic lanes. When it pierces the Ecliptic, it has crossed the median and the traffic lanes are now propelling it forward. Does this mean the particle flows above the Ecliptic are going in a different direction than below the Ecliptic? Yes. Magnetism, for instance, emerges from the N Pole and comes round to enter in a S Pole. Where this is not the only particle Planet X is fighting, it is an example that we can use. Outbound, when above the Ecliptic, as it is going with the flow, not fighting it.

What does Anna Nicole's death, and her baby's birth Sep 7th, son's death Sept 10, have to do with the Mayan Calendar and 2012 and ancient prophecies and myths. Could you please enlighten us on what the bloodlines of power are up to now. Why did they kill her son and her? This story just keeps getting stranger by the day.

You are correct that her death was hardly an accident. She got hold of the funds, is extremely wealthy. Her son was killed earlier, no inheritance threat. Her baby has a confused origin, with many contestants. That murder is suspected is obvious from the paternity suit, where the mother's DNA will be taken so a baby swap cannot be made. The swap has already occurred, a child fathered by one of the claimants and about the right age. Money buys a lot of cooperation, and this is all taking place in areas used to drug dealing and looking the other way, cooperating for the money or else. Who murdered her? Look to who will be claiming the child, shortly, for your answer.

The other day on the news I had seen that a female astronaut employee who rode on discovery with this other co-worker, and now she is being tried for attempted murder of a female over a jealousy issue, did this space trip make her crazy or is this just because she wanted to be with this other male astronaut?

There is more stress on astronauts than the media is told, as they see things out there than you cannot. They are of course told to keep their mouths shut, that the glowing orb quite visible from above the clouds, near the Sun and looking very threatening, is not to be mentioned among family or friends. No confession to the priest. Can only talk about this among the other astronauts. Their affairs are due to more than long hours at the office! They cannot confide to spouses. People snap. We have mentioned that 43% of the pole shift survivors will be insane to some degree. Often the strongest snap first, as they are putting on a front, holding themselves too tight. End of story.

In his book, Chaos and Creation, author Alfred De Grazia quotes from Alan Kelly, stating, The most revealing feature of Mars is its Coprates canyon complex, photographed by Mariner IX. The Coprates complex, as Alan Kelly has related, is a 7500 miles long line of volcanoes and canyon that are the "product of the same event, when some very large comet or other massive intruder from space passed too close to Mars. This intruder literally sucked the lava from the interior of Mars to form the huge volcanoes. As it came closer it caused a tremendous bulge, miles high, that burst open along the top and spewed out lava and great chunks of Martian crust, much of this material following the intruder into space." Two million cubic miles of lava disappeared into space within a few hours. Is this an accurate interpretation of data?

We have stated that Earth once rode the Asteroid Belt, along with approximately 2 dozen other planets, most of them water planets. In those days, Planet X passed through that orbit, as the Sun was larger and had greater Repulsion Force push. It shrinks as it burns out. It now passes through Earth's orbit, or slightly within this orbit. So at some point it passed through the orbit of Mars. Earth has her deep Pacific Ocean because she was wholloped by one of the Moons of Planet X, as it slung by, lost most of her waters, and found a new orbit. Mars likewise was wholloped in the past, but never had the waters that Earth did. That she sustained hits should not be a surprise, considering the traffic lane she was in!

Do Zeta have any use for Cannabis? And would not the legalization of marijuana be helpful for the Powers That Be as well as the citizen during the time leading up to the Shift?

Trick question? We have stated that drugs do not help in spiritual development, as they are an escape mechanism. That said, medicinal treatments should never be prohibited, nor the reduction of the pain of many illnesses, nor the grief. All this should be looked upon based on the situation. What is the kind thing to do. If one were practicing the Golden Rule, what would the decision be?

First of all, I respect your knowledge. I live in Baja California, Mexico. Do you have any news or warnings about the North American Union, Mexico and Mexicans in general?

This has been a Bush crowd plan from the start. The Amero$$ which we addressed recently is an example. There, but not something the public is told about. Bush's plans to have Mexican workers as guest workers is another part of the plan, illogical from a citizenry perspective as it costs money to support illegals, but logical only from the standpoint of having physically strong workers who will not question authority. What will happen? Migration will occur from Mexico to the USA, and in the other direction! People will be hysterical. None of the controls the Bush crowd expected to be in place will be there, nor work. Thus, as we have explained when detailing the Safe Locations per locale document, certain areas can expect a lot of traffic! You're will be one of them! Traffic from the South due to the volcanoes near Central American and Mexico City. Traffic from the North by the crowd in LA and San Diego who are fleeing the flooding in the California inland valleys. Chaos.

I have a 401 k with my current job which I work and I could only cash this out when I leave my job or when I am of age but according to the Zeta's I will never be of age because their will be no 401 k in 2039 when I'd be of age, cause of the pole shift and the change of the world's system, so what in the world happens when theirs collapse in the infrastructure, what to do about our current land we own, will we be able to use the land around us even if we lose our jobs because of the collapse around us, where to store our goods if we can't pay for the land to keep them on when we prepare, and how would I know a good time to leave my job and be ready for the pole shift if I need to keep food on the table and bills to pay, will everything collapse close to each other so we won't have to finance where we live to hide out for the pole shift?

We have stated that people will not be taken by surprise as the Earth changes will give certain clues that the time has arrived, the last weeks are upon them. We have also stated that money will be worthless, and your skill set and knowledge is the best asset you have. Buy seed, learn to garden, buy fishing gear, learn how to make a windmill out of junk, how to keep a light bulb burning for 100 years. If you are relying on money, things this will buy, you don't have the right mind set. Nor will ownership of property be assured. What police force or courts will enforce the laws? What neighbors you have are your assurance, and your relationship with them. Goods can be taken from you, in a wink. Your skills cannot be taken. Work with others of good heart, forming communities. This is our advice.

Since the beginning of ZetaTalk, has the plan gone 100% as expected by the Zetas? In other words, the Zetas had a plan to force the Powers That Be to tell the public about Planet X. Have they anticipated every move correctly and is the plan 100% on course?

No plan goes as expected when there is free will! We have stated that 19 of 20 contactees whom we back and support in their mission fall by the wayside for some reason. We have stated that those who are Service-to-Other can become undecided, even among those who are incarnated as Star Children or walk-ins, from another world and firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation. Nevertheless, the plans of those in the Service-to-Other, who are numerous and from many worlds, have panned out. Matters are going in the direction expected. We have stated that we do not expect the establishment to announce what is to occur, admit the cover-up, but for those in the media to blurt out matters when in shock. We hope for things to be better, but are realists.

Having followed IRIS for years, I have noticed a recent increase in the frequency of earthquakes along the Atlantic rift. Is this a certain sign of pulling down on the US East Coast and a ramping up to a New Madrid quake?

We mentioned recently that the plates had become loose, rock fingers holding them in place breaking, and this fluidity allowing the plates to move more readily. Stretch zones will pull apart more quickly, as in the recent Earth Farts on Jan 8th that affected locales from London through the US to Australia. Earthquakes that man senses are in the main surface quakes, not considered serious quakes by the plates themselves. Thus, the frequency and strength of quakes will increase, steadily, as we predicted years ago. The days of quiet are past!

Looking outward at Nibiru, do some Humans incarnate to Nibiru and do some Nibiruvians incarnate to Earth as Human form, when it crosses it's path with Earth.

In the main, entities are reincarnated on the world they emerged from, until mature. Thus, it is possible that some Earthlings are on Nibiru, and vice versa. But this is not prevalent.

With Tim Russert testifying, how will the Libby trial pan out?

We have predicted that the rats will turn on each other. We have stated that Libby is anticipating a pardon from Bush. But each of these rats is looking out for themselves. What if Bush dies, is assassinated, Cheney not the new President but in shackels heading for prison, or dead of a heart attack! What if Pelosi becomes President? All these are worries preying on Libby's mind, and thus the potential exists for him to try to pin it all on Cheney, to reveal matters he knows but agreed to keep hidden, so that Bush and Cheney, the real targets of the Fitzgerald probes, can escape. This is a matter that can jump in many directions.

Chris Kelly writes about the 2.5 billion dollars in the president's budget for the new Virginia Stealth class submarines. Half of the hulls will be built in Connecticut and the other halves in Virginia, to be welded together at one or the other yard. Kelly quotes: Here's how Ronald O'Rourke of the Congressional Research Service explains it: "Compared to a one-yard strategy, approaches involving two yards may be more expensive but offer potential offsetting benefits... (they) would permit the United States to continue building submarines at one yard even if the other yard is rendered incapable of building submarines permanently or for a sustained period of time by a catastrophic event of some kind." Kelly was incredulous at what he considered to be sheer stupidity. Do the Zeta's care to comment?

Easy answer. Liberman is in Connecticut. He might be persuaded to join the Republican view! These matters were put into motion before the Senate race was concluded, and thus, a reward to both potential senators. These rewards could be considered a bribe, as they can be withdrawn!

The bird flu media blitz here suddenly and very noticeably stopped dead after the failed attempt to plant diseased birds in Scotland but now suddenly out of the blue, almost a year later, a massive infection of farmed turkeys on a Bernard Matthew's farm. The news mentioned that their screening methods for the disease went above and beyond what the industry requires and of course Turkeys cannot fly to catch the disease elsewhere. It all sounded very suspicious. [and from another] Official: H5N1 may be in human food chain [Feb 9] After a week in which the company denied there was any avian flu link between the Bernard Matthews plants in Suffolk and Hungary, a spokesman admitted last night that birds had been sent from Hungary to Suffolk after two serious outbreaks of H5N1 in Hungary last month. Bernard Matthews himself has postponed the collection of an honour from the Queen. He had been due to pick up a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) award for services to charity today from Buckingham Palace at an investiture. Mr Matthews, who already has a CBE, was made a CVO in the New Year honours list. The award is in the Queen's personal gift and is given in recognition of service to the royal family.

It is clear that the H5N1 virus is not going to result in a pandemic, but this has not stopped the establishment, in particular the Bush/Blair crowd, from being bitterly disappointed. Bush in particular has met with opposition in his attempts, of late, to declare Martial Law in the US. As we recently stated, he tried this when the Democrats won both the House and Senate, thus his apparent refusal to change his stance on anything in the weeks following this setback. He was waiting for those he had ordered to enact Martial Law, on any number of excuses he declared relevant. That his orders were ignored is obvious, and he has lately, while looking distressed and almost drugged, proceeded to pretend he will cooperate with the new Congress. Blair likewise is distressed, being caught up in a peerage for cash scandal that he thought would never see the light of day, but now will result in the prosecution of those close to him and increasing pressure for him to resign, immediately. The factions that stand against Bush and Blair are many and hidden, and have prevented this pair from creating false terrorism incidents. So they have fallen to pointing to real possibilities and ramping the terror warnings. If the H5N1 has not mutated to a form that transmits, human to human, readily, why suddenly in the news? Because this pair, Bush and Blair are desperate to foment a cause for Martial Law!

How is it, during the Jewish Exodus, that the first born of the Egyptians were smote but the slaves with lambs blood on the door frame escaped?

Clearly the red dust that turns rivers and ponds blood red was not a curse that Moses arranged but a precursor of a pole shift. Red dust from the tail of the passing planet, Planet X, is of legend, and anticipated in prophecy such as the Book of Revelations. Frantic frogs and bugs, trying to escape the stress in the ground under them, or intractable droughts are also something not unexpected. Just look at the world today! Locust swarms occur during times of drought, as they seek food elsewhere. But what would cause a selective death among the young, especially a death reported to strike the first born of each wealthy family? Plague is carried by rats, and like the frogs and insects, they were on the move due to the stress in the rock strata. Animals, who are sensitive to emanations from the Earth preceding quakes, try to leave the area, and thus the rats were anticipated to be on the move. How do rats enter a home? Almost invariably under the door, which seldom fits that tightly at the bottom where things are dragged in and out, and many foot steps wear groves in the wood. By placing fresh blood above the door, smearing it there, the rats would be distracted and fed, and not enter the home but move on. Why were the first born of the wealthy Egyptians affected by plague? It was the custom to pamper the first born, who were expected to inherit the wealth and power the family carried. They were never without food in their rooms, laid out on trays in their bedrooms, a handy snack. The other children in the family were not given this treatment. Thus the rats headed to the bedrooms of the first born, lingered there feeding, depositing the fleas they carried amid the food, which the pampered child would paw through when arising. Thus, predominantly, the first born of the wealthy were struck with plague, while the slaves seemed immune. Did Moses know this night would come? He was warned, in time to protect his people and to issue what seemed like a curse to the Pharaoh, and thus of legend it was he who arranged this curse. In fact, as we have explained, he was only an opportunist.

Nancy, I recently watched a video called "The Secret." The premise of the film is that we can make things happen for us by first visualizing what we want and acting as if it has already happened. In other words, what you think about is what is attracted to you. Do not think about the negative but be thankful for the positive and that will become your life? Any comment from the Zetas on this?

We have stated that such notions are not based on logic or fact. How is it that the parents of all those children in sub-Sahara Africa are watching them starve, grow thin as a reed, glassy eye'd, when they could change this by simply wishing it to be so? Of course this is not the way life works, as many of these parents are grief stricken and begging to take the child's place, yet no relief in sight! This is wishful thinking! This is a child pouting because life is not this way and they want a fantasy to cling to! Grow up!