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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 8, 2012

The popular conspiracy site Godlike Productions (GLP) hosted the weekly ZetaTalk Chat for years.  But these days it appears posting almost anything supportive of ZetaTalk or President Obama is cause for immediately being banned. GLP was unexpectedly down for approximately seven hours recently, allegedly due to server issues.  Was this just a coincidence or was GLP deliberately taken down?  Could the Zetas address what is going on with GLP and why? [and from another] Trinity, the owner, is saying he will likely sell due to a stalker he cannot shake. New owner around the corner. And what will happen to the long time discussion debunking ZetaTalk and this Pole Shift ning? [and from another] Starting November 09, 2012 I will be featured on a History Channel 2 six part Special entitled "Countdown to Apocalypse". Last June I spent time in Los Angeles filming. Although I appear in all six parts of this series I will be featured more in part IV dealing with the prophesies of the Hopi. 

The Obama administration made the decision in June to announce the presence of Planet X. The struggles Obama encountered attempting to announce via the Emergency Broadcast System or via an Oval Office Address are well documented. Due to the necessity of getting Obama re-elected and confirmed by the Electoral College, the announcement was set aside temporarily, but the battle continues. NASA has now begun an education process that includes admitting the Sun is not causing the current Earth changes, and this process will progress to an admission of Nibiru, aka Planet X, in the inner solar system. The plan is for NASA to provide this information before Obama speaks.

Those attempting the announcement have not been the only embattled group, as various disinformation sources and would-be prophets have experienced setbacks too. In late Summer, 2012 John Moore, who has regularly bashed Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk, was given information from his “trusted sources” that indicated a passage by Nibiru by the Fall. In this his trusted sources were manipulated with false information to embarrass Moore and reduce his influence. James McCanney’s expectations that he would be allowed to hold forth as the expert on Planet X on a new History Channel 2 series on the end of the Mayan Calendar were dashed when the series was edited to remove any emphasis on Planet X whatsoever. James McCanney was to be simply the “electric Universe” guy, not the Planet X guy despite the title of his book including those words.

Now the popular GodLikeProduction message board owner is finding himself under siege. This was the site where Nancy conducted weekly Q&A sessions from November 12, 2005 through May 15, 2010, and was ostensibly open to both ZetaTalk fans and debunkers alike. But the vilification of Nancy and ZetaTalk, supported by moderators who would ban ZetaTalk fans and delete their comments, showed that Trinity was taking his orders from the cover-up. Was the incident recently where Trinity’s servers were down for hours, and the ban list deleted, a message? Is the announcement by Trinity that his troubles are due to a stalker whom he cannot eliminate, being forced thus to sell the site, related?

Trinity has been told that the changes to be made to his site are draconian, and has decided the public would never accept these changes at his hand. These maneuvers would be too obvious, and would in essence be an admission that he had been taking orders all along to allow ZetaTalk and Nancy to be bashed. A new owner could effect these changes, starting fresh with new rules and cleaning up past history. Long running discussions run by paid debunkers would simply disappear during the cleanup, and suddenly ZetaTalk fans and those supporting the sightings of Nibiru would find friendly ground. There are other areas to be addressed, so search engines are not directed to disinformation and insults. The Bad Astronomy site run by Phil Plait is yet to be buried, and the atrocious Wikipedia article on ZetaTalk corrected, but these are in the works.

Published online at, a well known bunk peddler and global warming etc sympathizer, a piece which is a new slant on the old Lie.  This alleged increased rising of sea-levels purportedly by a margin of, wait for it, 1.2 mm! Would the Z care to discuss the merits of such hypotheses, as postulated and put about by elements within the stubborn Establishment Coverup? [and from another] [and from another] US coastal cities in danger as sea levels rise faster than expected, study warns. November 27, 2012. Satellite measurements over the last two decades found global sea levels rising 60% faster than the computer projections issued only a few years ago by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The faster sea-level rise means the authorities will have to take even more ambitious measures to protect low-lying population centres – such as New York City, Los Angeles or Jacksonville, Florida – or risk exposing millions more people to a destructive combination of storm surges on top of sea-level rise, scientists said. [and from another] Environmental groups have long complained that the agency was dragging out the process of setting rules on carbon. The EPA faces a number of other suits from environmental groups trying to push it into action. But the agency faces far greater legal pressure from opponents of climate action – including the states of Texas and Virginia, and industry groups – all trying to block the agency from regulating power plants and cars.

As the cover-up over the  near presence of Planet X continues its death march toward full disclosure, those with a vested interest in having the cover-up continue are desperately trying to pump life into a dying body. “It’s not that we lied to you”, they will be saying “we were right all along.” A prime example is the Global Warming theory, which was pushed by none other than the UN body and Al Gore, a former US Vice President. To make matters worse, the theory forced carbon footprint laws to be enacted, forced corporations to make changes in how they produce emissions, and all of this was expensive. Imagine the litigation against government bodies by greedy corporations if there were to be an admission that Global Warming is not man-made at all, but due to the passage of Planet X.

NASA fears litigation from entities, private and corporate, that developed along coastlines when NASA knew that the tidal rages caused by Planet X were going to increase. Local and state governments which allowed zoning along their coastlines to support development will be incensed. The courts will be clogged, and new laws protecting government bodies who were following Reagan’s Executive Orders on the cover-up may have to be enacted. It is likely, given the magnitude of the lawsuits that will emerge, that the Global Warming theory will never itself be admitted as false. It will always be considered a factor in the grief caused by sinking land or wobble storms - to protect the guilty from the wrath of the innocent who were victimized by the cover-up.

This week I want to ask about the warning message of Google regarding the recent move of the U.N. to have a conference in December regarding the stricter regulation of the internet, including less anonymity, more restrictions, new taxation and fees for the use of popular websites and services like Skype, Facebook, Google and others. What are they trying to accomplish with this moves, why now and how likely is that they will succeed in this endeavor? [and from another] The 11-day conference, seeking to update codes last reviewed when the Web was virtually unknown, highlights the fundamental shift from tightly managed telecommunications networks to the borderless sweep of the Internet. More than 900 proposed regulatory changes have been proposed, but details have not been made public. Broad consensus is needed to adopt any items - the first major review of the U.N.'s telecommunications protocols since 1988, well before the Internet age. The gathering is also powerless to force nations to change their Internet policies, such as China's notorious "Great Firewall" and widespread blackouts of political opposition sites in places including Iran and the Gulf Arab states. Another battle that will likely take place in Dubai is over European-backed suggestions to change the pay structure of the Web to force content providers - such as Google, Facebook Inc. and others - to kick in an extra fee to reach users across borders.

Due to the nature of the Internet and how it is structured, it is not possible to shut it down globally unless every country were to participate willingly in such a shutdown. This likewise applies to restrictions on fees and access to certain sites, which is not possible under the current Internet packet relay design. We have stated that due to the degree the Internet is used by government and for commerce, the public is hardly the client to be most distressed by an Internet shutdown. One cannot separate one function from another, at least without an extensive redesign of the Internet so as to examine each packet being sent for its purpose, its origin, and its destination. Resourceful users would quickly figure out how to camouflage their social network packets in such a case, and those seeking to restrict Internet access know this.

In restrictive countries where the Internet has only had a belated growth, such as in China or the Middle East, internet access has been structured, wired, so that an ISP gateway allows such screening. Thus, undesirable websites such as can be blocked, or so they hoped. The workaround, as many quickly discovered, was to use a proxy, which gives the packets the appearance of heading elsewhere for information. In Egypt, during an attempt by an embattled Mubarak to shut down the Internet by closing the Internet gateway there, the public used dial-up modems on cell phones to reach outside the country.  There is frankly no way to prevent a resourceful public trying to get around an Internet block.

Imposing user fees has always been difficult, as there is no single provider that is not also being used for government services and commerce. Phone line charges, based on hours of use or long distance calls, do not apply, as a local call can connect to the Internet and most local calls are cheap and readily available. Where some content providers are considered avaricious users of the Internet, streaming videos as do NetFlix and YouTube, or supporting social media such as Facebook rather than commerce, any attempt to restrict access even locally will likely only produce a plethora of resourceful workarounds. The fees must willingly be charged at the source, and in this they need cooperation which is unlikely to be forthcoming. The Internet, as designed and functioning worldwide, is like water, flowing around and through any blockages.  

How do you explain when bodies in picture, have color white, red, violet what is the meaning?

Just as the Dark Twin is a black hunk of rock that reflects primarily blue and yellow light, and thus has a violet hue when photographed, the moons in the tail of Planet X in some cases have this composition. The charged dust tail of Planet X is composed of iron oxide dust, thus emits red light and filtering for red brings this through. When the moons in a Moon Swirl are heavily of the black rock composition, as the Dark Twin, then the light funneling out the end will have blue color in addition to the red spectrum light. Filtering for red does not eliminate the bright light of the Sun entirely, which shows up as white light or with some yellow color which is on the border of the red spectrum. Violet also is on the border of the red spectrum. Thus violet, blue, and yellow as well as the intense white light of the Sun or a Moon Swirl will come through under a filter for the red spectrum.

'Pablo' (international name Bopha), a supertyphoon that recently hit the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, is rated as a Category 5 supertyphoon according to US experts with maximum sustained winds of 140 knots (259 kilometers per hour) and gusts reaching 170 knots (314kph). What's interesting is that 'Pablo' formed so close to the equator at 3.6°N latitude. Tropical depressions very rarely form near the equator because the coriolis effect is not effective enough at those latitudes to get them spinning. 'Pablo' in this case, not only formed near the equator but is a category 5 monster as well. My question: could the Zeta's explain if the earth wobble could have been the reason why 'Pablo' formed so close to the equator? If so, this will be another undeniable proof of the wobble. [and from another] The typhoon is following a similar track to last year's Tropical Storm Washi (Sendong), which hit Mindanao on December 16, 2011 and killed more than 1,200 people. Bopha became a tropical depression unusually close to the Equator, at 3.6°N latitude. Tropical cyclones rarely form so close to the Equator, because they cannot leverage the Earth's rotation to get themselves spinning.

Due to the Earth wobble caused by the near presence of Planet X, when the Sun is over the Pacific the waters formerly over the Equator suddenly find themselves no longer centered over the Philippines but centered over Australia, then given a spin as the Figure 8 of the Earth wobble tilts the N Pole first to the right during the India face and then to the left during the Italy face. In essence, this is a wobble induced Coriolis Effect.  This action can be seen along the West Coast of the Americas also, where seemingly endless rains are hitting the West Coast of the US, where such storms usually hit Central America.  The northern latitudes have been brought south to where the moisture laden tropical air masses are landing.

This pumping action, producing a vertical jet stream over the US, was instrumental in turning the path of Hurricane Sandy into New Jersey recently, instead of allowing it to turn out to sea, the usual path of hurricanes along the East Coast of the US. Highly atypical hurricanes have likewise struck S America, rising up out of the S Atlantic, and ravaged the North Sea with a record number of storms.  All this within the past few years, and all due to the Earth wobble. Where is this leading? We have stated that as the 8 of 10 scenarios unfold, that there will be coastlines that are essentially uninhabitable, where crops are grown and harvested but humans cannot safely take residence. We have stated that the seasons will seem to blend into one another, no longer even distinguishable. Such times are coming.