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Issue 898, Sunday November 26, 2023
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Iceland Quake Swarm

Iceland is on the border between the Eurasian Plate and the N America Plate, so when the New Madrid Rupture starts tugging on the N American Plate to pull in different directions, Iceland gets to trembling. Insider Paper reported 85 quakes within an hour on November 10 and Volcano Discovery reported that Iceland had 1035 quakes of magnitudes up to 4.6: within a 24 hour period. It is the Mainland Portion which reaches up to Iceland and then down to the Azores that is being tugged. Can you imagine trying to have soup for lunch?

Emergency Phase Declared and Grindavík Evacuated- ICELAND
November 11, 2023
The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, in collaboration with the Suðurnes Police, has declared an emergency phase owing to seismic activity in the Reykjanes peninsula. A mandatory evacuation of the town of Grindavík has been completed. The evacuation order was put into effect amid concerns that the intrusion of magma, which is believed to extend beneath the town of Grindavík, may reach the surface. The volume of magma that has accumulated has surpassed that of the previous three eruptions in the area.
Iceland Volcano - live: Shock Images Show Ground Splitting as Eruption Fears Grow
November 14, 2023
Shock images show roads split apart near Grindavik in Iceland as the country braced for a volcanic eruption following a series of earthquakes and evidence of magma spreading underground. The country is susceptible to earthquakes because it sits on a tectonic plate boundary that continually splits apart, pushing North America and Eurasia away from each other along the line of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

ZetaTalk  Comment 11/14/2023: It is clear from geological evidence that the split from Iceland to the Azores has happened before. The scripted drama of the Pangea breakup has Eurasia spreading while the Pacific compresses, which makes this split inevitable. The Iceland volcanoes are not super volcanoes, but like all volcanoes require residents to evacuate temporarily. This spate of quakes and crevasses is a result of the pulling apart of the N American Continent - the New Madrid Rupture.

The Mainland Portion of N America is bound to the Eurasian Plate to the East and North, but the Mainland of N America is also being pulled West and South during the New Madrid Rupture process, dropping onto Mexico. The SE Portion is being pulled East with Africa. Until the New Madrid Rupture completes, releasing any hold the SE Portion had upon the Mainland Portion in Canada, the border tug tearing Iceland apart will continue. Given the pending New Madrid Rupture, Iceland’s pain will soon end.  

Are the Earth plates moving? Certainly the African Plate is rolling. The Zetas predicted that the Sinai Peninsula and the Sinai subplate that holds Israel would turn counterclockwise during this process, and indeed it is doing that. This compass reading from Tel Aviv shows the counterclockwise motion to date.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2022: The Sinai is considered a platelet – the Sinai Subplate. When the Sinai is pressed eastward at its southern tip, the entire Sinai Subplate will swing counterclockwise into the Mediterranean void.  The Sinai will have a new orientation to lands on either side. Israel also resides on the subplate, so the separation at the Dead Sea Fault Lines will increase, and Israel may also become an island.

New Madrid Process

The Plate Movements that will result in a New Madrid Rupture encompass the Eurasian Plate push into the Pacific with the resulting compression in the Pacific. This forces S America to waggle, a process that allows the SE Portion of N America to slide over the hump of the Caribbean, thus pulling away from the Mainland Portion of N America. On November 8 there were several major magnitude 7 quakes in Indonesia at the Banda Sea where folding in a scissor-like manner is occurring. S America then dropping into the void in the S Pacific and within hours Texas quakes emerged with explosive consequences.

Massive Explosion at a Chemical Plant in Shepherd, Texas, Residents Ordered to Shelter
And via email from Texas "I live in west Texas now about 7 hours away from Houston but I'm worried about my friends who still live down there. It's interesting that this happened today because it shows undeniable proof that the plate that Texas rides on is under major stress. There was a water main break in San Angelo a couple of days ago.  Yesterday the refrigerated meat counter and the industrial fryers at the grocery store where I work broke. The tech who repaired my meat counter said that the part was completely destroyed and in his words "it looks like it just exploded". He was fairly baffled by the whole thing as if he had never witnessed that particular malfunction before. Shit's getting real! "

With the Beijing Blowout that occurred on November 3 the pressure to move China into the Pacific appeared to have shifted. By November 9 it appeared the 3 Gorges Dam might be in danger! But this is a constantly changing scene as by November 15 Beijing came back into the red zone - red hot with CO burning from underground Methane.

On November 12 the Heliplots were showing only the Mainland of the N American Continent jittery, except for a single site in China at Beijing. It is the Mainland pulling away to the west and down upon the Panama Platelet breaking off to give it room that is the story, and the true cause of the Iceland mega quake swarm. What will give next? The Seaway pulling apart or the Atlantic ripping apart at the Azores or the New Madrid Rupture?

On November 13 Brazil's south coastline got a dual tsunami at Laguna Santa Catalina. These were minor tsunami but what was the cause? A combination of the Africa Roll pushing the foot of Africa into the S Atlantic and a strong S American waggle. When quakes occur in the armpit of S America this shows that the top nob of S America is leaning back into the Atlantic – the waggle.

On November 14, we have evidence that the small quakes that beset the New Madrid area have doubled in the past day. There are always small quakes there, such that the residents of New Madrid have to sip their coffee cautiously, but for them to double in a day? New Madrid is the beating heart of the New Madrid Fault Line.

Study Says Missouri Still Feeling Aftershocks from 1800’s Quakes?
November 14, 2023
Share this remarkable new viewpoint into the possibility that modern-day Missouri earthquakes are nothing more than aftershocks from the mega-quake that rocked the New Madrid Fault in 1811 and 1812. The theory was published in a journal on Advancing Earth and Space Sciences entitled "Long-Lived Aftershocks in the New Madrid seismic Zone and the Rest of Stable North America".
Swarm of Missouri New Madrid Fault Quakes – 4 in Just a Few Hours
November 13, 2023
Since I live in Missouri, I pay special attention to what's going on along the New Madrid Fault. Normally when I see small quakes, I don't share anything about it since that's normal. But, just today (Monday, November 13, 2023) at the time of this writing, there have already been 4 quakes over the span of just a few hours.

Run a line down the Seaway past Chicago and one arrives at Oklahoma. On November 15 there was a moderate quake at the SW side of Chicago where their canals have in the past drained Lake Michigan water. Run a line from Iceland down to Chicago and one can see how the Seaway will be the next place to relieve the tension of the Mainland pulling away from the N American Plate border with Eurasia. The Seaway will be next. It is destined to pull apart during the New Madrid Rupture.

Voyager 1 Reveals

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 but most of what it relayed back to NASA has still remained classified. Now some of this material has been  released or leaked, as an archive of photos and a video. The Zetas confirm that this material is genuine, and shows UFOs.

Voyager 1
Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA on September 5, 1977, as part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System and interstellar space beyond the Sun's heliosphere. Launched 16 days after its twin Voyager 2, Voyager 1 has been operating for 46 years, 2 months and 8 days as of November 14, 2023 UTC.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/14/2023: This significant leak was deliberate, as the number of images and even a video are more in keeping with a publication than a leak. What Voyager 1 data is showing are bright moving objects that can hardly be asteroids. Denial of the alien presence has been a long running cover-up but has faced a losing battle. It is more than the release of UFO archives that is required for NASA to remain credible because the public is seeing UFO’s in their skies regularly. NASA is trying to get ahead of these UFO displays by revealing Voyager 1 evidence which is undeniable and stunning.

Right Mindset

During the 2012 Olympics, several heartwarming examples of the human spirit overcoming disadvantages were evident – handicapped Olympians! This newsletter feature in 2012 bears repeating. First, a legally blind archer! Rather than 20/20 vision, Im Dong-Hyun has 20/100 in one eye and 20/200 in the other. He broke the world record! Another archer, born without arms, Stutzman almost qualified in 2011. Using only his feet, he refuses to be called handicapped. Then there is the S African Pistorius, who lost both his legs below the knee at the age of 11 months yet runs at a blistering speed.  Ask any of them if they are handicapped and they would say “not me!”

Legally Blind South Korean Archer Im Dong-Hyun Eyes Gold Medal at the Games
July 26, 2012
It is a staggering feat when one considers that he has 20/200 vision in his left eye, meaning he needs to be 10 times closer to see an object than someone with perfect 20/20 vision.  His right eye, meanwhile, is not much better – he has 20/100 vision in that one – and yet he has no problem in hitting a 122cm target from 70 metres.
London Olympics: Legally Blind Archer Sets World Record
July 27, 2012
Legally blind archer Im Dong-hyun broke the world record in the 72-arrow mark with 699 points and led South Korea to a team record in the ranking round at the London Olympics.
Armless Archer has Olympic Aspirations
February 11, 2011
Stutzman, 28, was born without arms. When he shoots in tournaments, he doesn’t enter as a disabled shooter. He shoots along with everyone else. Stutzman not only uses standard off-the-shelf archery equipment, he tries to use few modified things in the rest of his life.
Pistorius, 25, Is First Double-Amputee Sprinter to Compete in Olympic Games
August 4, 2012
The four-time Paralympic gold medal winner, 25, qualified for the 400-meter semifinals Saturday, making him the first double-amputee sprinter to compete at the Olympics. He runs on prosthetic legs called Flex-Foot Cheetahs. Pistorius' journey to the top can only be described as miraculous. After he underwent amputation surgery when he was 11 months old, he received his first pair of prosthetic legs at 17 months.
Blade Runner Makes Successful Olympic Debut
August 4, 2012
Announced to the Olympic Stadium crowd by both his name and nickname ("The Blade Runner"), Pistorius received a massive ovation from the 80,000 fans, and then ran a blistering lap around the red track, every step of it on his J-shaped carbon-fiber prostheses.

This is the type of spirit that will prevail after the Pole Shift, which the Zetas have called the great leveler. Those who have never had much will not see the Pole Shift diminishing their lives. They will see only the great opportunities lying before them, particularly those who are Service-to-Other oriented and quick to respond to need in others. The elite, the wealthy and powerful, will see things in a different light, as their lives will indeed be diminished. The great leveler, the Pole Shift, will empower the common man, and free them from the bondage of having to maintain the status quo they labored under in the past.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2004: We have mentioned that the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, will fare better during the coming changes because they will not grieve for lost possessions, and already being at the bottom of life’s ladder, will find themselves suddenly counseling others on how to survive. We have mentioned that the coming changes, the Pole Shift, is a great leveler, putting the formerly wealthy on the streets and in desperation, and the formerly homeless in a larger junk yard from which to build a hovel.  The former drone of the status quo finds themselves more alert, feeling an energy they had lost early in life as restrictions closed about them like a net, and perhaps feeling alive for the first time in decades. The clingy and demanding spouse, the possessions demanding to be polished, the inane boss demanding to be considered brilliant, all can be ignored. Life has received an infusion of energy, charged not only by need for action on the part of anyone with a heart that cares, but also by the breaking of virtual bondage that most societies represent. A downside, suddenly up!

Early ZetaTalk stressed that the attitude of survivors is key to survival. Survival is a Matter of Mindset. This also bears repeating, as was done during an early USA Emergency Broadcast Network show.

USA Emergency Broadcast Network
April 6, 2015
YouTube - survival mindset: sharing vs hoarding, Great Depression era hobo camps an example, communes of the 60’s, pot luck suppers or communal soup pot, clothing racks, everyone contributes volunteering best, disability is an attitude look at dogs with missing legs, action plan essential to thwart depression, tasks for everyone, natural leaders will emerge and women and children see solutions readily, if PTSD hits home-made straight jacket helps, community essential to block gang activity.

Survivors will sort out into those who are determined to live, or those who give up. Though all will be in shock, at first.

ZetaTalk: Shock December 2002: Shock, from a situation unexpected, exists in human society today. An individual in a car wreck, walking away from the car where other family members lie bloodied and dead, has suddenly been thrown into an unexpected horror. A town, where a tornado has descended with little warning, tossing not only neighbors and family about like litter but destroying a way of life, memories, and the continuation of a livelihood. A visit to the doctor results in the grim-faced announcement that a terminal illness has been discovered, perhaps more tests or a treatment can alter the prognosis, but one should prepare themselves and family for a possible untimely end. A spouse announces an intention to divorce, an employer the decision to close the business and relocate elsewhere - all can descent upon one without notice and are a shock from the unexpected and devastating. Nothing new, in human society.

The pole shift will bring about such shock, in great numbers, but with a difference. None will be spared, and all will be facing the same situation. Money will not put one into security, nor will hoarding goods change the odds, as the Aftertime will be a great leveler and goods will be shared by force, if not by free will. The recovery from shock takes two routes, depending upon the nature and resolve of the person affected, and this cannot be changed by others as it is a personal decision.

* If the individual, after surveying the situation, determines that life should go on and the devastation not overwhelming, they seem to shake of their disbelieve and start talking about changes. This may be gone but that remains. They had been hoping to simplify their life, and now circumstances have arranged this. At least now they will be getting their exercise regularly, and that diet will not be resisted but assisted by circumstances. A sense of humor about the situation emerges, and they start sorting through rubble and organizing activities.

* If the individual, mentally computing the pros and cons of the situation while sitting in shock, determines that life after the shift will be too awful to contemplate, they will continue in shock. This is a clue to others about them that they have made a decision. Their creature comforts are gone, and not likely to be seen again. Their high social status is gone, others with greater talents and energy now commanding attention, and life as an underling simply not conceivable. For whatever reason, the person continuing in shock has decided not to make an adjustment, and attempting to force this will not bring satisfaction.

Those who have dependents, children or the injured or oldsters, but remain in shock and refuse to adjust or take action, should have their dependents removed from them. Let the person who insists on remaining in shock sit there, in shock, until death if this is their decision. Put your energies into the living, those who have chosen life, instead.

Survival communities are lean and healthy, from exercise, with strong bonds from cooperative efforts. And teaching the young, being resourceful, enjoying music and stories and catching up on the news when the occasional traveler passes through, all this will be part of life, and more. An unexpected benefit is that the pole shift will be a great equalizer.

ZetaTalk: Great Equalizer Nov 15, 1995: Tumultuous times like the coming cataclysms are great equalizers. Where in stable times the strong and/or clever take from the weak and/or befuddled and nice guys seem to finish last, during turmoil the playing field is flattened. The wealthy and influential, in spite of having forewarning about the coming pole shift and the means to arrange for their safety and comfort, will be no better off than the rest of humanity.

Human nature tends to blunt the full reality of what will occur and what life will be like afterwards. The short term is considered, with the depressing long term scenario avoided. Thus food and water are stocked and batteries aplenty, but the wealthy do not consider what to do after these supplies run out. They have all their life relied upon the services of others, and comfort themselves with some vague notion that civilization and its administrators will right itself shortly afterwards and they will be able to return to shopping.

The impoverished individual may find himself without goods or services, but as this is his status quo under normal circumstances will mobilize himself more effectively during the Aftertime. He will grieve less and ponder his options more, and take risks where the wealthy sit on the remnants of their toys until death overtakes them. In like manner, those who are physically or mentally handicapped may have an advantage over those who are whole in the Aftertime. They have already adjusted to being diminished and looked down upon. The palsied individual will find himself comforting those who have newly lost an eye or a hand, and the chronically mentally ill may find themselves counseling those who have gone mad from the turmoil and sense of loss.

Survival is to a great extent based on the ability to adapt, and in this way those on the bottom today have an advantage over those on the top. The coming pole shift will be a great equalizer.