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Issue 760, Sunday April 25, 2021
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Plates on the Move

Lately the 7 of 10 Plate Movements have gone on steroids. The S American Roll is completing, and with that action the Caribbean Plate is being pushed down on the southern edge and rising on the northern edge. The exploding volcano on Saint Vincent, being south of Antigua, is among the islands predicted by the Zetas to lose elevation during the S American Roll. As can be seen from earthquake maps and the exploding volcano Pacaya in Guatemala, the Caribbean Plate is being pushed against Central America too. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2011: The island chain along the eastern edge of the Caribbean Plate was formed when the Caribbean Plate was pushed up during expansion of the Atlantic. But this is countered by the hump of S America pushing the Caribbean Plate down, overall. Thus those islands in the chain close to S America will lose in elevation, while those islands at the top of the chain will not. From Antigua south, the islands in this chain can expect a minimum of an elevation drop of 57 feet, on average, with this being irregular throughout due to the trauma to the area. Islands just to the north of S America will be affected the most such that Barbados to Tobago may sink entirely except for the highest points, losing several hundred feet in elevation, and Trinidad will be torn apart in addition to sinking as it rides on the plate border.

Island of Saint Vincent
Photos continues to surface of severe ash covering in SVG after the eruption of lasoufrier. Visibility and Severe ash warnings have been issued as far away as Barbados. Barbadians are asked to Remain Indoors and The Grantley Adams International Airport is currently closed as a result. We continue to pray for our Brothers and sisters in the region.
St Vincent Orders Evacuations as Volcanic Eruption Appears Imminent
April 8, 2021
The Caribbean island of St Vincent has declared a red alert and issued an evacuation order after seismologists warned that the La Soufrière volcano shows signs of an imminent eruption. Safe areas where people will be evacuated to are from North Union to Kingstown, on the Windward side of the island, Barrouallie to Kingstown on the Leeward side and the Grenadine Islands.
St. Vincent Covered in Ash as Volcano Activity Continues
April 10, 2021
Much of St. Vincent remains covered in ash, following eruptions at the island's La Soufriere volcano. After nearly 42 years without an explosion, the volcano in the northern part of the eastern Caribbean island, erupted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: That portion of the S American Plate lying to the east of the Caribbean Plate will participate in the roll expected during the 7 of 10 scenarios. The Caribbean islands finding themselves along the eastern curve of the Caribbean Plate will thus experience increased volcanic activity in the many volcanoes that lie on that island chain. The Caribbean Plate will lift, slightly, on its northern edge, while plunging greatly on its southern edge, being pushed down by the overriding S American Plate as it rolls. Of course magma will be roiling, as the pressure from the southern part of the Caribbean Plate being shoved down into the magma will force this magma to go somewhere.

Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano Still Erupting
April 7, 2021
After being dormant for over 70 years, Pacaya began erupting vigorously in 1961 and has been erupting frequently since then. It has been steadily active in 2021.

With the N American Plate resisting a turn or rip, the pressure that will result in the New Madrid rip is increased along the Atlantic. Iceland is predicted by the Zetas to pull apart, the eastern part moving with the Eurasian Plate and the western part remaining with the N American Plate. The Fagradalsfjal volcano in Iceland has not erupted in 6,000 years, but is now giving a dramatic display. Notably, this volcano is not explosive, but oozing.

New Fissure in Iceland Volcano Prompts Evacuation of Tourists
April 7, 2021
The eruption at Fagradalsfjall began on March 19. It marked the volcano’s first eruption in about 6,000 years and southwest Iceland's first eruption in 800 years.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Iceland will not suffer unduly from earthquakes and volcanoes during the shift. This is due to the spread of plates, rather than compression, in Iceland's part of the world during the shift.  When the crust starts to shift, the Atlantic Rift rips, creating a separation at the fault line where Iceland rides, and the roiling magma has many places to flow, so the press upward into volcano spouts is not present.

Photo Captures

Last week on this newsletter we predicted “great clarity” on the Nibiru Complex because the Petrol Masses had caught up with the Red Dust in the tail, and had begun to sop up the Red Dust. Thus, the view was swept clear, and the components of the Nibiru Complex could be discerned with greater clarity. So what have we learned? When the Petrol encounters Red Dust, and absorbs it, the Red Dust pulls the Petrol toward it. The Petrol appears to be eating the Red Dust.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 8, 2021: The dark blob at upper left is a Petrol Mass in the process of eating the Red Dust around it, thus dark and blocking sunlight. The Red Dust can be seen drifting away, seemingly being chased. Do the Petrol Masses chase the Red Dust during this process? Being magnetically charged the Red Dust tends to cling together. Thus when the Petrol Mass starts to incorporate the Red Dust, it is the Petrol that is pulled along. The Red Dust inside the Petrol Mass is reaching out to the Red Dust that is free, drawing the Petrol Mass along during this process. When this process is completed, some redistribution may occur, lightening the Petrol Mass.

As is known, when the Petrol Bubbles are at a distance they appear as dark smudges. But when they land on Earth’s atmosphere, as they increasingly are doing, they show up as bright orbs. Thus the current crop of photos is showing both dark and light blotches.  Just as the Petrol Masses burn when they reach the Earth’s outer atmosphere, where there is oxygen, this process also occurs for Nibiru which has water and an atmosphere. The Annunaki live there. One of Nibiru’s two dominant Moons also has an atmosphere.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 6, 2021: Those bubbles at a distance will appear dark, as they did in Alberto's earliest photos of the Petrol in 2019. The dark smudges have no oxygen to burn, and are small because they are at a distance. When coming closer they are larger because they are landing on the outer atmosphere, and visibly brighter because this allows them to burn.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 8, 2021: Do the Petrol Bubbles burn on the upper atmosphere of Nibiru? Why would they not? This is not a continuous process, as can be seen in these two photos taken hours apart on the same day. In one, explosions on the upper atmosphere of Nibiru. In the other, no explosions detected. The Florida photos show Nibiru located at the 3 o’clock position at a time when Idaho shows Nibiru more at the 4:30 o’clock position. This occurs because the Wobble movements are not linear, but can dither.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 12, 2021: This close up shot of Nibiru and its two dominant Moons on either side shows that one of the Moons has an atmosphere. Petrol is burning over that Moon, and for this to occur oxygen must be present. To have an atmosphere the Moon must also have water, as this is how an atmosphere is developed. Primitive life has evolved on that Moon, but no intelligent life.

It can be difficult to identify Nibiru, since it is normally shrouded by the charged Red Dust attracted to Nibiru as a giant magnet. Other entities in the Nibiru Complex such as the Moon Swirls can appear far brighter. One clue that an orb is Nibiru is that there will be a shadow on the shade side. 

ZetaTalk Explanation April 8, 2021: Different filters will permit different light rays from coming through to be recorded. The degree of detail that results can differ based on settings. Nibiru is identified by location but also by showing a shadow on the shade side, away from the Sun.

Moon Swirl tubes are most often visible when sunlight funnels down them to emerge at the end like a flashlight – brilliant. When seen from the side on occasion they are a long line. But Moon Swirls can appear as a streak and then suddenly disappear. This is due to the light reflecting off their sides, bouncing toward Earth, or being directed down the length of the tube to emerge at the end.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 8, 2021: A Moon Swirl seen from the side, pointing one end toward the Sun, is normally not as brilliant as the light coming out the end of a Moon Swirl like a flashlight. Normally, light will bounce down along the interior of the Moon Swirl, not escaping until the end, ricocheting off the sides during this process. What is seen in the fat tube to the left of the Sun is a Moon Swirl tube turned slightly so that sunlight can bounce off the exterior of the dust clinging to this swirl. When the tube turns to directly face the Sun, this sunlight exits to the left of the tube, off into space – thus the tube seems to disappear!

Petrol Bubbles, like all oil bubbles, are round. When in a group they position themselves evenly in a grid, as there is surface tension that resists merging together. But when forced together or slung into each other with force during the tail wafting, they grow into Petrol Masses or even Petrol Monsters. Like Sumo Wrestlers, dramas emerge when these giants collide. And what does it mean when the Petrol Mass appears in a geometric shape? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 9, 2021: What causes geometric shapes in the photo captures of the sky filled with Petrol? Alberto’s photos captured a year ago at times showed these hexagon shapes, or even rectangular shapes. Does the Petrol Mass itself assume this shape, or is this an illusion? Light rays are captured by the Petrol, and are directed by the shape of the Petrol Mass to go around in circles within the Petrol Mass. Like all particle crowding, there is the tendency of the crowded particles to escape in a burst.

Where light escapes from one weak point on the Petrol Mass surface, this results in pressure on the opposite side of the Petrol Mass such that there is less light to escape at that point. In mathematical precision, similar light ray reduction occurs around the surface of the Petrol Mass, resulting in the appearance of an altered surface for the Petrol Mass.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 9, 2021: What happens when two giant Petrol Masses collide? There is a lot of room in space but the wafting tail of Nibiru creates scenarios where there is pressure to either merge or move to distance from one another. In most cases, the Petrol Masses merge, as this is the process by which Petrol Bubbles merge into a Petrol Mass. When two giants merge, the larger will first break through the surface wall of the smaller mass, distorting it in the process. How big is big?

The surface tension holding the Petrol Monster into a cohesive mass weakens as it grows larger. During turmoil, such as will occur during the passage by Earth, a Petrol Monster will be broken up and disburse into smaller masses. The combination of photos from Florida and Idaho show the before and after of this process. First cohesive Petrol Masses, then consumption of the smaller mass, then disbursing of the consumed mass remnants.

Petrol Skies

As the Petrol in the tail of Nibiru clusters between the Earth and Sun, it cannot help but affect the view from Earth. Brazil recently experienced an odd cloud pattern unexplained by any of the usual weather phenomena. And elsewhere - in Atqasuk, Alaska - on April 11, 2021 the sky turned green.

Products and Effects of Combustion
Fuels such as natural gas and petrol contain hydrocarbons. These are compounds of hydrogen and carbon only. When they burn completely: the carbon oxidises to carbon dioxide; the hydrogen oxidises to water (remember that water, H2O, is an oxide of hydrogen)

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/30/2021: The Petrol Bubbles in the tail of Nibiru have been landing on Earth, creating strange light in the skies and even starting fires on the ground. They are seen dropping as bright orbs when alit and turning to smoke. When arriving on occasion in great numbers, like an Army, but encountering sufficient oxygen they will burn in the high atmosphere completely. One of the byproducts of such a burn is water, which will form a temporary cloud. Blown in the wind these temporary clouds will disburse, giving the appearance shown in these Brazil photos.

Atqasuk, Alaska 4/11/21
Pictures are raw unedited. More sky phenomenon like the Zetas said. Wow what caused the sky to go green almost a aurora borealis look to it?

ZetaTalk Explanation April 12, 2021: With the Petrol massing in the skies between the Earth and Sun, their essential yellow color affects the color of the sky. The sky is blue, the Petrol yellow, and the result of this merging is green!

Covid-19 Lepers

In the past, when Lepers were considered incurable, they were isolated into Leper Colonies. This was a life sentence, with no reprieve, and all contact with those not infected was blocked. How is this different from the Covid-19 rules the elite are trying to impose on the populace? One must have a vaccination passport to travel, or hold a job, or be out of the house, etc.

Leprosy is spread between people, although extensive contact is necessary. Leprosy has a low pathogenicity, and 95% of people who contract M. leprae do not develop the disease. Spread is thought to occur through a cough or contact with fluid from the nose of a person infected by leprosy. Genetic factors and immune function play a role in how easily a person catches the disease.
Leper Colony
Leper colonies or houses became widespread in the Middle Ages, particularly in Europe and India, and were often run by monastic orders. Historically, leprosy has been greatly feared because it causes visible disfigurement and disability, was incurable, and was commonly believed to be highly contagious. Some colonies were located on mountains or in remote locations in order to ensure isolation, some on main roads, where donations would be made for their upkeep.
Quarantined for Life: The Tragic History of US Leprosy Coloniese
For millennia, a diagnosis of leprosy meant a life sentence of social isolation. People afflicted with the condition now known as Hansen’s disease—a bacterial infection that ravages the skin and nerves and can cause painful deformities—were typically ripped from their families, showered with prejudice and cruelly exiled into life-long quarantine. Patients were consistently deprived of fundamental civil liberties: to work, to move freely and see loved ones, to vote, to raise families of their own. Some who bore children had their babies forcibly removed.

Per the Zetas, this game is to force lockdowns to continue forever, an endless emergence of new Covid variants so there is an endless need for new vaccinations. Those who are unvaccinated are the new Lepers.

Only Vaccinated Evacuees Able to Flee Amid Fears of Next Big Volcanic Eruption
April 11, 2021
Only people who are vaccinated can evacuate on cruise ships as the La Soufriere volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted. And just like that the 'COVID passport' slippery slope has been amply and frighteningly demonstrated with great clarity in an ongoing life-and-death situation. As the below CBS clip from this weekend confirms, we're now already far past some imagined theoretical 'Brave New World' slippery slope - indeed we've blown past it in the worst nightmare scenario. Vaccination rules appear to have been implemented by Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, and St. Lucia's island nations. These countries are only accepting fully vaccinated refugees.
People on the Caribbean island where a Volcano went off are being Evacuated on Cruise Ships — but not without a COVID-19 Vaccine
April 12, 2021
People on the volcano-stricken island of St. Vincent will be evacuated to certain neighboring islands only if they've been vaccinated against COVID-19. Some are due to be temporarily housed in the neighboring islands of St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua. But most of the islands would require vaccination before they take anybody in.
Vaccination Policy
In the United States, the Supreme Court ruled in Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) that states have the authority to require vaccination against smallpox during a smallpox epidemic. All 50 U.S states require that children be vaccinated to attend public school, although 47 states provide exemptions based on religious or philosophical beliefs. Forced vaccination (as opposed to fines or refusal of services) is rare and typically only happens as an emergency measure during an outbreak.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/30/2021: Mandatory vaccination has occurred for Small Pox or Measles but this usually is applied as an entry requirement. A case where the unvaccinated would be denied escape from a death threat is a different matter. Not all parts of St. Vincent are under threat, and the unvaccinated are being offered housing on the safe side of the island. Covid-19 has been exaggerated as the true death rate is equivalent to the annual flu. Most people do not even realize they are infected.

Lockdowns and hysteria over mutations is to control the movement of people during a time when many Heads of State are frantic that the public will become aware of Nibiru, so visible in the skies, and start to riot. St. Vincent shows where this can lead. Endless new vaccinations required for endless new variants of Covid-19.  The coronavirus mutates readily, thus the need for the annual flu shot. How long the public will tolerate these silly rules is unknown, but rebellion is growing.

Two forms of the disease are recognized, variola minor with a mortality rate of approximately 1%, and the more common variola major with a mortality rate of 30%.
The death rate in the 1920s was around 30% for measles pneumonia. In underdeveloped nations with high rates of malnutrition and poor healthcare, fatality rates have been as high as 28%.