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Issue 744, Sunday January 3, 2021
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Covid-19 Panic

Suddenly, a week before Christmas, the UK decides it must ban all travel to and from the UK. Oh, but they allow for a few days until this newest draconian lockdown takes effect. The reason for the new travel ban is a mutation of the Covid-19 virus, and no one is sure if the new vaccines rolling out will work against this new mutation. However, they have known about this mutation since September! So why the rush, just now, to ban all travel? Like all corona viruses, Covid-19 has likely mutated a number of times, already.

Unique Form of COVID Found in Northern Nevada
November 21, 2020
This virus matches mostly to the European strain, most of the strain we have also seen in New York and Washington or California. But one big difference of what we saw here was 50% of the variant we picked up here is unique to Northern Nevada. Northern Nevada somehow has a unique mutation which is in one of the proteins which makes the virus replicate.
Countries Ban Travel from U.K. in Race to Block New Covid-19 Strain
December 20, 2020
Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and Belgium announced bans on passenger air travel from the U.K.
The U.K. Coronavirus Variant
December 21, 2020
A newly identified variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus appears to be more contagious. While we are fairly certain the variant is transmitted more quickly, there is no evidence to suggest that it is more lethal or causes more severe illness. Equally there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine will be any less effective against the new variant.

The Zetas have long noted that there are many Covid-19 agendas. It is Europe that is at the center of the lockdown frenzy, and per the Zetas there are several reasons for this. Panic over Nibiru is the primarily reason, with the populace making demands on a bankrupt European Union. A sudden refugee crisis if the European tsunami hits. And finally, ISIS sleeper cells creating terrorism in a Europe that would be struggling to defend itself amid such destabilization. Meanwhile, herd immunity is being established. Thus the sudden UK mutation claims look suspicious.

England COVID Mutation 'Out of Control' Health Secretary Says
December 20, 2020
A new strain of coronavirus is "out of control" in parts of southern England, the U.K. health secretary has warned, adding that it has also been found as far away as Australia. A stricter lockdown was announced for London and surrounding areas after scientists confirmed the existence of a new variant of the virus that could be up to 70 percent more transmissible.
Scientists, MPs Ask ‘Where is Evidence of 70% More Contagious Mutant COVID?
December 21, 2020
As London and the entire South East of the UK was plunged into a fresh lockdown over the weekend, scores of countries have banned all travel to and from the UK, but scientists there are demanding to see any evidence that there is a 70% more contagious mutant strain of COVID, having not been shown anything by the government.
New Strain of COVID-19 is Driving South Africa’s Resurgence
December 21, 2020
It is still very early but at this stage, the preliminary data suggests the virus that is now dominating in the second wave is spreading faster than the first wave. The new strain, different from the one in Britain, appears to be more infectious than the original virus.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2020: Like all coronaviruses, Covid-19 will mutate, and mutate readily. This is why there is an annual flu vaccine. Existing flu variants mutate and these mutations spread throughout a population that is no longer immune as the previous vaccine was not designed for this new variant. How much of these claims about the latest Covid-19 mutation are real, and how much is political opportunism? Just as the vaccines developed against Covid-19 are being employed, there are sudden claims of a mutation. Thus, the lockdowns must continue. It is claimed that the new mutation spreads more readily than the original, thus even more draconian restrictions can be expected.

Public Health England has stated that the mutation is not more deadly than Covid-19, so can be considered a milder version of Covid-19. But until the Covid-19 vaccines prove to be effective against this new mutation, the restraints against travel or free movement of the populace will continue. Over this past year, in 2020, the world adapted to the new normal. Food production on farms continued, manufacturing and the distribution of raw materials continued, and distribution of food and finished products continued via home delivery or curbside shopping. Though small business had to regroup and adjust to new circumstances, the economy in many cases boomed.

But what many governments in the Western world want to see continue is a restricted populace. It is notably the West that is banning travel to and from the UK. It is those countries within the European Union and members of the Queen’s Commonwealth that are restricting travel. We have addressed the draconian lockdowns in Europe before, mentioning several factors. The establishment fears that ISIS sleeper cells in Europe will become opportunists, as was certainly the case in France over the past few months during terror attacks against churches.

The establishment also fears a migrating populace would overwhelm the police or the military, thus looting and crime. Such migration would certainly occur if the pending New Madrid adjustment were to occur, and occur suddenly. But the establishment in Europe primarily fears that Nibiru will become common knowledge, not because it is announced or admitted, but because Nibiru announces itself by being obvious. Depending upon its location or level of preparation, a country can expect to direct its populace to safety inland away from the coastlines or descend into panic. Europe is doing the latter, because their elite have never thought of anything but themselves.

China Desperation

China fears starvation. They are in fact on the cusp of starvation. China has epic floods, and the Summer of 2020 had historic floods. Add to this the fact that the 3 Gorges Dam distorted this past July under pressure from the waters being held back. If the dam fails, the food growing regions below the dam would be devastated. China has been importing food from Canada and the US, but it is obvious they want more control. President Xi has told the Chinese troops to prepare for war, and the recent incursions into Canada and the US show this is not just talk.

Another Famine Coming? China Struggles to meet Basic Food Demands
September 17, 2020
China, which embarked on the mission of becoming a superpower by showing its economic and military might to the world, now may be brought to its knees over a shortage of food. Reduction in overall domestic food production; a recent deluge in the Yangtze River basin, the rice bowl of China; and a slash in imports, mostly aggravated by deteriorating diplomatic relations, has caused Beijing to hit the panic button. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently launched the “Clean Plate” campaign to ensure that food supplies do not deplete quickly and bring about a repetition of the 1959 Great Famine, in which millions of people starved to death. The Yangtze River basin, which accounts for 70 percent of China’s rice production, has seen the worst floods since 1939, damaging millions of acres of cropland.
After Covid, China’s Leaders Face New Challenges from Flooding
August 21, 2020
Unusually heavy rains have wreaked havoc in central and southwestern China, leaving hundreds dead and disrupting the economy’s post-pandemic recovery. Heavy rains are normal in southern China during the summer, but this year’s fell harder and longer than usual, inundating crops and entire communities over the last two months. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mr. Xi announced a campaign against food waste against the backdrop of the flooding, though officials have insisted there is no impending food crisis.

China's Unrelenting Season of Flooding
October 30, 2020
The 2020 summer monsoon season has delivered historic amounts of rain to China.
China’s Import Surge Drives Optimism in Dry-Bulk Shipping Demand
October 23, 2020
U.S. soybean cargoes are feeding more optimism. American farmers exported 8.24 million metric tons of soybeans to China from the beginning of September to mid-October, from just over one million metric tons in the same period last year.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2020: China is desperate for food for its starving people, and though it is purchasing everything available fears disaster is coming. China suffers horrific floods, and when the 3 Gorges Dam eventually fails the food growing regions below the dam will have their crops wiped out. China’s One Child policy, in place for decades, was to place a brake on overpopulation, but China is still overpopulated with 1.4 billion of the world jammed into the country. Without imported food, China would lose perhaps half its population to starvation. Thus it has become aggressive in pursuing control of food growing regions like Canada and the US.

As is known, Trudeau capitulated to China, allowing Chinese troops to be stationed at Vancouver in case the crops they purchased from Canada were threatened. As is known, Trudeau was executed and is now a Double, but others within Canada were happy to take Chinese Yuan for their assistance, and thus the US recently rebutted Chinese troops coming into the US in Maine and the Michigan Peninsula. Anticipating a Blue State secession after President Trump counters the 2020 election fraud, these troops were to secure command centers within the Blue States.

China and US Prepare for War, Nothing Here to See – Move Along
December 10, 2020
China Panics as the US military joins plans with the Japanese government to start construction of an airfield and other related facilities as a joint force in the South China Sea. The Mageshima island has become the US military base in the near South China Sea. Meanwhile, China has grabbed up Hong Kong and has moved their attention to other targets. They have coveted to possess Taiwan since 1949 and now it looks like it is prepared to seize it. It appears the strategy is to attack while nations are weakened by the side affects of COVID mandates. Will Taiwan go the way of Hong Kong?
Chinese President Xi Jinping Tells Troops to Focus on 'Preparing for War'
October 14, 2020
Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on troops to "put all (their) minds and energy on preparing for war" in a visit to a military base in the southern province of Guangdong. The military visit comes as tensions between China and the United States remain at their highest point in decades, with disagreements over Taiwan and the coronavirus pandemic creating sharp divisions between Washington and Beijing. The White House notified US Congress that it was planning to move ahead with the sale of three advanced weapon systems to Taiwan.

In their desperation, have the Chinese considered an alliance with the Khazanian Mafia? Strange bedfellows indeed. Is China trying to buy control of crop growing Commonwealth countries with funds for the Great Reset? Certainly they wanted the Biden/Harris campaign to win. Their ownership of the Dominion servers would seem to indicate that. China purchased controlling interest in the Dominion servers on October 8, just ahead of the US 2020 election date of November 3. If they do not succeed in a takeover in N America, might they attempt to invade Russia? Per the Zetas, they would not be able to sustain a war on two fronts.

West Faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese
December 14, 2020
The current owners of the U.S. Corporation (mostly European aristocrats based in Switzerland) offered a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris slave presidency to the Chinese in exchange for a roll-over of their debt.  Even that was not enough, so they offered Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and ASEAN to the Chinese as well.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2020: China has long been trying to buy cooperation from the UK’s food growing Commonwealth countries – Canada and Australia. Brexit put a stop to that. So China is currently seeking an alliance with the Khazarian banking networks headquartered in Switzerland, though neither the UK’s Commonwealth nor the US would accept orders from Switzerland.  As is known the European Union is bankrupt, lately charging a negative interest rate to the banks they control. But this is not at heart a battle about money, which will soon enough become worthless. One cannot eat money.

China sees the food shortages around the world becoming draconian due to erratic weather. The world is currently living off its food reserves so the bite at the checkout counters in the grocery stores has not yet been felt. Soon the shelves will be bare and food prices forcing the common man to start home gardens and secure flocks of chickens. Will China invade Russia for its crop lands? Russia defends itself well and due to the extraordinarily long border between Russia and China, would not start such a scuffle. Due to continuing tensions over Taiwan and the South Seas with the US, they also would not want to sustain a war on both sides.

CCP Infiltration

The Chinese are intelligent and hard-working, and have risen over the past few decades to become a world power on par with Russia and the US. Due to China’s recent aggressive incursions into the US, the IPAC released a list of some 2 million Chinese spies that had infiltrated governments and corporations in the West. One need look no further than the Hunter Biden scandals wherein Hunter took a billion in Chinese funds to back his business, or the Swalwell scandals wherein he had an affair with BangBang, a Chinese HoneyPot.

List of 2 Million Chinese Spies Released by Dissident Group
December 14, 2020
The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is an international cross party group of legislators that is working to reform the way Democratic nations approach their relationship with China and today they have released a database of nearly 2 million members of the Chinese Communist Party that have infiltrated some very sensitive positions in business and government across the world.
Leak Confirmed: Chinese Communists have Infiltrated Top Companies, Governments in US, UK, Australia
December 13, 2020
Multiple top international news outlets confirm that a list of 1.95 million Chinese Communist Party members has been leaked, and in it are the names of potentially thousands of individuals who live and work in the West, including at major financial institutions, medical research and pharmaceutical companies, and foreign governments.
Major Leak 'Exposes' Members and 'Lifts the Lid' on the Chinese Communist Party
December 13, 2020
A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping. The leak is a register with the details of Communist Party members, including their names, party position, birthday, national ID number and ethnicity.

The Latest on Swalwell and Bang Bang
December 10, 2020
The story about Swalwell and the affair with the Chinese honeypot named Bang Bang.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2020: Warfare is fought on many fronts. Certainly the femme fatale is utilized, gathering info from a lover, and the damning evidence of Swalwell and his Bang Bang CCP lover is no surprise. Certainly inserting spies everywhere possible, preferably where they have access to government secrets, is not new. Nor is the notion that the Chinese wish to steal technology by such infiltration into US firms. We stated decades ago that World War III would not occur, though saber rattling aplenty would occur and a takeover of a country by infiltration could certainly occur.

Insider Hal Turner reports that armed Chinese troops were seen disembarking from boats on Lake Superior and entering the Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, thus a shootout with a US F16. This is true. Likewise what Turner reports on a bunker of Chinese troops in northern Maine being blown up 12 hours later, likewise true. These incursions were in preparation for a Blue State secession, because the Mid-West states and the New England states would be expected to participate.

In that China clearly had a hand in the 2020 election theft, taking ownership of Dominion in the month ahead of the election, trade arrangements between China and the US are likely to suffer. Any suspected CCP member on this list released by the IPAC will likely lose their job, or be put under such scrutiny that they are ineffective. Was the attempted Treasury hack retaliation for the release of the list? Yes, but more of a warning against future attacks against the CCP.