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Issue 612, Sunday June 24, 2018
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Nibiru Spotlight

The Nibiru complex suddenly developed a dramatic spotlight effect on May 14. This lasted throughout the day for a 6 hour period from 13:45 to 19:46, and was still present days later in Alberto’s photos. The Nibiru complex still showed the expected cluster of Moon Swirls to the left, with Nibiru and its double Helix guard of dominant Moon Swirls to the lower right. It was obvious from close inspection that this beam of light was not coming directly from the Sun, but from Nibiru.

During Nibiru’s slow passage through the Solar System, from when it arrived in 2003 to the present time when it is outbound toward Earth, the Nibiru complex could be seen stretching from right to left. This is apparent from an archive of Alberto’s photos on the ZetaTalk websites. Recently the view has become cluttered, as though the Earth were in the midst of a blast of debris and dust pointed like a firehose directly at the Earth. This is because Nibiru has drawn closer, preparing for its passage. We are now within the fog.

What would cause this sudden beam of light to emerge from Nibiru? Photo after photo on May 14 and days following showed this to be the case, the source Nibiru itself and its dominant Helix moons on either side. The spotlight points directly down, below where the photographer is standing. The spotlight seens to point toward the Earth! This of course is the nearest gravity sink for the light rays, and it is known that light rays can be bent by gravity. The refraction of light is well documented. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/30/2018: In the past, Nibiru was offset more to the right side of the Sun, when seen from the Northern Hemisphere. It was pointing its magnetic N Pole to the left hand side of the Sun. Thus the vast tail filled with Moon Swirls and debris would be seen blowing under the Sun and then wrapping around in a retrograde circle to the left of the Sun and thence above the Sun. All the components of the Nibiru complex were laid out for relatively easy visibility. But as Nibiru drew closer to the Earth, the Earth was caught more directly in the blast from Nibiru.

Thus recently Alberto’s photos had the appearance of being in a fog bank, a cloud of debris which made it difficult to discern Nibiru or the various components. Sunlight would be expected to flow evenly though this fog, but as light easily bends toward gravity sinks, the sunlight coming close to Nibiru and its dominant moons actually bends toward these gravity sinks. Bent slightly, they refract like light passing through water, to bend and focus the light toward Earth! This phenomena may linger or repeat, coming and going, during the ongoing drama of Nibiru’s approach for a passage.

Will this increase awareness of the Nibiru complex nearby, or will those on Earth viewing this sudden spotlight emerging from a point in space not the Sun connect the dots? Certainly sunlight through clouds is not new, and the clouds do disburse the sunlight. But if the spotlight appears in cloud-free skies, what then? Only time will tell if this is a way Nibiru is announcing itself, since the establishment has been so determined to maintain a cover-up over its presence.

Those spotlights have appeared in the recent past, most noticeably along the Missouri River last October 20, 2017 when a group of hunters captured this photo of 12 spotlight spires. The String of Pearls hung like a pearl necklace above, 12 Moons clearly visible. A break in the clouds where the setting Sun shown through had exactly 12 spires of light pointing down into the Missouri River below.

Rainbow Clouds

Iridescent or rainbow clouds have increasingly been in the news, but lately there has been an explosion. This, per the Zetas, is due to the grease in the tail of Nibiru, which is increasingly wafting the Earth. More grease in the atmosphere, more rainbows in the clouds. This issue was last covered in this Newsletter in Issue 470 in 2015.

You don't Need Rain for these Rainbows Spotted over Ottawa
June 11, 2018
If you happened to look up at the sky this past weekend, you might have noticed a rare and beautiful sight: iridescent rainbow clouds, but not a drop of rain in sight.
Fire Rainbow Spotted in Vermont
June 11, 2018
An iridescent rainbow-colored cloud seemed to magically materialize in the sky above Vermont. A similar fire rainbow made headlines in San Francisco less than two months ago.
Rainbow 'Ghost Cloud' Forms in Utah
March 25, 2018
The rainbow cloud disappeared minutes after filming the sky.
Stunning Rainbow Cloud caught on Video
February 1, 2018
Stunning video captured a rainbow in the clouds over Ribeirao Claro, Brazil, in a meteorological phenomenon known as cloud iridescence. Iridescence like this happens when the clouds are very thin and are made of similar-sized water droplets.
Rare Iridescent Rainbow Cloud seen above Darwin
January 17, 2018
Northern Territory locals have been treated to the sight of clouds with a stunning rainbow lining.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 9/26/2015: Rainbows are nothing more than light rays bent by water in the clouds. The angle from the light source (the Sun) to the eye of the recipient changes as the distance increases and thus as with light being shown through a prism the color changes. The multiple rainbows seen recently, or rainbows seen in unusual places, are due to the addition of grease in the atmosphere, as the tail of Nibiru is greasy. It is for this same reason that halos around the Sun or Moon have increased lately.

Schumann Resonance Battering

The Schumann Resonance is normal steady at 7.83 hZ, the Earth natural heartbeat. The magnetic onslaught from Nibiru has been assaulting the Earth over the past couple years, as noted in this Newsletter in Issue 606 on May 5, 2018 and in Issue 567 in August, 2017. Thanks to regular postings on the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to this matter, we can see that matters are continuing and have become a daily affair!

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/6/2016: The Schumann Resonance is an Earth hum, caused by a broad vibration of the Earth within its own magnetic field. Why is this becoming irregular at times, lately? There is a battle in the Earth’s magnetosphere, with the Earth wanting to align with the Sun but also being assaulted by a magnetic blast from Nibiru. Thus at times with a magneton overload, at other times with a throbbing pull to this or that side of the globe as the magnetons within the Earth, in the process of flowing through, are either in excess or of a dearth. How will this discord affect humans and other life who have become accustomed to the 7.83 Hz? Headaches, being dizzy or fatigued, or at other times irritable and energetic. None of this has long term health effects and all this will in time pass after the Pole Shift.

Scandinavia on Guard

NATO periodically runs exercises, and Trident Junction 18 is no different except for its size and participation. Trident Junction 18 is the largest since 2002 and all NATO members will participate. Included are non-members Finland and Sweden. NATO in fact has dozens of exercises planned for 2018. The premise, during the exercise, which is to take place in Norway, is that Russia has invaded. Yes, once again, peaceful Russia is the bogyman. This is based on Norway having a 122 mile border with Russia.

Exercise Trident Juncture 18 to Demonstrate NATO’s ability to Defend Itself
June 11, 2018
NATO is preparing for its largest military exercise since 2002, with more than 40,000 personnel from 30 NATO and partner countries participating. All Allies, as well as partners Finland and Sweden, will participate in NATO’s largest military exercise in recent years, which will take place in Norway in October-November.

War Cry: Sweden Mobilizes all its Reservists for 1st Time in 40 Years
June 6, 2018
Sweden mobilized all 40 Home Guard battalions in an unprecedented exercise that has not been held since 1975. The drills marked the National Day of Sweden. Apart from the Home Guard, another Cold War era relic was dusted off in May, when the country issued a reprint of a brochure, dubbed ‘If Crisis or War Comes.’ The 2018 issue of the booklet contains advice on how to take shelter, what foods to stock, how to manage water reserves and, most importantly, how to tell propaganda from trustworthy information. The booklet is designed to prepare the populace for all sorts of crises, ranging from terrorist attacks to all-out war. It was the first time since 1991 that Swedish authorities distributed such a brochure to the citizens.
US To Double Number of Marines in Norway to Counter Russia, Before Massive Military Exercise
June 17, 2018
The Norwegian government intends to add another 400 U.S. Marines to Norway before the most significant military exercise since the Cold War this fall. This fall, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be leading a massive military exercise across the entire country of Norway, an unprecedented maneuver not seen since the days of the Cold War. It seems like Washington and Norway are making the preliminary adjustments before a total of 35,000 troops from 30 different countries kick off the exercise, called Trident Juncture.

Are we to pretend that Russia wants the oil fields in the North Sea that Norway controls? Russia has its own oil and gas fields, aplenty, which it is trying to guard. Russia is focusing on its Far East development. What makes Norway and Sweden unique in Europe are the highlands, which are likely to be invaded by those in the lowlands of Europe, such as Finland and Denmark and Germany and Poland and Hungary and the Netherlands and frankly, most of Europe including France and the UK. So what is the threat to Norway and the oil fields of the North Sea?

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Of course Norway and Sweden are seen as desirable countries to immigrate to as they are high ground, social democracies that take care of their citizens, and in the case of Norway, wealthy. There will of course be huge numbers of migrating people from western Russia, Demark, Finland, and the lowlands of Poland and Germany and other lowland countries. They have few choices. They can push into the highlands of Sweden and Norway and take their chances at being expelled, or migrate south into the Alps and other high ground where they will likewise meet hostility, or in the case of Russia migrate toward the Urals where they will find intense crowding.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2015: Europe is characterized by royalty, a history in the past of being colonialists, invading and mastering many lands abroad. The Americas and Africa and India were colonies of European countries, and many have never forgotten their status. World War I and II were waged due to the ambitions of a European country. Diminishing in influence as the colonies attained independence, Europe sought for strength in unity in the European Union and Euro, but this setup is imploding. Russia had its own overreach and implosion, but has stabilized and combined with a strong partnership with China is self-sufficient. This is not true of Europe, which relies on Russian gas. Russia is aware that Europe wants to push into their oil and gas fields just over the border from the Ukraine, and this is the basis of the Ukraine turmoil. Europe cannot accept their dependent status.

Perhaps the threat to Norway and the oil in the North Sea are all the ISIS sleeper cells Merkel keeps bringing in to Germany and the rest of Europe. Tens of millions of them, and she keeps wanting more. NATO is perhaps preparing to defend Europe from Merkel’s private army!

"The Situation Is Critical": Austria Conducts Border Defense Drills For Expected Wave Of 80,000 Migrants
June 15, 2018
Austrian forces will conduct border-security exercises on June 25 in the border town of Spielfeld in preparation for a wave of 80,000 migrants expected to travel through the route to Western and Central Europe. The migrants are primarily young male loners, "many of whom are considered "terrorist fighters," which require strong border protection.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/1/2016: What this dying German engineer is reporting is that these bunkers in Germany anticipate housing Muslims almost exclusively. He then hypothesizes that these young Muslim men will be used to kill off German survivors who would not be considered top grade workers for the elite. Merkel has been an aggressive proponent of bringing in Syrian refugees, who seem to be disproportionately young men rather than complete families with women and young children and the aged. This begs the question, why did these young men desert their families? Was this Merkel’s plan, and has it failed? Yes.

Merkel has kept her grip on power, her dominance over not only Germany but the European Union as well, but now this grip is slipping. Numerous members of the European Union had refused to accept immigrants or cooperate with Merkel. Meanwhile rape statistics have skyrocketed and handing out welfare benefits have strained budgets. Will the European Union be a casualty? They have an open border policy, and other rules such as the rule that an asylum seeker must be taken in at the first border encountered, that are at threat. The times, they are a’changing!

Merkel given Two Weeks to Seal EU Deal or Migrants will be Rejected
June 18, 2018
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies gave her a two-week reprieve today to set tougher border controls in the EU, saying if she didn't meet the deadline they would start automatically rejecting asylum seekers at the German border.
Boat Caught in Europe's Migration Spat brings Hundreds to Spain
June 17, 2018
Rescued migrants turned away by Italy and Malta arrived at the Spanish port of Valencia, ending a gruelling Mediterranean odyssey that became symbolic of Europe's failure to agree on immigration. Spain swooped to help 629 mainly sub-Saharan Africans on board the ship Aquarius after Italy's new government, asserting its anti-immigrant credentials, refused to let it dock.