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Issue 191, Sunday, June 27, 2010
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N American Bow

The Zetas have described a bow being formed by the N American continent, which puts extreme stress on the center of the continent. This stress will not be relieved until the New Madrid and associated fault lines adjust, pulling the land to the west of the Mississippi toward the southwest while the land to the east of the Mississippi remains in place. Meanwhile, there is pressure on the Gulf, which is oozing oil from many points, pressure at San Diego (the center of the bow) where water mains are snapping, and pressure across the continent (where a sinkhole on I-24 in Tennessee recently occurred).

ZetaTalk Warning 3/3/2007: The New Madrid adjustment will affect so much area, in a domino manner, that it will not be a single large quake, but a series, separated by weeks and months. The primary adjustment will be within days, after shocks for weeks, but months later still, adjustments. The New Madrid is associated with fault lines that run up toward the Great Lakes, Chicago will adjust and rupture, Ohio will be pulled in places, and as we have explained, the land to the West of the Mississippi will sink in places. There is a known fault line that runs from the center of the Gulf up along the East Coast, thus the effect in 1811-12 in the Carolinas and DC on up to Boston.

Follow that line from San Diego through Tennessee a little further and you arrive at North Carolina, which just lost another dam. This dam was just recently rebuilt, was new, and the holes did not appear in the dam itself but in the floor of the lake!

Dam Fails, Drains Lake of NC Town
June 18, 2010,-drains-lake-of-nc-town
Officials are trying to determine why a dam failed in a North Carolina town, draining its centerpiece lake. Hope Mills Lake drained after officials began investigating why it had turbid water, which was cloudy and may have soil in it. The town had gotten permission last year to put water in the lake again after an 80-year-old earthen dam had collapsed in 2003. The town built a new dam and spillway before collecting water in the lake again. Inspectors had released water Wednesday to investigate the turbid water. The water picked up speed and the lake disappeared. Two holes were visible on the lake side of the dam. State and local officials and private engineers spent much of Thursday inspecting the dam and planned to review the information Friday.

This pressure also caused a dramatic water spout along I-95 near Philadelphia. [Note correction.] Philadelphia is not on a line with San Diego, but it is along a known fault line associated with the New Madrid, running up along the East Coast.

I-95 [in Philadelphia] is on a known fault line that runs from the center of the Gulf up along the East Coast, thus the effect in 1811-12 in the Carolinas and DC on up to Boston.

Highway Geyser
June 17, 2010
I was driving along I-95 [in Philadelphia] this morning and snapped this picture on my cell phone. It wasn't until I downloaded it to my computer that I realized I had a picture of a water elemental! I was a little disappointed to find out it was only a break in a 36" water main. It was at least 50 feet high and big. Pretty neat looking and only slowed traffic down as we all gawked at it.

And to the west, along that general line of stress through the center of N America, we have Utah, where for unexplained reasons an oil pipeline broke.

Utah Pipeline Break Fouls Geese, Ducks
June 12. 2010
A leaked pipeline sent oil spilling into a Salt Lake City creek, coating geese and ducks and closing a park, officials said Saturday as they started a cleanup effort expected to last weeks. At least 400 to 500 barrels of oil spewed into Red Butte Creek before crews capped the leak site. Nearly 50 gallons of crude oil per minute initially had spilled into the creek

This does not mean that the stress of the bow is always lined up with the center of the bow at San Diego. The rest of the bow is feeling the stress too, as in Edmonton, Alberta, where a road collapsed for no apparent reason. Or in British Columbia, where a mudslide also occurred for no apparent reason.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/12/2009: We have repeatedly mentioned the bow stress that the N American continent is under, where the Aleutians and the tip of Mexico are forced toward each other while the continent is held rigid by its flat top. The stress is showing.

Edmonton Sinkhole Gives Driver a Scare
June 14, 2010
The road dropped out from under a city couple's car as they were driving south on Connors Road

Cause of B.C. Mudslide Still Uncertain
June 14, 2010
It is still not clear what caused a mudslide on Sunday afternoon that destroyed as many as five homes in a B.C. community. A wall of mud, water and debris tore down a mountainside. The slide hit Highway 97, the main highway through the Okanagan, at Road 14. The area has been hit with heavy rain of late, but it remains unclear exactly what may have caused the slide.

Increasing Deluge

Severe floods have occurred this past week, in many parts of the world. Deluge, increasing deluge, is something the Zetas predicted early in the ZetaTalk saga. They also predicted extreme deluge following extreme drought, as was reported in China during their flooding this June.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Mankind will find its greatest problems with the weather to be its unpredictability. Areas of the world which have been deserts throughout mankind's memory will become swamps under constant and repeated rains. Temperate climates used to periodic gentle rainfall will suffer intractable droughts. Then this will switch about, for no apparent reason.

In one week in June, 2010 deluge with extreme flooding occurred in France, China, Brazil, and Canada. This in addition to the nonstop deluge with consequent flooding that occurred in Oklahoma and Arkansas, as reported last week in Issue 190 of this newsletter.

Flash Floods Leave 15 Dead in Southern France
June 16, 2010
Rescuers airlifted survivors and searched for missing people in southern France Wednesday after heavy rainstorms triggered flash floods that left at least 15 people dead. Heavy rains on Tuesday caused water levels to rise swiftly in the area, preventing many people from fleeing to higher ground and forcing some to seek shelter on the roofs of their homes.

Southern China Floods Kill Scores
June 21, 2010
Many of these areas have gone from one extreme to another, according to the government. Earlier this year, south-east China endured its worst drought in living memory, but in the past week, some places have been inundated with three times the average rain for this period. Southern China experiences flooding almost every summer, but the Beijing climate centre says extreme weather events have increased in recent years, with droughts becoming longer and rain falling in more intense and damaging bursts.

Growing Concern in Brazil as Number of Flood Victims Increase
June 21, 2010
Officials in Brazil fear the death toll may rise as a result of persistent rain and flooding that has punished the northeastern states of Pernambuco and Alagoas, killing 33 people and leaving thousands homeless. More than 1,000 people are missing in the state of Alagoas; 500 people are unaccounted for in the town of Uniao dos Palmares in Alagoas alone. According to Brazil's civil defense agency, more than 40,000 are homeless. Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is meeting in Brasilia with governors of both states and has promised emergency funds to help flood victims.

Trans-Canada at Sask.-Alberta Border Still Shut Gaping Hole in the Highway
June 19, 2010
The Trans-Canada Highway at the boundary between Alberta and Saskatchewan remained closed because of flooding. Officials from the Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure Ministry said Saturday that crews have not yet had a chance to inspect the extent of damage to the flooded portions of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Per the Zetas, such deluge was predicted by them in 1995, and will only get worse as we approach the time of the pole shift.

ZetaTalk Warnings 7/29/2005: We warned at the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, that unpredictable weather extremes, switching about from drought to deluge, would occur and increase on a lineal basis up until the pole shift. Where this occurred steadily, it has only recently become undeniable. ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk, warned of these weather changes, at that early date. Our early warnings spoke to the issue of global heating from the core outward, hardly Global Warming, a surface or atmospheric issue, but caused by consternation in the core. Affected by the approach of Planet X, which was by then starting to zoom rapidly toward the inner solar system for its periodic passage, the core was churning, melting the permafrost and glaciers and riling up volcanoes. When the passage did not occur as expected in 2003 because Planet X had stalled in the inner solar system, we explained the increasing weather irregularities in the context of the global wobble that had ensued - weather wobbles where the Earth is suddenly forced under air masses, churning them. This evolved by 2005 into a looping jet stream, loops breaking away and turning like a tornado to affect the air masses underneath. Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, droughts had become more intractable and deluges positively frightening, temperature swings bringing snow in summer in the tropics and searing heat in Artic regions, with the violence of storms increasing in number and ferocity. Is this as bad as it will get, prior to the pole shift when hurricane force winds will sweep the Earth and every region of the globe will emerge with a new climate and geography? Has the lineal increase we predicted in 1995 reached its climax? We are not here with good tidings, nor were we here with good tidings in 1995.

Crop Circle Season

The Zetas have promised great drama as the Earth is increasingly in the grip of Planet X, squeezed together with her sister planets Venus and the Dark Twin. Crop circles are sending an increasingly pointed message. This set from Fano, Ancona, Andrea, Wamont, and Belgium seemed to have a common theme.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/19/2010: This set of crop circles is presenting, to mankind, an obvious scenario of clashes, planetary clashes. Look at them visually, as Nancy had laid them out in a line, and what do you see? Fano looks like something thrown to one side, Ancona looks like a dither or vibration, Belgium looks like vibration, and Walmont a bomb with a short fuse. Only Andrea looks stable, as it is a simple reminder of the trimesters, our warning on when the last weeks will occur. We have repeatedly explained how Planet X and the Earth are in a dither with each other, complicated by the presence of Venus and the Dark Twin in the cup. That's what you're seeing here. They dither, bounce off one another's magnetic fields, ricochet around, and do this so often it looks and behaves like a type of vibration.

A fascinating crop circle at Walbury Hill in the UK, first reported on June 12, puzzled many. But the Zetas point out the absolute correlation with their description in the early days of ZetaTalk of the path of Planet X asviewed from Earth. Indeed, by checking the path diagram against the snake formation it is an exact correlation!

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/19/2010: Planet X has a contorted path coming to its current position - a creep past the Sun and thence outbound. In the view from Earth on the website Nancy maintains, it first moves left, then up, then left some more, then right, then down. All this only for the years 1983, when Planet X was first sighted inbound by the IRAS team run by JPL, to 2003 when it arrived to creep past the Sun. If you consider this path from an overhead, rather than head on as Nancy's diagram shows, then you see this contorted path, exactly. When Planet X stopped the Earth in its orbit in December, 2003, Venus was likewise halted and trapped in the cup, and this is what you see with the two small orbs inside a circle. By June, 2004 the Dark Twin had arrived, coming up behind Earth in their shared orbit, so there were 3 planets in the cup in front of Planet X.

In July, 2004 Planet X was close enough to the Earth, having the Earth in its grip and squeezing these 3 planets before it in the cup, that a change in the regular reaction of the Earth to the Sun's sweeping arms was noted by Nancy. As stated "A pattern of 11-11-8-8-8 days between Sweep Sets with a One/Two/Three jolts in each set was noted from April through June but by mid-July the sweep pattern changed to include a Four/Five, the almost continuous activity predicted by the Zetas, so it became difficult to discern the sweep sets." A this point, in the crop circle, Planet X is near the Sun, creeping past the Sun, and time stands still for this crop circle, awaiting the time of the outbound passage. But there is a mirroring of activity on the outbound phase. For the year following the passage, the planets that had been caught in the cup right themselves and find their old orbits and place, while Planet X disappears from view.

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