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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 6, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the candidates and their true motives/state of mind? Are there plans for voter fraud through electronic voting machines? Is there an election surprise planned via war with Iran? What is Bush / Carl Rove planning and what's planned for them?

Will there be an October surprise, or a scandal involving McCain's campaign, or voter fraud or a health problem with McCain? All of the aforementioned! What the Republican campaign would love to have is more national security threats such as the Georgia/Russia flare-up. McCain could then look seasoned and on target with his pre-planned comments, and the usual rule that the public votes Republican when feeling threatened in this manner might swing the election. But for this, they need cooperation around the world. The Georgia leader was in the palm of CIA handlers, and was a card easily played. He obviously lost by being a pawn, as now Russia is camped in his country and will not leave, nor will anyone push the Russians out. He was, of course, told that the US would come to his rescue, and now other countries see what happens these days to those who let the CIA dictate their judgment. Are there other such regions around the world waiting to explode? None, including the Iran/Iraq border and the oft cited Israeli desire to bomb Iran. War with Iran has been threatening for several years, with the Bush administration attempting to trick the US military into some sort of confrontation that would escalate into war. Cheney and those in Israel who want such a confrontation are not giving up, but those blocking them are far stronger.

“Troopergate” is being tried in the media, with every blow-by-blow being reported so there is no need for the final report on the Alaskan governor’s brother-in-law scandal. When the truth emerges, exonerating the governor, those who are ultra-right will trumpet her purity and those with an open mind will have seen what goes on in Alaska under a Republican governor and legislature.

What about voter fraud, which did not succeed in 2006 when countering methods were used? They will again be in place for 2008, with the addition of more workers paid for by the Puppet Master, more lead time to anticipate where troubles might arise and bracing for it. More help will be available from us, working with telepaths and other means of communication between ourselves and those humans on the team relaying our insights.

Finally, McCain's health is shaky, with senility becoming obvious even in settings where he need not react quickly or to new issues. The debates are coming up, and despite the McCain campaign's fervent attempts to learn of the questions ahead of time, there will be surprises galore. In this, McCain will seem halting, dazed, unable to comprehend the question and searching for an answer amid the fog his mind has become. This is the health issue that will emerge, and if the issue is obvious enough, all the debates may not continue or else it will be Obama alone on stage. The point will be too obvious, with the Republicans horrified and the press talking about lack of competence and former President Reagan's Alzheimer’s condition.

I got a bad vibe from Sarah Palin. What's her orientation? Was getting a mentally challenge kid and a 17 year old pregnant daughter part of her life lesson? Considering she's so anti abortion.

Clearly, Sarah has not grown to be Service-to-Other, nor is she a hardened Service-to-Self. She is quite young, and clearly struggling with her orientation. Her daughter's pregnancy can be considered a type of karma, as Sarah and this daughter fought over many issues and the teen wanted to embarrass momma. Teenage pregnancy is often an act of rebellion against parental refusal to acknowledge the teen's sexuality. Certainly, Sarah is in denial, with her insistence that abstinence works with teens. Statistics say otherwise. Sarah's religious rigidity, a sign that she is a young soul and very insecure, ensured that she would not abort her fifth child, though the doctor was encouraging this and talked her into a test for Down syndrome. This shows that Sarah is not all that rigid, and would have allowed herself an out, potentially. However, she was rigid with her daughter, and the daughter paid her back. We have explained that karma, as punishment for a past life, is not what it is supposed. The Birthing Guides instead select for each incarnation a setting which will help the young soul address their lesson, whatever that might happen to be, with consequences occurring in the same lifetime.

Why was McCain even selected as the Republican nominee. He has zero public speaking skills. Was this somehow by design to insure a Democratic win?

Several factors pushed McCain to be the nominee, mostly unrelated to his qualifications. First, the Republicans have a rule that winner takes all during the primaries, so a candidate winning a large state such as California wins an inordinate advantage early in the game. Were it not for this, at least two other candidates - Romney and Huckabee - would have emerged to attend the convention to challenge McCain. Second, it was clear that this was not going to be a Republican year, and not everyone wants to spend endless time on the trail and perhaps a good share of their personal funds chasing an unlikely dream. Thus, not much talent jumped into the pool. Third, the Republicans expected Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic primary, and they had all the ammunition they needed to totally devastate her with negative ads when she did. Both she and McCain were considered highly malleable by those wanting to run the White House from behind the scenes, so the fact that McCain is obviously dealing with senility was not a problem for these power brokers. Thus, until it was too late to do anything about it, the power brokers did not realize that McCain would be lined up against a virtual unknown, Obama. Now McCain's deficits are showing, but there is nothing they can do except hope the voter fraud they fully intend to attempt works, and will not be blocked as it was in 2006.

Will this coming winter be colder than normal in the US and the northern hemisphere? Thanks

Yes, as we stated some weeks ago. The push against the N Pole, away from the Sun and the location of Planet X, will continue. Other dramas will also ensue, but about this we can say no more.

Were the last hurricanes part of the psysical disasters that will take place prior to the poleshift or part of the weather war taking place between the US and Russia and China?If the first is true, should we expect these events to get wilder in the near future?

There are no weather wars between countries, as man does not have the capability to manipulate the weather as some brag. The hurricanes are a natural occurrence, influenced by the Earth wobble to some extent. All of this will indeed get increasingly worse as the time of the pole shift nears.

During the poleshift will there be spaceships landing in the Earth saving the "chosen" ones, the so called "mass landing scenario"?

No. We have explained since the start of ZetaTalk that such a thing as a mass landing will never occur during the Awakening period. This would alarm those not yet receptive to the alien presence. Where rescue of those who are highly Service-to-Other will occur during the pole shift, so that they might live to carry on their work of assisting others in distress, these individuals are not "chosen". This term, used by disinformation agents to describe the alien/human interaction, implies that aliens are dictating the terms of contact. It is the opposite. The human is in control, and being offered a "lift" during the hour of the pole shift is an offer given to those people who by their actions have earned this offer.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the rockslide in Egypt? Is it Planet X related?

This is primarily an instance where a shantytown's sewage and wastewater undercut the soil along the cliff, as the article explains. However, in an area subject to the stretch, such as the Red Sea is experiencing, this also is a slight aggravation toward disaster.

Since everything in life is timing,will Suddam and his sons make the front pages that they are alive and well in a neighborhood country before US elections?

We have stated that they are alive and well in Russia, and will remain there. There would be no benefit in trotting them out before the media, as the US would just claim these were look-alikes, and the CIA would repeat their lie that DNA and other tests were done on Saddam and his sons so their deaths are certain. Since the CIA's proof has been manufactured, there can be no shooting holes in it beyond what has already been done on the Internet, which effectively proved that the US/CIA was lying. Even with such demonstrations of old and new photos, Saddam having straight teeth in the old days and the captured "Saddam" having crooked teeth and an overbite besides, the US media still touted the Bush administration’s line. The finger would be pointed back at Russia or whomever is trying to make the truth known, a case of he said/she said, and thus pointless.

When I first learned about the ACLU, it seemed as if the group was trying to make the country a better place to live. In the last few years I've been confused and/or troubled by their actions, especially when they insisted on defending the group that openly promotes pedophilia. Would the Zetas care to comment on the orientation of the leaders (STS or STO)? Is there a hidden agenda that supports the PTB?

The ACLU are purists, and like good defense lawyers do not concern themselves over the guilt or innocence of the parties they defend. The issue is a simple one - that anyone can be accused and prosecuted unfairly unless the laws are upheld. Thus, when they see the law about to be broken, they leap in. Simple as that.

I would Like you to comment on Hezbollah infiltration of the cocaine trade into Europe. The CIA's involvement. The Queens grandchildren. China's Banking system. Are they all related? Any elaboration would be greatly appreciated.

The US likes to point to the drug trade as supporting terrorism, but two of the largest groups in the trade are the CIA and Israel’s Mossad. Drugs are a quick way to raise up funds and entirely off the accounting books. Remember Iran Contra and the downed drug plane, a CIA plane? All nicely covered up and quickly out of the public’s awareness by the press. The fact that opium production is being overlooked in Afghanistan is not because the US military is too busy to pay attention, but because this is benefiting friends of Bush, so to speak. China is very strict about drug use, has a history of this, and is not involved nor is the government of Venezuela, though both of these countries may be falsely accused by the West.

Please name exo-political black ops going on or has been going on.

We kept Nancy out of the 9.11 debate, on purpose, because she has a more important mission to focus on - informing the public about the coming pole shift and what to do about it. If we had given our insights into 9.11 when the issue was hot and not yet explored by the public, she would not only have had her time used up addressing related issues but also had a greater disinformation campaign against her than has emerged without the 9.11 worry. In a similar manner, for us to relay information about black operations (“ops”) would not help Nancy with her mission, nor would it enable you to stop such black ops. Do you think that these people are in the phone book and lead normal lives? We might cause them some pain but they would cause Nancy even more pain, and it is pointless in any case. You cannot stop their actions.

With all of the job loss in the united states what will become of the Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco? They say US taxpayers are going to bail them out. How can the taxpayers of this country bail them out without a job to withhold tax from us? Where is all of this going to in the near term? Some say as early as this monday 8th of Sept. Others Sept 30, at the end of the federal fiscal year for funding. Also is the Federal Reserve broke yet?

The US is printing money, and has been for over a year. This is why the Fed's rules on M3 reporting was changed, making the source of funds for the Federal Reserve secret. You are to assume that some country or wealthy individuals bought bonds, but you cannot verify this. Of course, printing money to solve a country's woes leads to a "banana republic" situation, wherein the paper money from that country soon becomes worthless. Each dollar printed dilutes all the others, so that the rate of inflation increases. This is already the problem in the US, but the bankruptcies of Freddie and Fanny are considered a problem that will make it all worse. All citizens in the US are made to pay, not only via taxpayer funds, but by inflation, which robs them of the value of their savings and wages.

Reagan's condition was mentioned in an earlier comment. Would the Zetas give some insight into that president's mental health and what was going on behind the scenes to make him look good. During that administration my intuition told me that there was something not quite right, but in those days I didn't understand that the media was not able to speak/investigate freely. Did Reagan's family know the elite agenda completely?

Reagan was a puppet, put into place by his handlers who saw that an actor could gain the trust of the American people. The stories in the public domain about Reagan are that yellow tape was placed along the floor where he was to walk to give a speech or press conference, and pre-printed cards to be read to individuals who might call on the phone were on hand at his desk. He was completely controlled, essentially acting the whole time. Beyond that the family knew he was senile, and wished to keep this a secret to avoid embarrassment, but they were not in the know about any schemes or agendas.

I will like to know what you think about the Orgone movement and their New Grid, which is to protect US from what is coming?

There is no such grid, and no such protection. Most of these claims are due to the frantic sense that many have that something terrible is in their near future, if for no other reason than the 2012 hype. Anyone claiming to rescue them, in whatever way, gets a lot of attention. Thus, those who want the stage and enjoy fawning attention make up these stories and bask.

Earth's connection with the Zetas. Zetas plus Humans = Hybrids, and the weird DNA involved.

Genetic engineering has occurred several times in man's past, with many different groups acting as the engineers.

Last week the Zeta's said there some truth to the Roswell "Alien Interview" - my question is why do some eyewitness' claim to have smelled deterioration of alien bodies - when the surviving Alien empathed that their bodies (suits if you will) were not biological therefore they don't need food. She said their bodies were really electrical suits? Did the alien deteriorate or are they not biological?

All but one extraterrestrial (“ET”) involved died in the crash, and all were definitely biological bodies. The attempts at communication during the Roswell incident by those natural human telepaths with the ET were not as effective as Nancy’s ability as a telepath. The imperfect telepaths during Roswell were trying to relay that the hominoids involved in the crash did not eat in the same manner as humans, but get their nutrition via other means in the main, via their skin and lungs just as we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, do.

As we explained, telepathic communications are not perfect, despite the high degree of perfect communication we have achieved between Nancy and ourselves. You have become spoiled with ZetaTalk, which happens rapidly and is so readily available to you on a weekly basis. The reason Nancy insists on being on the "same page" and knowing enough about the subject under discussion is because if she has an erroneous idea in her head, it can pollute the process. Nancy is exceptional, in part due to the DNA she allowed to be inserted into the part of her brain that supports telepathy, but also because of her work ethic. Though ZetaTalk is produced rapidly, it is not a matter of her simply typing down our "words". Nancy does not hear words -- she receives a concept, and converts it into English. During this process, she and we have inserted a feedback mechanism, whereby she relays the final product back to us, her understanding of what we have tried to relay, and if this comes back to us, as a concept, as something other than we intended, we correct her. In almost all cases this works, unless she is acting as our translator without sufficient knowledge of the issue being discussed, and then she can stumble, which has on occasion happened.

Why do people run to the pool and play splash face like little children but run from the rain?

People swimming in pools are planning to get wet, but most often the rain catches people when they are dressed in clothing they wish to keep dry. Secondarily, a control factor is in place. Man can control his actions in a pool, but the rain takes away this element of control.

Barak Obama was served this past week with a summons to appear in court about his proof of his birth place. Can the Zetas comment on what is going to happen with this?

This issue came up some weeks ago, just ahead of the Democratic Convention. Hillary fans were trying a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. The plan was to have a restraining order to prevent the convention from making him the nominee. We predicted that this plot would be ignored by the DNC, and it was. In fact, a restraining order was never issued by the judge, a Clinton appointee. However, the case is still playing out, not yet dead though dealt a death blow. Obama has the paperwork needed.

There has been a lot of talk lately of mediums receiving messages that there will be a viewing for 3 days of a massive space craft on October 14, 2008. Can the Zetas comment on this matter?

Such mass sightings are never announced ahead of time, which is a clue that this is entirely false. If these mediums are listening to anything it is to each other, and thus they feel their hunch has been confirmed.

What about John Lear saying Planet X is a hoax and 2012 would be just like any other year like the Y2K problem (or may be like may 15, 2003)? How come on your website you say that John Lear is a reporter of substance and has lot of insider info, then what he is saying must be true. He even says there's life on all planets including Venus just like on Earth. On your website you say there's no life on Venus, how come such discrepancy? On zetatalk you had discarded the presence on life on venus, could it be possible there are living beings on venus in a much higher density than yours? like the 5th density?

We were saying to not take all he says as truth! Venus does not have life. And Lear is relaying what he has been told by the CIA. He is a mouthpiece!

If land surfaces move over the Earth's core during the pole shift, will all new wells need to be dug? I mean, will underground stream beds move with whatever land mass they cross? Also, will we see a hurricane hit the Northeast this year (like the one that hit back in the '30's)?

As we have endlessly explained, we cannot predict the target of hurricanes, nor are we allowed to relay where and when a quake will strike. The Rule of Non-Interference prevents this. Most underground streams will remain in place after the pole shift, though some displacement will occur. It depends upon the solidity of the rock in your area, and how much shifting soil exists between the rock strata. More rock means greater stability.

A few years ago, the Zeta's have talked about Pedophilia Power in which they describe the US Government and other world powers, such as the Catholic "Empire" (as I like to call it), abusing children for the purpose of compromising blackmailable members in order to ensure they comply with secret oaths, policies and rules that have more of an Service-to-Self than a Service-to-Other agenda. Keeping those facts in mind I was wondering if the Zeta's could comment on the case of Masha Allen? This is a hugely sad story that has received so much international attention that she has been named an "international child porn star" and is also known as the so-called "Disney World Girl"! The case started in 1998 when a pedophile father, Matthew Mancuso, adopted her from Russia, took her to the US and soon after began abusing her. This lasted for 5 years of her life before being rescued and Mancuso later being arrested and jailed. During the time of her abuse, Mancuso took hundreds of digital photos of her and posted them on the Internet for all to see.

Unfortunately, it appears this young girl is still being abused as we speak! Not only is she being abused because some of her images are still out there on the net, but it appears the police and possibly other world law enforcement agencies are using her undoctored images as part of creating new child porn sites in order to entrap people worldwide! Thus, rather than fighting child pornography, they are promoting it, sparking modern-day police "witch-hunts"--many of which innocent people get caught up in and their lives ruined (e.g. "Operation Ore" of England)! Please read the Masha story here: My questions here are: (1) Was this an isolated incident at first in which Mancuso took advantage of Russia's flawed adoption laws and that the police took advantage of later (thus making her a "star")? -or- (2) Was the FBI and/or the US Government and/or some other agency behind this all along from the start--let's say by hiring Mancuso to do the dirty work of abusing a child? And did they use her abuse to create a so-called "Internet scare" in order to help "censor" the internet to prevent more people from finding out the truch about various governments, their powers and agendas worldwide, etc (using the child porn situation as an excuse to do all this)?

This is a case where the police were opportunists, as they are often frustrated in their attempts to catch pedophiles. Pedophiles intimidate their victims, so testimony is generally not available. This intimidation even extends to adulthood, with the victims becoming disturbed, depressed, mentally ill, and most often amnesiac and thus not able to prosecute their abusers. Attempting to set up entrapment to catch pedophile rings is tricky, as they lack the appearance of being genuine and the perpetrators get suspicious. Thus, if a real ring is operant, the police are very tempted to use it for capture and prosecution.

I recently discovered the website of Phil Schneider, whom the Zeta's confirmed was assassinated as he was indeed involved in building deep underground miltary bases (DUMB's, for short). There is even a full-length video on his website and several clips totalling several hours of lectures on YouTube. (No doubt this individual was highly-Service-to-Other). Does Barack Obama and other Service-to-Other members of government including Nancy Pelosi know about these bases or have they at least heard rumours? Can the Zeta's comment?

Pelosi is in the know, though is not considered an insider by the Bush crowd. Obama has only heard rumors.

Do the Zetas have any comment on the strange color of the sky at sunset? It varies on different days. From orange to deep purple mostly.

Some of this is due to high atmospheric red dust from the tail of Planet X. Other coloration is caused by the high degree of volcanic activity lately. And yet other colors are due to the bending of light rays around the surface of the Earth, where light rays in the red spectrum (which includes orange or purple) bend more than other spectrums and thus the dawn and dusk seem "orange".