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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 23, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can't wait to see what the Zetas have to say about Obama's selection. Also didn't they say he was leaning on picking someone else? Why did Obama change his mind, if he did? [and from another] I would be interested in hearing the Zetas thoughts on Obama's choice of Biden as his VP. Previously, the Zetas had mentioned that Obama showed interest in Sebelius as his VP, but now it looks like he was swayed to change his mind to perhaps play it safe to avoid Hilary-supporters' backlash by not choosing a VP woman other than Hilary. At least that is my guess. What do the Zetas think of Biden as Obama's VP? Is he Service-to-Other?

We mentioned 3 weeks ago that Obama wanted Sebelius, which he did. She was always his favorite. But the campaign managers were closely watching the polls and the trends so when Georgia versus Russia boiled to the forefront of the public’s awareness it was clear that Sebelius would not bring anything to the table regarding international situations. However, Biden was invited to Georgia by the president of Georgia. All of those who were considered finalists would have been acceptable to the Democratic Party.

But Biden brings several strong suits. Though he authorized the war in Iraq, he has been adamant that it should end now that WMD is no longer an issue. His record on women's and civil rights is impeccable. He is not “in bed” with lobbyists. He brings to the ticket several factors that will help with the electorate - he is Catholic, comes from a working class background, and he has vast experience with international relations. One key benefit of having Biden as VP is his ability to attack, and attack effectively, on the campaign trail.

And what about the lawsuit over his birth certificate? Who's behind the controversy about Obama's birth place/ birth certificate? Not to mention McCains birthright too. People are asking questions about him as well. [and from another] Obama Dogged by Claims of birth Certificate Forgery [Aug 22] Smear campaigns against presidential hopeful Barack Obama have reached a new low as continued accusations -- and now a lawsuit -- claim the candidate is not a natural born US citizen. An official from the Hawaii Health Department called speculation on his citizenship "pretty ridiculous." But that hasn't prevented a prominent Philadelphia attorney and avowed Hillary Clinton supporter from filing a lawsuit against the candidate on grounds that he is constitutionally ineligible. But those allegations were squashed when Annenberg Political Factcheck and the Hawaii Health Department both verified the document.

McCain was born in Panama, not officially a US territory, but the Congress passed a law recently clarifying that any child born on a military base would be automatically considered a US citizen. The lawsuit filed against Obama was obviously by a Hillary supporter, a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. When Obama won by the number of delegates, Hillary was loathe to drop out of the race, and in fact only paused her candidacy. She is officially still a candidate! She excuses this publicly by saying that many contests are only settled at the convention, but the real reason is that her campaign managers hoped by the time of the convention that they could convince enough superdelegates, and even pledged delegates, to swing to her. This has not happened. The opposite has happened, in fact. The raw ambition of the Clintons is obvious, increasingly so, so that many who supported Hillary's campaign now see the claws under the glove. Lawsuits are not settled in a day, and this lawsuit, baseless, against Obama's birth in Hawaii is designed to delay the nomination! Anything to gain time and hobble Obama. This lawsuit will be quickly dismissed, but even if it is not in time for the nomination, the Democratic Party will proceed as though it were not an issue.

The zetas have mentioned time travel and stated that it is a reality. Can they comment on who's "present" the now time line belongs to? Is not this present time a pre-existing grip point for some future civilizations past? How is it all kept straight?

Our explanation of time travel implies that what you understand to be your "present" is indeed the present. We explain time as something similar to a mathematical formula, where we change one of the factors to move into the future, "weave" into the future, or change a factor to "unweave" the threads in order to go back in time. If the factors are not changed then time is linear and you are in the present.

Is Obama likely to have a "new deal" type of program to deal wit jobs, health care, energy , banking, housing , etc.? All of the issues we are currently and will be facing? A more activist role for government in solving problems?

Yes, highly likely.

News reports say that a deal is about to be struck where the US will leave all cities in Iraq by June 2009, and will leave Iraq completely by 2011. What's behind this new and unexpected development?

The Iraqi government has all along intensely resented the US occupation of their lands, and has only postured at cooperation to buy time. Seeing the Bush administration despised in its own country, and about to be booted out of office, they are starting to assert themselves. The State Department demanded that US oil companies be given no-bid contracts to control Iraqi oil, and did not obtain this. Among some 40 plus countries given contracts, US companies have been given similar contracts, but not to control oil fields, only to repair the equipment. The UN mandate for Iraq ends at the end of 2008, with any current agreements to have US troops in Iraq, and to forgive their contractors for their crimes, ending. Iraq made it clear they wanted a timeline, and no automatic excuse for contractor crimes, before any agreement would be signed. They have held firm and are getting their way.

The Zetatalk website mentions that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by financial interests from Britain who wanted to damage US banks. ../govmt/g127.htm But, the 9/11 attacks fit perfectly into what the Neo-Cons had in mind when they wrote their PNAC documents, which suggest that a major terrorist event could be used as a pretext to invade other countries and secure American hegemony. The Neo-Cons such as Cheney, had no hand in 9/11? The attacks were exactly what the Bush administration needed to advance their PNAC plans, and unlike Zetatalk suggests, much evidence shows that the US government had a very large hand in the attacks. Many independent documentaries were made about this, showing the indisputable mountains of evidence of large US government involvement in all of this. Are the zetas not giving us the full picture?

We stated that many unlikely elements jumped “in bed” with each other. One element of course was a few Arabs who considered that they were on a suicide mission. They were watched behind the scenes by the FBI and CIA, who were told they were harmless, which they were without the high level assistance they received. Another group was in the White House - Cheney and to a lesser extent Bush - who wanted to take advantage of a terror attack for their own purposes - to invade Iraq and thence control the Middle East oil. Yet another group were financial interests in Europe, as they knew that the Bush administration would require a great deal of forgiveness from financial groups in order to run the US debt up as they have.

It should not be a surprise that Bush/Cheney and their cronies let the World Trade Centers be hit. Cheney arranged to have an air force exercise on that day, to create confusion so the US could not muster a timely defense. The Bush family was involved in security at the WTC, allowing explosives to be planted. During WWII, the US President at the time allowed Japan to strike at Pearl Harbor, giving him the excuse to enter the war. Even though it seems on the surface that 9.11 gave the White House what they were looking for, behind the scenes they were set back in their initial plans. This may seem hard to believe, but financial hardship hit the US economy faster than it would have if it had not been made obvious to banking interests that a blank check should not be given to the Bush/Cheney cabal.

Can we expect anything major in the way of earth changes or weather anomalies now that August is almost at an end and things have been relatively quiet? Anything more than the occasional earthquake, mild hurricane, scattered tornado here or there, or will things pretty much remain as they are for awhile? Have benign aliens made things seem more normal than they were back in May? [and from another] New Greenland Ice Cracks Worry Scientists [Aug 21] In northern Greenland, a part of the Arctic that had seemed immune from global warming, new satellite images show a growing giant crack and an 11-square-mile chunk of ice hemorrhaging off a major glacier. And that's led the university professor who spotted the wounds in the massive Petermann glacier to predict disintegration of a major portion of the Northern Hemisphere's largest floating glacier within the year. If it does worsen and other northern Greenland glaciers melt faster, then it could speed up sea level rise, already increasing because of melt in southern Greenland. The crack is 7 miles long and about half a mile wide. It is about half the width of the 500 square mile floating part of the glacier. Other smaller fractures can be seen in images of the ice tongue, a long narrow sliver of the glacier.

Greenland ice is melting and Hurricane Fay has crossed over Florida more times that ever, so things are not normal. As we stated last week, these matters are not linear!

The national average for gasoline in the USA is now $3.69, and the price of oil seems to be going down. Only a few weeks ago gasoline was approaching $5. All the fundamentals (worldwide demand, dislike of USA, etc) suggest that oil prices and gasoline prices should be going up! Why is gasoline becoming cheaper when the evidence suggests it should be getting more expensive? Have the Saudis finally agreed to help the USA? Is the US government quietly subsidizing oil?

The price of gasoline in the US is controlled by the oil companies, very much "in bed" with the Republicans and McCain. They are reducing the retail price, while reducing their obscene profits at the same time, in an attempt to get McCain elected.

Regarding ultra-advanced technological civilizations: generally speaking, what are they capable of? Can they be considered omnipotent and omniscient? I've been told they have transcended physical bodies and can experience anything at will.

Life forms have limitations and what you are describing is wishful thinking on someone's part. Once the soul no longer needs a physical body in order to grow, spiritually, they have great freedom of movement, however.

Why does it say on Zetatalk that Bin Laden is on the run from the US government and that Bush is frustrated that he cannot catch him? When the evidence clearly shows that Bin Laden is a CIA asset, code named "Tim Osman", who's family has a very deep and personal business relationship with the Bush's going back decades. Is Bin Laden no longer working with the CIA?

Bin Laden is not a CIA asset. As we have stated, he is alive and moving within the mountain ranges between Afghanistan and Turkey.

Is the cabal resigned to losing power before the shift, and have they gotten the message yet that their bunkers may turn into tombs, that maybe they should be preparing more reliable accomodations? Has it sunk in yet they were lied to by the Service-to-Self aliens, or do they really think the "passage" will be fairly mild and there's nothing to really worry about?

Tests were made on the bunkers, so those at the top of the elitist pile are aware of the problem of relying on the bunkers. They discovered that rock under stress emits deadly radiation, which was not present when the bunkers were built. Crews forced to live in the bunkers were found dead, in most cases, after an extended period of time. The many people drawn into the conspiracy to keep the existence of Planet X from the public are not being told these matters, however. Those at the top of the pile are making alternative arrangements for themselves, in relatively safe locations. For instance, the Bush family explored going to Paraguay, until they realized how hated they are in S America and how likely they would have a horrible end at the hands of those who despise them. Living above ground, in simple shelters not unlike those we have recommended for the common man, are their plans. But they still intend to rule over the survivors in the Aftertime, wherever they settle.

Nancy is the the strange path of Hurricane Fay in the USA related to the approach of planet X? [and from another] Fay's 4th Florida Landfall One For The Record Books [Aug 23] Tropical Storm Fay crossed into the Florida Panhandle on Saturday, becoming the first storm of its kind in recorded history to hit the state four different times. Though Fay never materialized into a hurricane, downpours along its zigzagging path have been punishing and deadly. Fay has been an unusual storm, even by Florida standards. It first made landfall in the Florida Keys on Monday, then headed out over open water again before hitting a second time near Naples on the southwest coast. It limped across the state, popped back out into the Atlantic Ocean and struck again near Flagler Beach on the central coast. It was the first storm in almost 50 years to make three landfalls in the state, as most hit and exit within a day or two.

This is a perfect example of what the Earth wobble is doing to the Earth and her atmosphere. If one imagines being positioned on the Sun, looking at Earth when the Sun is over Europe at high noon, one would not see the geographic N and S Poles in a straight up and down position, at 12 and 6 o'clock respectively. Instead, the N Pole would seem to be at 11 o'clock and the S Pole at 5 o'clock. Then as the globe turns and high noon is over the Americas, the N and S Poles would appear to be at 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock respectively. What this does for the atmosphere over the Atlantic is first it masses over the East Coast of the US, during the European lean, and then it masses over the Gulf of Mexico during the Americas lean. The air masses shift positions. This is why Fay has gone back and forth across Florida, instead of one of the usual routes that hurricanes take.

What exactly is the tie between the Puppet Masters and Senator Biden if any?

We have explained that the Puppet Master's control is financial, not a direct chain-of-command relationship to everyone in any kind of a power position around the world. It is more like herding cats than a military operation, with certain people approached with a type of bribe or to explore what kind of a win-win relationship might be established. Not everyone is considered approachable, due to their integrity. Certainly not everyone is approached because the existence of the Puppet Master as such would become an open secret. Those who can be controlled, such as the Bush family or Clintons, are controlled by threats and bribes, such that these families would not dare to expose the power of the Puppet Master. They would be destroyed, by the dirt the Puppet Master has on them, in essence, and viciously so. There are others who are considered open to compromise or negotiation, such as Obama, a reasonable man who will listen to all sides. Any issue held dear by the Puppet Master would be presented to Obama in such as way as to appeal to him as a win-win for the common man, and thus his cooperation gained. As we have mentioned, the Puppet Master is highly intelligent, and is not a brute. Biden likewise has had no reason to be approached by the Puppet Master and would not be so directly. Obama would be the route.

You're of course aware that during and after the coming poleshift groups of mixed spiritual orientation will form and it will be difficult for you to help only the Service-to-Other ones, or the undecided pending toward the Service-to-Others, especially if they are only a few, so what will you do? How will you cope with the Service-to-Self ones or the undecided?

As with life on Earth today, we are bound by the Rule of Non-Interference unless an exception is granted by the Council of Worlds. You have gangs today, Service-to-Self gangs, or highly Service-to-Self individuals controlling large portions of the populace. We do not interfere. We have explained that as the polarization increases, and the pole shift isolates communities, matters will change. Service-to-Other communities will be protected to some extent by cloaking, so that Service-to-Self gangs simply do not find them. We have advised that Service-to-Other communities assist in this matter by situating themselves in remote and inaccessible locations. Undecided people in great numbers reduce the likelihood that we can assist a community, as some undecided persons lean toward the Service-to-Self and can gain control of the community.

Since the Zetas can read the minds of we humans, can they give us some insight into what the elite masterminding the Coverup are thinking at this time? Do they harbor disdain and hatred for the "useless eaters", or do they convince themselves of their own lies? Are they planning on finding ways to "inform" those of us that want to know the truth about the coming poleshift? Do they feel any guilt or shame at propping up the Coverup or do they convince themselves it's "all for the best" so as not to frighten us, even though they are preparing to save themselves?

All of the above. Many are highly Service-to-Self and do not concern themselves with the common man beyond wanting to be sure that the common man will not clutter up or interfere with their lives. Thus, they live in mansions away from the poor, and find the concept of poisoning large portions of the populace with chemtrails after the pole shift attractive. Others involved in the cover-up are in agony, feeling caught in what is currently their jobs, their livelihoods, and what they feel is the right thing to do. It is from this group that last minute leaks about the presence and pending passage of Planet X might come.

I remember some time ago you saying that the Jeff Peckman video is not a fake, can you confirm that this is a true Zeta? Here's the link:

At the present time, any photo or video claiming to be a Zeta is a fake. Where this video is not a Fraud, it is also not a valid photo of a Zeta.

When you first genetically engineered man, did you expect this kind of evolution?

Man has progressed as expected. We have explained that young worlds, 3rd Density worlds, progress in a similar manner, often poisoning their worlds with pollution and getting involved in wars. Technology also develops, if the lifeform can manipulate their environment, and this likewise has progressed along predictable lines.

This is not a question for Nancy. This is for the Zetas. After all, the Zetas were saying the coordinates for Planet X in years past. Then the Zetas made the mistake saying that the RA and Dec for objects change, when in fact they do not. So, since Nancy is just the channel, the question is not to Nancy. The fact you [Nancy] are old, sick, exhausted, and dizzy from sickness is irrelevant - if it were relevant, the Zetas should have picked an emissary who is more healthy. Why were the Zetas supposedly right about coordinates in 2003, yet in 2008 show a complete lack of understanding in how celestial coordinates actually work?

When we gave the coordinates for the approach of Planet X going into 2003, we gave these directly as RA and Dec to Nancy, and she reported them as such. At the time, she was debating on sci.astro, posting our answers, and was acutely aware that RA and Dec was the means of establishing where in the night sky an object might be located. The sci.astro debates ended around 2001. Nancy is not an astronomer, nor is she a brain surgeon or a chemist, so should not be expected to be versed in every science just because humanity assaults her with questions that demand such omnipotent knowledge. She was aware that something was wrong with the video in question, as it gave a static RA and Dec that did not change. We relayed this to her, that something was wrong with the static position.

Thus, her interpretation to this end when we addressed the question a few weeks back on the GLP chat. Nancy's words were that the RA and Dec would change dramatically each day as the Sun and Moon do in their azimuth and altitude locations, as she has during the years since 2001 been dealing in azimuth and altitude while documenting the wobble. Realizing her error, she corrected the ZetaTalk answer to state our intent, that moving planets are not static in RA and Dec! Stop demanding perfection from our emissary! She is doing what you would not be willing to do, and in all likelihood could not do. Your attitude indicates a childish nature, not a mature quest for information.

It seems the entire globe is moving into an economic recession/depression. Is this related to the Puppet Masters selling their stocks and assets as they anticipate the coming pole shift?

The Puppet Master deals with relative worth. His assets are not measured in a dropping dollar or a rising Euro. They are measured in relative worth. Gold, for instance, can rise or drop in price but one holding gold has a thing that retains its relative worth. The same is true of stock in corporations, which are often held not because they can translate into dollars but because they indicate the ability to control that corporation!

Did the zetas already know that Bush Sr, Cheney and the Bush clones were going to steal the presidency in 2000, and this is why they brought in a Star Child (Obama) to help get us through the shift? What would've happened if the Puppet Master's minions had succeeded in preventing the 2000 and 2004 elections from being stolen? Or are there any number of Star Children held in reserve, infiltrating Earth politics in order to "be there" if the hands of man throw too many monkey wrenches?

As we have explained, the rule is non-interference unless an exception is granted. Voter fraud would have occurred in 2006 also, preventing a Democratic takeover of Congress, had it not been for the hands of man. MJ12 was terminated by the governing boards in 2000, when it was clear that Bush/Cheney had stolen the election by fraud. The governing boards, who were primarily Service-to-Other in nature, could see the handwriting on the wall, that abuse of space ship travel and cloaking would occur in a Bush/Cheney administration. Those in the old MJ12, whose members totaled about 2,000 people, were in the main intelligence agents assigned to MJ12, most often without family ties and often orphaned when young. They were assumed to be dedicated to their jobs, and could be eliminated without fuss if it became necessary. For most, this was simply their job.

Many were leaning to Service-to-Other or even highly Service-to-Other, and when MJ12 committed suicide, as a formal organization, they indicated they wanted to continue to work with ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas. MJ12 members, as we have detailed, were allowed conscious contact with aliens, as MJ12 as an organization was established before the rule that all contact should be in the subconscious of contactees was put into place. We took those MJ12 members wanting to work with us into our dome cities in 4th Density, and they are the hands that interfere with any attempts to plant WMD or effect false terrorism, etc. To block voter fraud, however, was beyond the ability of this crew. Here the Puppet Master stepped in, providing 8,000 individuals who set the vote tabulation totals right and blocked planned manipulation of these totals. We, the Zetas, informed the former MJ12 members working with us, many of whom were known by and familiar to the Puppet Master, and they directed the Puppet Master's 8,000 strong crew.

Can an Service-to-Other person/soul be lazy? What do you think about laziness?

Anyone highly Service-to-Other, or even leaning in this direction, would not be lazy in the face of need among others. They may be sloppy, not keeping the house as orderly or clean as some would like, but unless the mess causes real distress, for instance disease for others, this is not considered anything but a difference of opinion among the Service-to-Other. Lazy is in the eye of the beholder.

Will the New Madrid rupture occur without any warning or a few weeks of minor to major quakes.

The New Madrid Fault is already giving warnings. The Minneapolis bridge was one such indication of stress in the middle of the N American plate. There have been quake swarms in Alabama or other southern states. The coastline of Louisiana is being pulled down, as is the coastline of Florida. The Memphis bridge over the Mississippi River experienced a dropping footing on the west side of the bridge. Hello! We are, as we have repeatedly stated, not allowed to warn mankind of specific dates or locations for quakes. We cannot, for instance, tell you that a series of X magnitude quakes will be preceded by a large quake of magnitude Y. This is too specific.

The Zetas said that the pole shift will happen before 2012. Is the long count Mayan calendar pointing out to when the next passage of Planet X and pole shift will happen? But humans just miscalculated the date? If not, is there anything significant about 2012?

2012 was a miscalculation, as we have detailed. In their attempts to align the Gregorian and Mayan calendars, they failed at the start, setting off on the wrong foot. We have stated that the pole shift will occur before 2012.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent deaths of the Clinton superdelegates who had switched their votes to Obama? [and from another] Tuesday night was supposed to be the Arkansas delegation's time to shine at the Democratic National Convention, with members ready to cheer former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and a birthday party planned for the party's chairman. Instead, delegates arrive in Denver this week still mourning the loss of slain party chairman Bill Gwatney, with his widow taking his place in the delegation. The former state senator and car dealer was fatally shot at party headquarters Aug. 13 by Timothy Dale Johnson, who was himself killed by police after he led them on a 30-mile chase. [and from another] Services Updated for Late Congresswoman from Ohio [Aug 22] The 58-year-old Tubbs Jones died Wednesday evening after suffering a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm. A Democrat, she was the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress. She represented the 11th Congressional District, which includes Cleveland and some eastern suburbs.

Neither of these incidences were assassinations. Both of these individuals were staunch Clinton supporters, and were not expected to switch. It is true that Clinton dreads the actual counts being delivered as she knows that many, many delegates have stated they will vote for Obama, not her. This was clear from the superdelegate swing to Obama at the end of the primary season. This trend has increased. Clinton has been revealed and humiliated in the media when her poorly run campaign was exposed. At the helm, her management skills were the problem. Many who backed her were pressed to do so under threat that the Clinton machine would continue, and the Clintons were known to be vicious in punishing those who moved against them. Her backers see the end to this threat, a new era, and are thus more likely to stand behind Obama.