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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 30, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

There is a book out by Lawrence Spencer called Alien Interview. It is a transcript of the telepathic interview of the surviving alien from the 1947 Roswell crash. I have it as a free PDF download found at It is 100s of pages, though I found it very convincing. The people who are "in the know" about alien contact from their time in the military are now getting very old and are coming out and releasing their stories. This is the case with this interview as the person involved was about to die. Interestingly I actually have met one of the people mentioned in the "story", an obscure "language expert" from the Navy who was bought in to help with the language problem. John Kneubel, who I met when I lived in Samoa in the 70s. Could the Zetas comment on this "story".

This is a true account and is not at odds with many statements we, the Zetas, have made. One ET survived the crash, and was in telepathic communication with humans who were receptive. More than one such human came to assist the military in charge of the surviving ET. Some information that was relayed during this telepathic interview included:

  1. the reality of reincarnation,
  2. that the body being incarnated is unaware of past lives unless the soul relays this information,
  3. that souls incarnate into many different kinds of life-forms throughout the Universe, not merely into humans,
  4. that Service-to-Others was a strong component in the lives of the aliens involved in the Roswell crash,
  5. that Earth is subject at present to a mix of souls including those in the Service-to-Self, who are not restrained in their treatment of others, and thus the human in telepathic contact interpreted Earth to be a "prison planet", which it is not. It is a mixed setting planet.

What should be born in mind is that the human interpretation of the conversation always colors, to some extent, the information being relayed. This is why Nancy insists on being "on the same page" and knowing what the subject is about before relaying our answers. If she misunderstands, the answer might be skewed.

Is it likely that Obama will be able to reign in the rogue elements of government once he assumes power? Poisoning troops, CIA assinations, etc.?

We have often explained that there are many different agendas within all levels of government, with many different groups working at cross purposes to each other, to say nothing of individual agendas. Even though Bush and Cheney have attempted to shape the federal bureaucracies to their liking, pruning off the department heads and replacing them with cooperative individuals, there are several factors that will make it impossible for them to run the government in exile, so to speak, after Obama takes the Oval Office. One factor is that many who were assumed by Bush/Cheney to be cooperative have only been pretending, and are in essence sleeper cells waiting to act if necessary. Another is that forced retirements and rapid promotions of cooperatives are not a secret process, so that those forced to retire can return to government work and those promoted because they were willing to cooperate with the Bush/Cheney agenda can be demoted or sacked themselves. There is often great credence given to rumors that this or that is going to occur, such as an invasion of Iran or a dirty nuke bombing in a US city. There is of course this and more being planned, but then blocked by benevolent aliens and collaborating humans. More power is given to such rogue elements of the government in the minds of conspiracy theorists than should granted to such rogue elements. They are known, watched, blocked, and will be cleaned out promptly.

The Puppet Master's greatest asset seems to be anonymity. Does he keep this with a mix of bribes and punishment?

Anonymity can be purchased, just as land, employees, and loyalty can be purchased. The Puppet Master and his extended family are also likable individuals, so such loyalty is not a painful matter.

Will Gustav be the final nail in the coffin of the Republicans? Is any of this by design?

Such a remarkable coincidence that Hurricane Katrina redux is about to occur on the day Bush and Cheney are to speak at the Republican convention! This is the second time around for the New Orleans area, and they are correctly evacuating, leaving no one behind. Since this area will be flooded repeatedly by storms well before the pole shift, one should not have regrets about this, as it hastens the realization of the inevitable death of New Orleans as a viable city. Thus, directing a storm to that area is not a disservice to the humans attempting to live there. The Republicans will try to point out that a Republican governor did better than the prior governor, a Democrat, as a thorough evacuation is being mandated and funded. Of course, they had the lessons from the first Katrina disaster. The nation will recall the days of the first Katrina, however, and how a Republican president in the White House was dismissive of human life put in danger on his watch.

Since the Moon does not rotate and the Earth does, why is it science cannot figure this out?

There is a technical term for the apparent rotation the Moon does, glued to the Earth as it is. The Moon itself, if out in space, would not rotate as it does not have a liquid core and is homogenous throughout in material. Why do some humans claim the Moon rotates? Either they do not have the mental ability to understand that the Moon is simply glued to the Earth, facing only one side to the Earth, or they are desperately arguing the point because we have said the Moon does not rotate. The disinformation team at work.

I wonder about US elections. I saw a map of "red" and "blue" states (2000, 2004, 2008) and - oh no! - those "blue" are so few! I can't imagine it - American people witnessed neocon reaction during the Bush Administration and now such a great number of Americans still openly embrace that extreme philosophy, a candidate that promises more of the same. And these are not just the establishment members, right radicals, but also many common folks, and they withstand and argue that "ideology". The same I very often see in my locale in Ukraine - common folks being very nationalistic, intolerant to their neighbours who are different or think another way. I see this the same at its base everywhere (be it Ukraine or US, or whatever), conservative ideology, meaning "traditional values", fundamentalism, racism, cult of force, survival of the fittest. My question is - are those great number of people leaning to Service-to-Self? So many of them? And do you think that Survival of the Fittest, in human society, turns out to be in fact Survival of the Fascists?

Early in the Democratic primary, many people saw Obama's chances as slight, because the Clinton machine was so strong and the Clinton legacy so well respected by many Democrats. Obama laid out a ground force of volunteers and determined staff in many states, and this served him well in caucus states and allowed the populace to get familiar with his message well ahead of the primary vote, and to generate enthusiasm. The Clintons assumed an inevitability of their success. There seems to be not that much difference now in the polls, between Obama and McCain. But months ago, well ahead of his current campaign push, Obama staffed the states and started the volunteer process. Voter registration is another push, as the number of Democrats newly registered to vote is astonishing. This is due to Obama's groundwork, laid well ahead of when it would be needed. The Republicans are scattered, due in great part to McCain's scattered style of leadership. Thus, the outcome of the general election is not yet perceived.

Those people who cling to an ultraright nature, what is termed a conservative philosophy, are insecure in the main, and see matters in black and white, unable to tolerate the gray area required for an accurate understanding of the issues. They also lack empathy, except for their friends and family. They prefer rules, rigid rules. If this sounds like a tendency to be Service-to-Self, being immature enough that one has not learned to become Service-to-Other, that's what it is. Your complaints are due to the large number of immature souls on Earth today.

More and more cranes are collapsing. When will people start putting 2 and 2 together and figure out that things are not normal?

As we stated when the cranes first started collapsing, this is due to the wobble and the particular vulnerability of cranes to sway. Such incidences, repeatedly in the news, are a threat to the establishment who do not want to address the wobble. Thus, there is always an excuse, or the collapse is "being investigated". Some rusty bolt or inattentive operator is later blamed. If the number of collapsing cranes become too obvious, they will be banned from national news and only reported locally, to avoid distress to the establishment.

We have a clear blue sky and I filtered out the blurryness of the sun and viewed it and I see no presence of the mighty planet Nibiru. Why is it that I can't see it? I looked around 5:20 pm central time today. I know you live in Wisconsin do you have clear skies where you live and can you see the complex?

Whether or not there are clouds in the sky is not the main reason you cannot see the Planet X complex. Clouds actually help, for if the Sun itself is shielded at a time when the complex is in the open sky, then there is a likelihood of the complex not being lost in the glare of the Sun. As we have repeatedly stated, unless the complex is at an angle such that light rays from the Sun bounce off it and thence toward Earth, you will not see it. Most often light rays bounce back toward the Sun! The degree of light the complex puts out is not enough to catch your eye when the sky is awash in daylight. It is only just ahead of dawn or just after dusk, in those few moments, when the possibility of viewing it is different.

The events of the last weeks indicate that we are one step before WW III. What's the Zetas comment about that?

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that World War III is unlikely to happen as the pole shift approaches because all countries will be dealing with a restless populace and looming starvation. There must be a prize over the border, in another country, for war to be waged. If all that is over the border is more chaos and a lack of resources, then no one will bother. Rather, countries look inward, trying to deal with their restless populace. The Bush crowd invaded Iraq because they had plans to secure all the oil in the Middle East, and beyond, for the Bush family and their cronies as kings in the Aftertime.

The US is now at the point where the massive US military must return to its homeland to help out during local disasters, and their war effort has failed because the military is exhausted. There are no countries, at present, likely to start a war other than Israel, which is trying in fact to get the US to start a war with Iran for them. Since the US military is refusing, this is unlikely to happen.

Is a global financial meltdown coming soon?

At the start of ZetaTalk, we likewise stated that there would be a worldwide depression going into the pole shift, with market meltdowns. This has occurred, though it has been restrained by a massive spending spree by the US government and its citizens via loose credit. Now the US is frankly bankrupt, China no longer willing to loan money, and the Bush administration is printing money to stay afloat. This of course causes inflation, burdening the US citizen even more. We have stated that a false front is being projected about the economy, with lies about unemployment statistics, lies about the cost of living, etc. This will continue, with failing banks being absorbed into stronger banks, so that an absolute collapse will not happen. Your stocks and paper dollars will look like they have value, while the value is in fact gone.

Found it in Safe Locs PDF: after the shift "territoriality will be reestablished and migration resisted". Are we likely to face local "kingships", guarding their territory? I thought nothing like that could be ever reestablished after the shift.

It is the long reach of centralized governments, such as the reach from Washington DC or Moscow, that will not be reestablished. Even state or provincial governments will fail, in almost all cases. Local mayors may continue to lead, depending upon their competence, or natural leaders will emerge. In those areas where there is a dominance of individuals in the Service-to-Self, or where dictatorships were the norm before the shift, kingships as such might be established, but without a large reach. One could consider the leader of a family, dictatorial and cruel, as being a "kingship" of sorts. It is all a matter of degree.

Does Obama know yet about the coming passage? If so, how much does he know and has he learned it all from Gore?

Obama has heard rumors, and some on his staff are aware of and read ZetaTalk. He has not been officially notified.

Is it just a coincidence that Obama's acceptance speech took place outdoors in beautiful weather, and the eve of the GOP convention is marred by all the footage of evacuating New Orleans and the Louisiana governor skipping the convention? Or is it the assistance of benign aliens reminding the public of the disaster of Katrina?

Clear weather was expected over Denver as this is the norm during this time of the year. However, just as Hurricane Gustav is being intentionally directed over New Orleans again, to nudge those residents out of the death trap they are attempting to live in, likewise clear weather over Denver during the Democratic convention was no accident.

You say that after the shift the Zetas would be willing to cloak small communities of Service-to-Others people if they were camped away from the Service-to-Self or mixed communities. How many people in each group, how far off the closest road, and how far from the mixed or selfish communities? 10 miles or 100 miles? Can the Service-to-Others communities be linked? Would you please discuss these issues. For example, would moving to a fly in only lake in the wilderness forested areas be a good idea?

An island in the middle of a wilderness lake would seem safe unless there are Service-to-Self individuals aware of your plans, in the area and curious about the island, or involved in your group. The first criteria for being a Service-to-Other community is to be populated by Service-to-Other individuals. These individuals would be highly prone to giving the Call, and receiving guidance from alien visitors. Thus, they are counseled and know what to do. If you are looking for specifics from us in this regard, it is likely that you have not given the Call to those in the Service-to-Other, and thus are anxious. What we are implying is that you are thinking about your own skin, and thus would not get assistance from those in the Service-to-Other regardless of where you lived.

You have said dogs should be put to sleep when it comes to food for the children or the dogs after the shift. How about cats and birds? They seem to be the major categories of domestic pets. How about Zoo animals? Keep the beasts of burden and set some free and kill the rest? Would the Zetas speak to all the animals that humans come in contact with regularity, and are distributed throughout our population. You said the selfish people where going to make meals of every animal they find.

Common sense would certainly be your guide in these matters. Birds often do well, when freed, and cats have a fair chance also. These domestic animals do not take out small children for a meal. In Nancy's area there is a big cat reserve, a type of zoo, with lions and tigers. There is nothing to stop these big cats from escaping during the shift and making meals of small children after the cattle in the area are depleted. Would you shoot such a cat in such a situation, or ponder what to do? This question did not need to be asked, as common sense could give you an answer.

Would the Zetas address cannibalism after the shift?

We have stated that cannibalism will spring up where food shortages are severe or migration impossible. An example is being trapped in the high rises in Dallas for weeks while the waters flooding the area after the shift slowly subside. Without boats, and without food, there will be those who eat each other, especially in the corporate environments where the Service-to-Self can often be found. Other incidences might be where humans are dying of starvation and eat each other after dying. This is technically considered cannibalism, but we would call it an efficient use of the food available.

As I understand according to Zetas one spiritually mature must be calm and reserved and "imperturbable". It is often said that one who openly expresses his emotions, rather than being reserved, shows signs of spiritual immaturity. But you also said that "Thus emotions have often been blamed for keeping mankind base, where it is imagined he cannot raise to a higher spiritual plane until he masters his emotions. This notion is patently untrue, and progress toward maturing in either of the spiritual orientations proceeds regardless of whether the entity is incarnated in an intelligent species that is highly emotional or essentially without emotion". It is in the Myth section, Robert Monroe writeup. And what about passionate (and hardly imperturbable) fight for truth and justice? Open expression is laughed in open discussions and used as an argument against the oponent. Now, how stupid and ugly that is! Why is it so much valued in human cultures?

We nowhere state that being calm is an indication of being spiritually mature and being emotional or passionate is immature. The page you quote and link you provide states the opposite, that passion or emotion is not a bad thing. Those who ridicule passion or emotion in human society are often doing so as they fear they themselves will lose their restraint, and reveal how they truly feel.

How many years will there be after the shift before the ocean becomes navigable for commercial fishing such as dragging for herring or squid, or long lining for pelagic fish like bass, tuna, swordfish, etc. Would it be smart to put a 45 foot trailerable lobster/fishing drag boat away in the mountains? Will most trying to survive from the sea have to use sailboats?

The ocean is a big place, and has many aspects. Currents will change, due in part to the prevailing westerlies which will re-establish when the globe restarts rotation. Thus, fishing grounds will change or move their location. The seas will rise, another factor, so survivors in areas where the ocean bottom was shallow will find it is now deep, with a different type of fish about. The bottom will appear to sink, due to the rising sea level. In those areas newly inundated another situation exists. The ocean water will be over land formerly vegetated and inhabited. Rotting vegetation and bodies will attract certain sea life, and repel others. Certainly boats offshore will benefit from wind sails, as what else would they use? Oars?

Are the Earth shifts and the fracturing and shifting rock of the crust going to reveal any previously hidden technology to anyone's benefit? I have heard there are saucers hidden in the canyon walls of the Snake River in the Tetons, and huge complexes in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and the Panamint Mountains of alien technology from another time, perhaps 14,000 years ago. There are also reported to be Halls of Records, will they be opened?

No, to all your questions and assumptions.

Which Aliens took the beautiful pictures from space, including the photo of the Milky Way from 10 light years away, that are found on this web page: Can we show these photos to others as unmistakable proof of Extraterrestrial Technology?

You assume what is claimed is correct! Do you believe everything you are told?

What is going on with an anomaly known as Mel's Hole? Farmers would dump dead cows and other junk into this real-life "bottomless pit" for years. The property owner, Mel, went on Art Bell to talk about the hole, and soon after, the Military took over the site. The area, as can be seen on Wikipedia, is whited out on Google Maps. Is this a natural Density-Shift site like the Bermuda Triangle? Puncture a large gravity centre like Earth and it seems these particles escape.

In the days after Roswell, when the Service-to-Self aliens held sway over the US military, their intel and the CIA, these early MJ12 members became convinced that bunkering underground was the way to escape and survive the coming pole shift. Many, many underground bases were established with mining equipment, and hidden from the populace. Ventilation tunnels were likewise established, often in the woods where no one was ever expected to stumble upon them. When discovered, there are two choices for the former MJ12 members - fill in the hole or prevent and inhibit exploration.

Does the New Madrid faultline split of the US occur before Nibiru is seen in the skies? I can't seem to find the sequence of events in ZetaTalk, as to which event comes first, second, and third: naked-eye appearance, the continent noticeably splitting, the three days of darkness.

We have not detailed this in a timeline, and for a reason. As we have explained, we are not allowed to warn mankind of just when and where a quake will occur. Were we to even attempt this, we would be removed from the vicinity of Earth before this could be relayed. The Earth is your schoolhouse, and you are to take action to help others. If you knew what to expect, there would be less opportunity for action, frankly, and thus the rule. We have stated that both these events would occur before the pole shift, and in the case of naked eye sightings of the Planet X complex in the sky, some weeks before the pole shift. Beyond that we cannot say.

How many years after the shift will small survival communities have to remain apart and hidden before commerce, trade, manufacturing and industry can begin by larger groups working together?

As we have stated, human industry as it is known today, high tech with electrical appliances galore, will not be re-established. To the extent that a community is self-perpetuating, or has such supplies as to allow it to live in the manner to which it was accustomed for many years, high tech will survive. But this is unlikely to happen because of the broken link effect, wherein something as small as a missing lubricant can cause a factory to simply shut down, causing a technology to cease to work. Because of the Transformation, where souls are removed from Earth and taken to new homes on other planets, and those in the Service-to-Other here on Earth allowed to integrate with hybrid communities or reincarnate into hybrid bodies, these will be the high tech cities of the future.

You approved Kosovo breakaway, calling Serbia a bully and also calling Ossetia and Abchasia de facto separate regions. Well, I fully agree, but why calling Russian intervention a "police operation"? As if Georgia was a part of Russia, Russian backyard. Yes, these provinces are pro-russian and I think they should be let free, but Georgians do not want back into iron grip of "Mother Russia". The same in Ukraine. I am Ukrainian, so I can attest to Ukrainian situation. No, majority of Ukrainians do not consider themselves Russians nor do they consider themselves a part of Russian culture. We have an actual split - there is approx 44% pro-russian (Russian creole) and approx 52% people that resist Russian domination and want to ally with the West. And this is what it is all about - Russia wants to hold its "near abroad". And what about these peoples, their will is not taken into consideration? These are not Russian exclusive property, but a souvereign nations! Why such approach as these countries are Russian legal property having been taken from it, and it has full right to claim it back? And also, do you think Russian ethnic minority autonomous provinces - Chechnya, Dagestan, Tatarstan and dozens of others which are brutally oppressed for their fight for freedom, do they have a right to secede? Because if Kosovo is justified, Ossetia is justified then why Chechnya is not? Russia is in some way "sacred" or what? I support every separatist movement in the world. They all should be given a right to secede, in my mind. I understand what consequences it may bring, but I reject the very idea of borders. I envision a unified world, one-world, without "nations", states, governments and borders and without formal citizenship. That is all stupid and only means for the governments to seal their monopoly over ruled populations and expect loyalty. The world of the future that I see would consist of small self-governed communities and some sort of world government (UN as a prototype, an assembly). When I try to relay this to people they call me a dreamer, a utopianist, though I know deep inside that it is possible. And they cling to old, traditional ways - idea of territorial integrity, borders, nation and state. Maybe they are just disappointed or insecure, afraid of changes, or learned how to use these old ways to their benefit? I was so inspired in my longings by sen Kennedy's, Michelle Obamas' and Joe Bidens' speeches at the DNC about The World As It Is and The World As It Should Be, and that we must not settle for the World As It Is, but strive for change. So, who is right here? Is it possible - the world without borders and Law of the Jungle, replaced with compassion and love? Will this come in Earth's 4th Density existence?

Yes, what you are seeking will be present on Earth when it is in 4th Density, and in many places well before this density shift. It is the mature, Service-to-Other attitude that all should be allowed their independence, without oppression by others.

What's Biden's orientation? It just that when they talked about him last week, they mentioned the pro that he brought to the Obama campaign, but unlike with Sebelius they didn't give their personal opinion about the fact that they really liked her, I guess more than likely because she must be highly Service-to-Others.

Biden is highly Service-to-Other, which should be obvious by the fact that Obama chose him. His life exemplifies this, also.

What does this passage of 'The Destroyer' from the Kolbrin mean: "The first sky-monster was joined by another which swallowed the tail of the one going before, but the two could not be seen at once. The sky-monster reigned and raged above Earth, doing battle to possess it, but the many bladed sword of God cut them in pieces, and their falling bodies enlarged the land and the sea. In this manner the first Earth was destroyed by calamity descending from out of the skies. The vaults of Heaven had opened to bring forth monsters more fearsome than any that ever haunted the uneasy dreams of men." Was there also a "Planet Y" at one time?

This is a poetic attempt to explain the catastrophe that occurred in the Asteroid Belt during the time when the planets in that region, a couple dozen small water planets, were bashed to pieces. Molten lava spewed out into space. Some coalesced into larger bodies, attracting via gravity the trash and dust in the area, and some of this was attracted to the Earth.

The thoughts that have been in my head for two weeks have almost exclusively about preparing for/surving the earth changes. Where to go? What plans need to be made? Is all of California going to be too difficult to survive in after? All this has me questioning the difference between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others. Will all these things be answered when the time is right? Please clarify what the Zetas require from us now?

Why are you asking what we, the Zetas, require of you? Are you trying to please your parents or masters? The Earth is your schoolhouse, and you are to take action to help others. It is up to you to determine what this might be. We don't direct people in their activities or actions. Regarding your other questions, you will find your answers already in the ZetaTalk website. Read about California in the Safe Locations documentation. The whole Troubled Times effort was to brainstorm what folks needed to do about the coming shift and living in the Aftertime. Have you explored Troubled Times, the vast repository of information? The differences in the orientations, Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others, is explained in great detail in the Orientations section. Part of taking action to help others, and to help yourself, is obviously reading what has already been provided by Nancy rather than asking for a personal tour.

Can the Zetas give us some insight into why the Puppet Master and his extended family are "also likable individuals"? Haven't these people been the guardians of the Coverup? Did the White Lie cause them to see some kind of light, and if so is his spiritual status of being "Undecided" resolving in favor of being STO?

The Puppet Master's family is not the origin of the cover-up. They are trustees of a family trust, and thus more like bankers than conspirators. As we have stated, there are endless agendas in the power structures on Earth. The Puppet Master negotiates with them, but does not control them per se.

Has it been pretty much decided by the Zetas, and the Birthing Guides 9-1-08 plus on who will move on to 4th density? Or does it play out to the last breath after the shift occurs. Good or bad ending decides all.

Souls can grow surprisingly fast, or plateau, and none of this is written in stone at present.

How do we know if we've gotten a response to the "Call"? Is it possible our subconscious is actually less spiritually advanced than our conscious minds would have it? Any way to "sign up" so we can take part in the "blocking" of the cabal's efforts? I'm thinking I should be more tired in the mornings if I was already playing a part in this effort.

You must check in with your subconscious, as the story is with you, within you. Do this by meditation or self hypnosis, or if you can afford it, professional hypnosis.