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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 7, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

NYC Crane Collapses into Street, Kills 2 Workers [May 30] A construction crane snapped and smashed into an apartment building with a thunderous roar Friday, killing two workers in the city's second such tragedy in 2 1/2 months and renewing fears about the safety of hundreds of cranes towering over the New York skyline. The collapse happened despite stepped-up inspections and a shake-up in the city Buildings Department after the earlier accident, which killed seven people in March. The 200-foot crane fell apart on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where contractors were building a 32-story luxury condo complex, about 12 stories high. The turntable popped off - even though there are 16 bolts that hold it down. [and from another] Three Injured, Two Critically, in Black Thunder Crane Accident [May 31] The world's largest crane in handling capacity collapsed Saturday near Wright, sending three injured people - two critically - to hospitals and blocking a rail line at the Black Thunder coal mine. The 2.7 million-pound crane, owned and operated by the Kennewick, Wash.-based Lampson International, was moved to the site in April. The accident occurred at 12:20 pm. The mine will be shut down while agency officials conduct an investigation.

Birds, and airplanes in flight, can adjust when buffeted about by wind currents by lowering their wings or flaps, tilting upward or downward, and increasing speed. This works unless the bird or plane does not have the air space to maneuver and crashes into the ground before an adjustment is possible. Fish, seals and submarines in the oceans likewise have many maneuvers to reposition themselves when encountering unexpected currents. Losing balance, even being tipped upside down, is not fatal as long as there is room to maneuver. Cranes are different, as being secured at the base they lack maneuverability. Cranes are structured to be able to offset the weight of the load by the weight of the crane's ballast. This operation assumes that both the load and the ballast can rely upon the crane's center to be solidly secure.

The Earth is currently experiencing a daily wobble, as has been much discussed. What this does is create more air currents for planes in the air. What this does is create more erratic tides for fish in the sea. But what this does to cranes is offset the delicate balance that is at the heart of crane operation. Unlike the birds in the sky or the fish in the sea, the crane cannot maneuver to rebalance itself once it starts to tip sideways. Gravity takes over, and pulls the crane to the side, an angle the crane is not prepared to expect. Cranes expect the load and ballast to be the issue, and if the ballast is not sufficient to lift the load, the load simply does not lift. Once the load is in the air, the crane can swing round to the side, slowly, but the movement does not change the essential dynamics of crane operations - that the sum weight of the load and ballast are focused down onto the crane base, with no side to side stress on this base.

A tightrope walker can adjust to a stepping error or gust of wind by shifting the pole the walker carries. But if the wind is too strong, or the misstep too great, balance is lost. The Earth wobble is like a gust of wind for a crane, in that the base is moved, suddenly, to one side, leaving the load and ballast off center. This is a stress the crane was not designed to sustain, and bolts and cables snap. Our analysis will be ridiculed, as those who do not want to realize that the Earth is in the grip of an approaching planet that will literally turn their lives upside down resist this realization. But an analysis will show that in all other cases there is room to maneuver. Elevators allow for sway in the car as wind can cause a tall building to sway. Cars and trucks on the road have no more stress during such a wobble than they would experience rounding curves in the road. Bridges have flex points that allow the bridge to expand or contract in the cold. Only cranes require that their base not be buffeted, by anything, during operation.

Barbury Castle The formation is 285ft in diameter, and is in barley. It appeared on the 1st of June 2008. The formation measures approximately 300 feet in diameter. The laid barley crop in the circular elements of the glyph were noted as being swirled out from the central points in what could be considered a mathematical spiral formula, which flows to the peripheries with some elegance.

As we have mentioned, there are three planets caught in the cup, the eddy flow of subatomic particles coming round Planet X as they flow outbound from the Sun. The Earth and her Dark Twin are very close in dimension and mass, which is why they assumed the position of a shared orbit in the first place. Venus is likewise close to this size, being slightly less in mass than the Earth. The crop circle indeed represents their restless life in the cup, as the sweeping arms of the Sun push them together periodically. When the Earth came round in her orbit in December, 2003 and encountered Planet X in her path, she halted her orbit. Venus and the Dark Twin later joined her in a halted orbit when they later arrived. Once in the cup, a ricochet scenario emerged, and often increased earthquakes could be correlated with the timing of a sweep. The sweeping arms of the Sun are outbursts of particle flows and occur 8 times a year. This is depicted in the Barbury Castle crop circle as 4 lines, each line having at least two clash points associated with it. The sweeping arms burst out from both sides of the Sun, uniformly, and thus are in opposition on the crop circle design. The Earth halted in her orbit in December, 2003 but has since been pushed back counterclockwise in her orbit to the September position, which the small solid dot next to the Sun in relation to the three planets represents. What is the message being given by this crop circle design? As Planet X draws closer, pushing the three planets in the cup closer together, ricochet will occur with more intensity, resulting in more violent earthquakes on Earth.

This morning, at approx 5:30 AM, there was a very bright red light in the northeast sky (approx. 30 to 45 degrees). From comments of others this light was visible at least from Cincinnati to Detroit, MI area. Can you and the Zetas comment on this event, speculate as to its origin?

We have described in great detail what is happening to the Earth during the last few years, especially since 2003 when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system. The tail of this monster planet is hosed out from its N Pole, which is turning toward Earth. The tail is composed in the main of red oxidized dust, with larger debris closer to Planet X, the moons of Planet X hugging their planet more closely still. Red skies, red Moon, red dust in places - all of this is to be expected between now and the time of the pole shift!

Can the Zetas tell us what Obama and Hillary talked about during their secret meeting a few days ago?

It may have ended on a pleasant note, but was not cordial during the hour. Hillary wants the VP position, which she denies in public. She is holding onto her delegates with her suspended campaign, not to simply pay her debts off, though this is a factor, but to force a vote at the convention. Obama will counter her plot by selecting his choice well ahead of the convention, making this known, and working closely with his choice. His votes at the convention in any case will outnumber her, and Pelosi can arrange the voting order so Hillary as a choice will be a moot point. The games go on, but Hillary's options diminish.

What is it with all the heat and high winds in Texas ths week? The Sun seems unbearable sometimes. [and from another] Are these new nightly winds caused by the wobble or is this just normal spring time weather? (Oklahoma)

As we explained last week when replying regarding the tornado season last week, the wobble causes a lean that pushes cold air from Greenland down onto the N American continent when the US is anticipating dawn. Then for sundown the wobble causes a lean that pushes cold air from Alaska down over the N American continent. What this does is create air pressure above which traps the hot air in the lower half of the continent. This is likely to continue through the summer, creating a cooler than usual summer for the north, hotter than normal for the south.

What is the Zeta's take on the predictions of number of hurricanes they say will make land fall this year? And will the tornados continue along with the hurricanes?

The hurricane season will not be as tumultuous as the tornado season for the US, as the wobble keeps these storms out into the Atlantic, away from the coast. They may be numerous, but fewer will make landfall.

More and more rich people and companies are coming to Switzerland. Is this a special safe place for the time od the shift and after, or is it simple asset protection?

We have stated that the Alps will not have the mountain building problems that the west coast of the US will have, or the west coast of S America will have, or the Himalayas will have. The Mediterranean Sea is being stretched, the Red Sea pulled apart, and a seaway will emerge ripping up into Russia where Afghanistan is today. Switzerland is high ground, and the government has been of service to the wealthy for a long time, so this custom is just being switched from financial safety to personal safety. That's the logic. The wealthy are quite aware of ZetaTalk and our predictions.

Any comment on the Michelle Obama rumor (alleged video where she rants against whites)? It's being pushed by Clinton backers (CIA spook Larry Johnson). Does such a video exist? Will it be used by the GOP in the fall?

The video in question has been falsely marketed as to her participation, as to the place the video was taken, and as to her words. There is ranting about the Bush administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina, saying "why'd he", not "whitey". Since so many falsehoods have been asserted for this video, this is easily dismissed, and if this is the best they can do, they have failed. As with Kerry and “swift boating,” and McCain when he went up against Bush so Rove arranged the rumor about a "black child" (actually McCain's adopted Bangladesh child), these smears can and will continue to be tried. Obama is also not gay or bisexual, nor is there a film of him engaged in drugs and sex. Simply making a statement does not make it so! What is different about Obama is that he is not only highly intelligent but guided by angels, so he knows how to approach these matters, what timing to use and how to counter slander.

I just returned to Phoenix in the past couple days and was surprised by the sun set I returned to. I was visiting family in north Houston for a couple weeks, in a densely forested area, and was unable to get a good view of the sun set. When I returned I figured there wouldn't be much change but I was completely shocked! There was a giant Second Sun! I felt like I was in Stars Wars or on another planet, it was crazy seeing our sun set like a little tiny moon and having a giant Second Sun above it. I just kept repeating in my head "holy shit", pardon my french. My question is how are the elite handling the Second Sun's return? Are they worried the public will notice? Can you verify these as authentic "Second Sun" photos? Here are some of the pictures:

This is not the Second Sun, which would be appearing off to the right of the Sun along the ecliptic. This is rather what is called a Sun pillar effect, light shining up from the Sun out of proportion to the light going in other directions.

Do you have opinion or guidance on the inevitable future condition of an all-female society on this planet? Females have long recognized the vast destructive problems caused by testerone but have tolerated this and the accompanying subjugation in sacrifice to procreation. Now that we will soon be able to procreate without males will we become all-female and a more productive, effective, compassionate and benevolent society?

No. Mankind will soon have to set aside their technology due to the pole shift, all effort going into being able to sustain survival groups who will be close to starving. The sexes have evolved to be complimentary, in all species, and all male or all female groups are not happy, regardless of claims. In future Service-to-Other cultures, all aspects of the life form being used for incarnations are appreciated for the lessons and the challenges they provide. In Service-to-Self cultures, where there is a strong pecking order established, passivity is enforced, and strength for work is appreciated. Men, therefore, make good underlings.

Can the Zetas say as to whether the increase in the price of oil is speculative in nature (i.e. traders taking long positions) or fundamental in nature (i.e. supply and demand) and how will this trend continue into the future? Also, if prices continue to rise, can the US go above $6 or even $7 a gallon and wouldn't that mean a large portion of the population giving up driving and changing the way they live?

Speculation only occurs when speculators have control of the commodity, and can limit distribution. That is not the case here, as OPEC and other oil producing countries control the base price of their oil to various countries. The US is simply not getting a break, as we have stated, because of its interference in the Middle East and threatening tone. In Europe, a gallon of gasoline is far more expensive than in the US. The US has been behaving like a spoiled kid, has been encouraged to drive guzzlers and be arrogant. Public transportation has been neglected and unused where established. This is a correction long overdue in the US.

What type of "lessons" would beings from higher densities be returning to Earth to learn? I understand their main reason for returning is to help those during the coming shift, a sacarfice of sorts. But what could they possibly be learning from their incarnation back in 3rd density?

Graduation into 4th Density Service-to-Other existence does not mean the entity has mastered their ability to interact with others completely. It means the entity thinks of others at least 50% of the time. Highly Service-to-Other entities can be vain if they found this assisted their chances in prior incarnations. They can have a tendency to hoard if they experienced starvation and want in their prior incarnations. They can be fearful, not wanting to take risks, even when the situation calls for it, and a lesson to be learned is to take that risk. They can have a tendency not to trust others, but to rely on the self to ensure a task gets done, and need to learn to rely on teammates more. There are an infinite number of lessons to be mastered.

Why have the US and Britain let their grain stores go down to nothing? We have no food warehoused for the people of this nationa and now reports are being made that Britain has no reserve grain left for their citizens either. Why would they do that?

This was not an idle choice. They wanted to avoid the moment when they would have to admit that crop failures, food shortages, are a reality. Food prices have been allowed to rise, to force the populace into eating a less expensive yet more accessible diet. When food shortages threatened, the choice was to release the stores, or rather not replenish the stores, or to allow empty shelves. The latter is the great fear of the establishment. Global Warming of course will be blamed, but the increasing earthquakes will soon show this excuse to be false. What then for the establishment?

Defense secretary Gates has purged the air force of the remaining elements of the aborted nuke hijack case from last year. Is he with the blocking program now? Did he have anything to do with ordering the deaths of the 6 airmen involved? [and from another] Gates Ousts Air Force Leaders in Historic Shake-up [Jun 5] Defense Secretary Robert Gates ousted the Air Force's top military and civilian leaders Thursday, holding them to account in a historic Pentagon shake-up after embarrassing nuclear mix-ups. Gates announced at a news conference that he had accepted the resignations of Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley and Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne - a highly unusual double firing. Gates said his decision was based mainly on the damning conclusions of an internal report on the mistaken shipment to Taiwan of four Air Force electrical fuses for ballistic missile warheads. And he linked the underlying causes of that slip-up to another startling incident: the flight last August of a B-52 bomber that was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Gates said an internal investigation found a common theme in the B-52 and Taiwan incidents: "a decline in the Air Force's nuclear mission focus and performance" and a failure by Air Force leaders to respond effectively. Moseley, who commanded coalition air forces during the initial invasion of Iraq in March 2003, became Air Force chief in September 2005; Wynne, a former General Dynamics executive, took office in November 2005. Wynne is the second civilian chief of a military service to be forced out by Gates. In March 2007 the defense secretary pushed out Francis Harvey, the Army secretary, because Gates was dissatisfied with Harvey's handling of revelations of inadequate housing conditions and bureaucratic delays for troops recovering from war wounds at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Gates knows that attempting to plant a nuke, or allowing one to go off somewhere in the Middle East in order to blame Iran, would be suicidal for the US. What then would he or the other elites gain? The US cannot defend itself against multiple fronts in the Middle East. Should the US then be driven out? Where would that leave the US? Highly vulnerable, with the suggestion that the US homeland itself could be invaded, or parts of the US at a distance from the mainland taken from the US. The mystique of the US military might is still in place, though the US is exhausted. As part of the Iraq Study Group, Gates was trying to find a way to ease the US military out of Iraq. He thus has always been part of the blocking group, countering the Bush administration, though not necessarily working with ourselves, the Zetas, and the new MJ12 unit. But similar goals, yes.

What can you tell us about the Bilderbergers Meeting this weekend and the Pentecost? Where any of the Zetas at the meeting?

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, do not meet with those who attend the Bilderberger meetings, though our counterparts, aliens in the Service-to-Self, might on occasion do so. The members of the Bilderberger group are frantic, as they see the world's economy going downhill so rapidly with no brakes. They see public panic right around the corner, their great fear, because of crop shortages and disasters due to quakes and the weather. Stop-gap measures, essentially bolting to their bunkers or enclaves and pointing the guns out at the mob at the gates have been discussed. But at the conclusion, they put on their calm face, look arrogant and in charge, and return to their positions in society at large. Fear is just under the surface.

Just wanted to see if I could get a comment in regard to the solar eclipse they are saying is going to be happening August 1st. Any chance we will be able to see anything with the sun covered?

The time when an eclipse would be allowed to be missed has not yet arrived. As we have stated, it is not the reaction of the common man that we dread, as the common man has already noticed that the Sun is often not in the right place, and certainly the Moon is regularly in the wrong place. It is the establishment's reaction we dread, for if the establishment panics, then it will be tanks in the streets in many parts of the globe, with innocents mowed down in the street. It is panic in the establishment that is just under the surface, and it is for this reason that we continue to arrange a setting for the heavenly bodies involved in an eclipse to be aligned. There are always clues that something is amiss, for the discerning eye, but the eclipse will be close enough to its real appearance that the establishment breathes a sigh of relief.

Now that Obama has proven himself, and considering we have been told that he is a Star Child, here to help rescue the common man from the more selfish among the powerful humans, is it true that the Service-to-Other zetans knew for decades what would result from having the PTB know and keeping us in the dark? Was Obama 'planted' to be able to step into this role after the selfish and arrogant humans played their hand, to help ensure the common man would have equal opportunities to his more well-heeled exploiters? Now that it's all starting to make sense, it seems the zetans have been craftier than we've given them credit for over 60 years. On the same subject, how did the Service-to-Self aliens actually convince Poppy Bush to such a degree he went to the extraordinary step of cloning his first-born? Don't the Service-to-Self know their kind lies, and therefore anything even an Service-to-Self ET says is probably false?

There are many plots afoot, both among the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self. The humans inclined toward Service-to-Self who were part of the old MJ12 and bonded with the Service-to-Self aliens who were leading them astray were doing so in part because they frankly could not tolerate dealing with Service-to-Other humans or aliens. Those in the Service-to-Self, as we have stated, are intensely uncomfortable with empathy, which is intrinsically involved when telepathy is used as is the case for those operating in the Service-to-Other. They thus migrate to others in the Service-to-Self. "Poppy" Bush plotted to have his son in the White House when the time came as the stakes were so high. In fact, he almost succeeded in dominating all of North America, had he not been countered so effectively by an army of angels, contactees and members of MJ12 who aligned with the Service-to-Other. It was a battle worthy of a Star Wars series, indeed!

I would love to hear your advice on counseling orphaned children in the moments after the shift.

How are they counseled today after a disaster? Their first concern is obviously their safety, as to who will care for them, feed them, house them, and look after them with the constant concern that their parents lavished upon them. Regarding the pole shift, there is an added element often missing from situations where children are orphaned today, in that in many cases their parents will abandon them, either running off to save themselves or because they are temporarily insane. Children of parents who have gone insane will likewise need to be cared for. They should be reassured that their parents still love them. The episode should be explained in such a way that the child can retain a positive self image, not allowed to entertain the notion that they are worthless or disappointed their parents in some way, and thus became a castoff.

Seems some of my neighbors are taking an interest in gardening where before it was the last thing on their mind. I've been asked blatantly whether I am a survivalist or planning for something. Strange that the issue should even come up, but my question is, are people sensing what is oncoming or is it just the declining economy making them more concerned? I suggest strawberry gardens for the kids and vegetable garden for the family, but still don't know if they know, in their hearts, what's in-coming.

The collective conscious is often mentioned as a reason the populace seems to become aware of matters without being told directly by the media or the authorities. It is more than telepathy. It is body language noted during everyday activities, and also simply computing what is happening and extending this out into the future. Food prices are rising dramatically. This would not be happening if shortages were not happening. It is only logical to realize this. Price gouging to the extent of the current price rises would not be allowed. The gouging would not be overlooked. Those who can garden are anticipating saving money, and don't anticipate that prices will go down. This is occurring whether or not they are aware of a larger picture re Planet X, etc.