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ZetaTalk: Solar Minimum?
written Nov 12, 2004

The morning sky still has that very large star in the Eastern sky before daybreak. Again, some say it is the reflection of the space station. What is it? Is there anyway that the Zetas can draw a diagram as to where the major players are today in the solar system? Have not heard about the Dark Twin, where Venus and Mars are, etc. Although Planet X moved up more toward the ecliptic, it may flounder around some more in the zero balance area. The zero balance area is that point where particles flowing back to the sun and particles flowing away from the sun, balance out, net zero. There could be a dead zone where Planet X meanders again before adventuring forward into the particle stream once more. It would seek the area of least resistance until it can not any longer and must continue due to other factors as momentum.

We stated indirectly last July that Crop Circle clues indicated a quickening in November, a date our Emissary Nancy established by her analysis. What has November brought? The monster Planet X not only closer to Earth, such that it is increasingly being seen as a dim red orb, the Second Sun, next to the Sun when the glare of the Sun is blocked, but rattling the Earth with regular global shuddering and earthquakes that will no longer be denied as an increase. Volcanoes, worldwide, are increasing their activity, not just a local affair but a global affair. All this perhaps due to Global Warming, that darling of the cover-up? Hot air is causing the global shuddering and increased quakes and restless magma? Hardly. Nor is this increased activity due to burping about on the surface of the Sun, as static and electro-magnetic surges can be expected, but there is no historical basis to claim magma and plate movements occur during solar flares. We have stated at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that the Sun is indifferent to the passing of Planet X, the increased activity on her surface no more than the ripples on a pond caused by a breeze. But what is causing these ripples, of late, during the Solar Minimum when all should be placid? Particle flow blockage, which we have endlessly referred to in our attempts to help mankind understand the cosmic maelstrom besetting them.

Mankind is aware of particle flows emerging steadfastly from the Sun, which they term the Solar Wind, blowing the tails of comets outward and distorting the magnetosphere of the Earth. What man is aware of is but a fraction of the factors, but this concept suffices for the outbound push of particles. Yet other particles emerge at the Sun's poles and return in force at the Sun's middle, creating what we have described as a backwash of particles that the monster Planet X is attempting to fight its way through during its passage, and a major reason for the slow going as it rounds the Sun before heading out. Thus we have particles of the Solar Wind variety crowding behind Planet X on their way out, and particles in the backwash crowding in front of Planet X on their way in, but the Solar Wind variety dominates when very close to the Sun as Planet X currently is, creating a swirling cup of particles that push any planet caught in this wake into the cup, an unshakable grip. Though swept to continue in their orbits by the sweeping arms of the Sun, Venus and Earth and the Dark Twin are all caught in this cup, and cannot escape. Thus, Venus, not in a transit last June but only pushed past the midpoint, cannot escape, and remains so very bright and close in the morning sky. Thus, the Earth cannot escape forward in her orbit even should Planet X appear to be behind her in her orbit. They are all scooped, cupped, and held in place by particle flow crowding that will not ease until Planet X leaves the vicinity.

And how does the Sun react to this particle storm, when a steady state in and out of the multitude of particles is the norm? Particles flowing into the Sun are blocked, creating an imbalance at her surface along the Ecliptic. Particles flowing out from the Sun are crowded, swirling to the side to relieve the pressure. All this creates ripples on the Sun's surface, out of season per man's computations, during the Solar Minimum.

Nov 11, GuamNov 12, Australia
Our question to those who listen to Ed Dames is why should you believe him? What is his accuracy track record? We understand that he is just prating what his remote viewers see and this moves around like a snake on the water. So at first he said, going into 2000, that he did not see such a thing as Planet X and now he’s all of a sudden in the Planet X camp saying he just didn’t want to see it before but now he sees it. He is not right about the force of hurricane force winds. We have said they will be no greater than hurricanes today, that you experience, because the brake on this is the Earth’s atmosphere itself. How fast can air move? We have said that the Sun is placid and really doesn’t care about the passage of Planet X which is passing the Sun. You will see more solar flares, CME’s, but this is surface, as though a breeze were running across water. The Sun is just reflecting disturbance in particle flows caused by the presence of Planet X. Nothing like what Ed Dames has described will occur.
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Signs of the Times #1229
Global Quakes occurred on Nov 2, 3, 8, 10, 11, and Nov 12 at the Face and Dark times, accompanied by strong earthquakes around the world. Planet X is moving closer to Earth, visible to the right of the rising Sun. [and from another source] I saw the Second Sun rise with the Sun at 06:37 hrs, MST [Nov 11] here in El Paso. It was 5 d South of the Sun as the rise took place. The Secound Sun is red and the Sun is yellow. Second Sun is at least 70% as large as the Sun. Now, anyonw who blocks the sun with a thumb can see the Second Sun spoken of by Nostradamus and Zetas. What is visible to the common man with his naked eyes shielded from the brightness of the Sun cannot be denied. Eyes just tell you what they see without spin. The game is over and God won! [and from another source] I found red dust on my car Tuesday morning [Nov 10] here in Maryland. Last time I saw my car dusted was last spring but it was a grey ash color. This time it was distinctly red. I wet my windows with the squeegee at the gas station to remove the dust and it got red too.
Signs of the Times #1230
Sunspot 696 has produced two more big explosions: an M8-flare on Nov 9 and an X2-flare on Nov 10. At least one CME is heading for Earth as a result of the blasts. Stay tuned for more auroras! A strong geomagnetic storm is in progress. It began on Nov. 9th after a coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field. [and from another source] Geophysical Activity Forecast: The Geomagnetic field is expected to be unsettled to major storm levels on Nov 9 due to the arrival of a CME associated with the X2.0 flare observed on Nov 7. Nov 9 an M-Class Flare, Nov 10 an X-Class Flare.