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WakeUpUSA (Part 3)
November 10, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made has been inserted.
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

CALLER: [What about the picture of you with a reptilian sitting on your shoulder?]

NANCY: Reptilian sitting on my shoulder? I didn’t quite understand the question, sitting on my shoulder or feeding on my shoulder. To my knowledge, no. I’m aware of many different kind of life forms, and I was actually given a life form orientation. This is on the web site in the Worlds section and drew a number of these characters that I was introduced to and some of them do include reptilians. The hominoid lineup included hominoids that had horny plates on them, almost looked like a turtle shell all over their body all though I’m sure they had more flexibility, as the Sun was very intense. And tall skinny hominoids, and squat ones, a little green man with a round face, like the have-a-nice-day kind of face. And then reptilians, even a giant cockroach that stood up and was about 6 feet tall and I’m telling you I had trouble with that one. And something I called bean bag man which was round like a bean bag and a fringe of little claws around its middle and two big eyes up on top. I’m sure its mouth was up on top. Apparently it came from a planet where swarms of bugs would run over it and it would pop them into its mouth as it as they ran past. No legs, just kind of heaved itself around like a mollusk. So there’s many odd kind of life forms, many of which I’ve been introduced to. Most planets are water planets. We’re talking fish and octopus and the like. Next up is reptilian. Very few planets actually evolve hominoids or mammalians. And very very few bugs as the intelligent species on their world. So as far as a reptile being on my shoulder, I’m not sure what that was about. But if that’s the case, no. But have I been introduced to reptilians, oh yes.

USA: [This was in regard to a photo of you on the web that seems to have a reptilian on your shoulders.]

CALLER: [Sees the Earth changes. Can you describe how people can judge when to move to safety?]

NANCY: Diane is a timekeeper actually, has participated in watching for Earth slowing and the like. ZetaTalk has said that the Earth will flow to a stop and sit there in a stopped position, rotational stop, for 5.9 days, and then within a span of an hour the pole shift will happen. But before any of that happens, we’re already in an Earth wobble, where 4 times a day the N Pole lurches a little closer to the Sun or away. And so we have warmer areas or colder areas, cold spots. Very well documented on my ZetaTalk web site in the Orbits section as far as the Hudson Bay cold spot, the lower Siberia cold spot, with Africa and Europe being in a hot zone. This is because Planet X is pulling on the Atlantic Rift which is a big magnet, and pulls on it when it’s facing it or in opposition on the other side of the globe. Because magnets like to line up with each other. So we’re going to have, as has been prophesied in the Bible, 3 days of darkness, and Islam, the Sun will rise in the West, and it’s been reported in folklore, Plato says that Heroditos, an Egyptian astronomer, says the Sun rose West 6 times, I’m assuming that’s 6 days. And the Bible says the Earth lurches around like a drunk, like a potter’s wheel. So the extreme Earth wobble will push the Earth away when Planet X does some gyrations as it passes the midpoint of the Sun, going along the magnetic flow lines to the magnetic flow lines above the Sun. And as it does this it will point the N. Pole away from the Sun so that it will appear to be 3 days of darkness, and then swing around so that it appears to be rising, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, over the North Pole and a bit to the West, and keep swinging around and then stand upright again. All of that’s going to happen long before we slow to a stop and have to worry about 5.9 days of rotation stoppage.

So therefore you’re going to have plenty of opportunity to say ‘oh my gosh, Nancy was right, the Zetas were right, I have to take this seriously’. Remember, if you go to a safe place, and you’re out camping on some hilltop, you’ve got to worry about what you’re going to eat. So don’t make your move too fast. You should not wait until rotation completely stops, it will slow down over a period of, who knows, weeks, certainly days, because at that point everything is going to be in chaos, and the roads may be buckling and people may be blocking the roads so you can’t travel with cars run out of gas and people in panic, but certainly you’re going to have all kinds of warning, you will not be taken by surprise. Spend your time thinking about how you’re going to survive afterwards, like the Amish live. Like as though you were camping, and going fishing a lot with the kids. As though you were having to worry about getting Vitamin C from the weeds and the berries in the area, unusual sources. Believe me, it’s remarkable how much Vitamin C pops up and you’re going to need this to prevent scurvy. So educate yourself, make your plans, but don’t plan on running for the hills until the right time.

CALLER: [Why can’t the Zetas prove themselves, cure cancer of something?]

NANCY: Good question that is frequently raised, so I’ll give this to the Zetas.

We have frequently stated on our web site and throughout ZetaTalk, that we are not here to rescue you nor to prove our existence to you. Your life on Earth is a schoolhouse. It is a self learning school house. You learn best when the results of your actions immediately come home to you. You touch the fire, ouch, you’re burned. This first schoolhouse for newborn souls which form on Earth as a world where sparking of new souls occurs, is to sort out your first decision, which is, should you be practicing the Golden Rule and care about others, or should you not grow in that direction but remain self focused, grabbing all you can for yourself, being even sadistic to other people in your desire to have control over them, which we have termed either Service-to-Other or empathetic, or Service-to-Self as self-serving. So therefore, by the rules, that are setup not by ourselves but by the entities that govern the Universe, we are to keep our hands off, non-interference. Some have said this is called the Prime Directive, as in Star Trek, do not interfere. So therefore, we are to stand back and not give you a cure for cancer. Because you are to learn how to help each other, and you should rise to this issue. You should be concerned about what causes cancer: cancer causing ingredients, poor nutrition, the despair that many feel where they drop their immune systems. What are you as a human doing about this for your fellow man. We are not here as your parents. You are to grow up, and the best way to grow up is to live in the cesspool, and deal with the grief, so you finally decide to take action and take responsibility and do something about it, which we hope you do. The second point is, that during the awakening process, where you are being made aware of the alien presence, increasing UFO sightings, even glimpses of alien bodies on occasion, mass sightings. This is on the uptick very much at present. We predicted it would in 1995 and it has. This is not to engender fear and anxiety. Being empathetic and caring about others does not happen in a burning building where fear and anxiety is not engendered. Fear promotes self centeredness, so we avoid it and are under instructions to avoid it. We are not allowed to land on the White House lawn or do something that makes it absolutely clear that aliens exist. It is called the element of doubt. Therefore, there is always this element of confusion, so if somebody is to go mad with fear, he can say ‘ah, it’s a hoax. I think they were just seeing things’ and will not go crazy. And therefore we both reach out to people who are ready for the awakening, but we allow an element of doubt for those who are not, and we trust this answers your question.

End of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [I looked for Planet X and could not see it and am hoping to. Will the Zetas appear on Conan O’Brian as scheduled?]

NANCY: I haven’t hear that, and I suspect they’re not really going to be Zetas, I’m sure they won’t be, this is a little soon to present Zetas on-line. They would have to have bodies as thin as fence posts and arms and legs as thin as broomsticks, and you can’t get a human in a suit to look like that. Unless they have strings attached and they’re jumping around like puppets, they’re just humans in some sort of an outfit..

As regarding finding Planet X, as people have said, if you want something to be a stealth planet, this is it, the way it comes in. It is surrounded by magnetized red dust, which is the reason for the red dust in the Jewish Exodus, the rivers turning red and the like, and why the Bible says the rivers will run blood. This is magnetized iron dust in its tail which is massive, and it’s close around the planet which is a big magnet because iron dust is magnetized. So it’s shrouding the planet. The Summer of 2003 was one of the best times to see it because it was on the opposite side of the Sun, a bit to the side, and we had what we call the Second Sun rising where people would say ‘I saw the Sun rise and then a couple minutes later, I saw the Sun rise again, how could that be?’. Or setting, similar. And catch this on film, too. Or use lots of filters and they would catch it. It is lost in the Sun’s glare, in the main, at the current time anyway, it is reflecting much of the sunlight because it’s between us and the Sun, pretty close, and reflecting that light directly back to the Sun. Or bouncing it back. It’s actually a fuzz ball that is not all that bright because it’s reflecting most of the light right back to the Sun. What doesn’t get reflected back to the Sun comes through around the edges, refracted, and bends in toward the viewers, so it becomes what we call a monster, sort of like a dim orb that looks about the size of the Moon. People say ‘I put my thumb up over the Sun and I see something beneath it that looks like the Moon, like a dim orb’.

So it’s difficult to see, which is why prophecy has said that there will be signs in the skies, that the constellations will not be right for the seasons. But it’s more exhibited by what the Earth is doing, and the Earth changes, the increase in earthquakes, volcanism, the regular face and dark, 0:00 UTC or 12:00 UTC global shuddering that goes on, as registered by the USGS live seismographs. Take a look in the Global Quake or the Sweeps section of ZetaTalk for that. The Earth is heating up from the core up, the weather has gone just nutsy, which is what the Zetas predicted. 10 typhoons hitting the Asian coast, the last record was 6, but 10 already this year. Record hurricane season in force and fury and number for the East Coast of the United States. Droughts and deluges, crop shortages, all of this has been predicted by ZetaTalk in 1995 when nobody else was addressing these issues. Remarkable track record. And it is not something that is seen in the sky by everyone until the last days. Difficult, stealth planet, and you have to just be aware, and make your plans. And that’s the best I can say.

CALLER: [You killed your dog, I hope you get a dog humping your leg forever in retribution. 3rd puppy killer call]

NANCY: This dog had a bladder infection when he was in the kennel, but I didn’t know that. He was just a very quiet male pup and he hadn’t gotten any socializing at all. He loved the immediate family. But anybody like a toddler, he was very fearful, and I consulted experts and they said you can train him to not bark and yap but his fear will break through and he will bite somebody. We’re advising that you put him to sleep. Experts advised this, the vet advised this. Undersocialized kennel dogs end up at the end of a chain, barking frantically at people, they live a terrible life. So the vet advised we put him to sleep because that was going to be his life. He was going to be a japing dog at the end of a chain, a junk yard dog. And it wasn’t painful to put him to sleep and I have no regrets. So that’s once again, Nancy Lieder the puppy killer, ridiculous, and I don’t mind dogs humping my leg, by the way. I love animals, you have no idea how much.

CALLER: [When am I going to find my one true love, and what are aliens doing messing with people?]

NANCY: I got it. Here’s the Zetas, as that question was to the Zetas.

We would suggest that when you’re going to meet your one true love is in your hands, as we say in the hands of man. You don’t have a fated existence that flows out before you such that it doesn’t matter what you decide to do because its all fated and therefore you don’t have any responsibility. Quite the opposite. You have choices a thousand times a day as to how your life will direct. Your one true love? There’s not just one. There’s probably, in the people you know right now, half a dozen suitable. Up to you. How are you going to treat them? Are you going to treat them as equals with respect or with disdain as a sex object. So therefore we suggest that you look to yourself in making this determination. Make the proper changes in your approach and things will fall into place for you. Drop your standards, take a look at yourself in the mirror and stop pretending that you’re Mr. Wonderful. As regards to what are we doing, messing with people, as we assume is the question, we are developing a hybrid race between Zetas and humans, very well defined on our website in the Hybrid section. It’s mankind’s next leap forward. We are not messing with people, they are volunteers, they volunteered for this role, often before birth, because we do follow the family line for DNA interweaving. And so therefore the soul that may incarnate into a child in this family is selected among volunteers for this role. Women donate their ova, men donate their sperm. Sometimes women carry the child for a couple of weeks in their womb but most often it is a petri dish affair from the start. And they are frequently introduced to their offspring if both the parent and the hybrid offspring desire this. Nancy herself has had this experience which she has detailed charmingly on the website. So we’re not messing with people any more than you’re messing with your friends or messing with your girlfriends. We assume that they volunteer to mess with you and that this is not coercive, so why do you assume the opposite with us?

End of ZetaTalk.

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