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WakeUpUSA (Part 4)
November 10, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made has been inserted.
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

CALLER: [If Planet X is by the Sun and we’re going round and round, when will we encounter it?]

NANCY: Last December 25, we encountered Planet X in the vicinity of Earth’s orbit. It comes in from Orion, it slows and is creeping by the S Pole of the Sun rising toward the Ecliptic. We encountered it and stopped in our orbit around December 25, 2003 because of particle flow crowding, gravitational anti-gravity force, which is just the flow of gravity particles in and out, and we have been tilting around, wobbling back and forth, every since then. The seasons are nothing more than one part of the globe or another getting more or less Sun, in fact. So we are not going around in our orbit, we’re stuck in place and tilting around. And the constellations were not right for the seasons all through Spring and Summer and into Fall, which is well recorded on my website. If you look at the stars, you can say this star is close to this one and that one, but not in the right place up from the horizon, too far to the West, too high up in the dome, etc. So actually, we’ve encountered the bully in the hallway, and there’s no getting away from it. There’s many reasons for this. The particles flow in and out of the Sun and the Ecliptic itself is a massive backwash of particles flows that go back toward the center of the Sun. All the planets are lined up around the Ecliptic, all moving in the same direction following the Sun’s rotation because there’s sweeping arms of particle flows that come out from the Sun invisible to us.

So the drama is engaged and we cannot get away from it and it is moving steadily. It’s not going to be years, it will probably be months, but during this period of months we’re going to have an uptick in the volcano and the earthquakes and the weather. At some point we’ll move into 3 days of darkness and sunrise West. I’m not sure just when that’s going to engage. I’m not sure after that how long we slowly stop rotation until the 5.9 days starts counting. That may be days, it’s more likely going to be weeks, maybe months. But the point to remember is, once you have some sort of a definite proof, something like 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere and sun rising West, or even something you can see in the sky and all this red dust coming toward you, and we’ve had an awful lot of fireballs thudding, which is part of the tail debris and the like. Once you have something definite, and you don’t buy the government’s story that this is just maybe a meteor swarm that has come through, or some other reason for the Earth wobbling around, you don’t buy this story and it’s a cover-up and you know it. Then it doesn’t matter how long it takes, because at this point you can prepare yourself. You can say ‘that’s it, all right, I’m moving to the farm with the kids, no more of this next year we can afford the Corvette or going to Mali or Hawaii, that’s it, I’m getting a flock of chickens or ducks, and getting some seed, and we’re moving to grandma’s farm, because this is getting too weird and I have a feeling that this is the time’. This us what I pray for, that the Earth changes will come to that point, where people are engaging the fact, and are making their plans. Where those with small children, who don’t want to leave them as orphans for others to raise, they can take care of them properly and make those plans.

CALLER: [You’re responsible for people selling their homes, etc.]

NANCY: Once again, we put out a warning, we put out an approximate time, shortly after May 15, 2003, what signs to watch for. The Zetas have said in their opinion anyone who has made a change in their life to prepare for global catastrophes and take themselves to a safe place will not have regrets versus sitting in LA in a penthouse and saying ‘what the heck, I’ll party til the end’. The bottom line is, this is your responsibility to weight what kind of warnings. An example is hurricane coming in. Going to hit the coast, not going to hit the coast. Somebody boards up their store and takes off and comes back and finds it looted and the hurricane didn’t hit, they don’t sue the government. You weight what you hear, and you as an adult make your decisions. At no time, have the Zetas said, ‘you, Dee, should sell your house and do thus and so’. Never. As a matter of fact, I make a practice of not giving personal counseling to people, and believe me, I get asked this every day. But we say ‘I’m sorry, that’s your decision’. You have to decide what to do with your life and that stands. It’s no different than anything else. Anyone who wished to cling to someone who would direct their life, what they should breath, what they should eat, this is a child asking to be led, and I and the Zetas have avoided this consistently. Because we are asking people to be empowered with information, and always, always, think for themselves. Look at the signs, make their own decisions, come to their own conclusions about their life, as to what they want it to be and what they should do, and we are not into directing people. I’m sorry.

USA: [I live in New Orleans , so I guess I’ll have to move.]

NANCY: Actually, it’s a blessing in disguise that the Earth changes are kind of exponentially increasing. Something that happened with Japan, not only did they have this horrific typhoon that hit, but shortly after they had a bunch of earthquakes, and I have some pictures on my website showing how the levees were breached, the water just went over them and flooded the village on the other side, and roads flooded, landslides and the like. This is not altogether a bad thing from the standpoint of alerting people, this is what it’s going to be like. So make some changes in your life so you’re not vulnerable to being swept out to sea. You’re not vulnerable to being crushed in cities. And I’m sure that New Orleans is going to experience that, came close to that during the hurricane season. But the South East is being pulled down. This is well of record, sinkholes in Florida and even around Houston, the backyards in the suburbs filling up with ponds and the like, sea level above what it used to be. So it’s going to come to your door step well before anything the pole shift, and this is a good thing, so that you’ll be forced to say, as you wade around in your house, in hip deep water and no hope for anything else, ‘I guess I’d better move’.

CALLER: [Where are the safe places in the US.]

NANCY: Good question, and actually the Zetas answered so many questions over the years, and I put this into a PDF which you can download and it’s also hypertext form, Safe Locations, right on the web site up top, click on that and check around. There’s no actual safe location, there’s places that are safer and others that are more dangerous. If you’re along the coastline, and the general rule of thumb is be inland 100 miles and 200 feet up. That depends. If you’re flat land the waves can keep rolling in for a longer distance and go further inland. If you’re along cliffs you can experience tidal bore and water can climb faster, which it does. So expect also all rivers to be beyond flood stage and spewing out over their banks. They describe for the North American continent, everything except the Ozarks and the foothills of the Sierras and the Appalachians to be just a sea of water almost. Some places like eastern Missouri, Oklahoma, a great deal of Texas even, awash. And then you have the sloshing of the oceans and the bays, where the water goes inland and then roars back out. So you don’t want to be caught in that, you want to be on high ground at the hour of the shift. Then after that, within 2 years, we’re going to have a sea level rise to 675 feet, estimate, and this is not only because of the melting of the poles and the glaciers from the heat that is generated during the crust movement, but because the ocean floors will swell from that and push the oceans up somewhat. So we have the Mississippi basin filled, northern Canada under water, Amazon basin under water, Siberia certainly, Africa seems to do pretty well, Europe is going to be a series of islands, so you have to plot for that. Consider houseboat living. You can pull up anchor if you don’t like your neighbors, if the coastline seems to be moving you can move with it, and fishing will be a very good source of protein and seaweed and the like, kelp, is good for you. So try to think resourcefully. I would recommend people pull down that PDF, Safe Locations, or click around on the web site, cities and countries and continents are well covered, and get a gist of what they should anticipate and how to prepare for it.

CALLER: [give the audience your web site again.]

NANCY: Yeah, zetatalk as in

CALLER: [You scare people and then talk about children when life will be so terrible in the future.]

NANCY: Very good question. There is no easy way to warn people that something terrible might be coming their way and what to do about it. When people say ‘oh, you’ve terrified people’. If you’ve told them that a big truck is roaring down the road toward them and you’re saying ‘watch out, watch out, this truck is coming down the road’, and you’ve terrified them. On the other hand, if you don’t warn them, and it’s coming from their backside, and they get smacked and killed or maimed, you’ve hurt them worse. So what we are saying, to adults, we’re saying this to adults and not to children, please look at the Earth changes, be aware if this starts to show up, and you say ‘oh, I remember discussion about this, and I remember what to do about it’. Then you’ve been warned. And we’re not saying ‘sit and bite your nails’, because if you’re incredulous, and you should think about this on your own, if you personally have not seen things and you’re incredulous, you say ‘hahaha’ and you put is aside but you have heard the warning. And if it comes about, and you say ‘ah, I remember what I was supposed to do about it’, then we’ve helped you, and we’ve helped the little children that are dependent on you. And we’re not suggesting that people have a million babies and say it’s OK to bring them into this. But most people who have babies don’t worry about anything, they’re not on the Internet, they’re not aware and they’re having babies anyway. Babies tend to come along like that as accidents, in the main, and don’t I know it. So what kind of a world. Well actually, a better world in many regards. Much of what we do with our life is walking through routine, following a bunch of rules, we’re living like little automatons and not with all that much freedom. But go talk to the Amish and find out if they’re miserable. They’re not. They live a very simple life, down to earth like people did 100 years ago, and your life is what you make of it. So if you’re gardening a lot, you’re sewing on a treadle sewing machine with your little girl instead of driving around in your SUV to all kinds of ballet lessons, is that worse? No. So life doesn’t get worse, it’s what you make of it. It’s how much love is in your life. It’s how much you reach out to others. And often great change breaks open some of the stiltedness with which we interact with each other and allows for more love and true expression than exists otherwise. And in this regard, these coming times are great opportunities.

CALLER: [You’re just going to make people crazy with fear.]

NANCY: No, actually, I think the opposite. Because anybody who finds this frightening is going to call me crazy. They dismiss me. They say ‘oh, she’s nuts.’ Crazy woman talking to aliens. And so they don’t go crazy, they get dismissive, or in denial. They get angry, and they rant, and they say ‘there’s absolutely nothing odd with the weather or with the way the Earth is behaving, it’s all normal, normal, normal’, and get very angry. Oh course they’re in denial, the vehemence of their argument shows that they secretly down deep feel that something down deep is not normal. So anybody that is frightened by this message and can’t deal with it is going to take those routes. Now I don’t know how that differs from all the scare tactics you hear. Do you throw this accusation at Homeland Security which says ‘ah, we’ve heard chatter and everybody should be aware but we can’t tell you what you should be watching for but just be alert and we might have anything happen, even bioterrorism or nukes going off in cities, but go about your day.’ Now, they get away with it. and nobody challenges that. I’m not doing that. I’m saying there will be specific Earth changes that will clue you that the time is coming near, and they don’t do that. So I’m not doing anything any different than somebody else sincerely trying to warn you is doing. And I also think that this is happening. I have immense information that this is happening. I’ve never found the Zetas to be wrong, and they are of good heart. I have a very rich contactee life with all kinds of personal validation that this is real, besides all the evidence that I put on my website, the photos and the global quakes and whatever else. This is not like I’m sitting in my easy chair and it’s all fantasy. That’s not the case. I have personal evidence and reassurance that this is real, and I’m trying to say I don’t care if you think I’m crazy, just hear the message, and if it comes into your life, you’ve got some information that will help you out.

CALLER: [What are these chemtrails that I see?]

NANCY: I’ll give it to the Zetas, and they have addressed this in the Government section.

Chemtrails originally were sickening people, blanketing them, and then the clinics would determine how many people came in ill, children ill, how long the illness lasted, and this was to determine the effectiveness of spreading disease by airplane emissions. This is not a government activity, this was an activity of the very wealthy who were interested in poisoning, frankly, large blocks of city dwellers or people migrating from cities after the pole shift on their way to invade the enclaves of the rich who had setup food stores and stuffs and keep them from approaching. This fell out of favor because a number of people who were tolerating these experiments, such as the US Military, learned the plans were to poison people ultimately, and balked and resisted. And the covert assistance or quiet tolerance of these activities of the US Military, for instance, in the US, was required for it to be successful. So that part of the plan went aside, and sickening is no longer concomitant with chemtrails. But as during the Summer of 2003 when the Second Sun was so very visible and people became concerned about the number of questions pouring into weather stations and the like about ‘what it that, why did I see the Sun rise twice, what is that orb that I see, something next to the Sun’. So clouding up your view is just the thing. And so they run these planes out, back and forth at sunrise or sunset, criss crossing to create fog so that your view is not as clear, so ‘well, it’s just a reflection off this or that which you saw’. There’s quit a bit of money that goes into this, and it’s not all that effective, but they’re hoping to forestall panic until the last minutes because they want to stay on top of the pile and they don’t want themselves to have to go into the enclaves and board up the windows and guard the doors until the last minute. So they’re trying to keep you dumb and ignorant as long as they can. That’s the reason for the chemtrails.

USA: [Your website, once again. We're out of time, and so many callers still waiting.]

NANCY: ZetaTalk is