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Light Bending as Planet X Rises to the Ecliptic

Per ZetaTalk on Countdown Minutes, SunRISE and SunSET will both appear to be earlier in the Northern Hemisphere going into the Summer Soltice where those in the Southern Hemisphere will find their days growing longer going into the Winter Solstice.

When Planet X arrives close to the Ecliptic and starts moving between the Earth and Sun, a second phenomenon occurs. Red light bends toward Planet X as a gravity draw, such that for those in the Northern Hemisphere the light affecting the sunrise and sunset must come up over more the Earth’s fat middle, making the sunrise later and the sunset earlier, a shorter day, the reverse of where it should be going into the Summer Solstice. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite effect would occur, as they are dealing with less of Earth’s Fat middle, and have a longer day potential.

This is a result of light coming from the Sun bending toward Planet X as it rises to the Ecliptic. High NOON is thus the better time to measure changes in rotation from day to day. A Time Difference is also to be expected based on latitude, with measurements taken closer to the Equator more valid. The sun seeming to rise and set at an odd place has been observed by many, but the following report documents that the sunlight is indeed arriving at Earth from a differernt point, bent light.

My home electricity is produced using solar panels mounted on an adjustable rack. I have never had to adjust the panels to the flatest position until about three weeks ago [June 7, 2003]. My power generation was lower than normal and when evaluated, found the sun was facing the panels at a much higher angle than ever before. Panels were move flatter and the power generation jumped 12 %. After June 21, 2003 the sun has started to go down in the sky and will have to readjust to normal position in about three weeks.