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Signs of the Times #594
Explosion rocks Detco Industries, area evacuated [Jan 4] ‘The cause of the explosions was not immediately determined. Fires spread throughout the Detco Industries plant. The plume of smoke could be seen 30 miles away in Little Rock and was so dense that it showed up on National Weather Service radar. Flames climbed to 30 or 40 feet, and fireballs were thrown higher. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department closed an Interstate 40 exit south of the city because all roads leading from it were in the evacuation zone, spokesman Randy Ort said.’ [Note: New Madrid fault line area.]
Signs of the Times #593
Hundreds see fireballs fall from sky in Spain [Jan 4] ‘Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing fireballs cross the skies of northern Spain today in what authorities said may have been a disintegrating meteorite, Spanish radio said. The bright flashes were spotted in a swathe across the northern half of Spain, from the eastern city of Valencia to the northwestern pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela. In some cases, objects were reported to have fallen to earth.’ [and from another source] ‘A meteorite has hit northern Iran [Jan 2] causing minor damage to property but there were no immediate reports of casualties, state radio has said. It said the impact sent locals in panic onto the streets in the northern town of Babol in Mazandaran province. It said the impact was felt up to one kilometre away.’
Signs of the Times #592 [Dec 31] ‘Over the last century and a half, since monitoring began, scientists have measured a 10% decline in the dipole. At the current rate of decline it would take 1,500 to 2,000 years to disappear. Magnetic reversals were always preceded by weakened magnetic fields, said Dr Gallet, but not all weakened fields bring on a flip-flop.’ [Note: and never accompanied by a crust shift, the really scary part, all evidence to the contrary, with the magnetic reversal having no reason or cause. Inching toward the telling the truth.]
Signs of the Times #591 ‘The draft bill proposes that they will be able to bypass Parliament by rushing through legislation to give authorities powers to declare a regional state of emergency. The police will be able to ban public gatherings, impose curfews, seize property and suspend the Human Rights Act. [and from another source] Over the past two days [Jan 7], there have been three magnificent solar flares. The SOHO camera 2, which has been taking pictures regularly, has gaps in coverage such that all three events (flare and associated CME halo) are blocked from view of the public. This is what we get from our government. Blatant itty bitty lies, regular lies, bigger than life lies, and incredibly huge lies. The US government is the anthesis of what the Founding Fathers set up. [and from another source] I’m located at Cordoba Argentina. There is an incredible amount of international tourism we are having down here [Jan 7], from Europe and USA. They are heading to Neuquen and Cordoba. I think they are relocating!
Signs of the Times #590
If anyone checks on Cascade volcanic/seismic activity [Jan 4] they can forget about it. Sites and graphs are now so severely altered that you can find out nothing. All stations for the early part of Jan 4 are totally blank. [and from another source] An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 rattled Jackson, Wyoming early on Wednesday [Jan 7], according to a report from the U.S. Geological Survey. It was followed by quakes of 3.7, 4.1 and 4.0, and a number of smaller temblors below 3.0. The last in the series was reported at 2:23 a.m. [and from another source] Jackson, WY - 4.7, 4.1, 4.0 this is not normal, and how close to Yellowstone? Really weird, the live seismic is too quiet, wonder if they are down, doesn´t even show the Wyoming quakes, shows nothing anywhere, not possible. Have not seen anything this major at Yellowstone in the year I´ve been watching.
Signs of the Times #589 ‘A powerful earthquake struck off the east coast of the French island of New Caledonia on Sunday [Jan 3], the latest in a string of temblors to hit the area. The 7.1-magnitude quake was centered 211 miles east of Noumea, the island's capital. New Caledonia lies in the Pacific Ocean 1,240 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia.’ [and from another source] ‘A powerful earthquake shook Indonesia´s tourist island of Bali on Friday [Jan 2]. The magnitude 6.1 quake struck shortly before dawn about 20 miles off the east coast of Bali.’ [and from another source] ‘A strong earthquake rocked Mexico City and Acapulco Thursday [Jan 1], shaking buildings and sending some people fleeing into the streets. The quake, centered 25 miles east of the resort of Zihuatanejo, had a preliminary magnitude of 5.7.’
Signs of the Times #588
Niue Battered By Heta [Jan 7],,3884-2975126,00.html ‘The worst cyclone in memory has flattened the capital of the tiny South Pacific island state of Niue. Tropical cyclone Heta, packing wind gusts of almost 300 kmh, slammed into the island of about 2,100 people just east of the international dateline on Monday, local time. Communications have been cut by the huge storm.’ [and from another source] I’m located at Cordoba Argentina. Nine days ago we had our first tornado in 500 years! It came from nowhere and took four lives but destroyed over 175 houses. The heat is extremly bad lately [Jan 7] and it didn’t rain over the mountains in 10 months, which is not normal.
Signs of the Times #587 (Nancy)
On January 4, 2004 photos from Italy show the Sun lower in the sky than in previous photos during December, 2003! Since Reports of the Sun rising and setting lower in the sky by 10-20° have been received from both the northern and southern hemispheres, and documented by photos on occasion, this is the possible explanation. The Solstice crop circle implied that our orbit would both raise and stall, and then reverse, backing up from Planet X as it approaches us. This is another potential explanations. If a reversal has occurred, then both Earlier sunrises and sunsets would be reported, and they are. After the Solstice on Dec 21, the northern hemisphere is supposed to find the Sun higher in its skies. Note by comparing these photos from Italy for Dec 13 (-7 days), Dec 18 (-3 days), and Jan 4 (+14 days) that the Sun is now lower when it should be twice as high as the Dec 13 difference. Proof that the Earth has recently moved up in its Ecliptic, and/or that the Earth orbit has halted and may even be reversed.
Signs of the Times #586
South Australia business affected after gas blast [Jan 1],5744,8298809%255E1702,00.html ‘About 50 South Australian businesses have been asked to shut down in the wake of an explosion and fire at the Moomba natural gas plant. The explosion caused a fire at the Santos plant in South Australia's far north-east which took emergency crews about seven hours to control. The cause of the fire, which started about 3am (CDT) today and injured no-one, is the subject of an investigation.’ [Note: nothing in the news about this, in the US, thought it affected several provinces in Australia.]
Signs of the Times #585
Fifteen killed as ancient Ethiopian church collapses [Jan 4] ‘A 13th-century Ethiopian church hewn out of rock has collapsed killing at least 15 people attending a service to commemorate an Orthodox Christian saint, state radio said today. Rescuers combing through the cavernous structure said they might recover more bodies from the disaster, which occurred in a remote part of northern Ethiopia on Monday. The rescue effort is still progressing, as it was feared many more may have been buried by rubble after the church caved in without warning.’ [Note: what caused these rocks to move, after all these centuries?] About the Church in Ethiopia. Here it comes the reason. 2004/01/04 00:09:47.3 11.6N 43.3E 33 Ms5.2 M GSRC ETHIOPIA
Signs of the Times #584 (via email to Nancy)
To salute the new year, Europe morning [Jan 2] suffered from a strange telecommunication black out. This means, internet access was impossible in the morning, cell to cell phone sometimes yes and sometimes no, cell to fix phones impossible, cell receiving level out for at least one hour, all service cells, as police or military personel were not receiving for one hour. Of course no explanations, no communications in the news, a good start isn't it? What caused this chaos is not clear, somebody knows more? [Note: apparently occurred middle of the night, and nothing in the news about this, though confirmed on Internet discussions.]
Signs of the Times #583
Whole lotta shakin' going on in 2004 [Jan 2] ‘As global relief efforts were still focused on the devastating 6.6 earthquake that struck Iran last week, killing more than 30,000 and leaving some 40,000 homeless, seismologists were studying a new rash of temblors ... In Indonesia, a powerful earthquake shook the tourist islands of Bali and Lombok yesterday, injuring nearly 30 people and damaging dozens of buildings. ... measured 6.1 on the Richter scale. ... a medium-intensity earthquake centered near Mexico's Pacific Coast tourist spots was felt as far away as Mexico City, ... measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale, had its epicenter in the western state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast ... An aftershock reached 5 on the Richter scale. It was felt in the western and central parts of the country, including Mexico City. An undersea earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale rocked Taiwan yesterday. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there were at least seven earthquakes of a magnitude of 5.0 or greater around the world yesterday alone. On Dec. 27, a 7.3-magnitude quake hit southeast of the Loyalty Islands, a sparsely populated area about 1,000 miles east of Australia. The day before that, the 6.6 earthquake hit southeast Iran. Is there a connection between these quakes? No, says John Minsch, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo.’ [Note: These Richters are of course under reported. Since the last Sweeping Arm of the Sun global quakes have occurred at least daily, finally reaching a Richter size that cannot be denied due to damage and effect on the populace.]