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2000 Election, the Plan

What was the Bush plan, going into the 2000 election?
Not was it seems, as both George W and George H as well as Cheney and Rumsfeld were members of MJ12 and knew full well that a pole shift was pending,
predicted by the Zetas to occur 'shortly after May 15, 2003'

Thus, this group determined, by hook or by crook, to be in the White House during that time.
As is known, Gore won the popular vote, even in Florida where the counting was forced to stop, But the intervention, for the first time in history, of the Supreme Court into such matters, prevented this from being of record.

ZetaTalk: Popular Vote, written on Dec 15, 2000
What possible reason would there be to call out the US Supreme Court to defend a candidate that had lost the popular vote, on all fronts. Gore had won an edge of 21 electoral votes, by some 300,000 popular votes, and was only 3 electoral votes shy of winning the Presidency.

Gore also won the popular vote in Florida, a fact clear to even the ultra-right Buchannan who admitted the 3,000 vote he received above what might be expected in the Jewish enclave of Palm Beach were not his votes, but Gore's. The Florida vote re-count was stopped, repeatedly, by partisan loyalists of the Bush family.

Where this might have been expected in Florida, controlled by the Bush family, what would cause the Supreme Court to break its long standing tradition of not getting involved in Presidential contests - a tradition that had endured throughout its history? [This] appeared to be partisanship, that the judges themselves had been appointed by Republicans, as the final vote was strictly along partisan lines.

A deep distrust of the new administration will be the result of this action, which will only be understood when attempts to win over the public for new initiatives seem to fall flat.

In disenfranchising the American voter, as well as the Florida voter, the Supreme Court did more than express partisanship. They displayed a cold and firm plan of the wealthy elite to survive during the coming changes, at the expense of democracy.

The US government will increasingly serve the elite, and will fail to give any explanation of their actions to the public. In this blatant service to the elite they will become increasingly irrelevant - an administration serving itself, and not a leader the public could respect or take seriously.

Going into May 15, 2003, the Bush Administration rushed into Iraq, on false charges that they held WMD.
Why? It's all about oil.
As proof that the invasion of Iraq was about oil, and because the Bush administration truly thought the passage, the pole shift, was going to happen in 2003, was the SPEED with which he invaded Iraq.
Before the inspections had been completed.
In the Spring of 2003.
With a rush to Baghdad, risking the supply routes being cut off, a plan the military considered outlandish.
And with no exit plan whatsoever.

ZetaTalk: Iraq Obsession, written during the Nov 9, 2002
Korea has the nukes, but is left to quiet consultation and no war mongering. It has no oil.
India and Pakistan are squabbling at their borders, and both have nukes, but you don't hear about military exercises near them, as they don't have oil.
Russia has nukes and poison gas and bioterrorism means, but is an ally, because to take their oil from them would be difficult.
Countries in Africa that find they have some oil are run like dictatorship by US corporations, killing off villages that object without fear of prosecution.
So why is the Bush administration, so snug with Enron, with a history in the oil industry and utter lack of ethics such as Harken Energy, Haliburton, after in Iraq?

It was also about Martial Law, and the ability to murder millions of unwanted mouths to be fed, by forcing them to Shelter in Place in coastal or river basin cities where they would drown during the pole shift, or poisoning them there by so-called bioterrorism attacks, poison gas, deliberate infections where these cities would have to be quarantined, or infected via vaccines.
Take the Chemtrail, or Contrail as its sometimes called, phenomena.
Remember when these sprays sickened those caught under the spray?
Flu like symptoms, but worse than the flu and the illness seemed to linger for weeks.

ZetaTalk: Contrail Plan, written on Dec 15, 2001
Contrails are an experiment of the wealthy and powerful, to see how much deliberate infection of the wandering masses might slow them down. This has been allowed, where practiced, because the experiment was couched in terms of crowd control.

Those allowing this to continue, the military and national security groups, were assured that only temporary illness would occur. However, the intent of the elite was scarcely temporary illness. Imagine elite groups settling into North Carolina estates, or in valleys in Utah, or in Wyoming. Why would they want masses of the lower class, starving and angry, invading their communities?

Thus, when the time came, what was being sprayed upon the starving wandering hordes would scarcely be temporary germs such as flu. They are to be poisoned. The target is clearly large urban areas of poor and restless folk, such as LA, for instance, where riots have already occurred.

Remember, in the Fall of 2004, when there was insufficient flu vaccine from British labs?
The Zetas are suggesting that this batch was bad because the contaminant was deliberate, and should the pole shift and Earth changes have appeared eminent, this would be used to reduce the population, reduce unwanted mouths demanding to be fed.
Who are the recommended first line recipients? The aged, the very young, the ill, in hospital, and those suffering from AIDS.

Can the Zetas comment on the recent news from London that British health officials have abruptly halted shipments of flu vaccine to the US and other countries? And does this relate to an increased effort at population sculpting?

ZetaTalk: Vaccine Failure, written Oct 7, 2004
There is deep paranoia about vaccines, among those sensing the plans to sculpt the population during the pole shift. We have warned about plans to blockade large blocks of city dwellers, considered too soft for hard labor and likely to be loudly demanding services, so that they drown along the coast lines or river banks or starve in cities, crushed by collapsing buildings and poisoned by industrial cesspools.

Then came the Homeland Security mantra to Shelter-in-Place and the acknowledgment that level Red would require residents to remain in their homes.

We have warned that the elite would like to select out healthy workers for work camps, separating the rest into camps where they would be starved or poisoned. That the new US draft plans are called a Skills Draft for healthy men and women 18-35, this work force could be quickly assembled and separated from the populace at large under the guise of registering for the draft.

We have stated that early Chemtrails, sickening all under their wafting spray, were testing the ability of such spay to sicken and weaken migrating populace, with the underlying plans to poison, not temporarily sicken, those considered excess mouths to feed on the move toward the enclaves of the elite. We have stated that when the US Military discovered the ultimate plans, they balked at cooperation, and since that time the chemtrails have not sickened, the plan changed.

Look to the populace advised to get the remaining flu shots, and see what population swath that covers. How is it that an entire production of flu vaccine would be polluted, in a manner that failed notice up until the end? Are there not quality control checks? Are there not different batches, so that a contaminated batch can be discarded but others surviving? And is the public told what the contaminant is? They are told the result, not the process, so as sheep they can still be led to slaughter with unquestioning minds.

What was the overall plan, from the Puppet Master on down through his Puppets, the Bush Admistration, going into May 15, 2003?
And how did a delay affect this plan?

ZetaTalk: Changing Captains, written July 11, 2003
Given that Planet X is looming literally at Earth's doorstep, there is no time to retool and regroup and start over. They must make the grab for world power, the kingship of Earth, and protection of the elite during the coming times work, now.

The Fist
The original plan assumed control of the worlds major military powers, which were secured when the White House was taken by political appointment, not popular vote, in the 2000 Presidential Election. They want continuing control of the White House because the US Military has been built up to be a power greater than the combined power of all other countries.

The Counter
Because the pole shift has been delayed long past our staunchly predicted date of May 15 or shortly thereafter, the US Military has lost respect, utterly, for the Commander in Chief. The military was reluctant to go into Iraq, its advice ignored and its leadership treated like robots expected to follow orders without question. Rebellion, at the highest levels, is seething just under the surface.

The Energy
The original plan assumed that enemies could be eliminated, resistance intimidated, the weak bribed, and the media controlled. This has proved to be the case, with resistance under reported, Congress in the US and Parliament in the UK becoming sheep barely bleating a complaint and rubber stamping Iraq invasion despite the warning signs. The power grab for Middle East oil was considered a success.

The Counter
The original plan assumed an ability to plant evidence, and here they have hit a snag. Imagine a world where Weapons of Mass Destruction had been found in Iraq as predicted? Imagine a world where repeated terrorist attacks on the US had occurred. Instead the raw hand of greed reaching for the major oil fields of the Middle East, Iraq and the Saudi fields, stands exposed.

May 15, 2003, the White Lie

To counter this plan, which the Zetas knew would emerge as the time of the pole shift approached, the Zetas planned to lead this group astray, and did so with the May 15, 2003 prediction for the passage.
Why, beyond the astonishing ZetaTalk accuracy on predictions, would the Bush Administration trust what the Zetas had said?
They don't lie, had that reputation, but in this case they did, a White Lie.
To lead the Bush Administration into a quagmire, to weaken their ability to use the US Military for their ends.
The powerful US Military, a military as powerful and large as all other militaries round the globe put together, had been taken over by coup, a coup of the White House.
So what happened, going into May 15, 2003?
Planet X had entered the solar system, zooming in from the direction of Orion, exactly at the coordinates predicted by the Zetas.
In its sling orbit, it picks up great speed when approaching the Sun, then stalls as it creeps past the Sun, but just how much of a stall and how long it would creep was an unknown, to man.
Thus, when the Zetas said it would sling through the inner solar system in 3 short months, they believed them.
Thus, when the Zetas said it would become visible 7 weeks before passage, naked eye, and it DID become visible as a red blur in the evening sky near Orion starting March 26, 2003, they believed this confirmed the May 15, 2003 passage date.

ZetaTalk: Why May 15?, written Oct 17, 2003
As has been explained previously, all ZetaTalk information keyed to the May 15 date was part of the White Lie. This included the 7.3 weeks of naked eye visibility leading up to that date, so that when naked eye viewing of a red light fading in and out at our coordinates became visible in very late March, this brought weight to the May 15 date. All was designed to fool the establishment.

Nancy has pointed out several clues that May 15 was not and could not have been the date, in that we have stated in ZetaTalk that Planet X would dive 32° below the Ecliptic prior to passage and at May 15, 2003 our coordinates had only dropped to 7° below the Ecliptic. We also stated firmly in Nov, 2001, that no date would be given as it would allow the establishment to mistreat the populace.

Had any other date been given, say March 15, or July 15, the approach of Planet X would have been discernible, our White Lie disproved, as the angle from Earth would have allowed motion to be detected across the skies, rather than a direct head-on approach which disguised the distance.

Thus, during the crucial weeks approaching May 15, 2003, they braced for the passage.
Shortly before May 15, 2003:

The US government initiated Operation TOPOFF-2 was initiated to involve Seattle, Chicago, and Washington DC and over 100 agencies, including Canadian participation.
And other terrorism exercises followed, including Wintersun in NYC and its environs.
Operation TOPOFF-2 is still as of this date considered
'the largest and most comprehensive terrorism response and homeland security exercise ever conducted in the United States'
per Canada, a participant.

The TOPOFF exercises were done in 2000, a tiny affair, in 2003, a massive affair, and again in 2005.
The size of the May 15, 2003 exercise can be seen from Chertoff's description of the TOPOFF-3 exercises in 2005. This involved only Connecticut and New Jersey.
But the one in 2003?

Chertoff said that he expects valuable lessons to come from the analysis of TOPOFF 3, just as they came from the two prior exercises in 2000 and 2003.
TOPOFF 2 took place in Seattle, Chicago, and Canada in May 2003, and TOPOFF 1 took place in May 2000.
TOPOFF 1 is reported to have resulted in the establishment of a national security strategy.

Operation Planet X was run on May 15 in Iraq.
Operation Planet X?

Operation Planet X in Iraq, May 15
On or about May 15, 2003 US Army forces raided a village about 11 miles south of Tikrit. US forces were searching for Ba´ath party members and militants. The operation was dubbed "Planet X" and resulted in the capture of 260 prisoners. The searches also resulted in the capture of seventeen bricks of plastic explosive.

This indicates the US Military was aware of the ZetaTalk prediction.

On the Lou Gentile live radio show May 16, 2003, the Zetas gave a specific date of May 27, 2003, and reasons for being specific at that time.
Details such as the day a late sunset could be expected, rotation stoppage expected, and the exact number of days, in decimals, until the hour of the shift.
When you see how the US government reacted AFTER this announcement, you'll understand why the Zetas were pulling their leg.
Their goal, to expose the US government as aware of Planet X, its approach, and their plan to DENY this information to the populace, up until the end.
Here's the specific date information, given on May 16, 2003 on a live radio show.
And I quote:

ZetaTalk: Dates, Why Now?, written May 16, 2003
If the shift occurs on May 27, and rotation stoppage is for a 5.9 days length of time, then count back 5.9 days to find the day when rotation stops. So on May 21st, 5.9 days before the shift, the Atlantic Rift is positioned facing the approaching Planet X. Thus slowed in rotation during the May 20 turn of the globe.

Pretty specific.

So given barely DAYS until rotation slowing was supposed to start, what did the US government do?
The week following May 16, 2003:
Terrorism exercises were scheduled for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Homeland Security went to level Orange, with no other excuse than recent attacks in other countries, though these attacks were not unusual.
Level Red, wherein citizens can be ordered to remain in their homes, was the next step.
Did any announcement by the US government occur, that evacuation of the coastal areas should be done?
Did the US government position to barricade its citizens in place, to keep them from leaving the cities and coastlines?

ZetaTalk: White Lie, written May 23, 2003
What is martial law, if not ordering citizens to remain in their homes? What effect does this have on citizens within cities where buildings will tumble and crush them, or along coast or in lowlands sure to be inundated by tidal waves? Death, injury with no rescue, and massive dieoff.

Is this the intent of those in command in [the US] government, sworn to protect their citizens and collecting taxes to this end? Why did we allow Nancy, who has labored though the mine field and put herself at risk with ZetaTalk, to be so humiliated as to announce to a broad audience live radio show very specific dates, which were promptly missed?

At a time when Planet X is so close as to be competing with the Sun at noon,
visible by the unaided eye,
and well tracked to this point by many sunrise and sunset sightings and photos,
in the manner and in the time frame we predicted,
and at a time when earthquakes have increased to the point, as we predicted, to being noticeable,
affecting population centers so they cannot be denied by underreporting in the quake databases,
the bad dates stand as an exception.

And what is the effect on the common man, being denied even at this late date any honest information on what is about to devastate their lives?

* For those waiting for an undeniable sight that the earth changes we have predicted, rotation stoppage followed by red dusting will be that undeniable sign, any announced date will be ignored until such signs are evident.
* For those wanting to leave for a safe location ahead of rotation stoppage, but having ties to their ordinary life and obligations, rapid earth changes such as a perceptible slowing of rotation, will be their clue, regardless of published dates.
* For those who have made very early changes in their lives, moving to safe locations and settling in there, an exact date is not crucial.
* For the vast majority of mankind who has not even heard of a possible pole shift, announcing dates is irrelevant.
* For the large portion of humanity who cannot move to safe locations or make changes in their lives, as their lives are a struggle for subsistence on a daily basis, announced dates are irrelevant.
* For those who are traveling, for work or pleasure, they have chosen to be out and about at this time, or to place themselves in such a position by their employment choice, and thus are not taking the message seriously, nor would they despite any announced dates.

Thus, an announced date, where it would be convenient, does not change the outcome of preparation for the common man, where it would greatly be used by those who would murder their citizens, or take advantage of others, and thus we decline to give any dates. Watching the earth changes, and the behavior of those in the corridors of power, will be the best clues.

There were of course inconveniences, myself included, as I ran every charge card I could get my hands on up to the limit and was on the edge of bankruptcy for years after the May 15, 2003 date came and went.
Beyond the financial, I was in shock, high blood pressure, almost unable to function for weeks.
Like a bug hitting the windshield at 100 mph, and forced to live afterwards.
I truly believed this would happen, as all other predictions by the Zetas had been so on target.
Well, the Bush cabal would hardly have been inclined to take action if I had NOT been fooled, along with everyone else?

But to those who say it was not worth it, the White Lie, I point to the Bush Administrations posture on May 15, 2003.
They would have run into Code Red, declared Martial Law, forced the citizens in inner cities along the coasts to shelter in place, and drown them.
They were in position to do this then, as they had not been disgraced in Iraq, proven as liars on many points, and had the US Military following orders from the Commander in Chief, George W Bush.
But having gone forth too EARLY with these moves into Iraq, where are they now?

If the May 15, 2003 date was designed to fool the Bush administration into invading Iraq EARLY, so that the situation would deteriorate completely, the US Military would revolt, the world refuse to think of the US the flagship of democracy, thus, the leader.
how have things panned out?
Bush is in the White House, can't get him out, the US Military is in revolt, and the best the Puppet Master can do it a decapitation.


The Puppet Master wanted Kerry to win the 2004 election, to bring the US military back under the Commander in Chief, by which he, the Puppet Master, could more easily control the US Military to guard his own assets and interests.
But rebellion was afoot in the White House:

ZetaTalk: Kerry's Concession, written Jan 4, 2005
Why then would a determined former prosecutor, armed with so much evidence of wrongdoing, with the heart of the nation behind him and a history of leading the charge as he did during the Vietnam War, cave so quickly? It was a Puppet Master decision, based on the mess laid out before him.

His instructions to Bush and Cheney had been to lose. But for some time, as we have mentioned, rebellion had been festering in the Bush Administration, with men such as Cheney and Rove ambitious for more than a Puppet status, wanting peership after the cataclysms with control of both Americas if not a larger chunk of the world.

Ignoring the Puppet Masters commands, the arrogant Bush cabal defied the orders and used massive vote fraud to secure the 2004 election.
Just how bad was it?
For those not paying attention, 1/3 of the votes in the country were gathered on machines that did not have a paper trail.
But the worst of the matter was the tabulating machines, also manufactured and programmed by Diebold, which allowed their totals to be manipulated as easily as an Excel spread sheet on a computer, by a laptop in a parking lot nearby, remotely, or by technicians from the company directly into the tabulating machines.
Voting booth personnel reported seeing totals changed in front of their eyes, to numbers for Bush impossible for the precinct to even carry.
All of this was allowed into the official counts, scarcely reported in the media, and put Bush into the Oval Office for another undeserved 4 year term.
Bev Harris, one of the main sleuths of the voter fraud, reports:

from Bev Harris
08/26/2004 Issue:
Manipulation technique found in the Diebold central tabulator - 1,000 of these systems are in place, and they count up to two million votes at a time. By entering a 2-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created. This set of votes can be changed, so that it no longer matches the correct votes.

The voting system will then read the totals from the bogus vote set. Whether you vote absentee, on touch-screens, or on paper ballot optical scan machines, all votes are ultimately brought to the central tabulator at the county which adds them all up and creates the results report.

This problem appears to demonstrate intent to manipulate election. GEMS system contained three sets of books. Ask an accountant: It is never appropriate to have two sets of books inside accounting software. The data tables in accounting software automatically link up to each other to prevent illicit back door entries. In GEMS, however, the voting system will draw information from a combination of the real votes and a set of fake votes, which you can alter any way you see fit.
Diebold Employed At Least Five Convicted Felons In Management Positions
It turns out that [Diebold] employed at least five convicted felons in management roles at their voting machine subsidiary. In fact, a senior VP of the group, who was responsible for writing and maintaining the code used in their voting systems, served time in prison for stealing money and tampering with computer files.'
Thousands of Florida ballots missing? [Oct 27]
Broward deputy supervisor of elections Gisela Salas said 60,000 absentee ballots, accounting for just over 5 percent of the electorate in the county north of Miami, were sent out between Oct. 7 and Oct. 8 to voters who would not be in town on election day. While some had begun to be delivered, her office had been inundated with calls from anxious voters who still had not received their ballots. U.S. Postal Service Inspector Del Alvarez, whose federal agency is independent from the U.S. Postal Service, said it had yet to be determined if the ballots reached the post office.'
Voting Machine Controversy
Aug 28, 2003 by the Cleveland Plain Dealer
The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." The letter from the chief executive of Diebold Inc. - who has become active in the re-election effort of President Bush - prompted Democrats this week to question the propriety of allowing [his] company to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential election.

And did we have alternatives to Diebold? Sure, but they died. Are we surprised?

Voting Paper Trail Advocate Dies In ´Tragic Accident´ [Mar 20]
Gibbs, an accountant for more than 30 years and the inventor of the TruVote system, died when his vehicle collided with an 18-wheeled truck which rolled his Chevy Blazer several times and forced it over the highway retaining wall where it came to rest on its roof.

The Puppet Master was not amused.

ZetaTalk: Diebold Wins, written Nov 3, 2004
As was known going into the election, 1/3 of the votes would be under the cover of Diebold computers, no paper trail, central tabulating machines with an extra set of counts that could override the real count, all designed to steal the vote, which it did, particularly in Florida and Ohio.

Would the massive turnout in Palm Beach be for Bush, after what occurred in 2000? Could Florida be trusted after losing 58,000 absentee ballots in a Democratic county in the month before the election? We stated that Kerry would win the Popular Vote, but as the election is in the hands of man, whether this means he takes the White House would be unsure.

As the Puppet Master's choice was Kerry, over half the vote fraud was deflected by the Puppet Masters covert operations, else the Electoral win by Bush would have been 302 votes rather than 254 with Ohio contested. The Puppet Master is not pleased, and will enact revenge, and the Puppet Master has more cards that can be imagined.

And per the Zetas, set out on a decapitation process.

ZetaTalk: Bush Busting, written Nov 27, 2004
Too many rats slipped through the Puppet Master's attempt to counter this gambit by his errant Puppets in the Bush administration. Now what? He will take the Bush camp down, in subtle and not so subtle ways, reducing their influence in the world and within the United States to noise - irrelevant, discredited, despised, and ignored.

But Bush blustered on.

ZetaTalk: Wizard of Oz, written Feb 27, 2005
We have stated that in the power shakeout that will accompany the pole shift, those at the very top and those forming sustainable survival communities at the bottom, will emerge as winners. No one will need the middle man.

As the Earth changes become more extreme, more obvious, and the public no longer placated by inadequate explanations, these middle men are looking about them for a niche in the future. These future roles will only go to those Puppets the Puppet Master is comfortable with. This does not include Bush and his handlers, as on several fronts they have failed and disappointed the Puppet Master.

Oil in the Middle East was to be secured for the future, for the Puppet Master, but the Iraq war, engaged early due to our White Lie about the likely timing of the shift, was poorly planned and has now destroyed the Iraq oil fields and turned the region into chaos.

The 2004 election was to find Kerry as the new leadership in the US, a plan the Bush crowd did not accept and sabotaged with massive election fraud. The Yukos oil fields in Russia were put into play because of attempted grabs by Cheney and earlier by the Bush family. Thus, this crowd is seen as failing to deliver, causing problems, and failing to follow orders. Hardly a good resume when seeking future employment.

Bush and his handlers have sought to place themselves in a peer position with the Puppet Master, to assert dominance over the Americas and a binding alliance with Japan and Israel, thus having a foothold into dominance in the Middle East and Asia.

The oil fields of the world - from Alaska to Venezuela which the US is attempting to destabilize,
to Nigeria where the US has planted marines under the guise of assisting the country,
to the unprotected North Fields in Europe,
to the occupied Iraq fields and neighboring Saudi fields lying like ripe fruit awaiting the picking,
to those fields in Russia accessed by an inroad through occupied Pakistan -
are viewed by the Bush crowd as theirs.

That the US Military is exhausted and in rebellion, and the whole house of cards requiring a massive influx of cash daily from countries such as China and Japan and Korea, is ignored. Instead, an arrogant insistence that Iran submit to dictates is being issued, so the US can have a united front under the Russian oil fields, from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan. Has the Bush crowd lost its grasp on reality?

The Puppet Master can pull the cash carpet from under Bush, effectively crashing him into domestic chaos and affecting the military operations, and this card may yet be played. At present, the Bush bluster is seen as just that, as the Bush plans to dominate the world require that the world go along with this agenda. Behind the curtain, the Wizard Bush is seen for what he is - weak, cowardly, failing, and now begging for support.

Decapitation had just about been accomplished by the Fall of 2005.
In that the Zetas predicted this decapitation process right after the 2004 elections, the ONLY source to so predict what has come about, this is another example of ZetaTalk accuracy.

ZetaTalk: Decapitation Process, written Aug 19, 2005
We stated when Bush stole the 2004 election that the Puppet Master was furious, as he had wanted a respected Viet Nam vet, John Kerry, to bring a rebelling US military into line, a situation that certainly would not occur with Bush continuing in office. Why does the Puppet Master care?

Because the US Military has and is being used to protect his assets and interests, at home and abroad. The massive US Military, equal in size to the combined military of all other countries in the world, has bases everywhere, and the man with the gun gets cooperation with US interests abroad.

Chosen as much for their weaknesses as for any skill or political savvy they may posses, Puppets are expected to allow their strings to be pulled, once installed into office, but Bush and those around him had let the power of the US Military go to their heads. They would be king. They would commandeer all the oil fields in the world, and control what they foresee as the prime commodity in the Aftertime, black gold.

Bush busting promptly began, the first volley financial. Despite all lies to the contrary, the health of the US economy is plunging, more layoffs, more bankruptcies, overinflated and underfunded and utterly dependent upon investors from abroad. What has the situation been since the 2004 election was stolen?

Rising interest rates at the Federal Reserve, which the Puppet Master controls, while the US economy plunges. Logical only when one considers that the Puppet Master plans to decapitate the US bureaucracy, and plunging the US government into a financial crisis with a sudden withdrawal of funds from the Fed and from countries abroad which he has great influence with, will be one weapon at his disposal.

Bush, meanwhile, having formerly been an alcoholic, is now drunk on continued spending sprees, his foray into Iraq a hemorrhage he refuses to address. Weapon one - financial disaster, with the US Congress frantically looking to cut expenses in the face of the Bush Administration's adamant insistence that their conquest of oil fields continue, and now into Iran.

The second Bush busting volley is unveiling political corruption within the Bush Administration. Shall we count the ways this has emerged?
The Downing Street memo, demonstrating clearly that Bush lied to the public about his plans to invade Iraq;
the Valerie Plame outing, which has Karl Rove and the office of Dick Cheney front and center and is currently before a grand jury;
war profiteering via Haliburton, with contracts skipping the bidding process and fraudulent invoices being rewarded with bonuses.

Where this is not yet seen as removing Bush from office, it has an eroding effect on the Congress and the public. Little by little the fingers of loyalty weaken and let go. Where the public stance is loyalty to a President that had been sworn in, in front of a Congress that failed to challenge the 2004 election, the depth of this loyalty is now paper thin.

Election fraud, via Diebolt voting machines that had votes for 1/3 of the nation recorded without a paper trail and the central tabulating machines admittedly editable from a laptop in a parking lot nearby - all ignored by the loyal Republican Congress. Should a Congressman worry? Weapon two - the changing face of Congress.

The third Bush busting volley is eroding public sentiment for what Bush had hoped would be a war time Presidency. What war? The one that was waged based on a lie? The one that was for any reason but to defend America from terrorism? The one that was to make America free from worry, a safer place?

For public sentiment to erode, the media must cooperate, and anyone taking the pulse of the media lately must admit there has been a change. Look behind the newscasters to see the hand at the helm of the major media outlets. It is not Bush and company.

Though they can suppress reports by asserting a national security rational, they cannot dictate the tenor and tone of the news. Where the Downing Street memo received little press, Karl Rove was dragged about on major media endlessly for his alleged role in the Plame outing. Public exposes are not over in this battle for the hearts and minds of the US public, as more are in the wings and awaiting their time.

The public has already decided they no longer approve of their President, not for his performance in Iraq, nor on the economy, and there is little left except respect for the Office of President to shore him up. Weapon three - an angry public.

What is the synergy, during a decapitation process, between economic quagmires, Congressional alarm, public disgruntlement, and the Military balking? Each magnifies the other.
A war effort that has strong public support does not get challenged by Congress, regardless of legalities.
A President viewed as genuinely concerned about the public interests is forgiven economic quagmires by the public.
And when the argument is that national security is at stake, the safety of the American public at issue, then the media hesitates to criticize the leadership.

But when this leadership has been exposed as utterly lacking in integrity, out for self profit, and breaking both the intent and letter of the law with aplomb, what then? When Congress begins to vote against the Bush White House wishes, what then? When the public polls show the support for the President and his policies diving for the bottom, what then?

A feeding frenzy begins. Where this has terrified some within the Bush White House, the prevailing mode has been stubborn refusal to change. This is not the resolve of strength, but the rigidity of the weak. This is the 2 year old, having a tantrum, insisting on his way.

Enter the role of the military. They were, of course, disappointed to have as their assigned Commander-in-Chief a man who avoided his duty during the Viet Nam war to the extent of being AWOL in the reserves. The truth of this was not lost on the military, which has its own information channels, but the military is restrained from speaking out against a sitting Commander-in-Chief, so the truth of this is lost on the public.

They did, of course, advise against invading Iraq, and were bitter when their advice was not taken. Follow this with a disastrous Rumsfeld plan to rush to Baghdad, leaving the supply routes vulnerable, and you have the setting we see today in Iraq, endless battles and endless dead and maimed soldiers.

Moral is far worse than during Viet Nam, a story not allowed to be told. Where the military is based on command and control hierarchy, in theory following the Commander-in-Chief , there is a second tradition - rebellion by hapless blundering. Prison torture, carried out by mercenaries reporting directly to Rumsfeld, is revealed by military photos. Oops.

Bush sees the grim military faces, forced to attend his frequent pep talks to the public using them as backdrops, and imagines this cooperation. Has he not noticed the smiles fading? The lack of applause, even on orders? The word gets down to the lower echelons, that the officers no longer consider Bush their commander, and rebellion is afoot.

This flashes about on the Internet as rumors of a coup, but this is not the result. The result is increasing refusal to follow direct orders. Up and down the line. Just how many court martials can the military entertain, simultaneously? Historically, when a military turns against a king, the king has lost his footing and is doomed.

What next? A Shakespearean drama is about to unfold, with the synergy of undercutting of the Bush Administration creating a maelstrom under him that will astonish those who thought him strong. Bush busting, a decapitation of his influence such that the US is no longer run from the White House, but is on auto-pilot according to law and conscience. Such is the Puppet Masters plan, and there has not been a battle instigated by this Puppet Master than he has lost. The outcome is certain.

Can we point to a problematic relationship between Bush and the US Military?
Lets take a recent visit to NORTHCOM as an example.
While Cindy Shehan staged her anti-war march in Washington, Bush fled to Texas, but was quickly gathered up there, unexpectedly, and taken to NORTHCOM.
Was he under arrest?
He, in 2000, wanting to commandeer the US Military so he could commandeer all the oil fields of the world, using the US Military to guard them, but now they, commandeering HIM?
Sounds like political karma, to me!

ZetaTalk: Bush Counter-Coup, written Sep 26, 2005
What happened to the swagger, the bravado, quips like 'bring em on' re the attacks against US soldiers in Iraq? Bush looks defeated, deflated, depressed, and frankly scared.

There have, of course, been setbacks.
The plan to extend the tax cut to the rich, on hold.
The plan to privatize Social Security to pour these funds into a faltering Stock Market, no longer even mentioned.
The plans to invade Iran to pre-empt any nuclear threat, by rallying the rest of the world at the UN, a fizzle.

The plans to invade Iran and Venezuela for their oil reserves, stymied because the US Military is needed at home, and is insisting it must leave Iraq to attend to the home front, rather than securing and guarding oil reserves for the Bush crowd.

But all these setbacks are not new. The loss of his swagger is new, and has presented just since his visit to NORTHCOM on the day hurricane Rita hit, and military exercises simulating Martial Law were in full swing around the nation.

Is there a relationship? The US Military revolted against Bush during the vacation month of August 2003, removing the 'football' from his control, the nuclear codes, and relaying that he was no longer considered their Commander-in-Chief. Gore, as the legitimately elected Commander-in-Chief, was whom they were reporting to, in the interim.

All branches of the US Military except the Navy were so inclined, the Navy with their nuclear submarines and control of time keeping and observatories remaining loyal. Thus, we recently had an admiral assigned to NORTHCOM, the military arm of Homeland Security for defense of the entire North American Continent.

Recently the Navy was signaling a switch, the military altogether in revolt against the Bush cabal. Bush was not invited to go to NORTHCOM for the exercises during the busy weekend when Rita was slamming the coast and VP Cheney was in surgery, he was taken there, under arrest. The unmistakable change in his visage after being released a clue to what occurred.

Scared, unable to smile. Wearing the same shirt for days, even when appearing in public. Cowed, brought to heel. What happened at NORTHCOM?

The original Bush plan was to become dictator of the world, secure all the oil fields and guard them with the US Military, impose Martial Law in the US using the existing statutes allowing FEMA to take control in emergencies and via the new and powerful Homeland Security statutes, become dictator for life. No more elections. No more Congress. Just Bush for life while controlling federal, state, and local governments by the strong arm of the US Military.

Or so went the plan. If the US Military was in revolt, except for the Navy, find a way around the top brass, coming in the side door via NORTHCOM and Homeland Security. This all assumes that NORTHCOM and the Navy continue to be willing to follow the dictates of Homeland Security. Oops. They have some bad news for Bush and company. They joined the revolt. What now?

If one analyzes the agencies that now ally with the Bush administration, or line up against, Bush has a weak field. He stands as a figurehead, only, hoping to appease those truly in control, and hoping that no one notices his fall from grace.