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ZetaTalk: Vaccine Failure
written Oct 7, 2004

Can the Zetas comment on the recent news from London that British health officials have abruptly halted shipments of flu vaccine to the US and other countries? And does this relate to an increased effort at population sculpting?

There is deep paranoia about vaccines, among those sensing the plans to sculpt the population during the pole shift. We have warned about plans to blockade large blocks of city dwellers, considered too soft for hard labor and likely to be loudly demanding services, so that they drown along the coast lines or river banks or starve in cities, crushed by collapsing buildings and poisoned by industrial cesspools. Then came the Homeland Security mantra to Shelter-in-Place and the acknowledgment that level Red would require residents to remain in their homes. We have warned that the elite would like to select out healthy workers for work camps, separating the rest into camps where they would be starved or poisoned. In that the new US draft plans are called a Skills Draft for healthy men and women 18-35, this work force could be quickly assembled and separated from the populace at large under the guise of registering for the draft. We have stated that early Chemtrails, sickening all under their wafting spray, were testing the ability of such spray to sicken and weaken migrating populace, with the underlying plans to poison, not temporarily sicken, those considered excess mouths to feed on the move toward the enclaves of the elite. We have stated that when the US Military discovered the ultimate plans, they balked at cooperation, and since that time the chemtrails have not sickened, the plan changed.

If the draft is unlikely to be implemented in time to separate out the desired work force, and the US Military refusing to follow orders from a Commander in Chief they frankly consider insane so that poisoning the unwanted populace with chemtrails over cities unlikely to be implemented, and with Homeland Security seemingly crying wolf so often that the bankrupt states in the US are reluctant to cooperate and a level Red would get erratic and unenthusiastic cooperation, what’s the establishment to do to sculpt the populace into the desired work force? How to eliminate the aged, the sick, and those too young to be put to work as child labor? Look to the populace advised to get the remaining flu shots, and see what population swath that covers. How is it that an entire production of flu vaccine would be polluted, in a manner that failed notice up until the end? Are there not quality control checks? Are there not different batches, so that a contaminated batch can be discarded but others surviving? Even in E-Coli contamination, only the segment contaminated needs to be discarded. And is the public told what the contaminant is? They are told the result, not the process, so as sheep they can still be led to slaughter with unquestioning minds.

Thus, should the establishment find the pole shift precursors upon them, the world twirling and standing on its head, so that steps to reduce the populace can be initiated with confidence no backlash would occur, vaccinations are a route open to be used. We would suggest that should such Earth changes commence, the last thing the population will be concerned about is the flu. Thus, those who would sculpt the populace will still be casting around for a solution. Beware.

Signs of the Times #1165
In May, the Seattle Post Intelligencer published an article about a document they received through the Freedom of Information Act. It was revealed that the SSS is currently designing procedures for the implementation of a Skills Draft and had held a top-level meeting on it with Deputy Undersecretaries at the Defense Department. This draft would change the essential mission of the Selective Service and require virtually every young American, male and female ages 18-34, to register for the Skills Draft and list all the occupations they are proficient in to fill labor shortages throughout nearly the entire government. [and from another source] ‘In line with today's needs, the Selective Service System's structure, programs and activities should be re-engineered toward maintaining a national inventory of American men and, for the first time, women, ages 18 through 34, with an added focus on identifying individuals with critical skills.’ Selective Service System proposal [Feb 11, 2003] quoted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer [May 1] [and from another source] USA Today [Aug 8] 'Although Congress would have to approve new legislation to create a Skills Draft or reinstate the combat draft, Family Circle reported in its July 13 issue that Karl Rove had polled GOP members of Congress in September 2002 to see if they would support the President if he requests reinstatement. The Republicans said they would vote for the draft.'