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2003 Elite Flight

What will the elite, stuck on Earth, DO when those terrible weeks preceding the pole shift are upon us?
Where will they go? What will they do?
We have a preview, as going into the famous ZetaTalk warning for the passage, as being 'shortly after may 15, 2003', there was some remarkable activity among those connected to wealth and power.
They began heading for the hills!
At this time, Planet X was visibly zooming into the solar system, seen as a Second Sun as Earth was on the opposite side of the solar system, and as Planet X approached, sunlight bounced off its immense dust cloud, back toward the Earth, confusing those who saw this Second Sun rising or setting along with the real Sun.
Since the Zetas had predicted the arrival of Planet X so precisely, could they be wrong about the passage?
The elite took this seriously, and word spread among friends.
This exodus of the elite was never in the news, as was rushing into Iraq to be sitting on the oil fields when the shift occurred, in March-April of 2003, or the TOPOFF exercises running on May 15, 2003, involving 100 different US and Canadian agencies, on both coasts, from Seattle to Washington DC, or raising the threat level to Orange on May 16, 2003 for, it was claimed, chatter on the Internet.
This exodus was silent, except to those noting unusual activity in their vicinity, and reporting on it on the Internet.
Airport activity, specifically, at small airports, on private planes.

The pattern for these Elite flight in June, 2003 were flights in the wee hours of the morning, flying low,
exiting St. Pete and Tampa in Florida going north, exiting Palos Verdes in California to Elmont NY, arriving in Greenbrier WV and Wayne National Forest, arriving in British Columbia and heading into the mountains of Alberta, exiting Houston in droves, exiting NYC in choppers, arriving in Alaska, exiting the Philly area heading south.
These comments were recorded between June 7-14, 2003.

Just wondering if anyone lives by a small airport notice any strange flights coming and going? The reason for this is I live by a small airport close to Palos Verdes in Southern California, Torrance Airport. It can handle some large aircraft but I've never seen this much Lear Jet activity and I've been here for 18 years now. I live in an apartment with a direct view of the flight paths so I can see them clearly. The airport is mostly for private propeller planes that people just fly around. These last few days however I've seen lots of Lear Jets flying in. Now this may not seem strange but when you consider we only see about 2 of these a month flying in it starts to strike me as a bit odd. Now Palos Verdes and the surrounding immediate area of Rolling Hills is a very rich area. Everyone there is loaded. The houses are all mansions overlooking the pacific ocean. I'm just wondering are these rich folk being carted out of town at the rate of 3-4 Lear Jets an hour these days? It's just making me feel weird. I'm wondering if they are being carted out to "safe and secure" locations with the arrival of that anomaly by the sun or for some staged terror strike.
I live just about 2 miles from the main airport here on the West Coast of Florida. In the last several weeks I have noticed a number of Lear jets flying in and out of the area.
You're right something big is about to go down or come down. Elite Lear jets have been flying over my house for the last 4 days which is not normal, also black helicopters and by the way I live near the infamous Greenbrier resort. Catastrophic bunker relief for the global elite. The last two days, these jets have been flying at the tune of 8 or 9 an hour.
I live in NJ near a small airport. I have definitely noticed a large increase in small private/Lear jet activity. Though it's not an Int'l. airport, the occasional large jet would land and take off but you'd rarely see a Lear jet. Now it's constant activity.
6-7 Lear jets per hour here in remote W.Va., usual air traffic is 3 to 5 private Cesnas a day! Me gots a bad feeling bout dis one.
I live near an airport, Dane County Regional in Madison, WI, although its not exactly small. Yes, there has been an increase in Lear jet traffic recently.
I live in San Diego and the small airport by my house called Gillepse Field has been real busy the past week. I´ve noticed quite a bit of Lear jets taking off lately.
I have experienced something similar. I live in Michigan, between Ann Arbor and Detroit. There is a small airport about 15 miles North of me. I've seen low flying Lear jets the last few weeks, not something I'm used to. I'm not outside all day, so I don't know how frequent they are. They get my attention because they fly much lower than I'm used to seeing. I'd hate to have to estimate how low, guessing 500-1000 feet? Certainly low enough for me to look up and mumble an obscenity. They are coming from an odd direction too. Now, I suppose it's possible that they have simply changed the pattern for incoming planes. Also, twice now in the last couple of weeks, I've been wakened from deep sleep by very low flying jets. This happened between 4-5 AM both times. This seems a little early to me. Maybe not for a big airport, but the airport North of me is far from big. A Lear jet is probably the biggest plane it could handle.
My town's airport (2 terminals) is one of the longest airstrips N of 49th and West of the Rockies in British Columbia. I've noticed jets flying in and out over the last week. The commercial flight to the city is a 40 seater ´thunder chicken´ we call it. These are jets, 5 or 6 a day, where before they only left trails on their way over. They fly in from the S and head NW.
I live in rural south-eastern Ohio, near Wheeling WV. This is hillbilly country. The second world. I also have noticed a large amount of small jets. So being the nib that I am drove to a spot overlooking the landing strip. Jet landed then off loaded a group of persons maybe 6. Two SUVs pulled up and left. Jet then left. This is strange as we have only one motel in town. The SUVs drove into Wayne National forest. There is nothing there. I could not follow them. This airport has no jet fuel. And why come here at 2:00 AM. Strange.
We are in line with the major road going to the only airport in the county. Many planes follow it for guidance by eye. Traffic is way up and the late 2-5 AM flights mostly.
I fish for the summer in Alaska, and when I was going to the airport in a very small town which tourists love to populate, I saw a very fancy jet plane or whatever type of aircraft it was, it was rather fancy for a small, run-down fishing town like ours. I say we all stock up on supplies and start digging into the mountains.
An unusual amount of air traffic flying over today, one plane after another. Most of the time it was too cloudy to see them. I did see what looked like a Lear headed South. This from Southeast PA.
I live near the Sugar Land Municipal Aiport some 30 min outside of Houston. Well, it's a small, private airport but now since I'm always outside in my pool, I started noticing a weird trend a couple weeks ago. This airport usually serves Cessnas and other small aircraft but lately I keep seeing jets arrive there and taking off all day every day. Sugar Land is a very rich city, where most of the Rockets, Astros and Texans make their residences, as well as other loaded people, but this traffic is definitely rare.
No need to go to the States! Above Velizy, there is also an increase of small jets and helicopter flights for about one month. Velizy is a suburb of Paris, near the Orly international airport.
My cousin´s hubby is higher up in the Indiana State Police and spokesperson for Indiana State Police. We were talking the other night when he surprised me with the news that for the past several days ISP officers have been put on special esscort duty shuffling VIPs and their families to and fro from the local private airports. He himself had to escort one Mrs. Lugar (wife of Sen Richard Lugar) to and fro, several times from their home here in Indiana. Mrs Lugar had some extensive packing already prepared. My source is pretty high up Indiana State Police. He was complaining that higher ups are being put on the escort duty instead of the usual grunt troopers and speculated that they wanted to keep this hushed up out of the press.
I live in the Sandia Mts. east of Albuquerque. NM at 7000 ft. and you can hear a pin drop. But starting around at 3:00 in the morning you can hear small planes or Lear jets going north. This started about a month ago. In the news last night they announced that Farmington NM was becoming a busy airport. Farmington is in the north west corner of NM. Not much in Farmington. But it is one of the airports close to Colorado.
Important people bailling out in droves today. Anyone who is anyone in law enforcement and emergency response are making tracks elsewhere as of Jun 14. That's the word on the street. All leaving in droves the past 2-3 days.
The 45th Paris Air Show kicked off on Saturday, Jun 14 without the presence of a single top executive from a leading U.S. defense contractor. Lockheed Martin, the world's top arms maker, confirmed last week that its Chairman and Chief Executive Vance Coffman had pulled out of the show, citing scheduling conflicts.
Reuters: Paris Air Show Opens; US Execs Stay Home
Here in Ohio no airports close by with heavy traffic. No Lear jets or helicopters flying overhead. Although they do seem to have all of the major exit routes blocked or at least very restricted.

Elite Bunkers

This is a preview of what the public can expect when it appears the time of the pole shift is right around the corner.
Unlike in 2003, when the Zetas had only issued a warning that rotation slowing to a stop would precede the pole shift, we now know that a lean to the left, 3 days of darkness, and 6 days of sunrise West, will precede slowing rotation.
But in 2003, red dust had been a warning sign, and when Planet X put on the brakes as it approached the Sun, its tail wafted past the Sun toward Earth, depositing red dust on patio furniture and cars, so we had lots of red dust signs that Spring.
Thus, the elite were taking the date of 'shortly after May 15, 2003 seriously.
Where were they dashing off to?
We can see they were leaving Florida, leaving New York City, leaving the coastline at Houston, and leaving the coastline of California, but where were they going?
Into the hills of Alberta or the Ozarks, for one thing.
Into rock cavities specially built for them, stocked with supplies and hydroponic equipment!
These posted during the same time frame, June, 2003.

This is very interesting. A friend of mine runs a small moving business in Vancouver. He recently got offered a big job to move some stuff from the airport to a couple hours into the coast mountains. Nothing too odd. This kind of stuff happens quite a lot, he says, rich people moving stuff to/from their ski cabins. He takes the job, and when he gets to the airport it turns out that the stuff he's moving up there is very odd, not the usual kind of cabin stuff at all. Rather, canned food, batteries, boxes upon boxes of bottled water (this is very odd since the destination is right by a glacier), that sort of stuff, and lots of it! When he gets to the drop-off, it gets even weirder. These places are literally drilled into the side of the mountain! The woman who hired him pays him well (quite well, actually) and tells him if he doesn't spread word around, they have more work for him, seeing as all their friends are coming up too. It looks like people with the means to do so are holing up deep and for the long haul. Maybe this is where all those Lear jets are going? It isn't Whistler, a ski resort mountain in Garibaldi Provincial Park, that was the one thing he was clear about. Beyond it not being Whistler, I really don't know.
My husband is in construction and for the last 2 years, has been off on long jobs, but the pay is good. Well he finally told me what he was doing. He and his crew have been sent to Tennessee (the latest one), and drilling and constructing some sort of bunker type places. He really didn't think anything of it. What he was told in the beginning, was that it was for the very wealthy, who do Extreme Homes like you would see on TV. Well, he isn't sure now, since this is the 6th one he's done. He does the prep and drill and that is it. Areas are remote, but then people like to live away from towns, no neighbors, their getaway homes I suppose. I've watched TV's Extreme Homes and thought, OK that is probably what it is, but this is his 6th one, and the same type that its getting me thinking. I don't know, if they are some kind of bomb shelter or what, but it is bothering me. Mostly low mountain areas, yes. And all are in the central US or thereabouts.
Up here in northern Alberta a few folks have been stashing huge quantities of meat and soft drinks. Not a restaurant or large family either. Pallets at a time. A Russian emigre with wife, here less than 2 years, he ex-intel, lots of foodstuffs last week, this week. We know 'cause we got a lot of rice and beans, in case, and heard about these other big orders. Steak order was right before the mad cow thing started, same time frame with the soda, and lately the 2, 3 other big orders were for wide variety of foodstuffs. Unusual habits for these parts in the summer.

So evidently, word got out among the wealthy, that they should prepare for the pole shift, and if it looks like the date is close, quietly leave on their Lear jets.
Meanwhile, the general public is left dumb, sitting on the coastlines, at their jobs, to drown or die when city skyscrapers crash down on them.
Such is the nature of the cover-up.

ZetaTalk: Shared Secrets, written June 7, 2005
We explained during the Elite Exodus that occurred in May/June of 2003, that the grapevine of information about Planet X and the impact of its passage is shared between the very wealthy that essentially own and control the world, and the corporate and political puppets they control. When the pole shift did not happen shortly after May 15, 2003 in accordance with our White Lie there was a collective and audible sigh, not the tense silence that was present leading into this date. As the Earth changes have steadily increased and challenged the cover-up, the cover-up becoming more ridiculous to the point of openly being discussed even by those NOT in the know. But beyond this sharing causing increasing awareness that Planet X is the culprit causing these Earth changes, and that ZetaTalk and ZetaTalk alone has both a comprehensive explanation and an astonishing track record on predicting the stages the Earth will go through as the passage approaches, this sharing opens avenues for future bunkermates to meet one another. They discuss what to do, where to go, and whom to include.

The wealthy think of nest eggs, stocking supplies to get them through years of enclave living, and bristling with guns on the periphery. What they fail to compute is the psychological games that will go on when their militia realizes their masters have no power to punish them, and the current king of the hill can be toppled. Those wanting to loot will not head for the shanties of the poor, they will head for the wealthy enclaves and plan, like cockroaches and mice, to work their way in to topple the defenses. Enclaves will not find themselves self-sufficient, despite the best of plans. There will be items forgotten, items desired, a desire to import servants, or the desire to travel when contact by phone or radio prove useless. All this provides a breach in the walls of those who would be king.

There was palpable evidence that this sharing of information, this mention of the track record of ZetaTalk, was ongoing in 2005.
For example, this email.

A high level manager I know has been invited to join a firm sponsored building project somewhere in the US (didn't tell me where) that would get him a bunker of sorts in their survival project, which is said to be quite luxurious. Seems only top managers were invited until the last six months. Suddenly they've become much more inclusive. Apparently they've revealed to him that they have had inside info on Planet X for several years and have been planning to survive for a year or two now. Poured lots of money into land acquisition and construction. The senior guys have flatly told him he won't have much more time - the end as they call it is that near in their opinion. Their inside info source is reputed to be the Federal Government at some very highly placed persons. This info has been disseminated to selected parties for several years. It's nothing new to them. They are telling my friend that they believe they're all going to be starting over and beyond food and shelter, their material possessions won't be worth a damn. No need for Bentley's and Jaguars. No need for much of anything but a way to seal ones self off from the world for a while - and make sure that they can eat while sealed off.

And another email, also in 2005, on June 2, 2005.

Your public profile is increasing lately. More radio, more comments quoted, etc. While of course you're aware of the increased interview schedule, are you also aware that ZetaTalk and you are being quoted in water cooler conversations at some large (Century City / $500 hr plus / kind of) law firms in LA? I've some minor connections to a HUGE law firm that represents presidents and former kings, dictators, entertainment industry players, major celebs, etc. Even in those rather lofty circles, they do seem to have some passing familiarity with ZetaTalk and you. Thought you'd be interested (if not exactly flattered) to know that fact!

And an odd admission by a fund manager on May 30, 2005. A slip!

Renowned Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse
May 30, 2005
There was an interview on CNBC of the renowned funds manager Julian Robertson. They used to call him, still do call him Never Been Wrong Robertson. He has predicted every economic cycle, every debacle, every bull market, and every bear market. "Where does it end?" And he said, "Utter global collapse." Not simply economic collapse; complete disintegration of all infrastructure and of all public structures of governments. Utter, utter collapse. That the end is collapse of simply epic proportion. In 10 years time, he said, whoever is still alive on the planet will be effectively starting again. And the comments were so negative.

That the planet is not simply sinking into a sea of red ink; it is already sunk. He said that it will be necessary to control, in 5 years' time, food and water riots. Huge detention compounds on federal lands, probably in the West where the land is available, to potentially house 50 million or more citizens that will be in financial ruin. Food production will fall. Total collapse of public infrastructure. Total collapse of medical care systems. All public pension plans, Social Security will collapse. All corporate pension plans will collapse. He was moving into one of the new super-secure compounds for wealthy Republicans for when the "barbarians will be at the gate."

Does this sound like he's predicting a pole shift?
What else would cause this degree of ruin?
And note, as a member of the wealthy elite, he's moving into a compound for when the barbarians will be at the gate.

Military Bunkers

Those in NASA and in high places in government in the US and Russia and Britain now know they cannot escape the Earth.
How are they reacting, knowing they are trapped?
An alternative to escaping Earth to Mars and the Moon were the plans to go underground, to burrow into rock, in places like Mt Weather.
These plans are still active. For instance, for Mt. Weather.
It's hardened to withstand a direct nuclear strike on the mountain. You won't be finding any floor plans for Mt. Weather on the internet. Few Americans - indeed, few Congressional representatives - are aware of the existence of Mount Weather, a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain near the sleepy rural town of Bluemont, Virginia, near the border with West Virginia, just 46 miles from Washington DC. Mount Weather is buried not just in hard granite, but in secrecy as well. Mount Weather contains a working duplicate of the Executive Branch of the Federal government, ready to swing into action at a moment's notice. Mount Weather personnel also maintain a database of information on U.S. citizens.

And Raven´s Rock in Pennsylvania.
Known as the Alternate Joint Communications Center located in Raven Rock mountain just over the Pennsylvania State Line near Waynesboro, Pa. The Computer Operations staff provides computer services to the NCA, the Joint Staff, the OSD and other DoD agencies through Memorandums of Agreement. The facility functions as a disaster recovery site. The various service, the Army, Navy and Air Force also have Emergency Operations Centers located there. Support is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The facility's Operations Center, provide planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of over 38 communications systems.

Where this is billed as a Defense Department site, you can bet it will house plenty of big wigs when the time of the pole shift arrives.
It's rumored that Cheney hangs out there a lot.
Then there's the rumors about facilities under Denver airport.

# There is a lot of "secret society" symbology at the airport, an AWFUL lot in fact
# Specifically, those involved in some very unusual government projects in the past, have remarked that the Denver area is where the establishment of the Western sector of the New World Order will be in the United States.
# Denver is of very high altitude and ideal for safe underground building
# The dedication or capstone of the new Denver Internation Airport is a masonic symbol.
# If you visit the airport's south eastern side of the terminal you will find the Masonic Capstone in Granite.
# This part of the terminal is called The Great Hall, which is known in Masonic lingo as their meeting hall.
# On the Masonic Capstone is inscribed NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISION.
# An eyewitness helped build the underground facilities and reportedly "killed" himself via a double tie catheter behind his own neck strangling himself. It goes without saying that it appears that he was MURDERED.
# There are many murals at the airport of an EXTREMELY grotesque and apocalyptic nature.
# After looking at the murals many come away saying that they may represent what the elites plan to do with us
# One of the murals depicts 3 caskets containing dead people, each person representing people who the elites may want dead
# Black woman, a Jewish woman, and an American Indian Woman
# The casket ritual is common in the Skull & Bones Club whose members include George Bush
# In the same mural is shown the destruction of city and forest, a little girl holding a Mayan Tablet that predicts destruction of Civilization
# Another Mural depicts a green giant "Darth Vader" like figure wearing a gas mask destroying a city
# In this mural women can be seen carrying DEAD BABIES
# During the last year of constuction the underground airport system was being connected to a deep underground base
# At least 8 levels deep
# a 4.5 square mile underground city
# an 88.5 square mile base underneath the airport

This is known as the bunker mentality, which won't work out as those planing on escape to the bunkers hope.

ZetaTalk: Bunker Government, written Feb 23, 2002
Underground bunkers where the US government expect to proceed as a carry-on government have long been in the news. Mt. Weather was a shock and an expose when first discovered, as it was so well outfitted and financed that the issues was more how such a facility could escape notice, not only physically but financially within the budget, rather than any other implication. Since its discovery, and exposure, Mt. Weather has not been the location of choice. This is, obviously, because it is well known, and in times of trouble the public would crowd the entry and lay there, dying and stinking, complicating life at this facility. Instead, other facilities not exposed, and supposedly secret, have been promoted. This includes, as is well know by their neighbors, a spot in Indiana, the prime location now. Near Kokomo, Indiana, in the hills surrounding this small town, burrowing goes on as the shift approaches. Other facilities are know in the mountains of New Mexico, adjoining to facilities above ground in Utah and Colorado. Facilities to house the elite are also fairly well know, in North Carolina and Wyoming, prize locations of the ultra right. In the past, the elite in the US planned to go underground in facilities such as Mt Weather. Mt. Weather, like Greenbriar, got revealed and of course this ruined their ability to house the elite out of the reach of the maddening mob.

Many, many other facilties were constructed, as rumored. During the past few years, some hysteria has emerged among the elite. The original underground facilities, which were in areas subject to flooding or mountain building, were abandoned in the plans, and new facilities such as Kokomo begun. The problem with these new facilities is that the construction has revealed them, and thus they too are no longer suitable. Thus, at this time, all plans are up in the air, though any and all facilities may in fact be used by the desperate. They will be entombed, or drowned, or attacked by angry mobs gaining entry, and thus in the true light of Karma get what they deserve. But given that military personnel are not know for their deep thinking, are brusque and bossy, they grabbed at the projections and plotted their course. Given the size of the quakes, Richter 9 force worldwide, with mountain building and renting of continental rifts, these underground facilities will hardly be a safe place. It takes little to trap an outlet, torque an elevator such that it cannot rise or fall, and create panic in the tomb. Air circulation will not work, slowly smothering those trapped inside. Water will find its way into underground pockets, drowning those trapped. Electrical equipment will falter, plunging those into darkness.

The sites at Mt Weather, Raven's Rock, and the Denver airport and Colorado facilities for NORTHCOM are well known to the public, but where, beyond Kokomo, Indiana, are their alternative sites?
Are there secret sites, protected by the military?
According to those who have bumbled upon them, yes!
This from a message board on Feb 12, 2004

I drove to our satellite campsite at Mt. Princeton in Colorado to check on its condition and check the latrine. It's a closed trail, only accessible by 4x4 or on foot. I parked the pickup by the lake and unloaded the gator from the trailer and headed up the trail. When I got there I noticed that the area had been visited. I turned down a new trail. Instead of heading down, the trail turned back up the mountain and ran a long ways. I ended up at a closed shaft of the old mine on the backside, about 2-3 miles from the old town and the main mine entrance. This was well off the beaten path. I immediately noticed that there was a new dirt road leading up to the abandoned shaft entrance. This is BLM land, so motor vehicles are prohibited. I figured it must be BLM people or Rangers checking on the shaft to make sure its still properly shuttered. I ran smack into a Humvee and two guys with M-16's. They made me get off the gator and shut it off and wanted to know why I was there.

I said I was with the Rocky Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts of America and checking our remote campsites. They told me that this was restricted BLM land and I should not be there. I told them that the Boy Scouts of America has a permit to use the BLM land, and that I had permission to be there. One guy went back to the Humvee, I guess to get on his radio. The other guy asked me what I had seen and I told him about checking the old mineshaft. He got really mad at told me the area was not safe and I should not have been there and my gator was a violation of BLM land policies. I got back on the gator turned around and got the hell out of there back the way I came. As I approached the mine shaft to pick up the trail again, there was another guy in BDUs at the top of the road. He stopped me and asked me if I was the Boy Scout guy. I said yes and he said ok, keep going. I noticed he had a sidearm holstered in a standard M-12 military issue holster, but what caught my eye was a gust caught his BDU lapel and lifted it just enough for me to see airmen's chevrons pinned under the lapel.

And from another source, this one dated Sep 21, 2004.

I live 15 miles north of Prescott, so I'm familiar with that area. I was a police officer in the Los Angeles area for 29 years, and currently work in law enforcement in Arizona. On moving here, I noticed a regular flight of military helicopters coming from the northwest that passed over the area and then turned east. I was not aware of any military bases in the area, either from the direction the choppers were flying from, or the direction they were heading. One was a larger single rotor craft similar to the old Hueys, and the other looked like the Apache attack chopper. In October of 1999, I took a back country trip to an area 35 miles northwest of my home, where I observed approximately 8 military helicopters flying in an area that I now know as the Luis Maria Baca Float #5. The choppers disappeared into the hills. When I returned home, I contacted a colonel who is a personal acquaintance of mine. I explained what I saw and asked if he was aware of any military base in that area. He called back and asked how I found out about the location. He said all he could tell me was that it was supposed to be a SEAL and DELTA training area. I began to investigate further. The property was bought by wealthy and reclusive philanthropist John N. Irwin III, from Arlington, Virginia. The entrance to ranch is well marked with no trespassing signs. There are no other primary access points.

I heard from people who saw unusual lights and activity in the area. When they investigated, they were stopped by men in uniforms carrying M16s and told to leave the area. Two of these incidents took place in the mid 1990s. The most recent occurred last year when one of them climbed the fence and camped about 200 yards inside. He awoke in the morning surrounded by men on horseback, carrying guns, who told him to leave and never return. This area is an extremely rugged wilderness, so unless they had ground sensors, there is no way they would have known he was there. I have been working in this area for five years, and have yet to meet anyone from the Oro ranch. In fact, most people I meet have no knowledge of it. When anyone asks to come on the property, they are denied access. Even the forest rangers know very little about the area, except to say that the people there are very secretive. The air above the property has been declared a military airspace so private planes are not allowed to fly over most of it. However, last year I flew over it with a friend in her small plane at low altitude. We passed over a hill that had what looked like a landing pad on top. As we flew closer I was able to see that it wasn't a landing pad, but large doors, with a red beacon light next to them. There are no roads in the area.

And this, from the Ozarks.

Saw another military convoy in and around St. Louis around 9 PM June17, 2004. A friend of mine and I decided to follow it. The convoy comprised about 20 trucks painted in camouflage green and they met up with another larger group of trucks approximately 50 miles due south of St. Louis. They drove to a very remote area south and west of Frederick town off of Hwy C. At approximately 11:30 PM. The trucks all turned into a very crude driveway on the back side of the Mark Twain Forest. The area was not marked with any type of military signs. My friend and I parked and walked into the drive on foot. For approximately 1000 feet there was a very crude grown over tractor path. After that was brand new black top road that appeared to go on for miles. Feeling a bit uneasy about this we did not go any further. Approximately 75 military vehicles disappeared down this remote road in a very hilly, dense forested area of Missouri at almost Midnight. If we did not see where they turned we would have never known about this secret road.

International Plans

The US is aware, and making their plans, what about those aware and making plans in other countries?
Not all countries are safe, of course, so the exodus is often to OTHER countries.

ZetaTalk: Elite Enclaves, written Jan 10, 2004
The elite have belatedly come to realize they have no place to run, having arrogantly assumed that bunkering into mountain sides would be fail safe, and that in any case all of these efforts would be guarded by the might of the US Military. Bunkering into mountains has been a favorite theme since the days of Mt. Weather, only the barest revelation of a massive undertaking to go underground, from Denver to Houston to Kokomo to Virginia, known to the public. As the Earth changes have commenced, the lock-down of plates during the deep quake that peaked in the 80's and early 90's, the move to domino quakes where the whole world felt the shutter of an adjustment anywhere on its surface, and the devastating effect of stretching, not even considered in prior calculations. The term 'rock solid' takes on grim overtones when this is rock that drops into the tunnels during stretching, or shifts to skew a doorway such that it cannot be opened. It is known that when rock is compressed radio static and compass interference occur, but those in underground chambers die mysteriously during intense rock compression, a surprise to their human masters who suddenly find themselves making other plans at this late hour. The US Military, as has been suspected since the August 2003 vacation time of grim faces all around the Crawford Ranch in Texas, has bolted and no longer takes orders from the White House, all appearances aside. Thus, the elite, from arrogant politicians and corporate executives to the pampered wealthy, must make new plans.

The result, not surprisingly, is to enclave in those countries or regions where the locals are either in sympathy with the elite or well suppressed and considered a slave class, to move their supplies and militia there under the guise of establishing vacation homes. These regions are, not surprisingly, in central Africa, Argentina, eastern Australia, Kazahstan, and Wyoming. Norway was considered an option until very recently. It should be noted that these spots give access to oil reserves in the case of Nigeria, Kazahstan, and it was hoped Norway with access to the North Fields. Argentina and Australia are harshly ultra-right, as is the Wyoming enclave of Cheney. Each of these enclaves allows outreach to land masses, in all directions, so are not expected to be isolated. Places avoided by the elite are areas expected to be crowded from overpopulated cities, such as the East Coast of the US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Countries dominated by Islam are also avoided, due to anticipated culture clash and resultant hostility. Our advice to survivors, regardless of how friendly these new neighbors portray themselves, regardless of what gifts they come bearing or what offers of aid, avoid them, like the plague.

And are we getting reports from these areas, that the elite are moving, setting up shop, and trying to take over?
For instance, from Argentina?

April 16, 2004
What are Israeli Army Reconnaisance Teams doing in Patagonia? They always travel in groups of 5-7 persons, always one or two women among them, every group has an officer, and they reduce contact with locals and others to the necessary minimum. A Chilean with some knowledge in these matters told us that they travel in configurations which would correspond to missions of "reconnaisance and insertion" in military terminology. This person confirmed to us that the exploration of the Patagonia under guise of tourism has been going on since 1976, intensifying after about 1982.
April 6, 2004
After Irak, Argentina, Brasil and Columbia. Marines Ilegales en Argentina. Bush's plans of getting Patagonia. Marines did an excercise w/ big boats, choppers and planes over a small island in the Argentinean delta. They were asked to leave and are not welcome.
February 16, 2004
International Tourism here in Cordoba, Argentina is so obvious that even the news teams are facinated, printing stories almost everyday. People leaving big crowded cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, NYC, selling everything they had back home and relocateing here in Argentina.
December 17, 2004
Many members of the Israeli establishment are making preparations to relocate to South America, most likely Patagonia where huge tracts of land have already been purchased by the Israeli government with funds supplied by the United States.
January 20, 2004
I just came back from the Andes and the villagers are preparing for the return of what they call Herculobis. The skies are a brilliant red at sunrise and sunset. They are moving to higher elevations and stockpiling food and water. While I was there alot of foreigers in their private jets are landing and staying. They are planning on a long stay.

The Russian government has been planning for years to go into bunkers in the Ural Mountains.
And Jackson Hole in Wyoming, where Cheney is expected to hole up, no surprise either.
What of the other spots the Zetas mentioned, as international getaways for the elite.
In Africa, specifically Botswana and Zambia, the African spot of choice mentioned by the Zetas.

The highlands of Botswana and Zambia will be considered ideal by those wanting the safety and climate of Africa during the Aftertime, and with enough funds to do this in style. Close to the industrialization of South Africa, at a distance from the steaming equatorial humidity of the Congo, these lands seem dry, arable, defensible, and accessible from a country friendly to the colonialist attitude, South Africa. Thus, these countries are likely to find well stocked and serious visitors preceding the shift, intent on being the dominant force in the region after the shift. What will be unexpected is the disease that will invade the area, despite any defenses. Africa, from Uganda to South Africa, is riddled with AIDS, and under the continuous drizzle that will accompany the shift, for years. Ebola type viruses will emerge from the swamps and be everywhere, in the kitchens, in the rodents and lizards, infecting the water supply and the servants and inevitably the masters. Those with natural immunity to these diseases, who are few, will be the survivors, the plans to be king in the Aftertime only a whisper in the mist.

And in Kazahstan, another spot mentioned by the Zetas.

Kazakstan will become immensely important to the Russian people after the shift, as it is high country, and well connected to parts both north and south by culture, commerce, and tradition. Drowning Russians from the north will arrive at what will be the new shorelines, when the lowlands of Siberia go under water. They will bring with them few possessions, but humility will not be among them. Kazakstan is not considered the home of the elite in Russia, but any elite not scrambling to the Urals will try to set up shop in Kazakstan. Where else where they go, to the Alps, or to Sweden? Thus, in preparation for this arrival, either just before or some months after the shift, residents of Kazakstan should mentally prepare their stance toward such a take-over attempt. Guests are welcome but are expected to work alongside their hosts, and no new leadership is desired.

But the Earth changes continue to assault all countries, creating droughts and deluge, intense storms, and the cover-up continues.
Unable to dive into underground bunkers, stuck on the surface with the masses, perhaps rioting masses that a deserting military will not control, what to do?
An interesting twist that emerged in 2006 is sudden philanthropy, which, per the Zetas, is not unrelated to an elite exodus!
Why would Bill Gates and Warren Buffett suddenly decides to give away billions?

ZetaTalk: Sudden Philanthrophy, written Sep 2, 2006
When the Earth changes began in earnest, creating a steady uptick in quakes and volcanic activity, a discernable Earth wobble, and weather extremes with intractable drought and deluge and punishing storms, those smugly assuming they had an escape put the matter to a test. Teams were sent to live in many of the bunkers, and not allowed out for weeks at a time. They died in droves, of emissions akin to radon that the rock, under pressure during the daily torque the Earth is experiencing as Planet X tugs at its poles and the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift. The anticipation of using these enclaves - gone. Where does this leave the elite today? The US military was to be used to guard the oil fields of the world, to enslave mankind, being in possession of the prime marketable commodity, black gold. Today, the anticipation that the oil fields can be held for the elite is fading, as Iraq is lost and the Middle East more resilient than ever in their resistance to the Bush/Israeli plan for occupation. Enclaves on the surface of the Earth will likewise not be secure, a fact the elite are discomfited by and they are casting about for a solution. Hired guards have questionable loyalty when there are no forces to keep them in line. The mindset of those hired to guard the elite will turn from a purchased loyalty to takeover plans. Why should the guards not be king?

In that the elite are aware of ZetaTalk, and stay abreast of new ZetaTalk regularly, they are aware of our advice to the common man that love will be the commodity of the future. Those in the Service-to-Other will receive technological assistance from benign aliens, will be offered the lift during the hour of the shift, will encounter and communicate with benign aliens, will meet their loved ones on space ships when communications on Earth become impossible, and will live in communities where looting Mad Max gangs are non-existent. In all our descriptions of these Service-to-Other communities, there is no requirement that one shed all their wealth, so a stratification of living circumstances seems possible, to those in the wealthy elite wanting to be converts. The rule is to care FOR others, 50/50, as much as the self, to practice the Golden Rule. Thus, handouts of excess wealth, paper money which will soon be worthless in any case, seems a good start. They are trying to buy in.