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Sun Binary

ZetaTalk was considered bizarre in many of its statements in 1995, when ZetaTalk began, talking about gravity particle flows, matters of astronomy, In other words, science!
But as time passes, admissions by NASA and the science community have proven ZetaTalk to be right!
A couple recent examples have to do with our Sun.

On Aug 15, 1995 the Zetas went on record stating that our Sun has a binary, and that Planet X orbits both on a long eliptical orbit essentially a sling orbit.
These statements were made in the context of discussions about the sling orbit of Planet X, which was discovered in 1983 by NASA and JPL, out in the direction of the constellation Orion, as reported on a front page article by the Washington Post, Dec 31, 1983.

Washington Post
Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered, a front page story
A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. When IRAS scientists first saw the mystery body and calculated that it could be as close as 50 billion miles, there was some speculation that it might be moving toward Earth.

Then the cover-up began, and all manner of excuses were thrown out to reduce panic in the populace.
What would CAUSE a sling orbit, cause Planet X to sling past our Sun every few thousand years?
Per the Zetas, Planet X is orbiting two suns, as our Sun is a binary.

ZetaTalk: Comet Orbit, written Aug 15, 1995
The path of Planet X is elliptical, making a long flat circle around its two gravitational masters, your Sun and a body you cannot see. Since it rivals the Sun in mass, the assumption would be that your astronomers would know about it. However, being dark, they stare past it and think it space. To use multiples of the distance from your Sun to its farthest known orbiting planet, which you call Pluto, this foci is from the Sun 18.724 times as far away.

On Oct 15, 1995 they gave more detail about this dark binary, which has never lit.

ZetaTalk: Second Foci, written Oct 15, 1995
This second foci of Planet X has not been located by your astronomers because it is dark, not lit, and does not happen to block any view your astronomers are particularly interested in. They think it empty space. Unlike the Sun, this dark twin never lit. Although comparable in size and mass, its composition was subtly different, and it has no potential for becoming a lit sun under the present conditions in your part of the Universe. It has no planets of any size to mention, though is orbited by a lot of trash. Should one wish to search for it, it stands at an angle of 11 degrees off the Earth's orbital plane around the Sun, in the same direction we have given for the approach of Planet X. Not being a luminous body, and not giving off any radiation detectable by human devices, you will be unable to locate it, but this does not mean that it is not there.

In 1995, the scientific community was publicly ridiculing such statements, astronomers silent.
But on Apr 24, 2006 scientists were coming forward declaring that our Sun was indeed part of a binary twin set, based on the orbits of newly discovered planetoids Sedna and Xena (2003 UB313).

On 15 March 2004, astronomers from Caltech, Gemini Observatory, and Yale University announced the discovery of the coldest, most distant object known to orbit the sun. The object was found at a distance 90 times greater than that from the sun to the earth -- about 3 times further than Pluto, the most distant known planet. Even more interestingly, the orbit of Sedna is extreme elliptical, in contrast to all of the much closer planets, and it takes 10,500 years to circle the sun.

Note that 10,500 years is almost exactly 3 * 3,600 years, the orbital period of Planet X.

Xena (2003 UB313)
The new planet is the most distant object ever seen in orbit around the sun, even more distant than Sedna, the planetoid discovered almost 2 years ago. It is almost 10 billion miles from the sun and more than 3 times more distant than the next closest planet, Pluto.

Like the outer planets of the solar system and 13 long period comets, these long eliptical orbits lean in the direction of Orion, where the Zetas state the dark binary twin sun lies.

Evidence mounts for sun's companion star
April 24, 2006
The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, "Sedna", demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system. A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. Most of the evidence has been statistical rather than physical. The recent discovery of Sedna, a small planet like object first detected by Cal Tech astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, provides what could be indirect physical evidence of a solar companion. Sedna moves in resonance with previously published orbital data for a hypothetical companion star. In the May 2006 issue of Discover, Dr. Brown stated: Sedna shouldn't be there. There's no way to put Sedna where it is. It never comes close enough to be affected by the sun, but it never goes far enough away from the sun to be affected by other stars. In a very elliptical orbit like that. It simply can't be there. There's no possible way - except it is. So how, then? With Dr. Brown's recent discoveries of Sedna and Xena, (now confirmed to be larger than Pluto), the search for a companion star may be gaining momentum.

So were the Zetas right about our Sun having a binary?
Hey, Zetas RIGHT Again!

Sun Scald

During the entry of Planet X into our inner solar system in 2003, there was a notable increase in brightness from the Sun.
People reported being sunburned more readily, not being able to look at the Sun as it rose and set as they had been used to doing.
On Dec 11, 2005 the Zetas confirmed Sun scald since 2003, scattered white light from the Sun causing sunburn and early crops and a white Sun, all due to the disbursing of light through the tail of Planet X, which had arrived in 2003.

ZetaTalk: Sun Scald, written Dec 11, 2005
An ultra-glaring Sun was noted in 2003, when Planet X roared into the inner solar system from the direction of Orion, and screeched to a halt as it neared the Sun and the repulsion force clicked in. The tail of Planet X, not affected by the repulsion force, maintained its momentum and wafted past the Sun to deliver red dust and odd atmospheric changes to the Earth. In the Summer of 2003, it was noted that people sunburned more readily, construction workers long used to working out of doors, noted an unusual tendency to burn. Crops likewise matured two weeks early that year in many places, and comments about the intense brightness of the Sun were common. What causes the Sun scald, the intense brightness that does not translate into increased heat and cannot be correlated to solar activity or sun spots? A fog bank, with a light shown on it, appears to be evenly lit, because the light is scattered and bouncing back to the observer. Is there more light, or simply scattered light?

If the Sun is no longer yellow, it is because all light rays are scattered, and the steady state of yellow is interfered with. You formerly looked at the setting Sun without distress, the yellow or orange Sun, though the Sun was still in view and its rays were coming into your eye with full force.It is the loss of your yellow Sun that is affecting your eye's ability to look at the Sun, thus the perception of increased brightness, as the Suns rays, scattered, are presenting the same mix to your eye that high noon presents. Likewise with the rays that created sunburn, which normally are not bent toward the observer at sunset or at other than high noon, but now are scattered to arrive at one's skin. The time of day is no longer a protection from sunburn. This will only get worse, as the tail continues to turn toward the Earth.

No confirmation of sun scald occurred in the media, and on Internet message boards this talk was ridiculed by professional debunkers.
The subject was ignored in the media until 2006, when an official explanation was finally concocted.
Bascially, where sunlight dimmed by 6% between 1960 and 1990, this trend has now reversed.
No explanation for the reversal was given, except to imply that a reduction in pollutants in the atmosphere was responsible for the dimming.

Brighter sun adds to fears of climate change
March 26, 2006,,2087-2104022,00.html
The amount of sunshine reaching earth is increasing, accelerating the pace of climate change, scientists have found. Researchers will present their findings to the European Geophysical Union conference in Vienna next week. They reverse a 30-year trend. Measurements of sunshine levels between 1960 and 1990 had shown a decrease in the amount of sunshine reaching the earth, a phenomenon known as global dimming. This was thought to have been caused by dust, smog and other pollutants, mainly from industrialized western countries. The pollutants, known as aerosols, reduced sunshine levels by absorbing and scattering solar radiation and promoting the formation of clouds that reflected radiation back into space. Sunshine levels had been decreasing by 2% a decade between 1960 and 1980 - a total decline of about 6%. Now they are going up again. Perhaps this is why our Swiss glaciers are melting. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, has collated measurements from 400 sites worldwide and found an increase in sunshine at 300 of them, sited mainly in Eurasia and the Polar regions. Some showed a decline in sunshine since 1990, largely in fast-developing countries such as China and India.

So this is the reason the poles are melting, the glaciers are melting, people are sunburning more readily and can no longer look at the setting Sun?
Were the Zetas right about Sun Scald?
Hey, Zetas RIGHT Again!

Work Camps

The Zetas have repeatedly warned mankind to be wary of becoming enslaved during the troubled times leading into the pole shift.
Here's some examples:

ZetaTalk: 2003 Approach, written Oct 26, 2002
Governments will be heard from after tragedies, disasters, and when bad news must be announced and can no longer be denied or suppressed. They will announce solutions, work camps or refugee camps.

And again on Feb 15, 2003.

ZetaTalk: Plan Tests, written Feb 15, 2003
Another plan was to create work camps, to transfer strong workers there with job offers, and we have warmed against this early on.

And again on Apr 12, 2006.

ZetaTalk: Guest Worker Program, written Apr 12, 2006
The point of this? To have a worker base, a slave labor base, that is young and healthy and unlikely to complain. Early plans for a draft, during the days going into the Iraq War, called for men and women, 18-35, with many skills. This was to be a worker base, not a soldier base. Selecting out this base into camps, along with healthy and compliant unskilled workers from Mexico, would form the slave camps of the future.

Have we had any sign of such plans? Yes indeed!
On Apr 27, 2006 the news reported that Halliburton had received a no-bid contract to develop such camps on military bases.

Who is to be Detained?
Apr 27, 2006
Halliburton has been granted a $385 million contract for a most unusual project: building a network of detention centers across our country. Up to 5,000 people could be "detained" and held in each of these centers, which are to be run by homeland security authorities and possibly located on unused military bases. So, why does America suddenly need to spend a third-of-a-billion dollars to establish a new mass prison complex in our country? The feds and Halliburton cryptically say that the detention centers could be needed for "some kind of mass migration" or for "the rapid development of new programs." When asked what is meant by the ominous term, "new programs," a Halliburton spokeswoman said she could provide no additional information. Another curious aspect is that the Bushites refer to this as a "contingency contract," saying that the detention centers might never be built, but that Halliburton will have the cash and authority to move quickly if and when given the go-ahead. But who is to be managed, and in support of what policy?

What can I say, Zetas RIGHT Again!

Immigration / Migration

ZetaTalk has mentioned the tendency of people to migrate when things get bad where they live, not only after the pole shift, when things are bad everywhere, but prior to the shift as the Earth changes bring economic depression.
For instance, in April, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in their 1999 Predictions that migrations would increasingly occur as people tried to find refuge, someplace, as the cataclysms approached.

ZetaTalk: 1999 Predictions, written Apr 15, 1999
You will find human populations beginning to migrate. These migration not only happens in cases of severe starvation, such as in northern Africa south of the Sudan, where people just stumble like sticks in any direction, looking for food, but also occurs when things get bad enough, when crop shortages are bad, and people begin to wander. They're looking for something better. So you will have migrations and you will have guards against migrations. Rifles at the border, pointed and saying don't come a step further and shooting people for little reason. This is already starting to raise its head in the anxiety that the United States expresses about the people south of their borders.

And again in September, 1999 ZetaTalk stated:

ZetaTalk: Next 3 1/2 Years, written Sep 15, 1999.
We have predicted that people will begin to migrate. If things are untenable where they are, they will roam, or try to, and there will be increased blocking at the borders. Likewise, job instability will occur.

Increasing migrations were reported by the year 2000, around the world, but by 2006, the US was having a real immigration crisis.

Flood of Illegals Turns into a Tsunami
Mar 29, 2006, 04:34
Sen. Lindsey Graham hears about illegal immigration whenever he travels his home state of South Carolina. And for good reason. South Carolina, a state with historically few illegal immigrants, saw a 1,000 percent increase in their numbers from 1990 to 2004. With 55,000 undocumented residents, South Carolina ranks far behind the nation's leader, California. But the issue is boiling throughout the country as illegal immigrants make their way to more cities and states than ever.

The statistic, graphed on a chart, show that in 1996 there was an estimated 5 million illegals in the US.
By the time Bush took office, a mere 4 years later, this had increased to 8.4 million.
And by March, 2005, to 11 million.
An explosion!
There are estimates now that there may be perhaps 20 million illegals in the US, primarily Mexicans.
So, were the Zetas right when they said migrations would increase as the times got tight?
Hey, once again, Zetas RIGHT Again!

Satellite Failures

When the Zetas first predicted satellite problems, they were ridiculed, as all seemed well at the time.
This was in September, 1996, ZetaTalk stating that satellites will begin pointing in wrong directions,
causing them to mis-perform.

ZetaTalk: Bill Gates, written Sep 15, 1996.
As [Planet X] approaches and magnetic confusion increases, these satellites will begin to mis-perform. Satellites use magnets for alignment of their internal mechanisms, and if pointing in wrong directions, communications are halted.

But then in May, 1998, a massive satellite failure occurred because a satellite rolled out of position.

May 24, 1998
Satellite Failure Causes Communications Chaos
On Tuesday, May 19, 1998, at 6 p.m., the satellite Galaxy IV suffered a failure in its onboard control system. The backup switch also failed, and the $250 million satellite rotated out of position, completely disrupting communications here on Earth. Galaxy IV was launched in June 1993. It is positioned in a geosynchronous orbit 22,000 miles above Kansas. USA Today called the incident the biggest telecommunications failure in recent years, adding that the breakdown wiped out pager traffic, halted credit card transactions and knocked TV and radio stations off the air. Galaxy IV remains in orbit but is no longer pointed at its target on Earth. An onboard navigational computer and its backup failed. [No one knows] why Galaxy IV's spin controller and backup failed.

During the Jan 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk Sessions, the Zetas added detail to their prediction.

Live ZetaTalk, written Jan 16, 2002
We have predicted that satellites will malfunction in the year before the shift. Satellites have already been misbehaving, by early 2002, but the public is not informed anymore as they were in 1999 or thereabouts. More satellites are put up, a backup system in place, and the functions overlap at all times. Since the military and a few telecom companies are doing this, the public is kept in the dark. Few know the number of satellites and their function and ownership.

On Jul 11, 2002, SpaceMart reported not only that the failure rate was up 146%, and their numbers doubled between 1996 and 2002. GPS Failures also occurred.
So where are we today?
Anticipating more failures, as Planet X steadily looms closer and the charged tail of Planet X begins pointing toward the Earth, the establishment had to come up with SOME excuse.
By May 4, 2006, in the middle of the solar minimum, severe warnings were being issued, but, you will note, the Sun, not Planet X, is being blamed.
Nevertheless, the satellite failures predicted by the Zetas are occurring, and we're being warned about even more to come!

Scientists Warn of Immense Solar Storm Threat
May 4, 2006
Discovery Channel, Canada
As the world scrambles to prepare for hurricanes and earthquakes of unprecedented strength, some scientists say the sun poses an equal threat, with predictions calling for a 2012 sun storm of immense proportions. The vast space between the Earth and the Sun is filled with electrically-charged particles, radiation, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic energy that could play havoc with Earth in the event of elevated solar output. The last great solar super storm was 145 years ago. But, this event provides little context given our very recently-adopted dependence on satellite-based technologies. Last month, experts convened in Colorado during Space Weather Week to discuss the issues surrounding the approaching 2012 event.

If the storm turns out to be at the same scale as the one in 1859, economic disaster would ensue, with immediate costs around the $20 billion mark. Sten Odenwald, based at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt predicts that in the 2012 storm will kill only the oldest of the 300 geosynchronous Earth-orbiting (GEO) satellites. However the storm would likely reduce the life of all the other satellites by five to 10 years. These longer-term problems would add tens of billions of dollars more over the years. The GEO satellites alone generate about $97 billion US in revenue each year. A solar superstorm could also:
· force about 100 low Earth-orbiting spacecraft to undergo earlier-than-normal reentry
· disrupt Global Positioning Systems the world over
· force the International Space Station to lose altitude

So, are we worried about satellite failures?
What can I say? Zetas RIGHT Again!

Columbia Disaster

Another example of a ZetaTalk statement at first decried and ridiculed and then confirmed is the Columbia Shuttle disaster in 2003.
When this occurred, the Zetas stated that the shuttle had been taken down by aliens, on instructions from the Council of Worlds.

ZetaTalk: Columbia, written Feb 1, 2003
A decision was made by the Council of Worlds, and the directive carried out by those visitors who carried their concerns to the Council. Those astronauts who go on missions know the dangers, the shuttle having blown up previously due to a faulty O-Ring. Thus, they had made their peace with death, to a one. The message of the disintegrating and finally exploding shuttle was to the Bush Administration, who will not fail to get the message.

NASA announced it was due to faulty insulation tiles, a matter not considered serious during previous flights nor considered serious when some tiles were blown off during blast-off, but the only excuse available.
Rumors circulated thereafter about an amateur video of Columbia's entry, quickly hidden from public view.
But the subject has recently be revisited, and analyzed.

Columbia Disaster Revisited
March 31, 2006
On February 23, 2005 our topic was, "Space Shuttle Struck by Megalightning?" The accompanying picture shows the plasma trail of the shuttle Columbia on reentry about 63 kilometers above the earth, and it seems to show an electric discharge striking the shuttle's plasma trail. For anyone knowledgeable on the upper atmospheric electrical environment of the Earth the question raised is all too obvious. Could this discharge have caused the disastrous breakup of the shuttle, leading to the death of the seven astronauts? Shortly after we posted the story, the amateur astronomer who had taken the picture contacted us. He insisted that we remove the photograph. So we did.

Now we are returning the image to our published files because it is not in the public interest that the image be ignored or forgotten--the fate of so many uncomfortable images in the space sciences. … One might have expected this image to catch the attention of media around the world. But before that could happen, both the camera and the photograph were examined by NASA scientists. Most shocking was the explanation given by experts who analyzed the photograph. They said that the luminous corkscrew trail was an "artifact" caused by a camera wobble. The explanation left critics aghast, since the Columbia trail in the photo is crisp with no evidence of camera movement. The Columbia trail brightens precisely at its juncture with the corkscrew trail. This brightening is an electrically predictable occurrence when two plasma channels merge.

Who leaned on that amateur astronomer who took the video, telling him to remove it from public view?
Who leaned on those experts who gave that ludicrous opinion about a camera wobble.
The tail of the Columbia is straight as an arrow, and the plasma joining it wobbling all over the place.
You can't have both on the same frame in a video!
This is a cover-up for sure!
And NASA has been nervous about putting another shuttle up every since!
Hey, Zetas RIGHT Again!

Monster Waves

Anticipating the Earth wobble, which causes high tides and sloshing in the oceans,
on Jun 15, 1997 the Zetas predicted monstrous ocean waves, swamping ships.

ZetaTalk: Manifest Clues, written Jun 15, 1997
Violent wave action that swamps large ocean going ships and the booms from clapping air caused by under water plate movements will be lumped in with earthquake activity.

After the year 2000 such stories were increasingly in the news, but always in the context of freak or rogue waves that have been reported through the centuries.
But by Mar 31, 2006 it was reported that waves of a size breaking all records had been recorded.
These waves were not considered freak waves, a rare single wave,
but were sustained over a 12 hour period so were rather wave action.

Vessel Measures Record Ocean Swells
March 31, 2006
A British research team has observed some of the biggest sea swells ever measured. A whole series of giant waves hammered into their ship that were so big, according to computer models used to set safety standards for ships and oil rigs, they shouldn't even exist. When the RRS Discovery set out to sea, the crew was expecting stormy weather. Meteorologists had predicted a violent storm, and the scientists -- a team from Britain's National Oceanography Center -- wanted to observe it from up close. What they ended up experiencing went far beyond anything they could have imagined -- and could have cost them their lives. Near the island of Rockall, 250 kilometers (155 miles) west of Scotland, enormous waves came racing toward the vessel. When they checked their measuring instruments later, the scientists discovered that the tallest of these monster waves had hit nearly 30 meters (98 feet) at wind force 9. And it didn't come alone. "We were shaken up these waves for 12 hours", said the leader of the expedition. Entire sets of giant waves hammered the ship. After the adrenaline levels of the scientists had fallen somewhat, astonishment spread among the crew.

The standard computer programs had predicted stormy weather for February 8, 2000, but not such a tempest. Even more astonishing, the giant waves had not appeared individually, but in a group. Previously waves of such size were assumed to only appeared alone. The Discovery's crew witnessed the largest waves ever measured by a scientific instrument on the open sea, according to an article the scientists have only now published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. With a height of up to 29.1 meters (95 feet) from trough to crest, the single waves are the highest ever measured. In terms of so-called significant wave height, they established a new record, according to the scientists: 18.5 meters (61 feet). Significant wave height is the median height of a wave's upper third. It corresponds roughly to the sea swell that experienced sailors can estimate with the naked eye. More important than the record, however, is how the waves were born. They were not caused by very strong winds. The strongest phase of the storm had already been over for a day when the largest water masses hit the RRS Discovery.

Note that this occurred in 2000 but it took the until 2006 to report it.
What was the delay? Was there a coverup going on?
I think certainly, as the Zetas predicted it in 1997, 3 years before it became evident, this is a big time example of another Zetas RIGHT Again!

Weather Swings

The Zetas, and only the Zetas, predicted the current weather irregularities in 1995.
This included included more intractable droughts and deluge, which showed up early.
This also included swings in temperature.
I recall in my girlhood that swings of 20 degrees was not unusual, but then in the last few years we began seeing swings of 30, now 50 degrees within a day.
On May 4, 2002 the Zetas stressed that these temperature swings, would increasingly occur as we approached the pole shift.

ZetaTalk: 2002 Quickening, writen May 11, 2002
Weather irregularities will continue in the manner we have described since 1995, with increasing swings and extremes. In that weather irregularities are smoothed, by nature, by increased atmospheric activity or ocean currents, temperature extremes will not occur. Rather, oscillating extremes, similar to what the world has already experienced, will occur. Sudden shift to cold weather, sudden unseasonably warm weather, and the like.

On May 5, 2006 the UK gave us an example of just how swingy those swings have become.

Basking in a One-Day Heatwave
May 5, 2006
One of the longest and coldest springs in decades gave way to a mini-heatwave yesterday as Britain basked in the highest temperatures of the year. Average temperatures across Northern, Central and South-East England were an unseasonably high 77-79F (25-26C), compared with an average temperature for May of 59-61F (15-16C). The sudden heat came after a protracted and chilly spring. The temperatures caused severe problems on the London Underground. On the District Line services were cut by half in the evening rush hour as trains slowed to 20mph to avoid the tracks buckling in the heat.

And here in the US, in mid-May, we're having a sudden cold spell with snow, affecting the an area from the Midwest to the North East.
So were the Zetas right, when they said 'Sudden shift to cold weather, sudden unseasonably warm weather, and the like'?
I'd have to say, Zetas RIGHT Again!


On Mar 17, 2006 the Zetas went on record stating that despite the many reasons for the Bush administration to want to invade and control Iran,
that military action most likely would not occur, but would stop short of invasion or attack.
This is, of course, in the hands of man and thus cannot be predicted with 100% certainty, but
they predicted a US Military revolt against Bush plans.

ZetaTalk: Iran Boondoggle, written Mar 17, 2006
The likely outcome is that the US will threaten and bluster, plant evidence against Iran that the US citizen and the world does not believe, rumble tanks and planes up to the border of Iran, and there the conflict stops. There will certainly be tense moments behind closed doors when the military is asked to take steps they refuse to take, confrontations that will not come out in the media until later, as leaks.

On Apr 8, 2006 Seymour Hersh reported that the military was pushing back against Bush on a nuclear option against Iran, many threatening to resign.
This revelation by Hersh was a leak, from his confidential sources.

Hersh: Joint Chiefs Opposed to Iran Nuke Attack, Members of Congress Gung-Ho
April 8, 2006
A new report by Seymour Hersh finds that senior Bush administration officials are developing plans for a massive attack on Iran which could include nuclear weapons. Hersh points out that the Joint Chiefs of Staff - a panel of the highest-ranking military officials from each branch of the U.S. armed services - are strenuously opposed to the plan, so much so that some have threatened to resign if it goes forward: [A] Pentagon adviser on the war on terror…confirmed that some senior officers and officials were considering resigning over the issue. "There are very strong sentiments within the military against brandishing nuclear weapons against other countries," the adviser told me. "This goes to high levels." "If senior Pentagon officers express their opposition to the use of offensive nuclear weapons, then it will never happen." While senior military officials oppose the use of nuclear weapons, Hersh's sources add that the idea "has gained support from the Defense Science Board, an advisory panel whose members are selected by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld."

On May 11, 2006 news reported that the Bush administration was, as the Zetas predicted,
making all the sounds of war, rumbling tanks up to the border.

US military, intelligence officials raise concern about possible preparations for Iran strike
May 11, 2006
Concern is building among the military and the intelligence community that the US may be preparing for a military strike on Iran, as military assets in key positions are approaching readiness. According to military and intelligence sources, an air strike on Iran could be doable in June of this year, with military assets in key positions ready to go and a possible plan already on the table. Two air-craft carriers are already en route to the region. The USS Abraham Lincoln, which recently made a port call in Singapore, and the USS Enterprise which left Norfolk, Virginia earlier this month, are headed for the Western Pacific and Middle East. The USS Ronald Reagan is already operating in the Gulf. Retired Air Force Colonel and former faculty member at the National War College, Sam Gardiner, has heard some military suggestions of a possible air campaign in the near future. The B-2's, the main firepower asset, to be flown on missions directly from the United States. B-52's to be flown in strikes from the UK and Diego Garcia. A large number of cruise missiles would be fired from the carrier support ships.

A little early to know the final outcome, but to date, and certainly on the posturing being taken, looks like Zetas RIGHT Again!


Another ongoing, in process, matter is the decapitation of the Bush administration, making them ineffective and irrelevant.
After the 2004 election, stolen by vote fraud, the Zetas predicted on Nov 3, 2004 that the Puppet Master would decapitate the Bush administration, in punishment for not allowing Kerry to win as he had wanted.
Kerry was to bring the US Military back under a Commander in Chief, as they were in revolt against Bush.

ZetaTalk: Diebold Wins, written Nov 3, 2004
The Puppet Master is not pleased, and will enact revenge, and the Puppet Master has more cards that can be imagined. The mess Bush has made rests like a turd on the front steps of the White House. The spiral down into an increasingly hostile and resentful populace, a rebelling bureaucracy, and worldwide disgust will only accelerate. The US will find itself without cooperation when reaching out for help to other countries in their endeavors while the Puppet Master enacts financial revenge, punishing the US to weaken Bush and Cheney.

By March 15, 2006 Bush's approval rating had falled to 33%.
Polls indicated that the word most associated with Bush had become … 'incompetent', followed closely by 'idiot', then 'liar'.

Bush Approval Falls to 33%, Congress Earns Rare Praise, Dubai Ports Fallout
Mar 15, 2006
In a Word...Incompetent. President Bush's declining image also is reflected in the single-word descriptions people use to describe their impression of the president. Three years ago, positive one-word descriptions of Bush far outnumbered negative ones. But the one-word characterizations have turned decidedly negative since last July. Currently, 48% use a negative word to describe Bush compared with just 28% who use a positive term, and 10% who use neutral language. The single word most frequently associated with George W. Bush today is "incompetent,"and close behind are two other increasingly mentioned descriptors: "idiot" and "liar."

Then another plunge in the polls to 31% approval.

Bush approval rating hits new low
May 8, 2006
President Bush's approval rating has slumped to 31% in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the lowest of his presidency and a warning sign for Republicans in the November elections. Only four presidents have scored lower approval ratings since the Gallup Poll began regularly measuring it in the mid-1940s: Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and the first George Bush.

And a few days later, on May 12, down to 29%!
The recent plunge is attributed to his base leaving him in droves.

Bush, GOP Congress Losing Core Supporters
May 11, 2006
Disaffection over spending and immigration have caused conservatives to take flight from President Bush and the Republican Congress at a rapid pace in recent weeks, sending Bush's approval ratings to record lows and presenting a new threat to the GOP's 12-year reign on Capitol Hill, according to White House officials, lawmakers and new polling data. Bush and Congress have suffered a decline in support from almost every part of the conservative coalition over the past year, a trend that has accelerated with alarming implications for Bush's governing strategy. The Gallup polling organization recorded a 13-percentage-point drop in Republican support for Bush in the past couple of weeks. These usually reliable voters are telling pollsters and lawmakers they are fed up with what they see as out-of-control spending by Washington and, more generally, an abandonment of core conservative principles. There are also significant pockets of conservatives turning on Bush and Congress over their failure to tighten immigration laws, restrict same-sex marriage, and put an end to the Iraq war and the rash of political scandals.

So does this look like decapitation is continuing?
The House and Senate going to the Democrats in the Fall of 2006?
And Bush on the ropes, ineffective, and unable to push his agenda at all?
Hey! Zetas RIGHT Again!

Red Rain Microbes

On Jan 6, 2006 the Zetas stated that cell like structures in red rain that had fallen on India
after a meteor disintegrated
were a precursor to life - the cell which forms prior to DNA setting up housekeeping inside the Cell.

ZetaTalk: Space Dust, Alive?, written Jan 6, 2006
DNA supports the ability of life to replicate itself and carry forward the dictates of biological function. Since man comes late to examining his own beginnings, he cannot determine if DNA arrived before the cell, or the cell was in place before the DNA. The assumption is that DNA came first, links forming in some kind of primordial soup, and the cell developed later as a protective device. Now, they know otherwise. The cell body does not dissipate without DNA, as human scientists know. It feeds, and continues. The evidence dropped to Earth was encased in an asteroid chunk that protected the molecular composition of these cells from the formerly life bearing planets in the Asteroid Belt. They thus had no reason to die. But as the shape clearly presents, this was a stage of life prior to DNA insertion, the next stage.

At that time, on Jan 6, 2006 news reports were skeptical that this was life in any form,
despite the similarity to cellular structure on Earth.

Skepticism greets claim of possible alien microbes
Jan 5, 2006
A paper to appear in a scientific journal claims a strange red rain might have dumped microbes from space onto Earth four years ago. At least 50,000 kg (55 tons) of the particles have fallen in all. People on the streets found their cloths stained by red raindrops. In a few places the concentration of particles were so great that the rainwater appeared almost like blood. The particles look like one-celled organisms and are about 4 to 10 thousandths of a millimeter wide, somewhat larger than typical bacteria. The particles seem to lack a nucleus, the core DNA-containing compartment that animal and plant cells have. Chemical tests indicated they also lacked DNA, the gene-carrying molecule that most types of cells contain.

The outer envelope seems to contain an inner capsule, which in some places appears to be detached from the outer wall to form an empty region inside the cell. Further, there appears to be a faintly visible mucus layer present on the outer side of the cell. The major constituents of the red particles are carbon and oxygen. Carbon is the key component of life on Earth. Silicon is most prominent among the minor constituents of the particles; other elements found were iron, sodium, aluminum and chlorine. The red rain phenomenon first started in Kerala after a meteor airburst event, which occurred on 25th July 2001. Alive or dead, the particles have some staying power, if the paper is correct. Even after storage in the original rainwater at room temperature without any preservative for about four years, no decay or discolouration of the particles could be found.

By March 8, 2006, confirmation from British scientists had come in that the cells appear to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Red rain from Another Planet?
March 08, 2006
On July 25, 2001, blood-red rain fell over Kerala. The unusual phenomenon continued for two months, raining crimson, turning clothes pink, burning leaves on trees. In some places, the rain fell in scarlet sheets. Scientists were shocked, and the government ordered an investigation. Scientists concluded that the rain was red because winds had swept up dust from Arabia and dumped it on Kerala. But Dr Godfrey Louis, a Reader in Physics at the School of Pure and Applied Physics at the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala, was not convinced. He diligently gathered rain samples and, after months of painstaking research, concluded: 'The red particles, which caused the red rain of Kerala, are of extraterrestrial origin.' His colleagues -- other scientists and physicists -- frowned at the conclusion. But Dr Louis stuck to his theory. His scientific conclusions have now received international support. Dr Milton Wainwright of the micro-biology Department at Sheffield University in Britain has been examining some of the particles of the red rain samples that hit Kerala.

So were the Zetas right when they confirmed that the red rain was a precursor to life, from meteor dust?
Sure looks like, Zetas RIGHT Again!