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ZetaTalk: Columbia
Note: written during the Feb 1, 2003 IRC Session

We have, over the past few months, when queries about NASA disasters such as Mars probes disappearing or malfunctioning, or Space Station or Shuttle problems, responded consistently that this was due to Council of Worlds decisions. Mankind on Earth is quarantined from the giant hominoids that inhabit Planet X, and vice versa. This is due to a decision some eons ago that the giant hominoids, being larger and more technically advanced than mankind, were upsetting the 3rd Density balance needed for a fair orientation determination, the lesson of 3rd Density. Thus, the giant hominoids were driven from Earth by a series of disasters, and setup mining on a moon of Mars, where they are today. Likewise, this quarantine applies to any plans the Bush Administration might have to nuke the inbound Planet X, coordinating the various nuclear devices they have already placed into space, on supposed probes, from a well equipped and staffed Space Station. This quarantine, and a decision to force the Service-to-Self elite of Earth to stay with the populace they have such disdain for, also applies to an escape to Mars.

In spite of economic setbacks to the point of revisiting the Great Depression, homelessness, bankruptcy, cutbacks in Social Security and medical coverage for the poor, the Bush Administration thinks only of invading the oil fields of Iraq and funding a nuclear engine for a fast track to Mars. They are becoming obvious. Most recently we were asked why, after we announced after the last NASA disaster that the gloves were coming off, that a seeming success was allowed. Our answer at that time was that the devastation to these elite groups is greater when they seem to have a success, followed by yet more devastating failures. This is an example. Since the last disaster, they have announced funding for NASA. From a deficit greater than any in history, from a banking system with a lower interest rate than any since WWII, from a tanking Stock Market and no hope in sight, that they are funding NASA so they can have a fast track, a nuclear driver, to Mars! Arrogance, and obviously the populace matters not at all.

Was there any significance to an Israeli on board when the shuttle blew up, and was this truly an accident? Yes, and no. The Bush Administration has made no secret of their intention to invade Iraq, lay mines in Iraq soil to disembowel future children, and cause untold mutilation and injury to American soldiers and citizens of the Middle East combined. They have zero justification, but this matters not to those who think they can dominate the world, and have the only military might that can do so. This military might commandeered by coup, not by democratic vote, we might add. Their ally in this invasion is far more than Britain, a rather nervous Blair, it is Israel. The brute force that has been eliminating the Palestinians from their homeland could be counted on, so the logic goes, to invade and manage Iraq oil fields, for the greater good of chronies of the Bush Administration, of course.

So a message was given, but there is more to this picture than meets the eye. What truly was ongoing on the Shuttle, on the Space Station to be finalized in the next few weeks and months? Nuclear armed probes have been sent aloft in the recent past, to the alarm of those residents on Earth who saw the danger to Earth should the probe not make it into orbit. Was it quite necessary to arm a probe with nuclear material, just to explore the unknown? This probe, the Cassini, of course, was enroute to Planet X, a trajectory not even hidden from public view at that time. And this probe not the first or last such to be launched. To coordinate a nuking of Planet X, the Space Station, well above the soup of Earth's atmosphere, was required. The rush to gain debris that managed not to burn up is due only partly so that determination of the cause can be made. Indeed, there are traces of what they were really up to among the mess. Not only radioactive, the casings having broken, but the types of instruments aboard!

At last they had gotten back to staffing and equipping it! Or so they thought. A decision was made by the Council of Worlds, and the directive carried out by those visitors who carried their concerns to the Council. We, the Zetas, were not a party, but several other visiting groups were. It matters not just who was concerned that the population of the Earth will be allowed to starve, to drown, to not be warned of the coming disasters. Those astronauts who go on missions know the dangers, the shuttle having blown up previously due to a faulty O-Ring. Thus, they had made their peace with death, to a one. Not so the billions of innocents about to be tortured, maimed, starved, and deserted in their hour of need by those who were using the space program for their own power mad ends. The message of the disintegrating and finally exploding shuttle was to the Bush Administration, who will not fail to get the message. They will not be allowed to destroy another 3rd Density world, they must stand with their citizenry, so much treated with disdain, and there will be no escape to Mars or elsewhere! In that an Israeli scientist was on board, the first, there was a dual message. You will not be allowed to invade Iraq as expected, to succeed, and your secret plans, your smug deals with allies, will fail!

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