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In January and February of 2007, a blitz of UFO sightings occurred, around the world.
First, on Nov 7, 2006, in O'hare field in Chicago, where United Airlines employees reported a gray ship hovering over a terminal.
This was not reported in the media for almost 2 months!

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A UFO?
January 1, 2007
A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies. Officials at United professed no knowledge of the Nov. 7 event - which was reported to the airline by as many as a dozen of its own workers - when the Tribune started asking questions recently about a mysterious elliptical-shaped craft sitting motionless over Concourse C of the United terminal.
FAA blames UFO report on weird weather
January 2, 2007
Federal officials say it was probably just some weird weather phenomenon, but a group of United Airlines employees swear they saw a mysterious, saucer-shaped craft hovering over O'Hare Airport in November. The workers, some of them pilots, said the object didn't have lights and hovered over an airport terminal before shooting up through the clouds. The Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged that a United supervisor had called the control tower at O'Hare, asking if anyone had spotted a spinning disc-shaped object. But the controllers didn't see anything, and a preliminary check of radar found nothing out of the ordinary.

This hit the news on CNN, shot Beck interviewing the Chicago Tribune reporter, Hilkevitch and Dolan, a UFO expert.
BECK: Now listen to this story, because this is an actual news story. This isn`t like out of the "Weekly World News." Chicago O`Hare`s airport recently -- the United Airlines employees claim they observed a flying saucer-like object hovering low over the terminal for several minutes before bolting through the thick clouds with such ferocity that it actually left like a creepy hole in the cloudy skies overhead. So what was it? A hoax? An alien attack? Were they observing us? Is this a military operation? What was it? Joining us now is UFO historian Richard Dolan and the guy who actually broke the story. His name is John Hilkevitch. He is from Chicago and the "Chicago Tribune." John, let me start with you. The UFO witnesses in Chicago, they`re not nuts, are they? They are like really fine, upstanding people?

JON HILKEVITCH: And they`re very serious about this. They`re all United Airlines employees, ranging from pilots to supervisors, who heard chatter about this on the radio and raced out and saw it in the sky, aircraft mechanics, veterans of O`Hare who have been there for a long time, know how lights can play tricks in the sky, and they say this wasn`t that. This was a real, metallic, gray object, low in the sky, and they want answers. … I went to the FAA, and they said they have no reports of this at all. I put in a Freedom of Information Act request, and then they got back to me several days later, saying that, in reviewing the communication tapes at O`Hare, they did come across chatter involving this object, and that a United supervisor contacted the FAA manager in the tower and asked that they, the controllers, had seen anything unusual. Also, United Airlines told me that they had no reports of this, even though the fact is that they were interviewing up to a dozen employees who reported observing this, asking them to write reports, draw pictures. After my story broke on Monday, United said, "Well, yes, we have been talking to these employees."

DOLAN: They`re embarrassed to come out and say that, "Oh, yes, you know, we`ve got this UFO hanging out over O`Hare and we don`t know what to do about it." Let`s face it. If you`re running a large corporation or a bureaucracy, the last thing you want to do is stick your neck out on an issue like this. And so it doesn`t surprise me at all. And, in fact, this is, again, part of a long history. FAA, as well, has not always been forthcoming over many, many alleged cases. I mean, witnesses have seen these very bizarre things for years and years. And it`s very tough to get a straight answer out of a lot of government agencies or other corporate bodies.

The Zeta response on the live ZetaTalk weekly chat, alluded only to the cover-up, and how this was failing.

We mentioned in 1995, at the start of ZetaTalk, that sightings would be on the increase, held back only by the anxiety of man. As acceptance increased, sightings would increase. Moving from individual or family sightings to mass sightings. Moving from a lack of any documented evidence to un-refutable evidence. In the past, the establishment wanted to deny the alien presence for their own security and stature. Politicians and the Church wanted mankind to cling to them as power figures, to look up to and fear them, and were concerned about a loss of stature if the truth about the alien presence were known. Project Blue Book in the US, harassment of contactees, and suppression in the media followed. But this campaign has not worked. The public embraces the alien presence, eagerly. What will happen to those in the establishment long suppressing the truth if undeniable sightings, and perhaps landings with waving smiling aliens, occurs? Worse than a lose of stature, as the public will be certain that the establishment knew about the alien presence and attempted to keep this information to themselves. The supposed leadership the elite assumes they have over the common man will plummet. Thus, seeing they are being bypassed and the visitors are going directly to the people, with great success, such incidents will be in the news, so the establishment can try to claim they too have only recently become aware of it. Dragged along in the dust, as the thundering crowd rushes to embrace the alien presence!

Then a report about a UFO sighting over New York City was mentioned on Fox News during the New Years Eve celebrations,

Happy New Year! I was watching the Fox News network. They were interviewing people after the new year was rung in. One older gentlemen made a comment about seeing UFOs coming towards him. Everyone seemed a bit confused by this and the next hosts made light of it. I was so hoping there would be a good camera shot to the sky but saw none. Was there a planned sighting for New York at this time or was this guy seeing a terrestrial phenomenon related to the New Year festivities? I was really shocked to hear someone speak of UFOS on national television like that. I hope many others noticed the comment as well.

The Zetas hinted that this was a warning.

Where UFO sightings in general are in response to the readiness of the populace for a more conscious Awakening, at times they are a signal. We have stated that these UFO blitzes are often accompanied by telepathic information, flooded to the populace. This concept, presented in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, does occur and has occurred in the past, in the knowledge of man. It is no secret that the St Lawrence Seaway is spreading, rumpling land all the way inland to the Black Hills. The Niagra substation has more than once been implicated in blackouts affecting vast areas, NYC and all the way back to Detroit. Ohio experiences tremors. All of this are indications that these areas would experience the jumble that stretch zones experience. You are being blitzed and informed, to prepare!

Then, on Jan 5, in Istanbul, Turkey.

People claim seeing a UFO in Istanbul
Jan 5, 2007
Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO. People have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and blazing.

Then from Arkansas on Jan 9, where a retired colonel, a highly experienced pilot from the Air National Guard, not only reported sighting glowing orbs but took photos.
The media virtually ignored his report.

Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'
Jan 17, 2007
Col. Brian Fields, 61, was cooking chicken at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 pm he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. The retired colonel spent close to 32 years in the military, flying F-16s as a member of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard. He says the phenomenon lasted an hour and 15 minutes.

The Zetas hinted once again that these sightings were a warning.

UFO's are often noted hovering over fuming volcanoes, or in countries in the Middle East under unrest likely to escalate. Thus in some minds, they are appearing to warn, or reassure, the public in those areas. Where there are many reasons for sightings, mass sightings or well documented sightings, such as this one in Arkansas, delivering a message of reassurance just ahead of an anticipated disaster is certainly among them. Sightings can be to further the Awakening of an individual or small group, or for the broader Awakening of a nation or even the world, when well documented and publicized. Sightings have been used to prod the establishment on occasion, causing blackouts or buzzing the White House in decades past. But as the Earth changes heat up and move to result in large quakes and tsunamis and exploding volcanoes, they will increasingly be seen in those areas that will be affected, as a warning and reassurance. We are saying to the people of those regions, be aware we exist, that you are not alone. Often telepathic messages are delivered to the people in the region, in step with these sightings, relaying this type of message.

Then mass sightings continued. S Carolina on Jan 25.
What Was That? Strange Lights In Upstate Skies
January 25, 2007
Dozens of WYFF 4 viewers called and e-mailed us to report seeing some strange blue lights in the night sky. The lights appeared at about 8:15 pm, according to the reports. A blue light streaked across the sky. The light ... moved from the Greenville-Spartanburg area toward Huntersville, NC. The object had a bluish green tail about two miles long. Law enforcement agencies also report receiving calls about the lights. WYFF 4 Chief Meteorologist John Cessarich said the most likely cause is a group of meteors streaking into the Earth's atmosphere. The color could be an indication of the composition of the meteors. Cessarich said that he was able to confirm there were military helicopters on routine training missions operating in Greenville and Pickens counties on Wednesday night, but there is no indication that those flights are related to the other sightings.

Where the S Carolina report indicated a moving blue light, on the same day, in N Carolina, these lights were reported to be stationary!

911 callers report lights in sky
Jan 25, 2007
Emergency dispatchers around Charlotte handle wacky 911 calls each night. But Wednesday, agencies got the same type of unusual call: A hovering light was in the sky. Others described it as a plane that might be in trouble. A bluish glow. A fire in the sky. A light moving too slow to be a plane.

Once again, the Zetas hinted this was more than an Awakening sighting, it had a message!

As we replied earlier in this chat, people are being warned. Those areas where there are UFO blitzes should listen to their subconscious, to see if a message was delivered. Florida and lands abutting are being dragged down. For some lands, there is a cracking point, where the rock is snapped so land to the South can drop, land to the North stay at it's level. This is often devastating to the surroundings, breaking roadways and bridges and water and gas mains and causing factories to explode. Be warned!

Then sightings in Hawaii, on Jan 27th!
A father and son, frolicking in the surf, saw the lights approaching and felt they should get out of the surf, and also had the feeling they might not live that long, felt threatened.

UFO's seen over South Shore sky
Jan 27, 2007
The National Weather Service says nothing showed up on their radar at the time of the sighting and the Federal Aviation Administration didn't report anything unusual. The U.S. military conducted a missile defense test off of Kauai Friday evening but the test didn't begin until 7:20 pm.

And the beat goes on, in a suburb of London.

UFO sighting over Islington (London)
02 February 2007
Unidentified flying orange objects stopped traffic and left residents staring skyward in disbelief at around 5.30 pm. Islington police informed Contact International UFO Research about the sightings. Between 12 and 15 orange lights travelling across the sky. Then they would stop and then they went upwards.

During this same period, January 2007, the Earth changes had quickened.
On Jan 8 there was an Earth fart, stretching ground from Italy through London across the US and over to Australia, a methane stench and dead bird in Austin, TX and Perth, Australia.
Meteors and fireballs were sighted from Colorado to S Africa, and a heavy metal meteorite crashed through a roof in New Jersey.

The Zetas had warned that sightings were going to be on the increase.

ZetaTalk: Sightings to Increase, written by Jul 15, 1995
When the subconscious of the majority of your populace is comfortable with our presence, there will be no need to conceal ourselves from you. Sightings will increase, and will include alien life forms. This will then move to telepathic discussions with these life forms, en-mass with groups of people. An increasing number of photos and videos will develop, and these photos and videos will speak to the subconscious of many. Where sightings are on the increase, just where and when they occur depends on many factors, only one of which is the desire of the local inhabitants to experience one. Some sightings such as the dramatic Mexico City sighting seen by thousands and video taped by hundreds, hasten the Awakening by being broadcast and highly authentic. Some sightings in remote locales occur because the majority of the residents are comfortable with the concept of being galactic citizens and ready to experience a sighting without undue anxiety. Some sightings by individuals are like the personalized sign many contactees are given, as encouragement that the path they have set upon is not a foolish one. But likewise there are areas of the world that receive few sightings, and Muslim countries are included in this list. Where the majority of the humans have been isolated from the gossip that flows freely elsewhere around the world, and have been told that anything outside of the bounds of their tightly controlled world is of the devil, then sightings would do more harm than good. If one cannot see a woman's face, could one be allowed to see a UFO?

Mass sightings were, however, few and far between.
For instance, the 1991 mass sighting in Mexico City, during an Eclipse, when hundreds of people independently filmed the eclipse, and caught more than the eclipse on their home videos.

ZetaTalk: Mexico City, written on Sep 15, 1995
The initial UFO sightings over Mexico City, during the celebrated eclipse, were genuine, and for obvious reasons. So much anticipation, folks from all over the world, video cameras at the ready - to film the eclipse! This was an intentional sighting, to press the envelope on the Awakening. Since the establishment could not possibly confiscate every video, they chose to counter this undeniable sighting by clamping down on the news. Did the Mexico City UFO Flap hit the news - CNN, TV, major newspapers, front page, even the back page? In the main it was utterly ignored, and not because it wasn't newsworthy. Man not alone, UFOs exist, undeniable proof - this is not newsworthy? As with the Air Force and pilots in general, reporters have learned that their life is so much simpler if they leave the alien issue alone. Why try to fight a battle you cannot win? Even MUFON is dictated to, in this regard. They can only report what is approved.

Another widely publicized mass sighting was the Phoenix Lights in 1997, seen by people from around the state, too large to be a holograph and too distinct to be missed.
The hand of the cover-up can be seen here as the media did not report on this sighting for 3 months, an odd delay unexplained by any but the cover-up.

USA Today
June 20, 1997
Something happened in-the skies over Arizona the night of March 13. No one is sure what it was but thousands saw it dozens videotaped it and people all over the state are haunted by it still. A cement truck driver, says he was hauling a load down a mountain north of Phoenix when he saw two brilliantly lit orbs, shaped like spinning tops. Officials at Luke Air Force Base in nearby Glendale were bombarded with calls for an investigation, even though the US. government is officially out of the UFO business. The subject surfaces constantly on talk shows. And the army of people demanding answers has grown to the point that a Phoenix city council-woman has launched an inquiry. It could have been a hoax. It could have been an illusion. It could have been almost anything. But the events of March 13 [1997] may add up to the most contentious and confounding UFO report since the so-called UFO age was launched 50 years ago by the legendary crash of a spaceship outside Roswell, NM.

The sightings come at a time when interest in UFOs borders on a national obsession, saturating the movie industry, television and literature. A Poll this month by CNN and Time magazine- found that 22% of adult Americans believe intelligent beings from other planets have been in contact with human beings. A Gallup poll last September found that 72% of Americans think there is life on other planets. And 71% said they think the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it's telling. The event lasted 106 minutes. Some saw orbs while others saw triangles. By far the most common description and one captured on video was that of a V shaped object. Witnesses agree that
1. It was enormous. The most conservative estimate describes it as three football fields long. Computer analysis puts it at 6,000 feet, or more than a mile.
2. It made no sound.
3. It moved slowly over Phoenix, cruising at 30 mph. Several times it hovered in place in the sky.

Per the Zetas, an important point to note is the DELAY in reporting the Arizona sighting,
a clear clue to a cover-up in action.
Three months later, USA Today covered it an within hours, ABC, NBC, and CBS began to cover the story. CNN even ran coverage on the sighting on a hour-by-hour.
What was holding them back, initially? The cover-up.

ZetaTalk: Arizona Coverage, written on Jul 15, 1997
The first mass sighting to get full coverage in the media was the large and undeniably alien object seen by thousands in Arizona in March, 1997. Distinctive for its size, which could not be mistaken for a satellite or shooting star, this slowly moving and hovering gargantuan ship could only be a mass hysteria or an alien ship. Since the observers did not consult with one another, mass hysteria simply would not fly as an explanation. More remarkable than the sighting and the thousands who observed it was the reaction by the media, which reveals the extent to which the media is controlled on matters of the alien presence. Where windstorms that blow shingles off roofs are reported on the front page, what excuse does the media have for not reporting on a sighting that absolutely proves that the alien presence is real! Lack of witnesses? There were thousands. Lack of credibility? They had videos. A hoax? What could hold a ship the size of several football fields in the air, for over an hour? An illusion? The sighting was visible all across the state, and a projected image, one placed against background stars, can fool only those situated at the right angle. All in all, a mass sighting that pleased those producing the extravaganza as much as it pleased the majority of the audience, and one providing a second extravaganza, though one must read between the lines to see it. This second extravaganza is the international cover-up, which has been in place since Roswell and affects all major media outlets, bar none. In stark exception to the normal media reaction to truly newsworthy items, the media became catatonic for three months, and then found its voice! Please note, world, the best evidence for the cover-up has just been handed to you on a platter!

The Zetas had warned that the pace of change, the timing for the up-tick in sightings, was related to the coming pole shift.

ZetaTalk: Lights in the Sky, written Oct 25, 2004
We have gone on record, at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, with the statement that Sightings will be on the increase, including solid photographic evidence. We have stated that Mass Sightings, involving large groups of people, would likewise be on the increase. That this has almost become the norm is now obvious from reports. Why are lights in the sky most often the introduction, the initiation route, informing anxious humans that there is more to life than the dreary drudgery of their day-to-day, more to anticipate than an aging body and a burden of bills that seem to become ever heavier, more to control events around the world than a few power mad politicians or heavy handed dictators. Man is Not Alone and his small world is about to burst into the arena of introductions to life from other worlds like a child dragged from a dark closet into a well lit room engaged in a riotous party. Lights in the sky are the introductory mode because they invariable represent, to the common man, a distance, a safety barrier from intrusion into their quiet life crawling about on the surface of their world. This rapid increase in mass sightings and photographic proof, at this time, has a purpose, as man is about to have his world torn apart by the coming pole shift. The helping hands extended at that time may not in fact be hands.

Then, on Feb 7, a second occurrence of the Phoenix Lights occurred.

Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Phoenix, Again
Feb 7, 2007
Nearly a decade after the highly publicized 'Phoenix Light Phenomenon', more strange lights have appeared in the night sky over downtown Phoenix. Mysterious lights lit up the western skies over Phoenix and soon after, phones began ringing off the hook at radio, television and police stations from witnesses wondering what the lights were. Back in March of 1997, a huge object was spotted over parts of Arizona that many witnesses believed to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was drifting slowly and silently over the region.

This was declared flares from a nearby military base, but the public was skeptical.
Flares hang in the same place for 4 minutes? The military is lighting up targets over a populated area to target? Did anyone hear explosions? One flare at least that moves from right to left. Something does not add up here.

I too noted that these could not be flares. For one thing, after the lineup of flares hung motionless, a last flare appeared to the far right and traveled rapidly all the way across the others, to the far left!
Was wind drift treating these supposed flares differently, affecting one, but not the others?
A quick check of the videos from the March 13, 1997 event and the recent Feb 7, 2007 event shows they look remarkably similar.

And almost EXACTLY a decade later, at the anniversary!
Surely this was a sigh.
The Zetas detailed just WHAT people were being warned about.

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
The St. Lawrence Seaway is stretching, a fact noted by Nancy for months lately as the Black Hills have been wobbly on the live seismographs. On days when the rest of the world is quiet, the Black Hills stands alone showing its wobble, occurring in 12 hours intervals in accordance with the tugging on the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift by Planet X, which wants this surface magnet to stay in alignment with itself. The yawing Seaway rumples the land in the Black Hills, which is why this land looks like it was thrown in the air, recently, as it was during the last pole shift and in pole shifts prior. Is Chicago exempt from the stretch? Where cities on either side of the Seaway will find they are merely riding along, it is where the stretch is ripping land anew that violence will occur. Lake Michigan is a clue. Why do you supposed the Wisconsin Peninsula formed? Its land was secured to the West, the weak point ripping the land under Lake Michigan, and this rip ending at the Chicago area.

The Zetas had long warned about the Seaway stretching and the rumpled land in the Black Hills.
From the Safe Locations material on the ZetaTalk website.

Because the tearing of the St. Lawrence seaway will begin as soon as the stretching of the Atlantic occurs, land along this seaway will not submerge nor will any noticeable influx of ocean water occur, as the influx will be filling the new river bed area, now to become more of a lake. The tear will occur principally where the St. Lawrence seaway now runs, as this is a low point only because of the existing tear. Weak spots are deep within the rock strata under the river bed, and the tearing is less of a deep rift than a pulling apart in many places, so the surface seems relatively smooth. Beneath this tear are many feathery fingers of rock, reaching toward each other, soon filled with hardened magma to solidify. Thus, even though Montreal is surrounded by water, it will simply find itself more of an island than another Atlantis.
Toronto, Canada is situated on the edge of high drama that will occur during the Pole Shift. Those of faint heart are advised to move inland for the duration of the drama. The St. Lawrence Seaway is due to further its split during the shift, widening the Seaway to what will become an ocean bay. During the split the bordering land will not sink. The release of tension of connectedness to plates in the Atlantic will be stretched and drawn downward as the Atlantic widens, and then when the rip occurs the lands bordering the Seaway will bob up somewhat. However, the action will be heart stopping. In general, this section of Canada as all of Canada will have a good climate in the Aftertime, a temperate climate.
Finger Lakes, New York
The finger lakes, created when the land was stretched during the creating of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the past, will if anything deepen, allowing the water level to temporarily drop, when the St. Lawrence Seaway once again is pulled apart.
Black Hills, N Dakota
ZetaTalk: N American Rip, written Feb 10, 2006
A widening Seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the Seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar. What does man assume caused the Black Hills to be so rumpled, with the appearance of a recent bucking and heaving? This is the center of a land plate! The tearing of the Seaway does not end at Duluth, MN, it travels underground to S Dakota!
Lying deep under the city of Chicago are aqueducts put in place by man, as well as many channels above ground, which connect in one manner or another Lake Michigan and the rivers to the south. Man has built these, and man will suffer when the water goes on the move. Man-made barricades will crumble, and the worst nightmares will ensue.

That explains the UFO over O'Hare. The people of Chicago were being WARNED.
When the New Madrid and associated fault lines finally go, things might not be well in Chicago.

And what about the next warning, UFO's in Istanbul?

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a YAW in the Mediterranean, causing volcanoes in the area to become active as lava is exposed to the surface, and certainly destabilizing countries just to the north of the fault line dissecting the Mediterranean from East to West. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop? The Black Sea participated in this drop, being inundated where formerly land above water. Istanbul lies at the center of the area that will first be affected when a serious roll of Africa occurs.

The fact that this region, leading into the Black Sea, and the Black Sea itself, was once a much higher elevation is no secret, as geologists are aware.
But where much is discussed about how water flooded into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean, there is scant discussion about WHY the land dropped in the first place!

For Noah's Flood, a New Wave Of Evidence
Washington Post, November 18, 1999
Scientists have discovered an ancient coastline 550 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, providing dramatic new evidence of a sudden, catastrophic flood around 7,500 years ago - the possible source of the Old Testament story of Noah. A team of deep-sea explorers this summer captured the first sonar images of a gentle berm and a sandbar submerged undisturbed for thousands of years on the sea floor. Now, using radiocarbon dating techniques, analysts have shown that the remains of freshwater mollusks subsequently dredged from the ancient beach date back 7,500 years and saltwater species begin showing up 6,900 years ago. The flood may have triggered massive migrations to destinations as diverse as Egypt, western Europe and central Asia, an idea that has provoked some academic controversy. Scholars also question whether any natural disaster could be conclusively identified as the inspiration for the story of Noah's flood. Biblical scholars date the writing of the Book of Genesis, from which the story of Noah is taken, at sometime between 2,900 and 2,400 years ago, and a similar event is described in the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh legend, written about 3,600 years ago. And regardless of the historical context, the science of the Black Sea flood stands undisputed. Ryan and Pitman dated the event at 7,600 years ago, and they fixed the likely depth of the ancient coastline almost exactly where Ballard found it. If wooden ships can survive in the Black Sea's depths, then so can trees. The bottom could look like a forest.

Note the dates mentioned!
The Black Sea was flooded, it is estimated, 7,500 years ago.
The 3,600 year passage of Planet X, times 2, equals 7,200 years ago.
And the Gilgamesh was written 3,600 years ago. Humm
Other archaeologists report finding cities on the Mediterranean floor itself.

Lost Pharaonic Cities of the Deep
Associated Press, June 3, 2000
Archaeologists scouring the Mediterranean seabed announced Saturday that they have found the 2,500-year-old ruins of submerged Pharaonic cities that until now were known only through Greek tragedies, travelogues and legends. Among the stunning discoveries are remarkably preserved houses, temples, port infrastructure and colossal statues that stand testimony to the citizens' luxuriant lifestyle, which some travelers had described as decadent. This is the first time that historians have found physical evidence of the existence of the lost cities, which were famous not only for their riches and arts, but also for numerous temples dedicated to the gods Isis, Serapis and Osiris, making the region an important pilgrimage destination for various cults. The team worked for two years off this city on Egypt's northern coast in waters 20 to 30 feet deep, using modern technology including the use of magnetic waves to map the area. Numerous ancient texts speak of the importance of the region and the cities, before they were covered over by the sea, probably after an earthquake, indicated by the position of collapsed columns and walls. They had all fallen systematically in one direction. The sea encroached on the land after the quake, and ruins are now about four miles from land in the Bay of Abu Qir. The destruction most likely happened in the 7th or 8th centuries, BC. Divers found Islamic and Byzantine coins and jewelry from that period, but none more recent.

The Mediterranean, dropped, even at the edge of Egypt.
That explains the UFO's in Istanbul, giving a warning.
And what about those USO's in Hawaii?

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
We have stated that the great Pacific is NOT one plate, as assumed, but numerous, uncharted by man who cannot plumb its depths. We have stated that Hawaii will rise during the coming shift, as the plate it is on is pushed up while others subduct, thus giving Hawaii added protection from volcanic explosions, as their volcanoes will ooze, not explode. But Hawaii will be subject to tsunami, aplenty, devastating its coastlines. Thus, UFO sightings there, among those frolicking in the surf, are a warning. London also is in the stretch zone, as its many derailing tube trains attest. Any significant adjustment of the yawing Atlantic will result in further land pulls under London, and suddenly so.

The Zetas also addressed Hawaii in the Safe Locations documentation on the ZetaTalk website, but here it's good news in the main!
Hawaii will rise, during the pole shift, but being in the middle of the Pacific, which will shorten, tsunami aplenty can be expected, and the Zetas have long warned of this, warning of tidal bore.

Where one would expect that the Hawaiian Islands would be awash with tidal waves and under the threat of nearby volcanic eruptions, there is a bright spot for these islanders in that the Pacific will be shortening, tightening, and all shores that represent plates above subducting plates will benefit from this. During the rotation stoppage, the waters of the Pacific will flow towards the poles, and during the shift will rush from one side of the Pacific to the next. However, due to the shortening of the Pacific, there will be slightly more water to deal with overall. The highest altitudes will be the safest, with a tie-down to survive the hurricane force winds. Tidal bore is present when the water has no where to go but up. This happens when a large wave approaches a cliff, along a land mass that prevent the water from any escape. For instance, along the western coast of Peru. Water then must either push sideways, encountering water under just as much pressure, or back, likewise not possible given the press. Thus, the least resistance is up a ravine. In the case of islands like those in Hawaii, there is wiggle room. Even though the islands are large, the wave approaching the island starts to move around the island long before it starts rolling up the land mass toward the beaches. The water on either side of the island has a lot of options, can move sideways, and does so. Thus, the advice to move inland 100 miles and upland 200 feet is not that far afield. Clearly, one should move as high as possible, staying out of the hurricane force winds, and not hang about near the beaches even if on high ground.

And what about all those UFO sightings in Arkansas?
Does this have something to do with the pending New Madrid adjustment?

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
We have stated that the New Madrid is under stress, pulling apart not only from East to West but pulling the N American continent in a diagonal, the New England states moving in a NE direction while Mexico is pulled to the SW. This will do more than rip every fault line from Mexico to Ontario, it will reduce the support under land to the West of the Mississippi, dropping this land in elevation and flooding it. Arkansas, in the Ozarks, will find itself suddenly land that many seek, in their panic.

Quake swarms in the interior of the US, along the New Madrid faultline and on up through Ohio into New England, have been on the increase,
a fact easily lost on the general public unless they are much on the Internet and seeing the pattern.
The authorities have recently begun holding conferences, discussing readiness for such a quake in the interior, old brick cities never retro-fitted for quakes as cities on the West Coast have been encouraged to do.

New Madrid Region Urging Readiness for a Big Quake
March 14, 2006
All this talk about an area of northeastern Arkansas being overdue for a devastating earthquake is making Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris nervous. His town of 3,900 sits on the edge of what researchers say is the most active seismic zone in the U.S. east of the Rockies. The New Madrid seismic zone produces hundreds of small earthquakes each year. Most can't even be felt. Mr. Patterson is a geologist and information services director with the Center for Earthquake Research and Information in Memphis, Tenn. He and others have been warning for years that the New Madrid fault zone - which zigzags from northeastern Arkansas to southern Illinois - will see a major earthquake that could cause horrific damage in an area not used to such a disaster. The New Madrid zone produced what experts say were the worst earthquakes in recorded history in North America - at least three and maybe as many as five monsters in the winter of 1811-12 that literally changed the landscape of the region. Those earthquakes have been estimated at magnitude 7.0 or greater. It's difficult to determine exactly how large the affected area would be, officials say. Mr. Patterson said that is partly because the geology of the region is different from that on the West Coast and would result in an earthquake having a much stronger effect. Unlike those on the West Coast, most buildings, highways and bridges in the region weren't built to withstand earthquakes. And a major earthquake probably would disrupt communications throughout the region, making response more difficult.

Many of the preparations that can be taken, have been. Most states in the region have or are adopting stricter building codes for new construction. Arkansas did so in the 1990s. Many schools in eastern Arkansas and elsewhere have reinforced areas for students to take shelter in during either an earthquake or tornado. There is earthquake education in schools in some of the states. Tennessee officials are retrofitting the Mississippi River bridge that connects Memphis to eastern Arkansas to allow it to slide with the shock from an earthquake. In Piggott, Mr. Morris has urged residents to stockpile first aid kits and at least a week's worth of water, food and other supplies. Most of New Madrid, Mo., was destroyed in 1811-12. Some islands in the Mississippi River sank, and lakes were formed in some places and drained in others. Survivors reported cracks in the earth's surface and the ground rolling in visible waves. The river's course changed, and it even flowed backward briefly, with huge waves capsizing boats and drowning their occupants. Damage was reported as far away as Charleston, S.C., and Washington, D.C., and the shaking caused church bells to ring in Boston.

The Zetas have warned that the New Madrid and associated fault lines will give, soon.
This is because the N American plate is locked, at the top, so the N American plate cannot rolls in place.
Thus, as the Atlantic stretches open and the Pacific compresses, the entire continent is pulled at a diagonal!

ZetaTalk: N American Rip, written Feb 10, 2006
The giant plates of N America and Eurasia are locked against each other, unable to rotate against each other due to their shape. Slip-slide along the West Coast, measured as a creep by geologists, is due only to slight adjustments along that edge of the plate, primarily due to adjustments within the small plates to the west of the N American plate, which move to accommodate pressure. The N American plate does not move, pre se, but other dramas occur. We explained, months before it expressed enough to show up on IRIS charts, the Earth torque caused as the N Pole continuing to rotate to the East while the S Pole was held back by Planet X, tending to open the globe like a jar of pickles. This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. The virtual hook of land in the N American continent near the Kamchatka peninsula is solid rock and will not snap off to become a separate land plate, nor would this ease the deadlock along the N American and Eurasian plates even it if did. These massive plates cannot move.

The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping. Ripping the St. Lawrence Seaway open. Pulling the SE down into the crumbling Caribbean and into the widening Atlantic, as neither of these sinking fronts will be able to support the edge of the weighty N American plate. There is pressure along the West Coast, of course, and as the N American plate confronts the compressing Pacific, this will only result in the predictable volcanic increases and West Coast earthquakes. But the primary drama preceding the pole shift will be the ripping action that a plate unable to move must endure. The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial.

This certainly explains the UFO sightings in Arkansas!
Those folk need to be warned about the coming New Madrid adjustment!

And those UFO sightings in the Carolinas?
Remember that discussion about the 1811-12 New Madrid quake, that, and I quote:

Damage was reported as far away as Charleston, S.C., and Washington, D.C., and the shaking caused church bells to ring in Boston.

Why was there damage in Charleston, and Washington DC, but not in the cities that lay between the New Madrid and these cities?
Why not Nashville or Knoxville, TN? Why not Ashville, NC?
The reason is due to where other N American plate fault lines lie. There is a fault line running from the Gulf up through Florida right along the East coast, right through Charleston and Washington DC.
I can recall visiting Charleston and seeing the buildings bolted from one side to the other, long metal poles sticking through the buildings, bolts on both ends.
These were to stabilize the buildings, after the 1811-12 quakes destabilized them!
So why were the Carolinas warned, during the recent UFO blitz?

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
The Carolinas were affected by the New Madrid quake, buildings needing to be stabilized, even though the rocky Appalachian Mountains were not so affected. Why is this? There is a fault line running from the Gulf up along the Eastern seaboard, and this will certainly participate in any New Madrid adjustment.

And the Phoenix Lights?
What on Earth can be pending for Arizona, assumed to be hard desert rock, very stable, and well above the sea level that needs to worry about a rising sea.

ZetaTalk: Phoenix Lights, written Feb 10, 2007
And why the anniversary blitz of Phoenix lights? Is not the flat dry desert of Arizona expected to remain relatively undisturbed, during the coming pole shift? When the New Madrid adjusts, Mexico will be too far to the West for the current comfort of the West Coast, which will bow in the Southern California and Arizona region. The fault line that runs along Mexico's West coast runs JUST UNDER the Arizona border, then on up along the West Coast of California. Before the West Coast of the US starts adjusting to the new position of Mexico, with slip-slide adjustments, there will be a bending of the Arizona desert area that will fracture the dry soil, create a breach in the great Colorado River dam, and allow magma to rise in the calderas in the US - Mammoth Lake in California and Yellowstone. If the Hoover dam breaks, whither the city of Phoenix, which lies on flat land and near farm land irrigated by the waters of the Colorado?