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sighting ZetaTalk: Sightings on the Increase
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The subconscious is the heart of your awareness, and when the subconscious of the majority of your populace is comfortable with our presence, there will be no need to conceal ourselves from you. Sightings will increase, and will include alien lifeforms. This will then move to telepathic discussions with these lifeforms, en-mass with groups of people. An increasing number of photos and videos will develop, and although they will meet with the usual barrage of skeptic-bunkerisms, these photos and videos will speak to the subconscious of many. There will always be those who deny what they see. This occurs today, in your society, in all facets.

Where we and other benevolent groups speak to the subconscious, the subconscious also is cognizant of what the eyes and ears perceive. For those in denial, discord sets in. If discord dominates, then a conscious recognition of an alien ship or personage can induce fear. Should you be filled with resentment at this point over the delays, feeling yourself free of fear, bear in mind that the fear mongers are not winning, nor will they. They have already lost. Their voices have been lost in the din, and the benevolent messages are upwelling at the present time. The battle is over, but some of the stragglers have not yet left the Earth.

Where sightings are on the increase, just where and when they occur depends on many factors, only one of which is the desire of the local inhabitants to experience one. Some sightings such as the dramatic Mexico City sighting seen by thousands and video taped by hundreds, hasten the Awakening by being broadcast and highly authentic. Some sightings in remote locales occur because the majority of the residents are comfortable with the concept of being galactic citizens and ready to experience a sighting without undue anxiety. Some sightings by individuals are like the personalized sign many contactees are given, as encouragement that the path they have set upon is not a foolish one.

But likewise there are areas of the world that receive few sightings, and Muslim countries are included in this list. Where the majority of the humans have been isolated from the gossip that flows freely elsewhere around the world, and have been told that anything outside of the bounds of their tightly controlled world is of the devil, then sightings would do more harm than good. If one cannot see a woman's face, could one be allowed to see a UFO?

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