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ZetaTalk: Bilderberg Group
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Humans have a long standing tradition - when one doesn't know what to do about an issue, form a committee. Thus it was that the Bilderberg Group formed. It is not hard to imagine the state of affairs after Roswell. The heads of state of US allies and their close confidants, chairmen of major US or international companies and their confidants, and a number of scientists from prestigious universities or institutes were aware of the alien presence but were unsure what this meant for the future of the Earth. Were the aliens friendly as stated, or deceptive? The answer, as we have explained, is both, but to humans who considered themselves leaders the answer was not at all clear, and many still do not have it sorted out today. They tend to lump all alien visitors together and thus endlessly discuss all manner of speculation on what might be unfolding.

The membership of the Bilderberg Group changes over time, but only slightly, as the original group was tasked with sorting out the issues and coming forth with recommendations, and the mission is not yet accomplished. They meet periodically, in secret, here and there around the face of the globe. They start up where they left off at the last meeting, and churn the issues and possibilities until they again become exhausted. Like most committees that cannot come up with an action plan, the only thing they accomplish is their self perpetuation.

Note: below written on June 10, 2006 on the GodlikeProduction Live ZetaTalk show.

The Bilderberg Group is meeting for 2006 in Ottowa. Per Alex Jones on Prison Planet there were 123 participants on the list for 2004. 32% were corporate, CEO or directors, 30% were political, heads of state or ministers or in parliament, 16% represent institutes, foundations, or universities with a focus on economics, 15% were financial, representing banks or investment firms, and 7% were media representatives, editors and the like. What are they up to.

We have explained in the past that the Bilderberg Group was formed originally to deal with the issue of the alien presence, its impact on the populations and economies of the world. Would the populace panic, bringing with it economic devastation? How to control this? Perhaps with a gradual education program, but certainly with media suppression when sightings and crop circles appeared. None of this is news. Once formed, this group of course discussed other matters. They had inside information garnered from MJ12 not only on the alien presence but also on the anticipated passage of Planet X. As concern about the public's reaction to the alien presence diminished, and the time of the passage loomed close, this became their primary concern and now dominates their discussions. We have mentioned that only Face to Face meetings on Planet X are occurring, among those in the know, for fear that communications fall into the public realm. Even highly encrypted communications can be deciphered, such is the concern that our words on the pending passage be confirmed. We have mentioned that Face to Face meetings between heads of state such as the recent visit by China's Hu to the White House had on the agenda territorial divisions, where the line is considered crossed, what territories each major country considers key or cares little about.

In an economic summit such as the Bilderberg Group, the focus is naturally on economic issues. It is no secret, even to the deluded public which gets fed the an upbeat story by the well controlled media, that the world is at the point of economic collapse. This is a confidence game that requires public confidence in the system to survive. The value of stocks is often several multiples over the real value of a corporation. Certainly the value of real estate in inflated markets is several times its real worth. Gambling on the commodity markets and hedge funds assumes that things will go on as they are. Banks depend on the money they loan being returned, with interest, and when this situation becomes untenable, the banks fail, pulling everyone who invested money into the bank down the drain with the bank. Thus, the dominant economic interests of the Bilderberg Group force the discussions into this realm, how to maintain the status quo while the economic world collapses!

Price controls, behind the scenes already in place, with selective closing of banks to prevent a run on these banks, laws to prevent banks from being looted by investors trying to pull their savings out, increased secrecy on the financial manipulation going on today behind the scenes, such as the now hidden M3 source of funding for the US Federal Reserve. Will these maneuvers work? They cannot keep factories open when there is no market for products, cannot produce crops when the weather creates crop failure, cannot create a consumer base when bankruptcies are at a all-time high. They can only chirp false employment statistics, false values for stocks and bonds and real estate, false expectations, and hope any members of the public with a dime in their pockets buy the line and go spend that dime. Meanwhile, the public will increasingly move to the barter system, whether this is represented as a money exchange or merely an exchange of goods. It will not be to hold money, but to in essence exchange goods, quickly, using money as the medium briefly. When confidence in the financial system falls further, it will become a frank barter system for goods, no money as a medium of exchange. The Bilderberg Group, their heads in the clouds, will continue to operate as though they are controlling economics, even as they become irrelevant.

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