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ZetaTalk: Exploding Factories
Note: added during the Feb 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Imploding buildings, which we Predicted some months ago to occur in countries and lands affected by the North Atlantic stretch, are already occurring. The first evidence of a disruptive stretch were the derailing trains, which got in the news in a big way when they first occurred, but recently have been suppressed though the incidence in increasing. A track is examined, and within hours a train derails with a track that has zigged and zagged, and the reason is given as a warm day affecting the tracks. These derailments happened in the US eastern states, Maryland and Florida, and in the UK.

Following this exploding factories were in the news, but the public can expect that as the incidence increases the news will be suppressed. The first dramatic incidence was in NC, the Kingston factory, which massive explosion was attributed to rubber dust, though the factory was functioning as it had for years, with no such incidences. Were there not smokers among the factory personnel? Was there no dust at all, prior to this explosion, which lifted the roof much of a mile in the air? Lately there has been an exploding factory in Kentucky, and an unexplained refinery explosion in Staten Island, NY. Texas has had a number of odd occurrences, exploding streets, homes, collapsing buildings under construction, also over the recent months.

How does an earth stretch affect a factory, gas lines under a street, such that explosions occur? Fittings are intended to be tight, with gaskets used to seal the fitting. All is put under enough pressure to ensure no leakage occurs! When pulled apart, unless there is a noticeable lack of pressure in the pipes, this is not noticed! Thus, leaking can occur, of chemicals, gasses, whatever, and an explosive mix can accumulate, waiting for a spark. The dramatic explosions occur most often where explosive material is in the area, the initial leaking and explosion sparking a larger explosion. These factory or street explosions are but a forerunner of what we referred to as imploding buildings, however. These are explosions, caused by the stretch, but not an implosion caused by structural failure under a building. When you hear that an otherwise solid and long standing building collapsed, for unexplained reasons, then you have an implosion.

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