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ZetaTalk: During 2003
Note: written during the Jan 7, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

All trends leading up to 2003 will of course continue, not only unabated but exacerbated. This includes weird and wild weather out of season and extreme, increasing quakes in both frequency and Richter, and increasing illness both from known and familiar sources and microbes migrating to new locates. Saber ratting among governments wanting their populace to quiet their demands within the country will continue, and this includes both the US approach to IRAQ and the N. Korean approach to the US. The populace that fears war or attack tends to back the leaders, quiet their demands, and thus is more passive and malleable by the governing establishment. Starvation will continue to quietly increase, not mentioned in the media except by accident in those countries that are normally expected to react and rescue. Islands will go under the waves, the drown populace silenced and the media told to do likewise. Tides will be inordinately unpredictable, high, flowing into city streets unlike ever before, but will be called a storm surge to place it into an ordinary concept, even if no storm exists. So what will be new, during this time, the few months in 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] going into the shift? We have mentioned that increasingly personal preparations will be made, not so much new as taking expression where almost no one knows of someone not personally preparing to escape into the hills, to be a survivalist, to be more self sufficient. These individuals, normally looked upon as a bit kooky, will not receive the ridicule they have in the past, simply because the times have become so uncertain, that such action is now seen as almost insightful, bold, and wise.

Where we have predicted increasing quakes, imploding cities, this will reach the point during the months leading into the shift, in 2003, of leveling cities, demolishing them, due not only to quakes but the after effects such as fire and looting. Look to the WTC disaster, where the burning material polluted and poisoned the surrounding area, such that now many humans are sickened if they were not protected with masks during this time. Devastated cities, shaky and unsafe, about to collapse under an aftershock, or another adjustment in the ground in the case of imploding cities in areas under a stretch, will be deemed unsafe so the residents cannnot return to their lives there. Now what? Where will they go? It will be in many cases winter, cold, or certainly not the balmy summer that one would expect a tent city to be erected in. Sudden barracks? Transport to other cities? Refugee problems in Bosnia and other war torn areas in the past requires time to erect refugee camps to house the desperate. Take a city, and move it outside its boundaries, and you have a governmental nightmare. This is likely to result in media blackouts, as quickly as possible after the disaster. Military commandeering of suburban housing such that all house several families, sharing the supplies and food, at gunpoint. Martial Law to be enacted at least in local areas, if need be.

At the same time, increasing information flow about the inbound planet, the hypothesis of a coming pole shift, will be occurring. As surprising as it seems, those in government, in all governments, are not altogether evil and thinking only of themselves as the Bush Administration would give evidence of. These are a few usurpers at the top, not the embodiment of the government in totality. In the media too, there will be those who simply use the slightest crack to announce bad news, and theories, and safety steps, waving their hands in the air and professing momentary insanity and emotional moments to explain their actions. Once out, such broadcasts cannot be taken back, and pile on each other, creating an information repository circulating among the populace that creates the impression of something being withheld by the establishment. As with all press briefings, officials not addressing the issues are telling a story as much as if they did address the issues. Avoidance says something. Why is the issue being avoided. Why is the official being evasive. Why are several officials, caught in different circumstances, being evasive on the same issue? This virtually screams that a cover-up is being foisted on the public.

And then the riots start. Riots will be suppressed in the name of terrorism, controlling looting and recovering victims after a natural disaster, and keeping the peace. Where the establishment is being pressed for answers, they will have no comment because they are busy, trying to effect rescue and safety and the like. Thus, expect any government not being forthcoming to its populace to be increasingly unavailable, no comment. When rotation stoppage comes, there will be military assigned to keep mass civilians quiet, such as in tent cities surrounding collapse cities. When the military discovers that something they had not been informed of is in process, then they do not stand their posts. Thus vacated, true migration by the populace and the military occurs, all running in any and every direction. If no one knows what is safe, they run from where they are, to anything else. Thus bridges will become clogged by cars moving in both directions, both in and out of cities, for instance, and abandoned by those in panic who can no longer sit in stalled cars. This situation is described by us in detail, in the Countdown Signs, in the Most Terrible Day, and other ZetaTalk pages already provided.

But imagine that this situation can occur before the week of rotation stoppage if the situation in a local warrants. Thus, signs to watch for, that your locale, your country or city, your government, is about to go into these final hour stances, are important, as you may find yourself locked into panic tides early, depending upon where you live and work. If your government is increasingly unwilling to speak to the media, about significant catastrophes happening within the country, this is a warning sign. If your government has assigned military to dislocated citizens, to prevent looting and keep the peace, and the military in these areas is looking distressed, uneasy, this is a warning sign. Thus, we repeat our advise that those wanting to survive, who have established the locations and life style they think fits this outcome, should not tarry, holding onto comfortable lifestyles or endless denial. What have you got to lost by relocating early? Only money and status. What have you got to lose by delaying? Your life, your health, and that of your loved ones who are depending upon you to make the proper decision.

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