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ZetaTalk: 2003 Approach
Note: written during the Oc 26, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. This is an overview of previous predictions with an undate from the Zetas.

Category Earth Changes: stated was an increase in frequency and strength, but underreported and less than a lineal increase due to heating and swelling of the Earth such that plates separate at the edges. Imploding cities due to infrastructure dropping.

Where those braced for the possibility of a pole shift are expecting massive earthquakes in the months leading up to the shift, the actual Earth changes will be a movement of the ground, in place, rather than the jolting of plate movement that causes earthquakes. Quakes will continue to increase, both in frequency and strength, of course, but this will not be the primary source of devastation. We have predicted imploding cities, where the infrastructure drops or buckles such that buildings collapse in place, suddenly. Rail line disasters have occurred where the tracks are suddenly found to have buckled or zagged in place, without explanation. This is a forerunner of more such episodes, affecting bridges, roadways, the infrastructure of cities and large buildings, enclosed underground structures, and dams.

Category Oceans: stated was that tides will increase, whirlpools occur, and continued polar melt due to core warming.

Where ignored lately in the press, the swelling oceans will begin to devastate coastlines and islands such that they demand attention in the press. This is not entirely due to polar melt, but also to heating of the oceans and heaving crustal plates that move upward to relieve the press of swirling magma, giving the oceans less of a bowl to rest in. Coastal cities will find themselves steadily inundated, water in the streets and sewage lines backed up. Insurance companies will turn their backs on these incidences, created demands on government to step into the void and provide housing and compensation for private and corporate victims alike. Refugee camps will be started, and become the intractable norm while the governments and media downplay the extent of the problem.

Category Weather/Crop Failure: stated was the erratic weather predicted in 1995, effect on commercial crops, and underreporting in the media. Depleated stores will result in starving countries being ignored.

As the starving are more easily controlled by oppressors, the increasing starvation around the world will be less of a factor in riots and turmoil than would be expected. Befuddled thinking, exhaustion that makes even assuming a standing position difficult, and the inability to muster an assault prevent the starving from becoming a nuisance to their governments or oppressors, so they are simply ignored. As the wealthy and elite stock their enclaves, food stuffs will increasingly become scarce, with a lack of options during shopping the most noticeable result. Until a populace used to thinking that their government has put aside stores for emergencies find that the stores have long been emptied, there will not be rage, as any hint that the truth is about to emerge is likely to result in a government sponsored party, as a distraction. Those countries where the populace is aware that they must depend upon themselves will find more squirreling away of food stuffs, with soldiers sent into the field to locate and raid these stores.

Category Populace Reactions: stated was migration increase, seeking better places; increasing illness among humans and animals alike; riots suppressed with brutality; and people seeking solutions in cults, survival groups, or by becoming virtual slaves of the rich in work camps. Polarization will occur.

With a frantic sense that something is upon them, the human populations of the world, where they have the means for mobility and energy to spare, will seek solutions with others. This will not so much be a reaching out to the governments which are clearly incompetent to address the changes, but in discussions initiated by individuals, each to the other. Governments will be heard from after tragedies, disasters, and when bad news must be announced and can no longer be denied or suppressed. They will announce solutions, work camps or refugee camps, but the takers will only be those hapless souls unable to do otherwise. Forming groups will in the main squabble, expectations that prior life styles should be continued slow to change, and will seldom succeed until after the shift, when it is clear what changes are needed, no argument.

Category Establishment Reaction: stated was Global Warming used as an excuse until obviously inadequate; media suppression of news about quakes, crop failures, and rising sea levels; worldwide depression with banks and stock markets shored up by the establishment to appear otherwise; stock market dropping to 1/4 of its former level; price and distribution controls; barter system increasing among the populace, while war mongering among the elite to distract the populace.

When the stock markets crash, the brakes no longer able to be applied and all investors desperately going for themselves despite instructions from their masters, price controls will be instituted. Somber faced officials will parade about, imitating the days of the Great Depression, all blaming a source other than themselves for the disaster. Talk will be the order of the day, with little action. In that the economic disasters can take the media stage, increasing Earth changes can get pushed aside. This will allow governments to huddle while they plot to save themselves, the doors closed to their desperate citizenry who will be told they must allow their governments to cook up solutions, in peace. Thus, when the shift occurs, the citizenry will find no governments behind closed doors, but absent, long moved to safe locations, without a word to those they are leaving behind in ignorance.
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