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ZetaTalk: Campaigns
Note: written during the Aug 24, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Campaigns to discredit ZetaTalk can be easily discerned when we step out of the dance, but the dance goes on anyway. An example of that is the Hazlewood campaign to discredit ZetaTalk by association with money scams, claiming that the whole Planet X issue is to scarf up money by inciting panic. Nancy effectively sidestepped this by calling Hazlewood what he is, at the start, getting him kicked out of Troubled Times for soliciting funds as he was doing, and by being broke and living in poverty. When it was time for this campaign to culminate, Hazlewood went onto Art Bell, Rense declared it a fraud, and Sarah MacIntyre and others on sci.astro began loud claims that Nancy was getting rich. Sarah MacIntyre is still at it, not having realized that her barbs are utterly pointless. Hazlewood did not succeed in getting rich, as his promoters turned their backs on him when this campaign failed, but he continues still, hoping for another opportunity. Had Nancy joined in the money games, or allowed them, this campaign would have stuck, and afforded those who would discredit her a time of calm, not fear, from the ZetaTalk message.

The Summer of 2002 was deemed another opportunity for the disinfo crowd. They know that the Spring of 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] will see a strong red cross in the sky, visible to all during the daylight hours, coming from beneath the Sun toward them, increasing in size. Plans for these days are much under discussion, but all the elite are grim about these times, knowing them to be virtually unexplainable to the general public. The Winter preceding this Spring is expected to be handled by creating distractions, such as police actions in Iraq, staged terrorism which may not be real at all, but claimed to be such, and claims that what is being sighted in the sky is a comet of sorts, or a nova, or any number of such things. The fact that it will be exactly where we have predicted since 1995 is hoped to be overlooked, by a prolonged discrediting campaign against ZetaTalk. This is the campaign you see now, from various sources, all seemingly independent but not so. This type of response could be expected during the Planet X awakening, with a push back commensurate with a push forward. For every coup by Nancy or other truth sayers, there will be a disinfo campaign, louder depending upon the public reaction. Thus, we often cause Nancy to appear to limp, as this sets back the force of disinfo, and then suddenly and unexpectedly, a success, and thus truth is promoted.

The trends noted where 2003 is loudly pronounced not to be the year, and ZetaTalk a pile of poop, is related to the campaign which was supposed to be supported by ZetaTalk coordinates, which Open Minded and others on sci.astro could use to claim not there! When ZetaTalk refused to provide the coordinates, Open Minded went to the dance alone, dancing with himself, showing the campaign for what it was. Why would he loudly state not there, when pointing to spots he had conjured up? Because, like Sarah MacIntyre's claims that Nancy was getting rich, it was time, and he was doing what was planned, on schedule. Thus, one can look beyond any behavior of ZetaTalk to see what is behind the trends, and what the establishment hopes to accomplish. Once again, by appearing to be in the game, then stepping out, ZetaTalk shows those who would point mankind in the wrong directions, taking from them their right to know, revealed for what they are. They go to the dance, even without the partner expected, dancing alone, causing all to point and ask "why"?

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