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Mark Hazlewood

Given that the 2003 message originated with ZetaTalk, why did Mark Hazlewood try to become the 2003 spokesperson, and then in 2003 Reverse? In the words of others:

This latest incident of doomsday plagiarism is not a unique affair in recent times. In 2001 Mark Hazlewood released a book entitled Blindsided 2003, warning of the passage of Planet X in May/June 2003. The majority of the material and key ideas in the book were copied from Nancy Lieders ZetaTalk web site, including the May 2003 date, which was exclusive to ZetaTalk from is inception in 1995. Mr Hazlewoods actions didn't escape the attention of Nancy, who swiftly exposed his plagiarism on a section of the ZetaTalk web site. May 2003 passed without an appearance of Planet X. Meanwhile Mr Hazlewood has cultivated a substantial readership and is still selling his book today on his revised web site.

Hazlewood joined the Troubled Times mailing lists in 2000 and was promptly banned for continuously soliciting money for various get-rich-quick schemes. Few are honest enough to admit they have been fleeced especially sending money to a stranger, where no laws except let-the-buyer-beware can govern. Please note per this link that once a victim has been lined up, requests for large amounts of cash were unhesitatingly made, all without any paper backing or oversight of the transaction. Having found a reason for folks to panic, i.e. the coming pole shift in 2003 and ZetaTalk accuracy, Hazlewood set out to make himself the spokesperson, to be subject at later dates to disinformation, generating an electronic book composed entirely of material lifted from the ZetaTalk site, the Troubled Times site, Sitchin’s books, and others. He didn’t write a book, he cobbled it together from other copyrighted material, and then demanded money for it from those he flooded with his e-mail promotions. He did not generate information or content, or make a contribution, just plagarized. The information is given free on the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times sites, the straightforward warning and information on self-help, but Hazlewood neglects to mention this.

So why is this a concern, when it’s just information?

The short time left leading to the pole shift on or about May 15, 2003 will be a time of panic for many. Those living in cities along the coastlines will be desperate for a place to go. Someone without integrity, and prone to passing along disinformation, as Mark Hazlewood has proved to be, would take their cash without hesitation, promising to have a place for them, a boat come for them, supplies set aside, and families with small children would find otherwise at the last minute, left without camping equipment, tools, seed, or supplies. I hereby announce that just because Hazlewood has plagarized my material, which is free to the public at the web site but in no way has been placed into the public domain, and points the public to me to get coordinates for the inbound Planet X or ZetaTalk on safe locations, that this in no way implies that I approve of his con games, his theft of money from frightened people, or his agenda. The public being conned by Hazlewood should consider that 2003 is ZetaTalk, as this is the source, and that if he is telling the public to believe this, then he is also telling them to believe what they say about him. Here’s what they had to say:

Hazlewood is the type of person we have been
warning about, during our various self-help
suggestions, who will front as someone
concerned about your welfare, while stripping
you of self-help options and taking your resources.
Why does he do this? He has correctly analyzed
the situation, along with others of a like mind,
and concluded that the hose of money that can
be pointed at them due to horrendous anxiety
over earth changes and the honesty of politicians
over the real truth of the matter can be turned
on them. Huge profits, in the months leading
into the shift, to pad their own confort. His
history is clear, his methods clear, but con artists
flourish worldwide and throughout time due to
their ability to size up the touch, and say just
what is needed to open pocket books. As we
have stated, rely on your self, those you know
and have know for years, and not potentially
empty promises.