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On April 17, 2010 the Zetas stated that in order for the plate tongue holding Indonesia so sink, the Indo-Australian Plate needed to tip sideways. On October 16, 2010 this was further defined as a 10 foot drop in elevation.

The Indo-Australian Plate will tip sideways so that Indonesia can plunge under the eastern side of the plate. Islands in Indonesia will be affected by this plunge, ultimately sinking. Do such adjustments happen all at once, or gradually? Both occur, but the trend is unmistakable long before a major adjustment occurs.
ZetaTalk: Prediction written April 17, 2010
We have predicted that the western edge of India will only lose 10 feet of elevation during the 7 of 10, and given the degree of flooding that Pakistan is already experiencing, Karachi has already experienced some of this elevation loss. The flooding in Pakistan, however, is afflicting the Indus River valley to the east of Karachi at this time, on that portion of Pakistan lying on the plate holding India.
ZetaTalk: Prediction written October 16, 2010

Pakistan had been flooded in July of 2010, but there was no official admission of an elevation drop in 2010. Officially, the flood water were just slow to drain.

Lingering Floods in Pakistan
Compared to the image acquired a year earlier, however, the December 2010 image shows the extent of the lingering floods. Lasting flood damage is also apparent along the coast, around the city of Thatta. Although the image from December 2010 shows remarkable improvement over conditions two months earlier, it also reveals persistent pockets of floodwater that did not exist the previous year.

But in January 6, 2011, there was an admission in the press that Pakistan, the Indus Valley and parts east, had sunk, and the drop in elevation was ... exactly 10 feet!

Pakistan Still Grappling with Flooding Fallout Months After Deluge
January 6, 2011
More than five months after floods swamped Pakistan, the process of recovery is barely beginning. Vast swathes of Pakistan's southern Sindh Province remain inundated, in some places under 10 feet of water.