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On Aug 11, 2007 the Zetas stated that the recent Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK had been caused by an individual in the UK labs, who due to a moment of insantiy had released the virus.

The outbreak has been traced to a lab, germs released. When this type of incident occurs, everyone thinks of massive conspiracy, a desire in the establishment to have the populace starve, or perhaps a rival country trying to punish Britain or some form of terrorism. What is not considered is that individual people go quietly insane, seeing the Earth changes and the way these are ignored by the media and their leaders in the government. Britain has just dealt with record floods, and this after tornadoes and record storms have been assaulting the islands increasingly over the past couple years. No end in sight! And no honesty from the government about the cause and where this is leading. The public does not believe this is Global Warming, as it is not logical. Trail derailments are not caused by Global Warming, for instance. Thus many go quietly insane, and take steps that are harmful to themselves or others. Anger and despair is at the base of such actions. An individual released the gern, and this individual is still in a position to repeat the act.
ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live Chat, written Aug 11, 2007

On Sep 8, 2007, reports confirmed this.

Government lab blamed for foot-and-mouth
September 8, 2007
Blunders at a government-run laboratory have been blamed for last month's outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, which cost British farmers more than £30m. A combination of leaking pipes, rows over who should pay for repairs, poor checks on vehicles leaving the site and unexpected flooding was the most likely cause of the virus escaping, two official inquiries concluded in reports published yesterday. Last night, farmers' leaders threatened legal action against the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs over the mistakes. Peter Kendall, of the National Farmers' Union, said he found it indefensible that standards were so lax, given that "those concerned were handling some of the most dangerous animal viruses on the planet".