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On Oct 26, 2002 to Apr 12, 2006, the Zetas have warned that the Bush administration intended to establish work camps that would be virtual slave camps.

Governments will be heard from after tragedies, disasters, and when bad news must be announced and can no longer be denied or suppressed. They will announce solutions, work camps or refugee camps.
ZetaTalk: 2003 Approach, written Oct 26, 2002
Another plan was to create work camps, to transfer strong workers there with job offers, and we have warmed against this early on.
ZetaTalk: Plan Tests, written Feb 15, 2003
The point of this? To have a worker base, a slave labor base, that is young and healthy and unlikely to complain. Early plans for a draft, during the days going into the Iraq War, called for men and women, 18-35, with many skills. This was to be a worker base, not a soldier base. Selecting out this base into camps, along with healthy and compliant unskilled workers from Mexico, would form the slave camps of the future.
ZetaTalk: Guest Worker Program, written Apr 12, 2006

On Apr 27, 2006 the news reported that Halliburton had received a no-bid contract to develop such camps on military bases.

Who is to be Detained?
Apr 27, 2006
Halliburton has been granted a $385 million contract for a most unusual project: building a network of detention centers across our country. Up to 5,000 people could be "detained" and held in each of these centers, which are to be run by homeland security authorities and possibly located on unused military bases. So, why does America suddenly need to spend a third-of-a-billion dollars to establish a new mass prison complex in our country? The feds and Halliburton cryptically say that the detention centers could be needed for "some kind of mass migration" or for "the rapid development of new programs." When asked what is meant by the ominous term, "new programs," a Halliburton spokeswoman said she could provide no additional information. Another curious aspect is that the Bushites refer to this as a "contingency contract," saying that the detention centers might never be built, but that Halliburton will have the cash and authority to move quickly if and when given the go-ahead. But who is to be managed, and in support of what policy?