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TOPIC:  2003 Pointers 

Bob Dole pushed for an operational Star Wars by the year 2003, Missile Defense and Asteroid Defense is to be operational by 2003, the NASA Q&A site indicating anxiety over an asteroid strike in 2003, comet smashing operation Deep Impact to be ready by 2003, and the possibility of a Mars Passby in 2003 causing a pole shift. Where the NASA 1997 Launch Manifest used to show no activity beyond 2003, the Space Station is to be dedicated in 2003, the Mars Express must be ready by June 2003, and is a Return Flight. Air to Breathe and Propellant on Mars are to be created by 2003, and a Space Escape is available for the rich by 2003, with European participation and Human Exploration, the mission Postponed until 2003 in spite of Setbacks, with Enhanced Telecom by 2003.  Lawrence Livermore is developing a Crystal Laser by 2003, the SOHO Sunscan continued to 2003, the Solar Cycle moved to 2003, space Interferometers and a mission to Europa launched in 2003, Sea Launch of satellites expanded to 2003, NASA's GIFTS Mission targeting early 2003, and an ESA Rendezvous with a comet is planned for 2003.

A pattern of pointers to the year 2003 can be found in plans laid by the establishment. Weinberger predicts a War with Mexico in 2003, and the Russian predict Disaster in 2003.  Recently the Pentagon included a 20 Billion Stash in their budget to prepare for the year 2003, PDD 63 ensuring infrastructure protection by 2003, the DoD Records are to be consolidated by 2003, Base Closings by 2003, and Navy Plans show them intent on refurbishing their ships by 2003. Both super powers agreed in Start II to reduce their Nuclear Weapons by 2/3 by the year 2003, including nukes in Russian Subs, Nuclear Wastes stored in Nevada by 2003, with Monitoring in place by 2003, the ABM System is to be in place by 2003, SAFTA is to be in place by 2003, Land Mines are to be eliminated by 2003, and disposing of Biological Weapons scheduled for late 2003 but with a Catch. Medicare is expected to go bankrupt in 2003, Social Security eligibility changes are pushed past 2003, a Balanced Budget is pushed past 2003 as is NOx Compliance, the Alaska Coffers empty by 2003, electric utility Deregulation targets 2003, and Fuel Cells cost effective by 2003. Japan's IRIS launched in early 2003, reform of Japan's Finances targets 2003, the massive Chinese Yangtze Dam to be in place by 2003, the European Framework Program changed to be completed by 2003, German Nuclear Plants closed by 2003, an international Search and Rescue agreement is in place through the year 2003, and Firearms Registration in Canada must be complete by the year 2003.

Hoagland has insider info on a 2003 catastrophy, Sylvia Browne's Mayan Calendar puts 2003 at the end date, and a Baktun Analysis confirms this, and the Great Pyramid Dateline does not go past 2003, Russian Rumors cite the end of the world in 2003, and a Ghostwolf Prophecy predicts a pole shift in 2003 with several days of darkness.