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ZetaTalk: Carry-On Goverment
Note: written on Dec 15, 1997

Increasingly as the year 2003 approaches [Note: see 2003 Date explanation], there will be sculpting of reserves in the US for not only the military but also what is termed a carry-on government. Those whose lives have been in government service cannot imagine life otherwise. As the population would be likely to swarm onto military bases, demanding to be fed, those bases that will be set aside for a government recoup will be made undesirable to the public - the storage of biological warfare components, nuclear war-heads, or armaments likely to explode during massive earthquakes. There is no way for the public to determine which report of storage of undesirables is true or untrue, and we are not advising that this be done. In truth, all such locales, whether the story was true or not, will be undesirable.

Any survivors close to such a military depot or processing center for biological weapons disposal or nuclear weapons reserves will find themselves equally distressed. If the stories are true, then they are living, if living at all, steeped in poison during the Aftertime. If the stories are not true, then they are living close to former government workers and military who want to re-establish a government. The rationale is that the populace will be better off with this governance, so they are doing a service. In truth, there is nothing such a tattered remnant of a federal government could do for the populace that they could not do better for themselves. Naturally, the first thing these former government workers will be looking to do is impose taxes, and without a money base, this will be in the form of food and supplies.

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