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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 31, 2017

My question involves NASA suddenly wanting to hire a Planetary Protection Officer to protect the Earth from aliens.  I find it laughable because not only are aliens already here, but nothing we could do would stop them from any action they choose to take. Is this part of the distraction from the Prongs?  Is this person going to be the spokesperson for our government's official announcement?  What possible purpose could this role serve? [and from another] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is currently looking for someone with a secret security clearance to ensure alien life, or "organic-constituent and biological contamination" doesn't make its way back in a space ship.

Why is the Planetary Protection Officer suddenly getting media attention? It is in response to the rise in awareness of the alien presence, news items such as the mummies found in the caves of Peru. It is a message for that portion of the populace who have been listening to Steven Greer of CSETI, who claims mankind is still trying to reach out and contact ET via radio signals, or who have been listening to Stephen Hawking, who states that mankind should avoid contact. By limiting contact, the establishment hoped to retain control of the message.

But the establishment has failed utterly to dissuade the populace from making contact with friendly aliens, as we have detailed, with the number of contactees swelling from approximately 12,000 in 2008 to over half the populace by 2016. The public is learning the truth about Nibiru and the alien presence directly from the visitors, bypassing the establishment. The Planetary Protection Officer of course has no control over contact, and the position is limited to sterilizing material coming or going from the Earth. This is akin to operating theaters in hospitals. We have stated that our contact with humans has similar procedures, to limit infectious diseases.

Is this worthy letting people know of the Schumann resonances lately. The page is Russian but you can see by the picture/graph the Schumann resonances seem to be all over the shop. I've heard it went up into the 30's, Schumann resonances is usually 7.83 from memory. Can the Zetas comment on this and the effects on public/animals etc. [and from another]  [and from another] In 1952, German physicist and professor W.O. Schumann hypothesized there were measurable electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere that existed in the cavity (or space) between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. According to NASA, the ionosphere is an abundant layer of electrons, ionized atoms, and molecules that stretches from approximately 30 miles above the surface of the earth to the edge of space, at about 600 miles. As far back as we know, the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been protecting all living things with this natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 Hz. You can think of this as the earth’s heartbeat. The ancient Indian Rishis referred to this as OHM, or the incarnation of pure sound. Whether by coincidence or not, the frequency of 7.83 Hz also happens to be a very powerful frequency used with brain wave entrainment as it’s associated with low levels of alpha and the upper range of theta brain wave states. This frequency has also been associated with high levels of hypnotizability, suggestibility, meditation, and increased HGH (human growth hormone) levels, in addition to increased cerebral blood-flow levels while this frequency is being stimulated. On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36+ Hz. It was considered an anomaly when in 2014 this frequency rose from its usual 7.83 Hz to somewhere in the 15-25 Hz levels—so a jump from 7.83 Hz to 36+ Hz is a big deal. That’s more than a five-fold increase in resonant frequency levels. What does this mean to us as inhabitants of Mother Earth? According to neuroscience, frequency recordings of 36+ Hz in the human brain are more associated with a stressed nervous system than a relaxed and healthy one. [and from another] Schumann resonances occur because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a closed waveguide. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The cavity is naturally excited by electric currents in lightning. In the normal mode descriptions of Schumann resonances, the fundamental mode is a standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. [and from another] The found resonance of earths frequency was found in the 50,s and has been on that frequency of 7.83 hz up and until a couple years ago where spikes have occurred, some jumped to 14hz then 30hz and a couple months ago spiking up to 60-80-120hz. Our brains and bodies are tuned into earths 7.83hz and as far as has been known has always remained at that frequency.

As we explained a year ago, when the Schumann Resonance was spiking, this is caused by the magnetic blast coming from Nibiru, interfering with the Earth normal magnetic field. Magnetons want to escape at the Earth Equator, but are pulled back, thus a push/pull creating a base wavelength. Nibiru increases the push/pull, thus the extreme increase from the regular 7.83 Hz of the resonance. Earth creatures have evolved to expect 7.83 Hz, so this creates fatigue and irritability in man and animals, but no other health effects, and will pass with the Pole Shift in time.

Similar to the mysterious aerial surveillance over Denver last November and over Manhattan in December, do the Zetas care to comment on the military spy plane flying highly defined circles over Seattle for the past 9 days? [and from another] This Mysterious Military Spy Plane has been Flying Circles over Seattle for Days August 5, 2017 A very unique USAF surveillance aircraft has been flying highly defined circles over Seattle and its various suburbs for nine days now. Nobody at the DoD seems to know who the aircraft belongs to or what exactly it is doing flying so many missions over the Seattle area. The aircraft, which goes by the callsign “SPUD21” and wears a nondescript flat gray paint job with the only visible markings being a USAF serial on its tail, is a CASA CN-235-300 transport aircraft that has been extensively modified for the surveillance mission.


This surveillance plane circled the greater Seattle area, south of Seattle at Tacoma, north of Seattle at Everett, and further north to the eastern side of Puget Sound. The DoD denies any knowledge, but these type of ops are special ops and would be denied in any case. What is being surveilled? During the surveillance of the Denver area the target was obvious, as Denver has a heavy military presence. During the surveillance of the New York City area the target was likewise obvious, as the Trump family was living in Trump Tower during transition to the White House. But what could be of interest in sleepy Seattle?

The continental United States is very vulnerable as it has open borders on all sides. Unlike many heavily populated countries like China or India, or in Europe, the US has sparsely populated areas along its Canadian and Mexican borders. Where the East Coast is heavily populated, so that activity would be noted, the West Coast in Washington and Oregon has forests running down to the ocean. Drug running and human trafficking have been tried in these regions for that reason. Note that the water ways surrounding Seattle are open to the Pacific and to Canada. The beaches are many, and the land touching water forested in many cases. The fog of Seattle is notorious, yet another cover for illicit activities. Smugglers use special radio frequencies and call signs, so the area can be scanned for these.

What can the Zetas say about a flood of articles popping on the Internet that claim Nibiru will now collide with Earth? More establishment disinfo? [and from another] Hypothetical 'Planet X': In Depth  Caltech researchers have found evidence suggesting there may be a "Planet X" deep in the solar system. This hypothetical Neptune-sized planet orbits our sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed "Planet Nine," could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbit about 20 times farther from the sun on average than Neptune. It may take between 10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the sun. Batygin and Brown nicknamed their predicted object "Planet Nine," but the actual naming rights of an object go to the person who actually discovers it. The name used during previous hunts for the long suspected giant, undiscovered object beyond Neptune is "Planet X."  [and from another] Originally Meade said the impact was due in October. Now it’s September. It will likely change again. The Moon involved is called a black moon. These occur about every 33 months. In the Bible, the divine name of Elohim appears 33 times in Genesis. 33 days after this eclipse on the 23rd of September (24th in Australia), a prophecy outlined in the New Testament book of Revelations will unfold. [and from another] Conspiracy theorists around the world are claiming that a planet will collide with Earth this September - and that the coming solar eclipse will signal the apocalypse's beginning. David Meade, author of 'Planet X – The 2017 Arrival', asserts the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will crash into our own on 23 September 2017. [and from another] 33 days after the US' total solar eclipse - on the 23 September - the stars will align just as the book of Revelation says they will before the world ends. This, Meade points out, "is indeed an amazing omen and a frightful sign." Revelation's chapter 12 depicts a "great sign": that a "woman clothed with the sun, with the Moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head" will "give birth". On September 23, Meade says, the Moon will appear at the feet of the constellation Virgo (a virgin woman). At the head of Virgo there will be 12 stars, the nine stars of Leo and the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars. [and from another] The Nibiru Cataclysm myth dates back to 1976, when writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed that two ancient Middle Eastern cultures – the Babylonians and Sumerians – told of the giant Nibiru which orbited the Sun every 3,600 years. Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial psychic Nancy Lieder then warned Nibiru would crash into Earth or pass it causing huge earthquakes and tidal waves from the gravitation pull. Previous dates given that had come and gone in 2003 and 2012. [and from another] Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the Earth will be destroyed in a cataclysmic collision with the mysterious planet Nibiru during the August solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse seen in North America in almost a century.

When David Meade’s book was given press coverage by many in the media last January, we stated that this was a push by the Nibiru cover-up to discredit the claims about Nibiru. They hoped that when Meade’s predictions failed, as they inevitably would, the public would stop listening to chatter about signs in the sky. Now his predicted date is back in the news, again at the prompting of those at the helm of the Nibiru cover-up. This shows the desperation of the cover-up, which is being assaulted on all sides by the many signs noticed by the public.

The Earth wobble has put the Sun out of place, and sunrise and sunset times off schedule. Dramatic Second Sun sightings are on the increase, and have no explanation from the establishment which tries to ignore them. Nibiru itself is in the news, as more and more amateur photographers discover that with a few simple filters, they can locate this passing planets as well as its vast tail filled with moons. Do those at the helm of the cover-up think all this will go away when Meade fails? Meade’s claims for his dates were ridiculously contorted, so that all that will fail is Meade and the fools who publicized his claims.

What in fact has happened is that the term Nibiru is in the media, prompting research by the curious who see the many signs around them. Something as obvious as the Earth wobble, which can be determined by the common man by merely checking the location of the Sun through the day, will not have passed on September 23. The flood of photos from those who see brilliant Moon Swirls or a Second Sun, and share their captures on social media, will not stop just because Meade’s contorted theories have not proven correct. The cover-up has, to their horror, actually increased interest in Nibiru’s passage.

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks. The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website. Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] Federal government agencies are preparing for the possibility of “widespread power outages” across the U.S. as a result of a “black sky” event that could “bring society to its knees”. An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks. [and from another] EarthEX simulates a subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures. Participants:  Electric Subsector, Oil and Natural Gas Subsector, Water and Wastewater Sector, First Responders, Information Management Sector, Situational Awareness Sector, US and Allied Government Departments and Agencies, Energy, Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure, Security / Defense, Health, Regulatory.  [and from another] EMP – High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse:  A nuclear detonation in the upper atmosphere creates an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), a powerful, damaging electromagnetic field covering a subcontinent-scale region. Intentional Electromagnetic Interference: When manufactured as weapons, IEMI devices, also known as Radio Frequency (RF) weapons, can in some cases produce multiple, repeated pulses, and are typically quite mobile. Cyber Terrorism: The pervasive and covert nature of this threat has dramatically affected the architecture of security protocols in the United States and allied governments.  Seismic Event - High Magnitude Earthquake: In many regions of the United States and other nations, earthquakes risk causing substantial physical disruption, with associated long duration power outages. GMD - Geomagnetic Disturbance (Severe Space Weather): If the highly- energetic, electrically and magnetically charged matter characteristic of these Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) encounters the Earth it distorts the Earth’s geomagnetic field, inducing potentially damaging GIC (Geomagnetically Induced Current) in long transmission lines and transformers, the “ligaments” of a national-scale power grid. Hurricanes and Other Severe Weather Events:  There is compelling evidence that the increase in severe weather patterns in recent decades signifies a general increasing severity in these hazards, either due to periodic, heuristic factors, or to the climate change effects induced by modern society. [and from another]

Every possible hazard except Nibiru is listed as the reason these exercises are necessary. Yet Nibiru is the reason for the rush to prepare. The Sun is nearing the Solar Minimum. Cyber security is not under any additional threats. If the threat of a nuclear explosion above the atmosphere were possible, then why the worry just now? There is in fact NOTHING NEW amid man-made or natural disasters to cause the US to leap into these exercises. It is Nibiru. Like Voldemort
in the Harry Potter series, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, it appears they dare not mutter the name of Nibiru.

Nibiru is causing EMP episodes worldwide, from power outages to fires in electrical devices. Nibiru will cause earthquakes that disrupt food distribution and set the oil and gas networks ablaze. Nibiru will cause devastation across continents, across the oceans, so that helping hands from elsewhere are not available. From local governments to the federal level, from country to country, emergency workers will be so focused on the problems at hand they will not be able to spare any assistance to others.

Maybe an interesting question for the ZetaTalk-Chat? What does this CC mean? My first thought was - similar to Nibiru and its Moon Swirls, but presumably more? Or other meaning? Or not genuine? [and from another]

This very sloppy fraud is trying to emulate a drawing from the ZetaTalk website that was drawn by Nancy early in the ZetaTalk saga some 15 years ago. Plagiarism has afflicted ZetaTalk from the early days, one book after another claiming they “saw” what ZetaTalk describes in a vision or had sudden insight due to their phenomena research and intelligence. ZetaTalk is never mentioned during this plagiarism.  If the words of Mark Hazelwood in 2003 or the words of David Meade in 2017 do not sway the public, perhaps a visual will, or so they hope.

This CC fraud has many clues that it was not made by the masters, the genuine circle makers who bend grain at the node with a growth hormone ray. The grain is crushed sideways, not bent at the nodes. It is smashed in this or that direction, not woven. Without a firm center to guide the vehicle drawing the outer and inner circles, these are not even! The pathway to and from this monstrosity is crooked, unlike the master circle makers who can place parts of a design at a distance with accuracy, from their ships. Nor is the attempt to show a retrograde orbit in the Nibiru object carried through to the tail.