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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Aug 26, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Did the Pope fire his chief astronomer over disputes over planet X? [and from another] Pope sacks astronomer over evolution debate [Aug 23] Pope Benedict XVI has sacked his chief astronomer after a series of public clashes over the theory of evolution. Father Coyne, the director of the Vatican Observatory for 28 years, is an outspoken supporter of Darwin's theory, arguing that it is compatible with Christianity. The observatory has its origins in the observational tower erected at the Vatican by Pope Gregory XIII in 1578 during reforms of the Western calendar. In 1800 the Church began to use the tower for astronomy and in 1891 Pope Leo XIII formally established the Vatican Observatory. It has been entrusted to the Jesuits since 1934. Observatory staff work from facilities south of Rome and the University of Arizona in Tucson.

This is clearly related to the cover-up over Planet X. The issue is the man's independence from the Pope and tendency to speak his mind! He is not alone, in the Vatican, in being of the opinion that the church should server the flock, not doom them to ignorance in the face of a coming catastrophe. Our opinion on organized religion, on those at the top of the hierarchy, is no secret. They are hardly in the Service-to-Others. But not every member rising up through the hierarchy is strongly in the Service-to-Self, though certainly the Pope is of this ilk. Should this astronomer not be humbled, after being watched closely to see his mindset, he will be dead due to health problems. Others have gone before him!

Was there anything special about the lightning strike on the space shuttle? It's one of the pinned threads. Is there anything to these new plans to build onto the space station?

There has been a flurry of news articles about the Moon and Mars and the ISS recently - base on the Moon funded by commercial operations, ie funded by the wealthy, and a simulation of a manned mission to Mars in Russia. We have explained that the establishment, in contact with Service-to-Self aliens during the MJ12 days, were promised escape to the dark side of the Moon and Mars. When these humans recently attempted to call this note due, they were refused. Nevertheless, and despite repeated evidence that the Service-to-Self lie, they hold out hope of getting the assists needed when the time comes. Thus, they go through the motions, so when they return from such a theoretical lift out of harms way, the public will assume they, the humans, had the technology to save themselves and be impressed, treating the returnees like gods. None of this will work for them, but they are likely to keep up this farce until the end. Was the lightning strike related? Yes, and this has been used in the past, but ignored. This time, they will find damage to their equipment.

What is really going on at the Bohemian Grove event in San Francisco that Blair and others are attending? Is this some sort of Illuminati ritual event?

Like the Bilderberg Group, the annual Bohemian Grove event is an opportunity for those in the establishment to meet and hash out their plans, discuss their failed operations, plot a new course, and meet with many members in an atmosphere that allows extended and repeated meetings. There is less publicity than the Bilderberg Group struggles with, more privacy as the public is prevented from filming the goings on, and thus everyone is more relaxed. The list of attendees should be no surprise, and the fact that Blair was in San Francisco round about that time also no surprise. There are more in the establishment than the list of attendees, as each attendee carries back information to share with the web of those in the establishment. An open secret, the Bohemian Grove annual event.

Do the Zetas have anything to say about hurricane Ernesto?[and from another] As we have stated, hurricane force storms will not develop into super storms, more violent than man has experienced, but will form in places not previously experienced, and will be more consistently strong and destructive. ZetaTalk: Weather Extremes, written July 29, 2005.

Where this season has started out slowly, this in no way indicates a light season. We have predicted that coastlines will become uninhabitable, in many places, so that crops are grown but man sleeps restless there. The degree of assault on coastlines that will occur as the Earth wobble increases in hardly imagined by those predicting hurricanes. We will not be specific beyond the predictions already made, as anyone with an imagination can imagine what it would take to go from here to there. The establishment, as usual, is unprepared, as they are only thinking of how to save their own skins in these matters.

I've always wondered about UFOs in the bible. Its says the Prophet Elijah ascends into heaven on a fiery chariot. It says the Prophet Ezekiel enounters a craft he describes as a "wheel within a wheel". I was wondering if these are true UFO accounts and what they were all about?

Prior to the time of Roswell, when a formal Earth vote regarding the decision of the people of Earth on their desire to see the Earth become a future home for those in the Service-to-Other, or Service-to-Self, contact with aliens was recorded in the conscious mind of man. This is why the Vedas describe these aliens, and their wars between the orientations, all visible by astonished man. As the vote, as expected was for a Service-to-Other world, the Council of Worlds ruled that in order to reduce fear and anxiety, which inpel one to embrace the Service-to-Self orientation, that conscious contact should cease, with contact recorded only in the subconscious. This allows the Awakening to proceed apace, without increasing anxiety in the populace. Conscious contact was recorded in the Bible in many places. Angels flying overhead with halos around the heads, were simply people with the oily hair they had in those days reflecting sunlight. UFO's were certainly seen. None of our words will surprise students of UFOlogy.

I've been hearing things about Russia and China planning an invasion of the U.S. Do the Zetas see this happening? Also, is it true that they have subs at our coastlines?

Nothing of the sort will occur, as each country is planning to defend its own border, and hoping to be able to deal with its own citizenry when things get tight during the coming pole shift. There are, as we explained in our ZetaTalk on Hu's visit to Bush, discussing among themselves how the world should be divided up, the ambitious Bush told to stay in his own back yard. Russia and China are well armed, and doing better economically than the US which will have a great fall when the house of cards Bush has built starts to fall apart, support for his debt pulled out from under him, but they are not fools. The likelihood of succeeding in an invasion on the mainland of the US is zero. The US military is the most expansive in the world, equal in size to all other militaries in the world. And on their home ground, would be fierce in protecting their homes. This may be an element, or a surmised element, of prophecy, but not one that will come about.

Could you ask in more detail about how to deal with lead everywhere after the shift, I understand about distilling water, but what about food, both animal and vegetable.

This has been much discussed on the Troubled Times pages as we early on warned about the danger of lead in drinking water after the shift. This will occur not just from surface water, polluted from volcanic dust, but also well water coming in contact with magma that has risen up close to the surface. It takes many decades for lead to leach out and return to a depth where it will not create problems. In the meantime, man is best advised to distill his water. Fish will not pick up lead, though it will pick up Mercury. Many plants and animals filter out lead, some better than others, so this could be researched. Should one become sick, in spite of precautions, or because they were not informed ahead of time, eating a diet high in Vitamin C and iron will help the body eliminate lead. Research these methods, as they are means even a common man without medical attention can rely upon, after the shift.