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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 24, 2012

What is the meaning of Obama's re-writing of the War Powers Act of 1950. In this rewrite, he revokes Clinton's version of 1994 wherein FEMA is given almost unlimited powers in an emergency. Is that the issue?

It is no coincidence that Obama’s new Executive Order revoking FEMA’s authorities (in place since 1994) was published almost at the same instant with FEMA’s new announcement of a volunteer civilian work force similar to the Peace Corps. Obama is clearly anticipating disasters within the US, but beyond this he seems to be anticipating mischief during a disaster where his authority might be challenged, legally. In 1994 Clinton gave FEMA a primarily role during disasters. In that this 1994 Executive Order was left standing as a precedent during the Bush administration, all that would be required during the Obama administration would be a disaster sufficient to have Obama blurt out the words “national emergency” for it to take effect.

Certainly, the pending New Madrid adjustment, as described by ourselves, would find US officials rattled and prone to such spontaneous statements.

By clarifying the chain of command during emergencies, Obama has ensured that he is not supplanted. Thus, an essential martial law with FEMA in charge is not legally possible. Obama’s new 2012 order also removed from authority something George Herbert Bush inserted in 1988, giving the DOD authority within the US in civilian matters during an emergency. It is no secret that there are elements within the US - former politicians such as Dick Cheney and members of the Department of Defense - that would like to see martial law declared as soon as possible within the US. The wording of Clinton’s 1994 order would allow them to effect a coup, a matter not lost on Obama.

Why did Clinton give FEMA such a dominant role, in 1994? As might be inferred from all the rumors about Bill Clinton - his love life and financial self-dealing – he had many matters in his past that could be used for blackmail. The impeachment proceedings over the Monica Lewinsky affair is an example of the potential. Clinton deferred to those wanting to establish martial law, concluding at that time that the US was far from any situation that might constitute a true national emergency. That he then put those very words into Executive Orders in the fall of 1994 shows the pressure this group was imposing upon him. They have festered ever since. This same group was very much at the helm in getting George W Bush elected in 2000.

A temporary "reversal" of Earth's magnetopause was recorded on ISWA on March 12 before it later was removed.  The timing also coincides with the unavailability of the Magnetosphere Simulator, implying an attempt to conceal a significant astronomical event.  Will the Zetas explain what caused this apparent distortion of Earth's magnetosphere and if in fact a deliberate cover-up is involved? An additional bit of indicting evidence involves a cached version of MagSim that shows the times in question (Mar 12th 14:00 UTC to Mar 13th 21:00 UTC) were recorded. [and from another]

For 30 hours the Earth appeared to be bombarded with magnetons coming from a direction other than the Sun. Normally what is described as a bowshock appears on magnetic simulators, showing this flow coming from the right, from the Sun. But from 14:00 UTC on March 12th to 21:00 UTC on March 13th, this reversed. Note that the Earth’s magnetosphere did not reverse. It was only the direction of bombardment that reversed.  Since Planet X is still sunside, still between the Earth and Sun, what caused this reversed flow?  

It certainly was not the Sun, the establishment’s favored excuse for the Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X, as their last hoopla over a CME warning of magnetic interference on Earth was a dud. Is NASA going to claim a magnetic storm blew in from space? If they have this excuse handy, then why not proffer it? Instead, they removed all evidence of this reversal and have fallen silent. A storm from space would have been something NASA would register and announce ahead of time, not after the fact, and the world’s scientists know this.

Planet X has been coming at the Earth from the right, pointing its magnetic N Pole at the Earth, and creating an increasingly more violent Earth wobble as it pushes the Earth’s N Pole away. Surprisingly, this wobble did not change during this magneton flow direction reversal! Nor did pilots and ship captains report their compasses acting erratically. It was just the appearance of a reversal, as recorded on the numerous satellites that measure such things. A simple matter, to blow the magneton wind in a different direction, JUST for those satellites.  This certainly has the scientists of the world abuzz, and the Internet talking. What could be affecting the magnetosphere of Earth?

We promised that the Council of Worlds was going to war over the cover-up, and that there would be a series of shocks to the cover-up. This was the first. We stated that these shocks would be totally unexpected, not even something that Nancy or her teammates could expect, and this qualifies.  Now, what’s next?

Can the Zetas comment on the "Draught International covenant on Environment and Development"  as being put out by the UN at the moment which looks to replace any and all member countries laws and has them identifying and estimating population and sustainable levels at that. Seems to go hand in hand with the Executive order from Obama this week which will allow the confiscation and resources of anything which could be used for survival, including personnel, without recourse to anyone. It appears to give the rights for the UN to confiscate and redistribute land and resources as they see fit to ensure sustainable survival but wielding these powers on a global scale. Is this simply another last ditch attempt at retaining the reigns of power by TPTB or a precursor to disclosure so they can say "see we were looking out for you" (yeah right).  [and from another] Work on this proposed world environmental constitution has been going on since 1995. This proposed UN environmental constitution for the world is incredibly detailed. The U.S. Constitution only has 7 articles, but the UN document has 79 articles. All parties to this new constitution would be forced to turn their nations into centrally-planned societies where all decisions about everything are evaluated within the framework of sustainable development.

Attempts to divert the United Nations from its mandate have been tried from the start, as the New World Order crowd sees the United Nations as a means to their ends. Thus the desire to provide safe produce by developing food safety standards in 1963, a World Health Organization effort, was twisted to include suppressing local food markets and seed production, and threatening to allow corporate farms to enslave mankind.  The New World Order crowd allowed the UN control over certain parks, installing UN soldiers to police these lands, hoping that after the Pole Shift these same soldiers would shoot US civilians without a second thought.  This plan likewise failed.

The UN is only as good as the sum of its parts, and because the Earth is a 3rd density world, with mixed orientations, any given country as a UN member can be concerned about the general welfare or working a plot rift with self-interest. There are no guarantees. The UN cannot even prepare for disclosure of the alien presence, or brace itself to deal with the emerging Earth change and pending Pole Shift. Since it has been so regularly abused, and does not have integral strength to deal with new issues, how would the UN then manage such a complex matter as sustainability?

Wealthy countries, which are almost invariably western, industrialized countries, would like to see many parts of the world oppressed and controlled. China, already overpopulated, would have its rise to power restricted by endless rules. Africa, in the sights of the elite for Aftertime living, would be put on a population control regime, allowing western influences to prevail. What is the likelihood that this weighty proposal would actually come to a vote and pass? Nil. Written in 1995 and now on its fourth re-write, it will never be born. And even if it were signed, it would never be honored.

Can the Zetas explain why events that seem to be earthquakes - tremors, booms, buildings collapsing; i.e. obvious earth movements - are never confirmed by anyone official as earthquakes? Is it merely that these events are too small to register on instruments? I had always heard that instruments were made to be extremely sensitive in an effort to predict earthquakes. Is it the definition of what an earthquake is? Or is it just denial as part of the cover-up?  I don't recall reading about this in the Zeta's information about what is occurring and why. The question is prompted by recent events in the little town in Wisconsin. [and from another] Mysterious booms baffle officials in eastern Wis. A series of mysterious underground booms have been rattling a small eastern Wisconsin city for at least two nights, baffling residents and local officials who were left stumped after ruling out numerous theories, from earthquakes to water pressure problems. Authorities trying to track down the source found no gas in the sewers or problems with the city water pressure or wells, and nothing was found at an area landfill that might explain the rumbling.

Stretch zone incidents - where rock pulls apart or snaps, creating booms and vibrations and hums, dropping bridges that lose their moorings or snapping gas and water mains, or creating sinkholes or crevasses - are not considered earthquake incidents. Quakes occur when rock borders slide along each other or push under one another, creating a jolt or a series of jolts. Stretch zone accidents  only happen when major plate movement is occurring, and are usually silent so do not get the attention that jolting earthquakes get. A bridge slips off its mooring and is attributed to heavy trucks or poor construction. A sinkhole appears and is attributed to ground water erosion. A building implodes and is attributed to settling, even though the building may have been there for centuries.

With the increase in incidents in stretch zones, and the moaning and humming and booming coming from the ground, the establishment is left in a dilemma. Scientists are chastised and forbidden from mentioning the Earth wobble and presence of Planet X, so how to explain the incidents? Just as NASA falls silent when Planet X and its Moon Swirls show up on SOHO images, and just as the USGS has recently run from responsibility for earthquake data collection, silence is the only avenue open to them. Wisconsin is in the stretch zone due to the spreading St. Lawrence Seaway. Its landscape gives evidence of this stretch in the past, with numerous lakes along the route from Green Bay to Madison. Clintonville is pulling apart!

Any comments about Obama's visit in Roswell, New Mexico? [and from another] Obama goes to Roswell but stays silent on aliens [March 22] A lighthearted President Barack Obama joked that although he had landed in Roswell he could not disclose if extra-terrestrials had done the same in a flying saucer in 1947. In Maljamar, a town 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from Roswell, where he was trumpeting his energy policy. "We're gonna keep our secrets here!" he concluded.,_New_Mexico Maljamar is an unincorporated town in Lea County, New Mexico, United States. The zip code is 88264. It is close to Hobbs and Carlsbad.  President Barack Obama visited Maljamar on March 21, 2012 to tour the local oil fields, the first visit by a US president to southeast New Mexico. [and from another],_New_Mexico The population was 48,366 at the 2010 census. Roswell is most popularly known for having its name attached to what is now called the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, even though the crash site of the alleged UFO was some 75 miles from Roswell and closer to Corona. The investigation and debris recovery was handled by the local Roswell Army Air Field.

Why would Obama go to Maljamar, an unincorporated tiny town 50 miles from Roswell, when Roswell at a population of 50,000 is clearly the larger city in the vicinity? He is trying to avoid being seen as going directly to Roswell, while clearly inciting discussion of the 1947 long-buried secret. What Obama is saying by this visit is that he sympathizes with the desire for disclosure but that it’s not going to happen. We have likewise said this about the US interests in holding their past encounters with aliens forever secret. There would be egg on too many red faces. Disclosure is not of course necessary, as the public already sense the truth.